Allison Kay EDDINGS (private). Parents: Kyle Reid EDDINGS and Brenda Sue WELLS.

Alma Leda Magdalina EDDINGS was born in 1911 in Oklahoma. She died on 27 November 1930 at the age of 19 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.166 Parents: John Madison EDDINGS and Maudie Mae HODGES.

Spouse: Charley WILKERSON. Children were: Betty Lou Josephine WILKERSON.

Alvin EDDINGS was born after 1926 in Oklahoma. He died in 1938 at the age of 12 in Oklahoma. Parents: Aaron C. EDDINGS and Viola "Villa" HOLBROOK.

Alyssa Renae EDDINGS (private). Parents: John Mark EDDINGS , Jr. and Tally KASPAR.

Amanda Christian EDDINGS (private). Parents: Christian Ward EDDINGS and Angela Kay Robinson ROLL.

Amanda Marier EDDINGS was born on 16 June 1865 in Iuka, Marion Co. Illinois. She died on 16 July 1914 at the age of 49 in Illinois. Parents: Jesse W. EDDINGS and Mary Jane MIDDLETON.

Spouse: Jefferson B. CHERRY. Amanda Marier EDDINGS and Jefferson B. CHERRY were married on 17 January 1884 in Marion Co. Illinois. Children were: Gracie M CHERRY, Jesse N. CHERRY.

Amanda Ruth EDDINGS (private). Parents: Carl Ray EDDINGS and Aletha Kay HAWK.

Amber EDDINGS (private). Parents: Royce EDDINGS and Betty UNKNOWN.

Americus EDDINGS was born in 1869 in Arkansas. He died in 1907 at the age of 38 in unknown. Parents: Newton Jasper EDDINGS and Gertrude C. ROSS.

Spouse: Mary MUERNER. Mary MUERNER and Americus EDDINGS were married about 1890 in Baxter Co., Arkansas. Children were: Charles EDDINGS, William EDDINGS, Andrew EDDINGS, Lawrence EDDINGS, Jasper EDDINGS.

Amie Josephine EDDINGS (private). Parents: Edmond "Ed" EDDINGS and Dice Jane RICHARDSON.

Spouse: Lee CORNETT.

Andrew EDDINGS was born in 1898 in unknown. He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: Americus EDDINGS and Mary MUERNER.

Andrew Burton EDDINGS was born on 11 February 1923 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He died on 20 February 1992 at the age of 69 in Commerce, Oklahoma. Parents: Josiah Andrew "Joe" EDDINGS and Belle Elizabeth PEASE.

Spouse: Ruby Agnes SISCO. Ruby Agnes SISCO and Andrew Burton EDDINGS were married on 2 May 1942 in Pryor, Oklahoma. Children were: Burton Leon EDDINGS, Carol Faye EDDINGS, Carl Ray EDDINGS, Grace Ann EDDINGS, Kevin Wayne EDDINGS.

Andrew Jackson "Simpson" EDDINGS was born on 18 November 1840 in Cannon Co. Tennessee. He died on 11 June 1916 at the age of 75 in Choteau, Mayes, Oklahoma.167 Parents: Evan Richard EDDINGS and Malinda CULP.

Spouse: Millie E. KIRKLAND. Millie E. KIRKLAND and Andrew Jackson "Simpson" EDDINGS were married about 1864 in unknown. Children were: Etta Belle EDDINGS, Willie Robert EDDINGS, Martha Jane EDDINGS, Robert Greenwiley EDDINGS.

Spouse: Millie MAHAN.

Anita Darlene EDDINGS (private). Parents: Gilbert Richard EDDINGS and Jessie CAMPBELL.

Anna Belle EDDINGS was born on 28 January 1925 in Pryor, Oklahoma. She died on 11 July 2004 at the age of 79 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Parents: Josiah Andrew "Joe" EDDINGS and Belle Elizabeth PEASE.

Spouse: Nick DOOLEY. Children were: Nick Andrew DOOLEY, Timothy Ray DOOLEY.

Spouse: Floyd Kenneth FOX.

