John Washington "Uncle Jack" HOLLIS was born on 8 July 1845 in Ouachita Co. Ark. He died on 7 May 1934 at the age of 88 in Calhoun Co., Arkansas. Parents: Jeremiah HOLLIS and Sarah A. Sallie PUCKETT.

Spouse: Mary K."Molly" HASSELL. Mary K."Molly" HASSELL and John Washington "Uncle Jack" HOLLIS were married on 10 March 1869 in Montezuma, Chester Co. Tennessee. Children were: Minnie H. HOLLIS, Joseph J. HOLLIS, Jessie L. HOLLIS, Mary Addie "Mamie" HOLLIS.

John William HOLLIS (private). Parents: Walter Herbert HOLLIS and Ruth Eleanor TROTTER.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth LYON. Children were: Austin Lyon HOLLIS.

John William* HOLLIS was born on 28 August 1881 in Dalton, Arkansas. He died on 14 January 1973 at the age of 91 in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Spouse: Susan Henrietta "Rett" ARY. Susan Henrietta "Rett" ARY and John William* HOLLIS were married on 6 February 1902 in Thayer, Oregon Co, Missouri. Children were: Ervin HOLLIS, Ernest Doy HOLLIS, Addie HOLLIS, Laura Alta* HOLLIS, Orlie H. HOLLIS, Cloyce A. HOLLIS, Hazel C. HOLLIS, Paul HOLLIS, Donald HOLLIS.

John Wood HOLLIS was born in 1825 in Tennessee. He died in 1866 at the age of 41 in Giles Co., Tennessee. Parents: John HOLLIS and Sarah SMITH.

Spouse: Virginia Adeline WILLIAMSON. Virginia Adeline WILLIAMSON and John Wood HOLLIS were married about 1847 in Giles Co., Tennessee. Children were: Sarah HOLLIS, Joab Melton HOLLIS, Ann H. HOLLIS, Robert Lee HOLLIS, John W. HOLLIS.

Johnnie HOLLIS was born about 1877. Parents: Lewis Howl HOLLIS and Sarah Ann PINGLETON.

Johnny HOLLIS was born in 1872 in Mo?. He died on 29 August 1956 at the age of 84 in unknown. Parents: James "Jessie" Douglas HOLLIS and Rosanna Sisco STEVENS.

Spouse: Elizabeth PINGLETON. Elizabeth PINGLETON and Johnny HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Swain DECKARD. Swain DECKARD and Johnny HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in 2nd Wife.

Johnny Alan HOLLIS (private). Parents: Arthur Jerry HOLLIS and Joan SAIN.

Johnny Termaine HOLLIS (private). Parents: Samuel Lawrence HOLLIS , Jr. and Linda CROOK.

Joseph HOLLIS was born on 22 December 1805 in Madison Co. Kentucky.27 He died on 2 March 1883 at the age of 77 in Warren Co., Tennessee.27 Parents: William David HOLLIS , Sr. and Elizabeth LEWIS.

Spouse: Elizabeth DOLLY. Elizabeth DOLLY and Joseph HOLLIS were married on 15 October 1827 in Rutherford Co. Tennessee.27 Children were: John W.D. HOLLIS, Margaret Ann Elizabeth HOLLIS, Simion A. Moon HOLLIS.

Joseph HOLLIS was born on 18 July 1836 in Cannon Co. Tennessee.27 He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: James B. HOLLIS and Martha SAFFLE.

Spouse: Attie Myrtle COX. Attie Myrtle COX and Joseph HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Joseph HOLLIS was born about 1871 in unknown. He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: Charles Bluford HOLLIS I and Samantha PETERS.

Joseph Bartlett HOLLIS (private). Parents: Donovan Charles HOLLIS and Georgia TOOLEY.

Children were: Timothy Donavan HOLLIS, Jameson Stewart HOLLIS.

Joseph Chambers HOLLIS (private). Parents: Curtis Wayne (Kurt) HOLLIS and Janie TREADWELL.

Joseph Clark A.C. "Joel/Jack" HOLLIS was born in 1858 in Erath Co. Texas. He died about 1894 at the age of 36 in Dougherty, Murray Co. Indian Territory (Oklahoma).50 Parents: Harvey Berry HOLLIS and Mary Ann "Polly" MCCARTY.

