John Thomas EDDINGS was born on 12 January 1928 in Elmore City, Oklahoma. He died on 18 April 1981 at the age of 53 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:E-mail (Facts Pg)] He was buried in Rest Haven Cemetery, OKC. Parents: Thomas Mira EDDINGS and Birdie SHELTON.

Spouse: Lorene Mary "Corrine"* COOK. Lorene Mary "Corrine"* COOK and John Thomas EDDINGS were married in November 1945 in Modesto California. Children were: Tommy Gene EDDINGS, Sheila EDDINGS, Lonnie Ray EDDINGS, Vicky Dale EDDINGS, Randy Maury EDDINGS, Sherry EDDINGS, Rodney James EDDINGS.

John Wayne EDDINGS (private). Parents: Jess Michael EDDINGS and Florence LINDER.

John Wesley EDDINGS was born on 16 March 1869 in Independence Co. Arkansas. He died on 3 July 1940 at the age of 71 in Midland, Pontotac Co., Oklahoma.28 Parents: Levi Richard EDDINGS and Sarah Ellen MCCARTY.

Spouse: Ida Jane Carnes STEWART. Ida Jane Carnes STEWART and John Wesley EDDINGS were married on 11 October 1889 in Independence, Akansas. Children were: John William Stewart EDDINGS, Mary Ada Alice EDDINGS, Martha J. "Mattie" EDDINGS, Tamsie Arminta Grace EDDINGS, Levi Ronald EDDINGS.

Spouse: Lora HUGHES. Lora HUGHES and John Wesley EDDINGS were married about 1926 in unknown. Children were: Floy Mae EDDINGS.

John William Stewart EDDINGS was born on 23 July 1888 in Wolf Bayou, Cleburne Co. Arkansas. He died on 9 September 1969 at the age of 81 in Co. Springs, CO. Parents: John Wesley EDDINGS and Ida Jane Carnes STEWART.

Spouse: Alma Mabel STEPHENS. Alma Mabel STEPHENS and John William Stewart EDDINGS were married in September 1910 in unknown.

Johnny EDDINGS (private). Parents: Arvil Darrel EDDINGS and Patricia ANDERSON.

Johnny Burton EDDINGS (private). Parents: Burton Leon EDDINGS and Carol Ann WOODWARD.

Johnny Lee EDDINGS (private). Parents: William Matt EDDINGS and Alverta Catherine DUNLAP.

Jonathon Dwight EDDINGS (private). Parents: James Thomas EDDINGS and Patricia Anne CASEY.

Jonathon Thomas EDDINGS (private). Parents: UNKNOWN and Vicky Dale EDDINGS.

Jordan Nicole EDDINGS (private). Parents: Kyle Reid EDDINGS and Rosemary Camille GUERCIO.

Joseph Franklin EDDINGS (private). Parents: Norman EDDINGS and Dianne JEWELL.

Joshua Lee EDDINGS (private). Parents: Paul William EDDINGS and Janet Lee PEAULER.

Josiah Andrew "Joe" EDDINGS was born on 5 January 1900 in Inola, I.T. Oklahoma. He died on 19 February 1987 at the age of 87 in Pryor, Oklahoma. Parents: Robert Greenwiley EDDINGS and Martha Annie EDDINGS.

Spouse: Belle Elizabeth PEASE. Belle Elizabeth PEASE and Josiah Andrew "Joe" EDDINGS were married on 11 May 1922 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Children were: Andrew Burton EDDINGS, Anna Belle EDDINGS, Naomi Alice EDDINGS, Lelea Mae EDDINGS, John Mark EDDINGS, Essie Mary Louise EDDINGS, Viola Ruth EDDINGS.

Josiah W. EDDINGS was born on 16 March 1844 in Cannon Co, Tennessee.34,167 He died in December 1907 at the age of 63 in Pryor Creek, Mayes Co. Oklahoma Indian Terr..34 Parents: Richard D. EDDINGS and Elizabeth "Betsy" MELTON.

Spouse: Polly Ann MISER. Polly Ann MISER and Josiah W. EDDINGS were married about 1868 in unknown. Children were: William Columbus "Lum" EDDINGS, John Madison EDDINGS, Joe EDDINGS, Martha Annie EDDINGS, Viola EDDINGS.

Joy Nadine EDDINGS (private). Parents: Jason Ollie EDDINGS and Irma Lee LEWIS.

Spouse: Ronald Dean MEAD , Sr.. Children were: Ronald Dean MEAD , Jr., Ricky Jay MEAD, Sherri Renee MEAD.

Joyce Marie EDDINGS (private). Parents: John Richard EDDINGS and Mary Ardenia EDDINGS.

Spouse: Don A. MCPHERSON. Children were: Phyllis Ann McPherson MCQUILLIAMS, Kathryn Joyce MCPHERSON, Allan Richard MCPHERSON, Don Charles MCPHERSON.

Juanetta Ruth EDDINGS (private). Parents: Elmer Loyd EDDINGS and Annabelle* COOK.

Spouse: Marion Thurston "Jeep" MIDDLETON. Children were: Marian Susan MIDDLETON, Mark Jeffrey MIDDLETON, Patricia Dianne MIDDLETON.

Juanita EDDINGS was born on 21 June 1929 in unknown. She died on 16 April 2010 at the age of 80 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas. Parents: Grover Preston EDDINGS and Zelma Julie MARTIN.

Spouse: Marion Clifford RAY. Children were: Linda Elaine RAY, Larry Grover RAY, Gary Lee RAY, Jerry Lynn RAY.

Julia Ardenis EDDINGS was born on 23 March 1893 in unknown. She died on 28 February 1923 at the age of 29 in Oklahoma ?.28 Parents: Julius Wilson EDDINGS and Louisa Ann BUCKNER.