Anna Carole EDDINGS (private). Parents: Luther EDDINGS and Eves CARY.

Spouse: Mitchell Richard FARRELL.

Anna Delores EDDINGS was born on 23 September 1892 in Stone Co. Arkansas. She died in 1992 at the age of 100 in Prob Oklahoma, lived there in May 1987. Parents: Levi Richard EDDINGS and Mary Elizabeth CATES.

Spouse: Benjamin Franklin MORGAN. Anna Delores EDDINGS and Benjamin Franklin MORGAN were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Annette EDDINGS (private). Parents: Alford George EDDINGS and Margaret HAYES.

Armila EDDINGS (private). Parents: Jacob Levi EDDINGS and Claudia Mae WILLIAMS.

Arthur EDDINGS was born in 1919 in unknown. He died in 1969 at the age of 50 in unknown. Parents: Luther Frank EDDINGS and Mary Eliza TRIPP.

Spouse: Louis URQUHART.

Spouse: Edna BERNARD.

Arvil Darrel EDDINGS (private). Parents: Isaiah Anthony EDDINGS and Tressie BELL.

Spouse: Patricia ANDERSON. Children were: Johnny EDDINGS, Vincent EDDINGS.

Audrey Lee EDDINGS (private). Parents: Wilburn Murrah EDDINGS and Letha Pearl WRIGHT.

Spouse: Unknown JONES.

Ava Ann EDDINGS was born on 13 January 1902 in unknown. Parents: William Columbus "Lum" EDDINGS and Margaret Louise "Maggie" HOBBS.

Avon H. EDDINGS was born about 1868 in Ar.. He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: John Henry EDDINGS and Katherine PINCOCK/PIDCOCK.

Baby Unnamed EDDINGS was born on 9 April 1932 in Littlefield, Lamb Co. Texas.29 He/she died on 9 April 1932 at the age of 0 in Littlefield, Lamb Co. Texas. Parents: Clarence Alexander EDDINGS and Myrtle Jewell CLIFTON.

Baker Caswell EDDINGS was born about 1875 in Arkansas. He died on 18 November 1956 at the age of 81 in Kingston, Marshall Co, Oklahoma. Parents: John Henry EDDINGS and Katherine PINCOCK/PIDCOCK.

Spouse: Delila Elizabeth STEVENS. Delila Elizabeth STEVENS and Baker Caswell EDDINGS were married on 19 January 1902 in Ardmore or Randolph, Indian Territory. Children were: Aaron C. EDDINGS, Maggie May Lucy EDDINGS, Dollie Belle EDDINGS, Eva EDDINGS, Baker Caswell EDDINGS , Jr., Cleo EDDINGS, Jocie Gladys EDDINGS, Mary Jane Violet EDDINGS.

Baker Caswell EDDINGS , Jr. was born on 26 August 1916 in unknown. He died on 2 April 1988 at the age of 71 in Tulsa, Osage Co., Oklahoma. Parents: Baker Caswell EDDINGS and Delila Elizabeth STEVENS.

Barbara "Bobbie" EDDINGS (private). Parents: Wilburn Murrah EDDINGS and Letha Pearl WRIGHT.

Spouse: Unknown WESLEY.

Barbara Louise EDDINGS (private). Parents: Lester Winston EDDINGS and Corine WARREN.

Spouse: Keith Vernon HERT. Children were: Brian HERT, Angela Kay HERT, Mark HERT.

Barbara Lucille EDDINGS (private). Parents: Henry Earnest EDDINGS and Amy E. REEDER.

Barbara Sue EDDINGS (private). Parents: Darrell Leigh EDDINGS and Viola Ann POWELL.

Beatrice EDDINGS (private). Parents: Charley EDDINGS and Lucy W. BROWN.

Becky EDDINGS (private). Parents: Randy Maury EDDINGS and Genetta GREEN.

Belia Lonso EDDINGS was born on 8 July 1883 in Oregon or Washington. He died on 30 May 1954 at the age of 70 in prob. Washington state. Parents: Dennis Caswell EDDINGS and Melvina WEAVER.