Spouse: Susan Josephine JOHNSON. Susan Josephine JOHNSON and Joseph Clark A.C. "Joel/Jack" HOLLIS were married about 1878 in Oklahoma Indian Territory. Children were: Hattie Adeline HOLLIS.

Joseph E. HOLLIS (private). Parents: Joseph Edwin HOLLIS and Lena THURMOND.

Joseph Edwin HOLLIS was born on 13 October 1885 in Baxter, Arkansas. He died on 16 March 1967 at the age of 81 in Bristow, Oklahoma. Parents: George Washington HOLLIS and Nancy Jane SAPP.

Spouse: Lena THURMOND. Lena THURMOND and Joseph Edwin HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown. Children were: Lynne Estile HOLLIS, Joseph E. HOLLIS.

Spouse: Augusta OSTERHAUS. Children were: Jane HOLLIS.

Joseph Gilbert HOLLIS (private). Parents: Gilbert Dale HOLLIS and Anna Belle HARRIS.

Joseph J. HOLLIS was born on 1 June 1873 in Arkansas. He died on 1 October 1902 at the age of 29 in Arkansas. Parents: John Washington "Uncle Jack" HOLLIS and Mary K."Molly" HASSELL.

Spouse: Sallie J. ROBERTSON. Sallie J. ROBERTSON and Joseph J. HOLLIS were married about 1901 in Calhoun Co. Arkansas.

Joseph Neal HOLLIS (private). Parents: Orlin Reeves HOLLIS and Ivy BURKES.

Joseph Washington "Wash" HOLLIS was born on 9 November 1877 in Mo?. He died on 24 August 1969 at the age of 91 in Oregon Co., Missouri. Parents: James "Jessie" Douglas HOLLIS and Martha HOOPER.

Spouse: Sarah COUSINS. Sarah COUSINS and Joseph Washington "Wash" HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown. Children were: Riley Claude HOLLIS, Elvie Willie HOLLIS, Marshall Ray HOLLIS, Lola Louida HOLLIS, Jessie Buster HOLLIS.

Joseph William HOLLIS (private). Parents: Riley Claude HOLLIS and Lenora Alberta "Bertie" BENNETT.

Spouse: Virginia Maxine DUNHAM.

Josephine E. HOLLIS was born on 19 December 1867 in Duffau Erath Co. Texas. She died on 15 September 1869 at the age of 1 in Duffau Erath Co. Texas. Parents: Bluford Luster HOLLIS and Mary Etta GILLENTINE.

Joshua HOLLIS (private). Parents: David Thomas HOLLIS and Carmen CARTER.

Joshua Barton HOLLIS (private).281 Parents: Robert Merrill HOLLIS and Aida Rose TEXTER.

Judy HOLLIS (private). Parents: Floyd Erskin HOLLIS and Viva Dean UNDERWOOD.

Spouse: Unknown SMITH.

Judy Lynn HOLLIS (private). Parents: Spencer T. "Jack" HOLLIS and Waldean MCCAIN.

Spouse: Keith Lynn LIGHTFOOT. Children were: Cliff Allen LIGHTFOOT, Jeff Landon LIGHTFOOT.

Julia Frances HOLLIS (private). Parents: Julius Sinclair (Fud") HOLLIS and Ruby Leona EPPERSON.

Spouse: David Andrew TURNER. Children were: David Jackson TURNER, Rhonda Lynn TURNER, Gerald Russell TURNER, James Stanford TURNER.

Julia Madgeline HOLLIS was born on 26 January 1911 in Readyville Cannon Co. Tennessee. She died on 28 December 1971 at the age of 60 in unknown. Parents: James Bell HOLLIS , Jr. and Nancy Bridges LASSITER.

Spouse: Jesse Wayne ALEXANDER. Children were: Jesse Wayne ALEXANDER , Jr..

Julian Ed HOLLIS , Jr. (private). Parents: Julian Edward HOLLIS and Jo Nell HILL.

Julian Edward HOLLIS was born in 1939 in Texas. He died in 1995 at the age of 56 in Mesa, Arizona. Parents: Lenzy Lee HOLLIS and Jo UNKNOWN.

Spouse: Jo Nell HILL. Children were: Leslie Lyneete HOLLIS, Dana Edna HOLLIS, Julian Ed HOLLIS , Jr..

Juliann HOLLIS (private). Parents: William F. HOLLIS and Betty Jo ROGERS.