Julie Ann EDDINGS (private). Parents: Robert Dwight EDDINGS and Bonnie June Hicks HOTZ.

Julius Wilson EDDINGS was born on 1 May 1862 in Ozark, Co. Missouri. He died on 12 April 1935 at the age of 72 in Littlefield, Lamb Co., Texas.168 He was buried in Brazos Pt. Cem, Cleburne, Texas.168 Parents: Levi Richard EDDINGS and Sarah Ellen MCCARTY.

Spouse: Louisa Ann BUCKNER. Louisa Ann BUCKNER and Julius Wilson EDDINGS were married on 21 August 1885 in Batesville, Cleburne Co., Arkansas.28 Children were: Robert Green EDDINGS, John Richard EDDINGS, Grover Preston EDDINGS, Coleman Wilson EDDINGS, Julia Ardenis EDDINGS, Ida Lucinda EDDINGS, Clarence Alexander EDDINGS, Isaiah Anthony EDDINGS, Eve Tamsie May EDDINGS, Monroe EDDINGS.

June EDDINGS (private). Parents: William Matt EDDINGS and Alverta Catherine DUNLAP.

Kara Elizabeth EDDINGS (private). Parents: Howard EDDINGS , Jr. and Barbara AQUILAR.

Karen Lynn EDDINGS was born on 28 April 1952 in Marysville, California. She died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: Thomas Marshall EDDINGS and Nina Dean CAVASOS.

Spouse: Ronnie PLUMBER. Children were: Jason PLUMBER, Ronnie PLUMBER , Jr..

Spouse: Unknown MACDANIELS.

Katherine June EDDINGS (private). Parents: William Matt EDDINGS and Alverta Catherine DUNLAP.

Spouse: William Sidney DENISTON. Children were: William Buck Harvey DENISTON, Cathryn Lucille DENISTON.

Katherine Laurel EDDINGS (private). Parents: Christian Ward EDDINGS and Theresa Ann MORGAN.

Kathryn Grace EDDINGS (private). Parents: Howard EDDINGS , Jr. and Barbara AQUILAR.

Katie EDDINGS (private). Parents: William Jason EDDINGS and Daisy Mae WILLIAMS.

Kay EDDINGS (private). Parents: Thurmon Richard "Eddie" EDDINGS and Norma RICH.

Kay EDDINGS (private). Parents: George Wayne EDDINGS and Theone BERGE.

Spouse: Unknown COX.

Kaylee Josephine EDDINGS (private). Parents: Richard Royce EDDINGS and Amy Michelle HAMBY.

Kelly Owen EDDINGS (private). Parents: Shawn Martin EDDINGS.

Kelly Reid EDDINGS (private). Parents: Kyle Reid EDDINGS and Brenda Sue WELLS.

Kelly Renee' EDDINGS (private). Parents: Kenneth Lee EDDINGS and Patricia Gail BATES.

Kenneth EDDINGS (private). Parents: George EDDINGS and Bessie Fern HILL.

Spouse: Betty BORCHEDING. Children were: Malinda EDDINGS, Dale EDDINGS.

Kenneth Eugene EDDINGS (private). Parents: Cleo EDDINGS and Juanita Marie UNKNOWN.

Spouse: Toni Gayle SMITHART. Children were: Lindsey Page EDDINGS.

Kenneth Lee EDDINGS (private). Parents: Lester Winston EDDINGS and Corine WARREN.

Spouse: Patricia Gail BATES. Children were: Kelly Renee' EDDINGS.

Kenneth Wesley EDDINGS was born on 31 May 1918 in Piatt Co. Illinois. He died on 3 November 1918 at the age of 0 in unknown. Parents: James Ernest EDDINGS and Mary "Ella Mae" BEARD.

Kevin Wayne EDDINGS (private). Parents: Andrew Burton EDDINGS and Ruby Agnes SISCO.

Spouse: Stephanie K. WALLS. Children were: Laura Marie EDDINGS.

Kim EDDINGS (private). Parents: Orie Wilson EDDINGS and Jesse THOMPSON.

Spouse: Unknown PIPPETT.

Kristi Lyn EDDINGS (private). Parents: David Isiah EDDINGS and Annette Michelle HARDIN.

Kristin Janae EDDINGS (private). Parents: John Mark EDDINGS , Jr. and Tally KASPAR.

Kyle Dale EDDINGS (private). Parents: Dale Warren EDDINGS and Unknown SPOUSE.

Kyle Reid EDDINGS (private). Parents: Melvin Harrison EDDINGS and Shirley Ann HORTON.

Spouse: Brenda Sue WELLS. Children were: Allison Kay EDDINGS, Kelly Reid EDDINGS, Grace Lindsey EDDINGS.

Spouse: Rosemary Camille GUERCIO. Children were: Francis Joseph LIGHTY, Kyle Lawrence LIGHTY, Jordan Nicole EDDINGS.

L.E. EDDINGS was born about 1869 in Missouri. She died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: John Henry EDDINGS and Katherine PINCOCK/PIDCOCK.

Laura Marie EDDINGS (private). Parents: Kevin Wayne EDDINGS and Stephanie K. WALLS.

Lauren Marie EDDINGS (private). Parents: Ray Jason EDDINGS , Jr. and Lydia Marie VALENZUELA.

Lawanda Jo EDDINGS (private). Parents: Robert B. EDDINGS and Dorothy GRAY.

Spouse: Robert ASHCRAFT.

Lawrence EDDINGS (private). Parents: Samuel Houston EDDINGS and Lily NAFF.

Children were: Raymond EDDINGS.

Lawrence EDDINGS was born in 1902 in unknown. He died UNKNOWN in unknown. Parents: Americus EDDINGS and Mary MUERNER.