Bernice EDDINGS (private). Parents: Charley EDDINGS and Lucy W. BROWN.

Bettie Jean EDDINGS was born on 5 December 1931 in Littlefield, Texas.168 She died on 4 April 1999 at the age of 67 in Bakersfield, Kern Co., California. Parents: John Richard EDDINGS and Mary Ardenia EDDINGS.

Spouse: Henry Earl MASON. Bettie Jean EDDINGS and Henry Earl MASON were married on 7 June 1950 in Bakersfield, Kern Co., California. Children were: Stephen Leslie MASON, Pamela Jean MASON, Jerry Lynn MASON, Ardenia May MASON.

Betty Jo EDDINGS was born on 5 April 1932 in Roswell, New Mexico. She died on 6 September 1982 at the age of 50 in Elma, Washington. Parents: Robert Green EDDINGS and Laura Bee MARTIN.

Spouse: Willard Shannon ROBERTS. Betty Jo EDDINGS and Willard Shannon ROBERTS were married on 18 January 1954 in Roswell, New Mexico. Children were: Aaron Dominic ROBERTS, Byron Khan ROBERTS, Cherie Dawn ROBERTS, Laura Jane ROBERTS.

Betty Joyce EDDINGS (private). Parents: John Franklin EDDINGS and Geneva HALLMARK.

Spouse: Unknown BEILMAN.

Beverly EDDINGS (private). Parents: William Matt EDDINGS and Alverta Catherine DUNLAP.

Billie Lou EDDINGS was born on 5 September 1916 in Weed, New Mexico.168 She died on 13 November 1984 at the age of 68 in Bakersfield, Kern Co., California.168 Parents: John Richard EDDINGS and Mary Ardenia EDDINGS.

Spouse: Horace Texas GRAY. Billie Lou EDDINGS and Horace Texas GRAY were married in 1938 in unknown. Children were: Barbara Lee GRAY.

Bobby May EDDINGS was born on 12 October 1941 in Roswell, New Mexico. She died on 31 December 1987 at the age of 46 in Decatur, Morgan Co. Alabama. Parents: Robert B. EDDINGS and Dorothy GRAY.

Spouse: Frank L. TAPSCOTT.

Bonnie Dale EDDINGS (private). Parents: UNKNOWN and Vicky Dale EDDINGS.

Spouse: Robert PERRY. Children were: Austin PERRY, Calvin PERRY, Clint PERRY, Laken Irish Lanell Murray PERRY.

Brandon EDDINGS (private). Parents: Christopher EDDINGS and Suzanne UNKNOWN.

BreAnna Dawn EDDINGS (private). Parents: David Isiah EDDINGS and Annette Michelle HARDIN.

Brenda EDDINGS (private). Parents: Jack Dempsey EDDINGS and Jennie Alvadean TOSH.

Brian Keith EDDINGS (private). Parents: Robert Wilson EDDINGS and Alta Mae DOBBINS.

Bridgette EDDINGS was born on 2 January 1983 in unknown. She died on 18 January 1983 at the age of 0 in unknown. Parents: Randy Maury EDDINGS and Genetta GREEN.

Burton Leon EDDINGS was born on 6 February 1943 in Pryor, Oklahoma. He was buried in October 2005 in G. A. R. Cemetery in Miami, Oklahoma. He died on 11 October 2005 at the age of 62 in Commerce, Oklahoma. Parents: Andrew Burton EDDINGS and Ruby Agnes SISCO.

Spouse: Carol Ann WOODWARD. Children were: Tammy Lynn EDDINGS, Pamela Kay EDDINGS, Johnny Burton EDDINGS.

C.A. EDDINGS was born on 25 August 1935 in Bono, Johnson Co. Texas.29 He died on 10 January 1936 at the age of 0 in Bosque Co. Texas (buried).29 Parents: Clarence Alexander EDDINGS and Myrtle Jewell CLIFTON.

Caleb EDDINGS (private). Parents: Cory James EDDINGS and Kimberley EATON.