Spouse: Thomas SPIRIOS. Children were: Alexander Hollis SPIRIOS.

Julius Sinclair (Fud") HOLLIS was born on 18 May 1913 in Trinity Co., Texas. He died in 1999 at the age of 86 in Humble, Texas. Parents: Mervin HOLLIS and Virginia Althea HUFF.

Spouse: Ruby Leona EPPERSON. Children were: Julia Frances HOLLIS, Nelda Lois HOLLIS, Vera Leona HOLLIS, Curtis Wayne HOLLIS, Edith Maurine HOLLIS, Jo Elaine HOLLIS, Gary Lloyd HOLLIS.

June Geneva HOLLIS (private). Parents: Phillip Richard HOLLIS and Mary Lily ALLEN.

Spouse: Leland Thomas GRANT. Children were: Dale LeRoy GRANT, Lelia June GRANT, Raymond Eugene GRANT, Donald Bruce GRANT.

Justin HOLLIS (private). Parents: David Thomas HOLLIS and Carmen CARTER.

Justin Mark HOLLIS (private). Parents: Joel Mack HOLLIS and Velma Ann Bland HUDSON.

Spouse: Jennifer Nicole HENDERSON.

Karen Alise HOLLIS (private). Parents: Gordon Ray HOLLIS and Pamela ALSBROOK.

Spouse: Edward OLDHAM.

Karl Verlon HOLLIS (private). Parents: Joel Mack HOLLIS and Mary Frances WASON.

Katherine Eugenia HOLLIS was born on 18 June 1872 in Arkansas. She died on 10 December 1922 at the age of 50 in Arkansas. Parents: William Taylor "Tanner" HOLLIS and Louisa Americus YEAGER.

Spouse: James William BROWN. Katherine Eugenia HOLLIS and James William BROWN were married on 20 August 1892 in Dallas Co. Arkansas. Children were: Flora Sallie BROWN, William Ira BROWN, Luther G. BROWN, Nellie Blythe BROWN, Robert Lee BROWN, Lula Mae BROWN, Allison Adolph BROWN.

Katherine Louise HOLLIS (private). Parents: Roy Houston HOLLIS and Mary Helen PIERCY.

Spouse: Eric Dwayne FULTON. Children were: Branden Dwayne FULTON, Adam Timothy FULTON.

Kathleen HOLLIS was born after 1895. Parents: William David HOLLIS and Sarah Whitaker HOLLIS.

Kathy HOLLIS (private). Parents: Floyd Erskin HOLLIS and Viva Dean UNDERWOOD.

Spouse: Unknown PERRY.

Kathy HOLLIS (private). Parents: Roy Houston HOLLIS and June UNKNOWN.

Spouse: Unknown FULTON.

Keith Jacob HOLLIS (private). Parents: Kirk Patrick HOLLIS and Susan JACOBS.

Keith Richard HOLLIS was born after 1935 in not available. He died in 1998 at the age of 63 in not available. Parents: Paul HOLLIS and Evely Marie BABLER.

Kenneth HOLLIS (private). Parents: Elbert Sherill HOLLIS and Rhoda FROST.

Kenneth Stewart HOLLIS was born on 24 September 1910 in Indiana. He died on 6 January 1994 at the age of 83 in Belleville St Clair Co Illinois. Parents: John Stewart HOLLIS and Jessie BINKLEY.

Kerilla B. HOLLIS was born in 1844 in unknown. She died in 1917 at the age of 73 in unknown. She was buried in Walnut Hill Cem., Gibson Co., Indiana. Parents: Othniel HOLLIS and Micha Ann STEWART.

Kevin Jerry HOLLIS was born on 2 January 1968 in Warren Co, Tennessee.. He died on 25 January 1976 at the age of 8 in unknown. Parents: Arthur Jerry HOLLIS and Joan SAIN.

Kimberly Kay HOLLIS (private). Parents: Jay Lynn HOLLIS and Lola Mae CURRY.

Spouse: James Richard GAARE. Children were: Brandon James GAARE, Payton Charles GAARE.

Spouse: Michael Keith WARD.

Kirk Patrick HOLLIS (private). Parents: Joel Mack HOLLIS and Mary Frances WASON.

Spouse: Teresa THOMPSON. Children were: Mary Annette HOLLIS.

Spouse: Susan JACOBS. Children were: Keith Jacob HOLLIS.