Zeta M. ROPER was born on 21 December 1914 in Oklahoma. She died on 3 October 1994 at the age of 79 in Duncan, Stephens Co., Oklahoma.

Spouse: Elzy Dee SHULTS. Zeta M. ROPER and Elzy Dee SHULTS were married on 28 October 1946 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas.

Mary Helen ROSALES (private).

Spouse: Steven Ray HOLLIS. Children were: Shawna Renee HOLLIS, Jenea Lynn HOLLIS.

Corey Allen ROSE (private). Parents: Tracy Allen ROSE and Cynthia O'Dene COOK.

DeLores ROSE (private).

Spouse: David Leroy PARKS.

Dolly ROSE (private).

Spouse: Quentin Houston COOK. Children were: Donald COOK, Betty Sue COOK, Billy Joe COOK.

Ira T. ROSE (private).

Spouse: Carol Ann CARNES. Children were: Tracy Allen ROSE.

Jack ROSE (private).

Spouse: Ruth Elizabeth BOYLE.

Jacquin Lannette ROSE (private).

Spouse: John Clarence SISSOM , Jr..

James Charles ROSE (private).

Spouse: Geraldine "Jeri" HYLES.

Joy ROSE (private).

Spouse: James RICH. Children were: Angela Paris RICH.

Lee Etta ROSE (private).

Spouse: Duane Allen THOMPSON.

Steven ROSE (private).

Spouse: Julia BELL.

Tracy Allen ROSE (private). Parents: Ira T. ROSE and Carol Ann CARNES.

Spouse: Cynthia O'Dene COOK. Children were: Corey Allen ROSE.

Walter Lee ROSE (private).

Spouse: Gladys MINTON.

Margaret Ann ROSEMYRE (private).

Spouse: Craig La Vern PEEL. Children were: Craig La Vern PEEL , Jr..

Joe Frank ROSKYDOLL was born in 1908 in Czechoslavakia. He died on 26 November 1992 at the age of 84 in Dallas, Dallas Co. Texas.

Spouse: Minnie Belle "Billie" NALLS. Minnie Belle "Billie" NALLS and Joe Frank ROSKYDOLL were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Don ROSLUND (private).

Spouse: Martha Lane FURR.

Billy Don ROSS (private). Parents: James ROSS and Mildred Marie OSBURN.

George W. ROSS , Sr. was born UNKNOWN in Missouri. He died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Mary Jane EDDINGS. Mary Jane EDDINGS and George W. ROSS , Sr. were married about 1865 in unknown. Children were: Samuel R. ROSS, George W. ROSS , Jr., Mary E. ROSS.

George W. ROSS , Jr. was born on 9 November 1872. Parents: George W. ROSS , Sr. and Mary Jane EDDINGS.

Gertrude C. ROSS was born between 1840 and 1845 in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Newton Jasper EDDINGS. Gertrude C. ROSS and Newton Jasper EDDINGS were married in 1863 in Missouri. Children were: Sylvester EDDINGS, Missouri Francis EDDINGS, Americus EDDINGS, Luther Frank EDDINGS, Lindsay J EDDINGS.

James ROSS (private).

Spouse: Mildred Marie OSBURN. Children were: Billy Don ROSS, Kenneth James ROSS, Michelle Lynn ROSS.

Kenneth James ROSS (private). Parents: James ROSS and Mildred Marie OSBURN.

Laura Lynn ROSS (private). Parents: Robert ROSS and Judy Kay HARDEN.

Margaret Irene ROSS (private). Parents: Thomas W. Jr. ROSS and Mary Evelyn MCCARTY.

Spouse: Russ COOPER.

Mary E. ROSS (private). Parents: George W. ROSS , Sr. and Mary Jane EDDINGS.

Maxine ROSS (private).

Spouse: Delma Phalace "Buck" RAGSDALE.

Michelle Lynn ROSS (private). Parents: James ROSS and Mildred Marie OSBURN.

Nancy Ann ROSS was born on 1 December 1848 in Lauderdale Co, MS.397 She died on 4 January 1916 at the age of 67 in Madison Co, Texas.

Spouse: Francis Ross MADOLE. Nancy Ann ROSS and Francis Ross MADOLE were married on 10 January 1866 in Lauderdale Co, MS.357 Children were: Lucian Pigford MADOLE.

Robert ROSS (private).

