Brenda UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: John Clarence SISSOM. Children were: John Clarence SISSOM , Jr., Michael Shawn SISSOM, Jason Christopher SISSOM.

Brenda UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Shawn Lynn MCCOY. Children were: Jacklyn MCCOY.

Callie UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Homer Lee YOUNG. Children were: Dorothy Marie YOUNG, Marvin Lee YOUNG, Carol Barbara YOUNG, Larry Allen YOUNG.

Callie Ruth UNKNOWN was born on 25 March 1934 in unknown. She died on 28 December 1938 at the age of 4 in unknown. Parents: Father UNKNOWN and Ida Lee ELLIOTT.

Candice UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Kenneth HUDGEONS. Children were: Mischelle HUDGEONS, Bradley Dean HUDGEONS.

Carla UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Roy Wayne EDDINGS. Children were: Sonja "Missy" EDDINGS, Carrie V. EDDINGS, Heather EDDINGS.

Carol UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Frank Kent MCCARTY. Children were: Zachary MCCARTY, Joannie MCCARTY.

Catherine UNKNOWN was born UNKNOWN in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: William LATHAM. Catherine UNKNOWN and William LATHAM were married UNKNOWN in unknown. Children were: Martha LATHAM.

Catherine UNKNOWN was born UNKNOWN in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Ely/Elia EDDINGS. Catherine UNKNOWN and Ely/Elia EDDINGS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Cathie UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Lee RAMAGE. Children were: Anna Marie RAMAGE.

Chloe UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Ambrose Martin MCCOY.

Chris UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: William Wesley HOLLIS. Children were: Elizabeth Ann HOLLIS.

Chris UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Victor Roland JOHNSON.

Christi UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Michael Lee WOOD. Children were: Briteny Nicole WOOD, Brandon Michael WOOD.

Christiane UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Eugene D. BREEZE.

Christy UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Dewayne Edward COOK. Children were: Mahalla Shelby Lea COOK.

Cindy UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Luther BURTON. Children were: Misty BURTON, Christy BURTON, April BURTON, Angela BURTON.

Cindy UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Donald Ray WAGGONER. Children were: Vanessa WAGGONER, Samantha WAGGONER.

Cindy UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Brent RAMAGE. Children were: Micah RAMAGE, Caleb RAMAGE, Matthew RAMAGE.

Cintha UNKNOWN was born in 1812 in Tennessee. She died UNKNOWN in u.S.A..

Spouse: John W. MCCARTY. Cintha UNKNOWN and John W. MCCARTY were married in 1829 in Dallas, Co. Al.. Children were: Flavius William MCCARTY, Easter MCCARTY, Mary "Polly" MCCARTY, Margaret MCCARTY, Sarah MCCARTY, John Jacob MCCARTY, Jeremiah G. MCCARTY, Nancy E. MCCARTY, Cintha MCCARTY, Amanda MCCARTY, John S. MCCARTY, Martha Jane MCCARTY.

Claire UNKNOWN was born UNKNOWN in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Ursal Doyle "Bill" HOLLIS. Claire UNKNOWN and Ursal Doyle "Bill" HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown. Children were: Mary Helen HOLLIS.

Clara UNKNOWN was born about 1892 in Illinois.

Spouse: Aaron MCENDREE. Clara UNKNOWN and Aaron MCENDREE were married about 1909 in unknown.

Claudia UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Jimmy Ray APPLIN.

Clemmie (Furr?) UNKNOWN was born about 1849 in unknown. She died on 18 January 1891 at the age of 42 in unknown.

Spouse: James L. RAIFORD. Clemmie (Furr?) UNKNOWN and James L. RAIFORD were married UNKNOWN in unknown. Children were: James Gaithings "Buddy" RAIFORD, William Preston RAIFORD, Lillian Gertrude RAIFORD, Charles RAIFORD, Emmett O'neal RAIFORD, Minnie Lee RAIFORD, Jewell RAIFORD, Elmo RAIFORD.

Cletus V. UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Thomas Harvey HOLLIS.

Connie UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Tommy Ray ROBERTSON. Children were: Jeremy Ray ROBERTSON, Celeste Fay ROBERTSON.

Connie UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Thurman Ray PLUMLEE. Children were: Thurman Linn PLUMLEE.

Connie UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Bobby Gail WINKLES , Jr.. Children were: Tanner WINKLES, Mitch WINKLES.

Cora UNKNOWN was born in 1895 in unknown.68 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:E-mail (Facts Pg)]68 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:E-mail (Facts Pg)]68 She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Thomas Manty YOUNG. Cora UNKNOWN and Thomas Manty YOUNG were married UNKNOWN in unknown. Children were: Hazel YOUNG, Goldie YOUNG, Sherman YOUNG, Curtis YOUNG.

Cora A. UNKNOWN was born in July 1871 in Illinois. She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Noah L. BROWN. Cora A. UNKNOWN and Noah L. BROWN were married about 1889 in unknown. Children were: Lucy BROWN, Sylvester P. BROWN, Lurel R. BROWN, George Washington BROWN, Rosa E. BROWN.

Corrine UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Leland Wallce DUNCAN.

Craig UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Alma STOUT.

Cynthis UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: William Joe DAVIS. Children were: Erica Keysha DAVIS, William Ian DAVIS.

Dana UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Carl Ray WOOD.

Daniel Charles UNKNOWN (private). Parents: Tom UNKNOWN and Anna Margaret WHAM.

Darlene UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Jack Dillion MCCARTY.

Debbie UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: William Nathan TOWNSEND. Children were: Jennifer TOWNSEND, Lorie TOWNSEND.

Debbie UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Gregory Farris MCCARTY.

Debbie L. UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Michael Joe PITTS.

Deborah UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: David Jack HOLLIS.

Deborah UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Terry Ray LASTER. Children were: Tiffany LASTER, Crystal LASTER.

Debra UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Troy Wayne DAVIS. Children were: Christopher Brandon DAVIS, Shannon Trey DAVIS, Spencer Cole DAVIS.

Della UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Emery HANCOCK.

Della Rebecca UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Richard WARREN. Children were: Corine WARREN.

Delma UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Ron Kaiser NAISER , Jr..

Delores UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Hershell J. HOUGH. Children were: Kim HOUGH, Marshall Neal HOUGH, Bonnie Marlene HOUGH.

Delpha UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: William ENSEY. Children were: Alexander ENSEY.

Denise UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Grese NAISER. Children were: Rachel Chavers NAISER.

Denise UNKNOWN (private). Parents: Billy UNKNOWN and Rhonda STEWART.

Diane UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: John Porter RAKESTRAW. Children were: Daisey Aline RAKESTRAW, Jonathan RAKESTRAW.