William D. HOLLIS , Jr. was born about 1799 in Rowan Co., North Carolina. He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: William HOLLIS , Sr. and Elizabeth REED.

Spouse: Martha Elizabeth HOOPER. Martha Elizabeth HOOPER and William D. HOLLIS , Jr. were married about 1828 in Tennessee. Children were: Mulloy L HOLLIS, Purilla HOLLIS, Robert HOLLIS, James HOLLIS, Mariah HOLLIS, William HOLLIS, Mary Elizabeth HOLLIS, John A. HOLLIS.

William D. HOLLIS was born on 10 February 1824 in Warren, Tennessee. He died on 10 August 1861 at the age of 37 in Greene, Missouri. Parents: Robert Jessie HOLLIS , Sr. and Nancy DUNCAN.

Spouse: Queen Vashti HATHCOCK. Queen Vashti HATHCOCK and William D. HOLLIS were married about 1847 in Warren Co., Tennessee. Children were: James "Jessie" Douglas HOLLIS, William Joseph HOLLIS, Louisa E. HOLLIS, Mary J. HOLLIS, Lewis Howl HOLLIS, Parthena HOLLIS, George HOLLIS.

William David HOLLIS , Sr. was born in 1769 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. He died on 16 October 1852 at the age of 83 in Cannon Co. Tennessee. Parents: John HOLLIS and Mary UNKNOWN.

Spouse: Elizabeth LEWIS. Elizabeth LEWIS and William David HOLLIS , Sr. were married on 23 February 1802 in Madison Co. Kentucky. Children were: Daniel HOLLIS, John HOLLIS, Abraham Lewis HOLLIS, Joseph HOLLIS, William David HOLLIS , Jr., James B. HOLLIS, Simeon HOLLIS, Mary Ann "Polly" HOLLIS, Elizabeth HOLLIS.

William David HOLLIS , Jr. was born on 6 February 1809 in Madison Co. Kentucky. He died on 18 August 1888 at the age of 79 in Madison Co. Texas. Parents: William David HOLLIS , Sr. and Elizabeth LEWIS.

Spouse: Delina WALKER. Delina WALKER and William David HOLLIS , Jr. were married on 26 November 1833 in Rutherford Co. Tennessee. Children were: William Burrell HOLLIS, Susan E. HOLLIS, Adeline HOLLIS, Catharine Jane HOLLIS, Charles Bluford HOLLIS I, Thomas Sidney Walker HOLLIS, Mary Ann HOLLIS, Laura T. HOLLIS, Della Dulcena G. HOLLIS.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth TERRELL. Mary Elizabeth TERRELL and William David HOLLIS , Jr. were married on 2 July 1887 in Texas.

William David HOLLIS was born in April 1860 in Pike Co., Illinois. He died on 19 April 1907 at the age of 47 in unknown.266 Parents: Lunsford Pitts Yandell HOLLIS and Sarah Ann WHITWORTH.

Spouse: Sarah Whitaker HOLLIS. Sarah Whitaker HOLLIS and William David HOLLIS were married on 26 May 1895 in Sulligent, Alabama. Children were: Fred HOLLIS, Helen HOLLIS, Kathleen HOLLIS, Carl Lee HOLLIS, Fairy Florence HOLLIS.

William David HOLLIS was born in February 1881 in Madison Co. Texas. He died on 2 December 1957 at the age of 76 in Madison Co. Texas.315 Parents: Thomas Sidney Walker HOLLIS and Mary Elizabeth BOONE.

Spouse: Ethel GRIFFIN. Ethel GRIFFIN and William David HOLLIS were married about 1912 in Texas.

Spouse: Ora BASS. Ora BASS and William David HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

William Ewell HOLLIS was born on 27 November 1863 in Giles Co., Tennessee. He died on 21 May 1927 at the age of 63 in Crandal, Kaufman Co., Texas. Parents: William Calvin HOLLIS and Mary Ann RAMBO.

Spouse: Kate STEPHENSON. Kate STEPHENSON and William Ewell HOLLIS were married in Giles Co., Tennessee. Children were: Estelle HOLLIS, Nellie HOLLIS, Lace HOLLIS, Bill HOLLIS, Joe Ewell HOLLIS, Lena HOLLIS.

William F. HOLLIS (private). Parents: Ray Bennett HOLLIS and Martha BOREN.