Spouse: Judy Kay HARDEN. Children were: Laura Lynn ROSS.

Samuel R. ROSS was born on 22 July 1867 in Arkansas. He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: George W. ROSS , Sr. and Mary Jane EDDINGS.

Spouse: Ollie UNKNOWN. Ollie UNKNOWN and Samuel R. ROSS were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Sarah Jane E. "Sally" ROSS was born on 10 January 1798 in Greenville Co, SC. She died on 18 January 1886 at the age of 88 in Morgan Co, Missouri.

Spouse: Samuel MADOLE. Sarah Jane E. "Sally" ROSS and Samuel MADOLE were married on 10 January 1821 in Logan Co, Kentucky. Children were: Francis Ross MADOLE.

Thomas W. Jr. ROSS (private).

Spouse: Mary Evelyn MCCARTY. Children were: Thomas Wynne ROSS, Margaret Irene ROSS.

Thomas Wynne ROSS (private). Parents: Thomas W. Jr. ROSS and Mary Evelyn MCCARTY.

Lori ROSTA (private).

Spouse: David Jerry HOPKINS.

Elizabeth ROTEN was born about 1900 in unknown.24

Spouse: Willie Nelson DUNCAN. Elizabeth ROTEN and Willie Nelson DUNCAN were married UNKNOWN in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Elizabeth Louise ROTHER (private).

Spouse: James Patrick (Jack) MCCOY. Children were: Michael James MCCOY, Colleen Louise MCCOY, Mark MCCOY, Maureen MCCOY, Jackie Leo MCCOY, Kent Steven MCCOY, Chris Robert MCCOY, Kelly Mitchell MCCOY, Mary Beth MCCOY.

Sharon Lea ROTHERMEL (private).

Spouse: Harvey Maynard CHANEY , Jr.. Children were: Elizabeth Grace CHANEY.

Cecelia Janet ROUD (private).

Spouse: James Arthur SEAY. Children were: Jeffery Louis SEAY, Gregory James SEAY, Mary Ann SEAY.

Thomas ROUGHTON was born about 1860 in unknown. He died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Eva Sarah Gaither DUNCAN. Eva Sarah Gaither DUNCAN and Thomas ROUGHTON were married on 3 October 1878 in Coffee Co., Tennessee.145

Renee ROUSCH (private).

Spouse: Stephen Wayne HYLES. Children were: Athena Ruth HYLES, Alona Renee HYLES, Caleb Coleman Wayne HYLES.

Thelma Maye ROUSE (private).

Spouse: Herman Deroyn HOLDEN. Children were: Johnny Wayne HOLDEN, Linda Kay HOLDEN.

Opal Clarice ROUSH (private).

Spouse: Ellsworth KALM. Children were: William Clark KALM.

Elnora ROUSSEAU (private).

Spouse: Thomas Edward KELLY.

William Fred ROWE (private).

Spouse: Gertie BRIMM.

Tony Jo ROWELL (private).

Spouse: Timothy Lee WARE.

Martha Ann ROWLAND was born on 7 June 1846 in Tennessee. She died on 3 April 1884 at the age of 37 in Coffee Co., Tennessee.139

Spouse: Henry Phillip Hart DUNCAN. Martha Ann ROWLAND and Henry Phillip Hart DUNCAN were married on 12 November 1867 in Coffee Co., Tennessee. Children were: Thomas Rowland DUNCAN, Adam Hamilton DUNCAN, John Douglas DUNCAN, Ambrose Ganaway DUNCAN, Granville Yates DUNCAN, Daniel Bates DUNCAN, Catherine Elizabeth DUNCAN, Martha Belle DUNCAN.

Irene ROWLETT was born on 30 January 1915 in Cumi, Arkansas. She died on 11 December 1982 at the age of 67 in Bakersfield, Kern Co., California. Parents: Willie T. ROWLETT and Adeline ARNETT.

Spouse: Willard Delmar ELDER. Irene ROWLETT and Willard Delmar ELDER were married on 4 October 1937 in West Plains, Missouri. Children were: Clyde Edward ELDER, Norma Lee ELDER, Peggie Ann ELDER, Linda Kay ELDER, Bobbie Thomas ELDER.

Willie T. ROWLETT (private).

Spouse: Adeline ARNETT. Children were: Irene ROWLETT.

Karen ROWLEY (private).

Spouse: Daniel Bryan LEE.