Kathy Darnell ROGERS (private). Parents: Ikey ROGERS and Talka S. BRIMM.

Lawson Charles/Camilus ROGERS was born on 25 September 1858 in Alabama.

Spouse: Lucinda Carolyn CORLEY. Lucinda Carolyn CORLEY and Lawson Charles/Camilus ROGERS were married on 9 April 1887 in Logan Co., Arkansas. Children were: Volda Farley ROGERS.

Linda ROGERS (private).

Spouse: Randall HEDRICK. Children were: Michelle HEDRICK.

Margaret Maggie ROGERS was born on 24 November 1868 in Bunker Hill, Massachusetts. She died Atrophic Nephritis on 28 September 1949 at the age of 80 in Jamaica, Iowa.. Parents: John / Patrick ROGERS and Unknown WIFE.

Spouse: John MCCOY. Margaret Maggie ROGERS and John MCCOY were married on 27 October 1891 in Boone, Iowa. Children were: Mary MCCOY, Alice MCCOY, Margaret Mary (Peg) MCCOY, Rose MCCOY, William MCCOY, Leo Arthur MCCOY, Catherine MCCOY, John MCCOY, Joseph L. MCCOY, Edward I. MCCOY.

Marlene ROGERS (private).

Spouse: David Bradley WOOD.

Martha Jane ROGERS was born on 8 September 1845 in Texas. She died on 15 September 1919 at the age of 74 in Leon Co., Texas.

Spouse: William Burrell HOLLIS. Martha Jane ROGERS and William Burrell HOLLIS were married on 9 July 1865 in Madison Co., Texas. Children were: Janie D. HOLLIS, Ruth A. HOLLIS, Mary Ann HOLLIS, William Tipton HOLLIS, Andrew Jackson HOLLIS, Lula Wayne HOLLIS, Robert Lee HOLLIS, Charles Bluford HOLLIS , ll, Nancy Laura HOLLIS, Nellie Ray HOLLIS, Ida Myrtis HOLLIS.

Mary Jane ROGERS was born on 26 May 1888. She died on 8 April 1982 at the age of 93 in Union Co., Georgia.

Spouse: John B. THOMAS. Children were: Opal THOMAS, Guy THOMAS, Adell THOMAS, Juanita THOMAS, Gertrude THOMAS, Theodore THOMAS.

Mattie Jane ROGERS was born on 19 April 1880 in Erath Co. Texas. She died on 18 November 1922 at the age of 42 in Erath Co. Texas.

Spouse: Walter HOLLIS. Mattie Jane ROGERS and Walter HOLLIS were married on 30 April 1899 in Erath Co. Texas. Children were: Audrey HOLLIS, John Noah HOLLIS, Infant HOLLIS, Chaston Berry HOLLIS, Infant HOLLIS.

Nellie ROGERS (private).

Spouse: Ernest Grover HOLLIS. Children were: Christine HOLLIS.

Oley Mitchell ROGERS was born on 21 November 1929 in Wilson Co., Tennessee. He died on 27 September 1971 at the age of 41 in Rutherford Co. Tennessee.

Spouse: Bonnie Ruth GILLY. Children were: Janice Delores ROGERS, Ronnie Dell ROGERS, Timmy Mitchell ROGERS.

Orpha ROGERS was born about 1915 in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: John Thane COOK. Orpha ROGERS and John Thane COOK were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Patricia Lynn ROGERS (private). Parents: Jerry ROGERS and Patricia Diane BROTHERS.

Ronnie Dell ROGERS (private). Parents: Oley Mitchell ROGERS and Bonnie Ruth GILLY.

Roscoe Gyle ROGERS (private). Parents: Roscoe Gyles ROGERS and Sylvia Viola MILBURN.

Roscoe Gyles ROGERS was born about 1905 in unknown.

Spouse: Sylvia Viola MILBURN. Children were: Roscoe Gyle ROGERS, Charles Raymond ROGERS, Rosemary ROGERS.

Rosemary ROGERS (private). Parents: Roscoe Gyles ROGERS and Sylvia Viola MILBURN.

Sarah Jane ROGERS was born about 1842 in Humphreys Co., Tennessee. She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Thomas Lewis DUNCAN. Sarah Jane ROGERS and Thomas Lewis DUNCAN were married on 24 September 1863 in London, Humphrey Co., Tennessee. Children were: Betty Elizabeth DUNCAN, Ella Lew DUNCAN, John Thomas DUNCAN, William Andrew DUNCAN.

Timmy Mitchell ROGERS (private). Parents: Oley Mitchell ROGERS and Bonnie Ruth GILLY.

Volda Farley ROGERS was born on 21 June 1888 in Paris, Logan Co., Arkansas. He died on 7 August 1963 at the age of 75 in Wagoner, Wagoner CO., Oklahoma. Parents: Lawson Charles/Camilus ROGERS and Lucinda Carolyn CORLEY.

Spouse: Lillie Ann WHITE. Lillie Ann WHITE and Volda Farley ROGERS were married on 4 June 1927 in Wagoner, Oklahoma. Children were: Wanda Lou ROGERS, Bonnie Sue ROGERS.

Wanda Lou ROGERS (private). Parents: Volda Farley ROGERS and Lillie Ann WHITE.

Spouse: George Willis WAHL. Children were: Baby Boy WAHL, George William WAHL, Danny Glenn WAHL, Johnny Loyal WAHL, Jerry David WAHL, Randall Leon WAHL.

