David (HH) HOLLIS was born on 25 November 1883 in Duffau Erath Co, Texas. She died on 9 February 1898 at the age of 14 in Duffau Erath Co, Texas. Parents: Harvey Berry HOLLIS and Eliza Ann Gilbert HERELL.

David D. HOLLIS was born about 1867 in unknown. Parents: Charles Bluford HOLLIS I and Samantha PETERS.

David Douglas HOLLIS (private). Parents: Liggett Newton HOLLIS and Naomi HAMPTON.

Spouse: Paula TODD. Children were: Marty HOLLIS, Brian HOLLIS.

David Jack HOLLIS (private). Parents: James Harvey HOLLIS and Lois Frances WOOLDRIDGE.

Spouse: Deborah UNKNOWN.

David Louis HOLLIS was born in 1895 in Texas. He died in 1960 at the age of 65 in unknown. Parents: Jesse Newton HOLLIS and Lou Ella SHIPLEY.

David Lynn HOLLIS (private). Parents: Roy Houston HOLLIS and Mary Helen PIERCY.

Spouse: Connie Sue WAUCHEK. Children were: Holly Renee HOLLIS, Jessica Sue HOLLIS, Taylor Elizabeth HOLLIS, Kyndra Rose HOLLIS.

David Preston HOLLIS was born after 1870 in unknown. He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: David HOLLIS and Sarah Melissa MASON.

David Thomas HOLLIS (private). Parents: William Hoyte HOLLIS and Mabel Christine BOWEN.

Spouse: Gayle EVANS.

Spouse: Carmen CARTER. Children were: Justin HOLLIS, Joshua HOLLIS.

Spouse: Terri UNKNOWN.

Dawn Denise HOLLIS (private).274 Parents: Spencer Hugh HOLLIS and Carol Lynn SANDAGE.

Spouse: Rick KEEHN.

Debbie HOLLIS (private). Parents: Floyd Erskin HOLLIS and Viva Dean UNDERWOOD.

Spouse: Unknown MCEACHRON.

Deborah Jane HOLLIS (private). Parents: William Ray Ferguson HOLLIS and Norma R. BLACKMAN.

Deborah Kay HOLLIS (private). Parents: Teddy Ray HOLLIS and Shirley Ann HIGNETT.

Spouse: Michael Dean MOORE. Children were: Bryan Dean MOORE, Joseph Wayne MOORE, Michael Ray MOORE.

Deborah Lea HOLLIS (private). Parents: Sherman Floyd HOLLIS and Stella Irene EDWARDS.

Spouse: Kenneth WILSON. Children were: Casey Ann WILSON, Erin Alexander WILSON.

Spouse: Michael Howard CLUCK.

Debra Lynn HOLLIS (private). Parents: Fred Wilmer HOLLIS and Dorothy BITTLE.

Spouse: Martin Steve SIMMONS. Children were: Mary Beth SIMMONS, Sean Nathan SIMMONS, Holly Elizabeth SIMMONS.

Debra Lynn HOLLIS (private). Parents: Samuel Mack HOLLIS and Wanda Carolyn WALL.

Delie HOLLIS (private). Parents: Landon Maneth HOLLIS and Carrie WITHERSPOON.

Delina HOLLIS was born about 1843 in Cannon Co., Tennessee. She died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: Simeon HOLLIS and Mary (Louisa?) JONES.

Dell HOLLIS was born about 1905 in Hamilton Co., Texas. She died about 1905 at the age of 0 in Hamilton Co., Texas. Parents: John Sterling HOLLIS and Julia Ann "Josie" ROBERSON.

Della Dulcena G. HOLLIS was born about October 1856 in Madison Co. Texas. She died about 1937 at the age of 81 in Madison Co., Texas. Parents: William David HOLLIS , Jr. and Delina WALKER.

Spouse: James R. HORN. Della Dulcena G. HOLLIS and James R. HORN were married on 31 January 1877 in Madison Co. Texas. Children were: Daisy HORN, Lillie D. HORN, Susan D. HORN, Anna Mattie HORN.

Della Mae HOLLIS (private). Parents: Riley Claude HOLLIS and Lenora Alberta "Bertie" BENNETT.

Spouse: Kenneth VERDICT.

Denita Carol HOLLIS (private). Parents: Larry Edwin HOLLIS and Carolyn ROBERTSON.