Spouse: Betty Jo ROGERS. Children were: Frances Jo HOLLIS, Juliann HOLLIS, William Christopher HOLLIS.

William Franklin HOLLIS was born on 25 February 1905 in unknown. Parents: James L. HOLLIS and Mary Belle PATRICK.

William G. HOLLIS was born on 27 May 1828 in Rutherford Co. Tennessee. He died about 1871 at the age of 43 in New Orleans, Orleans ParishLa..84 Parents: Micajah Randolph HOLLIS and Frances Fanny HODGES.

Spouse: Lucinda Lou MORSE. Lucinda Lou MORSE and William G. HOLLIS were married about 1859 in New Orleans, Orleans ParishLa.. Children were: Eliza V. HOLLIS, Fanny HOLLIS, William Morce HOLLIS.

William G. "Bill" HOLLIS was born on 10 February 1874 in McMinnville, Tennessee. He died acute Cornary thrombosis on 30 December 1958 at the age of 84 in Truscott, Knox Co. Tennessee. Parents: John A. HOLLIS and Sarah Louise "Mollie" MILES.

Spouse: Sallie Mae ARLEDGE. Sallie Mae ARLEDGE and William G. "Bill" HOLLIS were married on 6 February 1898 in Bonham, Fannin Co. Texas. Children were: Charles " Loy" HOLLIS, Raymon L. HOLLIS, Thelma Cleo HOLLIS, Mamie Ara HOLLIS, Ollie HOLLIS.

William Gauth HOLLIS was born on 3 June 1889 in Alton, Oregon Co., Missouri. He died on 16 February 1955 at the age of 65 in Bur: Hollis cem. Oregon Co. Missouri.115 Parents: William Joseph HOLLIS and Nancy Izora HOOPER.

Spouse: Laurah Jane CYPRET. Laurah Jane CYPRET and William Gauth HOLLIS were married on 6 September 1906 in unknown. Children were: Myrtle Dean HOLLIS, Hester HOLLIS, Helen Eva HOLLIS, Sherman Floyd HOLLIS, Jewell Zora HOLLIS, Jessie Louise HOLLIS, Geraldine James HOLLIS, Verna Lillian HOLLIS.

William Glenn HOLLIS (private). Parents: Mervin HOLLIS and Virginia Althea HUFF.

William Granville "Jake" HOLLIS was born on 24 December 1920 in Bonham, Fannin Co. Texas. He died on 27 September 1943 at the age of 22 in Frederick, Oklahoma. Parents: Charles " Loy" HOLLIS and Dorilla Delma PIKE.

William Harvey HOLLIS was born on 14 February 1849 in Anderson Co. Texas. He died on 21 July 1865 at the age of 16 in unknown.300 Parents: John Durham HOLLIS and Mary Ann ROBERSON.

William Hoyte HOLLIS (private). Parents: Palmer Ulric HOLLIS and Icie Mae REED.

Spouse: Mabel Christine BOWEN. Children were: William Hoyte HOLLIS , Jr., David Thomas HOLLIS, Gilbert Robert HOLLIS, Wanda Sue HOLLIS.

William Hoyte HOLLIS , Jr. (private). Parents: William Hoyte HOLLIS and Mabel Christine BOWEN.

Spouse: Paulette PENNIGAR. Children were: William Christopher HOLLIS, Micheal Dwain HOLLIS, Robert Wayne HOLLIS.

William J. HOLLIS was born about 1846 in Tennessee. He died on 24 May 1861 at the age of 15 in unknown. Parents: John HOLLIS and Esther BELL.

William J. HOLLIS was born in 1857 in unknown. He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: Pleasant Jacob HOLLIS and Mary A. J..

William Joseph HOLLIS was born in 1850 in Tennessee. He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: William D. HOLLIS and Queen Vashti HATHCOCK.

Spouse: Nancy Izora HOOPER. Nancy Izora HOOPER and William Joseph HOLLIS were married on 20 November 1884 in Oregon Co., Missouri.284 Children were: Esther HOLLIS, William Gauth HOLLIS.

William Kenneth HOLLIS (private). Parents: Ellis Martin HOLLIS and Mamie Elizabeth HOLLIS.

William Larry HOLLIS (private). Parents: Larkin Aubrey "L.A." HOLLIS and Alicade FOSTER.

William Lewis HOLLIS was born on 16 February 1878 in Baxter, Arkansas. He died on 20 September 1954 at the age of 76 in Hollis, Harmon Co. Oklahoma.61 Parents: George Washington HOLLIS and Nancy Jane SAPP.