Henry ROHDE (private).

Spouse: Pauline LANDIS. Children were: Henry H. ROHDE.

Henry H. ROHDE (private). Parents: Henry ROHDE and Pauline LANDIS.

Edward William ROIG (private).

Spouse: Laura Jean GRANT.

John ROJAS (private).

Spouse: Jenne Kay RUSK. Children were: Randy Lewis Rojas RUSK.

John Willis ROLAND (private).

Spouse: Loyce Elnora SISSOM. Children were: Linda Darlene ROLAND, Kathy Mae ROLAND.

Kathy Mae ROLAND (private). Parents: John Willis ROLAND and Loyce Elnora SISSOM.

Spouse: Elton MOORE. Children were: Michelle Lynn MOORE, Elton Gaston MOORE, Patrick Ray MOORE.

Linda Darlene ROLAND (private). Parents: John Willis ROLAND and Loyce Elnora SISSOM.

Spouse: Roy Dale FINLAY. Children were: Debra Kay FINLAY, John Roy FINLAY.

Robert Charles ROLANDS (private).

Spouse: Terri Kathryn JOHNSON.

Edythe M. ROLENS (private).

Spouse: Charles D. HOLLIDAY. Children were: Sarah Elizabeth HOLLIDAY, Sharon HOLLIDAY, Karen HOLLIDAY.

Angela Kay Robinson ROLL (private).

Spouse: Christian Ward EDDINGS. Children were: Amanda Christian EDDINGS, Daniel Joseph EDDINGS.

May Belle ROLLINS was born on 4 July 1898 in Cannon Co, Tennessee. She died on 15 September 1988 at the age of 90 in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Spouse: James Thomas Luke HOLLIS. May Belle ROLLINS and James Thomas Luke HOLLIS were married on 9 May 1915 in unknown. Children were: Susan Chestle HOLLIS, Alma Odelle HOLLIS, Zemmia Elizabeth HOLLIS, Ollie Belle HOLLIS, Grace Early HOLLIS, Thomas Virgil HOLLIS, Floyd Erskin HOLLIS, Andrew David HOLLIS.

Minnie Lee ROLLINS (private).

Spouse: Julius ROBERTS. Children were: John ROBERTS, Leona ROBERTS, Judy ROBERTS, Marilyn ROBERTS.

Tammy Lynn ROLLINS (private). Parents: William Thomas ROLLINS and Nancy Kay MILBURN.

William Thomas ROLLINS (private).

Spouse: Nancy Kay MILBURN. Children were: Tammy Lynn ROLLINS.

Ima Jean ROMAINE (private).

Spouse: Glen Don LAND. Children were: Donita Jean LAND.

Nancy Lou ROMAN was born on 2 January 1887. She died in 1921 at the age of 34.

Spouse: Homer Erastus CORN. Nancy Lou ROMAN and Homer Erastus CORN were married on 3 November 1910.

Vern ROMANS was born UNKNOWN in unknown. He died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Cecelia MCCOY. Cecelia MCCOY and Vern ROMANS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Alice ROMERO (private).

Spouse: Ernest Glenn Jr. INMON. Children were: Joshua INMON, Ernest Glenn III INMON, Norman INMON.

Carol Sue ROMINE (private). Parents: Vernon Ray ROMINE and Martha Carol DUNCAN.

Spouse: Steven Eugene SANDUSKY.

Hanna ROMINE (private). Parents: Tommy Ray ROMINE and Diana Jo FENOGLIO.

Millie ROMINE (private). Parents: Tommy Ray ROMINE and Diana Jo FENOGLIO.

Tommy Ray ROMINE (private). Parents: Vernon Ray ROMINE and Martha Carol DUNCAN.

Spouse: Diana Jo FENOGLIO. Children were: Hanna ROMINE, Millie ROMINE.

Vernon Ray ROMINE (private).

Spouse: Martha Carol DUNCAN. Children were: Tommy Ray ROMINE, Carol Sue ROMINE.

Abel ROMO (private).

Spouse: Phenetta Ann MATHEWS. Children were: Randy Raul ROMO, Monica Yvette ROMO.

Monica Yvette ROMO (private). Parents: Abel ROMO and Phenetta Ann MATHEWS.

Randy Raul ROMO (private). Parents: Abel ROMO and Phenetta Ann MATHEWS.

Betty Ann RONEY (private).

Spouse: Harold Donald HYLES , Jr. Children were: Benjamin Roney HYLES, Jesse Eldred HYLES, Jacob Earley HYLES.

Hugh RONEY (private).

Spouse: Nannie DAVIS.

James George Washington ROPER (private).

Spouse: Martha Isabelle UNKNOWN. Children were: Virley Lue ROPER.

Virley Lue ROPER was born on 4 March 1902 in Arkansas. She died on 12 August 1987 at the age of 85 in Cheyenne, Roger Mills Co., Oklahoma. Parents: James George Washington ROPER and Martha Isabelle UNKNOWN.

Spouse: Daniel Burton DRAKE. Virley Lue ROPER and Daniel Burton DRAKE were married on 19 September 1919 in Beckham, Sayre Co. Oklahoma.

Spouse: Aaron C. EDDINGS. Virley Lue ROPER and Aaron C. EDDINGS were married on 28 June 1970 in Cheyenne, Roger Mills Co. Oklahoma.