Spouse: Unknown BENSON.

Denna Rene HOLLIS (private). Parents: Andrew David HOLLIS and Irene VICKERS.

Spouse: Ricky Lee LEWIS. Children were: Holly Lee LEWIS.

Dewey Franklin HOLLIS (private). Parents: Arthur Sneed HOLLIS and Nona Aldena LANCE.

Spouse: Peggy Jo BOWMAN. Children were: Frank Stephen HOLLIS, Rita Michelle HOLLIS.

Dixie Ann HOLLIS (private). Parents: Carl Lee HOLLIS and Mary HINDERMAN.

Spouse: Unknown BARGER.

Dolly E. HOLLIS was born on 10 March 1907 in Texas. Parents: James L. HOLLIS and Mary Belle PATRICK.

Donald HOLLIS (private). Parents: John William* HOLLIS and Susan Henrietta "Rett" ARY.

Donovan Charles HOLLIS was born on 25 December 1908 in Indiana. He died on 28 September 1984 at the age of 75 in Evansville Vanderburg Co. Indiana. Parents: John Stewart HOLLIS and Jessie BINKLEY.

Spouse: Georgia TOOLEY. Children were: Joseph Bartlett HOLLIS.

Dora Marie HOLLIS (private). Parents: Bluford Lester HOLLIS and Etta Leona PARKS.

Spouse: Paul Newton ELLERD , Sr.. Children were: Phillis Marie ELLERD, Paul Howard ELLERD , Jr., Linda Christine ELLERD, Paul Newton ELLERD, Michael Wayne ELLERD.

Spouse: George CANTWELL.

Dorfford Brian HOLLIS was born on 8 April 1900 in Cannon Co., Tennessee. He died on 16 July 1974 at the age of 74 in Cannon Co., Tennessee. Parents: William Benjamin HOLLIS and Priscilla Jane HALLEY.

Spouse: Mary Adeline SIMPSON. Mary Adeline SIMPSON and Dorfford Brian HOLLIS were married on 12 May 1929 in unknown. Children were: Earl HOLLIS, Levada Adeline HOLLIS.

Dorothie "Hollie" HOLLIS was born on 16 October 1916 in Hollis, Harmon Co. Oklahoma. She died on 1 July 2001 at the age of 84 in Hollis, Harmon Co., Oklahoma. Parents: Grover Cleveland HOLLIS and Ernestine LANCE.

Spouse: C. W. CROSS. Dorothie "Hollie" HOLLIS and C. W. CROSS were married on 15 December 1940 in Hollis, Harmon Co., Oklahoma. Children were: Elizabeth Ann CROSS, Thomas Hollis CROSS.

Spouse: Unknown HARMON.

Dorris Carlton HOLLIS (private). Parents: Riley Claude HOLLIS and Lenora Alberta "Bertie" BENNETT.

Spouse: Thelma HOLLAND.

Dortha Janette HOLLIS (private). Parents: Bill HOLLIS and Dortha Beatrice CAMPBELL.

Spouse: Bennie Ray WILLIAMS. Children were: Debrah LaNell WILLIAMS, Lanette WILLIAMS.

Doyle Mitchell HOLLIS was born after 1895 in unknown. Parents: John Hope HOLLIS and Clara ROBERTSON.

Spouse: Norene REED. Norene REED and Doyle Mitchell HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Annie Mae WATSON. Annie Mae WATSON and Doyle Mitchell HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Dozier L. HOLLIS was born on 3 December 1899 in Alabama. He died on 25 May 1962 at the age of 62 in Woodville, Alabama. Parents: James Ollie HOLLIS and Mary Cynthia CHILDRESS.

Spouse: Eadie M. BOSHART. Eadie M. BOSHART and Dozier L. HOLLIS were married on 1 February 1920 in Alabama.

Spouse: Julie BENEFIELD. Julie BENEFIELD and Dozier L. HOLLIS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Earl HOLLIS (private). Parents: Dorfford Brian HOLLIS and Mary Adeline SIMPSON.

Spouse: Lucille LEWIS.

Spouse: Eva Hill AMMONS.

Earl Roger HOLLIS was born on 3 October 1920 in Texas. He died on 3 October 1920 at the age of 0 in Texas. Parents: Mervin HOLLIS and Virginia Althea HUFF.

Easter HOLLIS was born in 1823 in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: Abraham Lewis HOLLIS and Sarah PAYNE.