Spouse: Ida Josephine (Keys) BURDICK. Ida Josephine (Keys) BURDICK and William Lewis HOLLIS were married on 18 November 1900 in unknown. Children were: George Edwin HOLLIS, William Webster HOLLIS, Alvin Gale HOLLIS, Maulcie HOLLIS.

William M. HOLLIS was born on 3 August 1866 in Alabama. He died on 26 July 1924 at the age of 57 in Jackson Co., Alabama. Parents: Rufus Calvin HOLLIS and Mary Elizabeth LIGON.

Spouse: Mary Catherine "Kate" GROSS. Mary Catherine "Kate" GROSS and William M. HOLLIS were married on 8 December 1895 in Alabama. Children were: Gross HOLLIS, Clyde R. HOLLIS.

William Morce HOLLIS was born in 1864 in Calhoun Co., Arkansas. He died on 19 February 1868 at the age of 4 in Calhoun Co., Arkansas. Parents: William G. HOLLIS and Lucinda Lou MORSE.

William N. HOLLIS was born in 1846 in unknown. He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: John A. HOLLIS and Mary Ann HARRIS.

William Norphlet HOLLIS was born in November 1900 in Calhoun Co. Arkansas. He died in November 1902 at the age of 2 in Calhoun Co. Arkansas.298 Parents: Lucius Norphlet HOLLIS and Lillian Gertrude RAIFORD.

William R. "Bill" HOLLIS (private). Parents: Orlin Reeves HOLLIS and Ivy BURKES.

Spouse: Cynthia Cindy FOSTER.

William Ray HOLLIS was born on 28 August 1898 in Cannon Co., Tennessee. He died on 19 July 1969 at the age of 70 in unknown. Parents: Unknown SPOUSE and Sarah Elizabeth HOLLIS.

Spouse: Rachel Elizabeth TODD. Rachel Elizabeth TODD and William Ray HOLLIS were married on 25 December 1940 in unknown. Children were: Teddy Ray HOLLIS, Betty Elizabeth Jane HOLLIS.

William Ray HOLLIS , Jr. I was born in 1946 in unknown. He died in 1946 at the age of 0 in unknown. Parents: William Ray Ferguson HOLLIS and Barbara J. LYLE.

William Ray HOLLIS , Jr. (private). Parents: William Ray Ferguson HOLLIS and Norma R. BLACKMAN.

Spouse: Debbie WILLIAMS. Children were: Audrey HOLLIS.

Spouse: Julie A. MORNINGSTAR.

William Ray Ferguson HOLLIS (private). Parents: William Thomas FERGUSON and Mattie Jane HOLLIS.

Spouse: Barbara J. LYLE. Children were: William Ray HOLLIS , Jr. I, Linda J. HOLLIS.

Spouse: Norma R. BLACKMAN. Children were: William Ray HOLLIS , Jr., Deborah Jane HOLLIS, Lisa Ann HOLLIS.

Spouse: Rita N. BUTLER.

William Richard HOLLIS was born on 27 October 1901 in Leon Co., Texas. He died on 27 March 1942 at the age of 40 in unknown. Parents: Andrew Jackson HOLLIS and Cora Edna RICHARDSON.

Spouse: Beulah PENSON. Beulah PENSON and William Richard HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

William Robert HOLLIS was born on 2 March 1868 in Oregon Co., Missouri. He died on 11 November 1967 at the age of 99 in Bur: Oregon Co., Missouri.316 Parents: James "Jessie" Douglas HOLLIS and Rosanna Sisco STEVENS.

Spouse: Zona BARTON. Zona BARTON and William Robert HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

William Taylor "Tanner" HOLLIS was born on 22 December 1848 in Ouachita Co. Arkansas. He died on 13 January 1941 at the age of 92 in Arkansas. Parents: Jeremiah HOLLIS and Sarah A. Sallie PUCKETT.

Spouse: Louisa Americus YEAGER. Louisa Americus YEAGER and William Taylor "Tanner" HOLLIS were married on 28 May 1871 in Calhoun Co. Arkansas. Children were: Katherine Eugenia HOLLIS, Jeremiah Jerry HOLLIS, James Worth HOLLIS, Nathaniel F. "Nat" HOLLIS, Hettie Jo HOLLIS, Jesse B. "Bunn" HOLLIS.

William Thomas HOLLIS was born on 24 May 1885 in Carter Co., Missouri. He died on 29 December 1928 at the age of 43 in Sunnyvale California. Parents: Lewis Howl HOLLIS and Malinda Jane JONES.

William Tipton HOLLIS was born on 8 January 1874 in Leon Co., Texas. He died on 25 December 1934 at the age of 60 in Austin, Texas. Parents: William Burrell HOLLIS and Martha Jane ROGERS.

Spouse: Pearl E. SWINGER. Pearl E. SWINGER and William Tipton HOLLIS were married on 1 January 1908 in unknown. Children were: Martha Pearl HOLLIS.

William Vance HOLLIS (private). Parents: Harvey Ray HOLLIS and Loraine SMITH.

William Webster HOLLIS was born on 4 July 1904 in Hollis, Harmon Co., Oklahoma. He died on 25 July 1951 at the age of 47 in Lake Lugert, Oklahoma.27 Parents: William Lewis HOLLIS and Ida Josephine (Keys) BURDICK.

Spouse: Margaret Elizabeth BARRETT. Children were: Charlene HOLLIS, Joe Dale HOLLIS, Helen Yvonne HOLLIS, William Wesley HOLLIS, Neil Barrett HOLLIS.

William Wesley HOLLIS was born on 6 June 1936 in Hollis, Harmon Co., Oklahoma. He died on 19 June 2000 at the age of 64 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.272 Parents: William Webster HOLLIS and Margaret Elizabeth BARRETT.

Spouse: Chris UNKNOWN. Children were: Elizabeth Ann HOLLIS.

Willie HOLLIS was born on 4 March 1895 in Henderson Co., Kentucky. Parents: Landon Maneth HOLLIS and Carrie WITHERSPOON.

Spouse: Kelly DAVIS. Willie HOLLIS and Kelly DAVIS were married on 14 January 1917 in unknown. Children were: Aaron Frank DAVIS, Dorothy Lee DAVIS, James Earl DAVIS, Jay W. DAVIS, Charlie Ray DAVIS.

Willie F. HOLLIS was born on 1 July 1880 in Arkansas. He died on 7 May 1881 at the age of 0 in Arkansas. Parents: James Carson HOLLIS and Virginia "Jennie" MITCHELL.

Wilma Faye HOLLIS (private). Parents: Jodie Elmer HOLLIS , Sr. and Wilma Lucille STACY.

Spouse: William Lee GIBSON. Children were: Lisa Louise GIBSON, William Paul GIBSON.

Zemmia Elizabeth HOLLIS (private). Parents: James Thomas Luke HOLLIS and May Belle ROLLINS.

Spouse: Fred BASKIN , Sr.. Children were: Fred BASKIN , Jr., Johnny BASKIN, Robert BASKIN, Leroy BASKIN, Roger BASKIN.

Zettie Mae HOLLIS was born on 11 December 1908 in Cannon Co. Tennessee. She was buried in 2001 in Hazel Cemetery at Bell Buckle, Bedford County, TN.. She died on 15 January 2001 at the age of 92 in Tennessee. Parents: Charles Leslie HOLLIS and Rachael E. PARKER.

Spouse: Will Robert DELBRIDGE. Zettie Mae HOLLIS and Will Robert DELBRIDGE were married on 21 July 1927 in Cannon Co. Tennessee. Children were: Robert Ray DELBRIDGE, Della Sue DELBRIDGE, Charles William DELBRIDGE, Betty DELBRIDGE, Allie DELBRIDGE, Irene DELBRIDGE, Nell Marie DELBRIDGE, Lois DELBRIDGE.

Ella Mae HOLLMAN (private).

Spouse: Owen Lafayette KEITH. Children were: Constance Mae KEITH, Martin Odie KEITH.

Ella HOLLOWAY was born in 1882 in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Geoffrey N. EBLIN. Ella HOLLOWAY and Geoffrey N. EBLIN were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Nancy HOLLOWAY (private).

Spouse: Clindle Leon DUNCAN. Children were: LaDonna DUNCAN, Marla Sue DUNCAN.

Tony HOLLOWAY (private).

Spouse: Shelly Ann ROBERTS. Children were: Kayla Ann ROBERTS, Trisha Lee HOLLOWAY.

Trisha Lee HOLLOWAY (private). Parents: Tony HOLLOWAY and Shelly Ann ROBERTS.