Easter Parallee HOLLIS was born on 18 March 1876 in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: Robert Jessie HOLLIS , Jr. and Easter Paralee EDDINGS.

Edgar HOLLIS (private). Parents: Robert Almer HOLLIS and Pearl FOSTER.

Edith Maurine HOLLIS (private). Parents: Julius Sinclair (Fud") HOLLIS and Ruby Leona EPPERSON.

Spouse: Frederick MANCHACA. Children were: Vicki Renee MANCHACA, Richard Daren MANCHACA.

Spouse: Billie Gene MCCARTY.

Edna Maude HOLLIS was born after 1895 in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: Lucius Norphlet HOLLIS and Lillian Gertrude RAIFORD.

Spouse: William Richard LEE. Edna Maude HOLLIS and William Richard LEE were married UNKNOWN in unknown. Children were: William Lucias LEE, Johnny Lamar LEE.

Edna Mayo HOLLIS (private). Parents: Spencer Terry "Dick" HOLLIS and Autry May MOORE.

Spouse: Cecil Duke HOBBS. Children were: Barbara Cecille HOBBS.

Edward Lee HOLLIS was born on 19 May 1914 in Cannon Co, Tennessee. He died on 7 February 1966 at the age of 51 in Cannon Co, Tennessee. Parents: William Benjamin HOLLIS and Priscilla Jane HALLEY.

Spouse: Alma SMITH. Children were: Robert Lee HOLLIS.

Edward Wayne HOLLIS was born on 5 May 1935 in Readyville, Cannon Co.Tennessee. He died acute skull fracture 5:05 AM. on 17 July 1970 at the age of 35 in Southfield, Oakland Co. Michigan. Parents: Almer Clemons HOLLIS and Lillie Mae SPRY.

Spouse: Roma Mae WEST. Children were: Sandra Kay HOLLIS.

Edyth HOLLIS (private). Parents: Lenzy Lee HOLLIS and Minnie Ola PERSON.

Elbert HOLLIS (private). Parents: Elbert Sherill HOLLIS and Rhoda FROST.

Elbert Sherill HOLLIS was born on 3 March 1894 in Oregon Co., Missouri. He died on 1 December 1985 at the age of 91 in Oregon Co., Missouri. Parents: James "Jessie" Douglas HOLLIS and Martha HOOPER.

Spouse: Rhoda FROST. Children were: Elbert HOLLIS, Frances HOLLIS, Kenneth HOLLIS, Wayne HOLLIS, Waif HOLLIS.

Eldora "Dora" HOLLIS was born about 1860 in Madison Co., Texas.275 She died in 1944 at the age of 84 in Bronte, Coke Co., Texas. Parents: William Burrell HOLLIS and Martha D. CHILDRESS.

Spouse: Thomas R. FLOOD. Eldora "Dora" HOLLIS and Thomas R. FLOOD were married UNKNOWN in Texas. Children were: Evaline "Eva" FLOOD, Phillip H. FLOOD, Don FLOOD, Ida FLOOD, Virgie FLOOD, Frank FLOOD, Laura FLOOD, Thomas FLOOD, J.B. "Joe Buck" FLOOD.

Eleanor "Ella" HOLLIS was born in 1800 in Caswell Co., North Carolina. She died on 2 November 1874 at the age of 74 in Gibson Co., Indiana. She was buried in Warnock Cem., Princeton, Indiana. Parents: Jesse Jim HOLLIS and Frances BROWN.

Spouse: Samuel ESTUS. Eleanor "Ella" HOLLIS and Samuel ESTUS were married on 25 December 1815 in Caswell Co., NC. Children were: William ESTUS, Bartlett Bennett ESTUS, Zebulon P. ESTUS.

Spouse: Hosea HOLCOMB. Eleanor "Ella" HOLLIS and Hosea HOLCOMB were married on 26 August 1839 in Gibson Co., Indiana.

Eleanor (Ellen) HOLLIS was born in 1841 in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: Othniel HOLLIS and Micha Ann STEWART.

Spouse: Joseph R. ASHMEAD. Eleanor (Ellen) HOLLIS and Joseph R. ASHMEAD were married UNKNOWN in unknown. Children were: Fannie A. ASHMEAD, John H. ASHMEAD, Elknore H. ASHMEAD, Maria L. ASHMEAD.