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State and Military

Aaron Hollis, and Lee Roy Hollis (Lee Roy is buried in Bethlehem Cem. Wayne Co. Tenn.)

Rose Mary Adams

Abel Hollis of South Carolina and son Emanual/Manuel born 1807 South Carolina

James L. and Anne Hilke

Susan Newcomb Spence Abel Hollis, Emanuel "Manuel" Hollis, George Elihue "Hugh" Hollis, George E. Hollis

Morningstar Westbrook - website Abel Hollis, Emanuel Hollis, James Henry Hollis, Thomas Ira Hollis Also connected to the Hollis and Hukill group.

Sandy Rhodes Connected through the Lanes and the Browns Abel Hollis, Emanuel Hollis, James Henry Hollis, William Cleo "Bill" Hollis

Gary Shaw

Ada Hollis m: Thomas Channing, They had my grandmother Margaret Mae Channing b. 1-08-1897 Greenway AR d.12-03-1961 MO. who married a ? Watkins d.? 1919 ?

Ricky Nuckles

Ada Hollis b. 1860 - 1885 m. James Luker bef 1900. They lived in Collinswood, TN by 1900 when their daughter, Sarah Emma Luker was born. Sara married Rudolph Martin Hyde (Heidenblut) in Waynesboro, TN in 1920.

Kathye Hyde

Addie Hollis m: J. Felton Westbrook in Walker County, GA. Her father was John Franklin Hollis (Sept. 25, 1876-Nov. 16, 1935),married to Nettie Hendrix (Nov.26, 1876-Aug. 20, 1956). John Hollis's father was James Turner Hollis (May 26, 1845-Jul 5, 1908), married to Lousia Lively(May 30, 1843-Oct 5, 1913). Liz Esmann

Albert Hollis b. 1884 (My husbands father) ceased contact with his family from 1918. In the 1881 Census the family is living at Carter Gate, Newark. The head of the family, Joseph Harrison Hollis b. 1845 Balderton, Notts. was a Tobacconist and Bandmaster in the Derbyshire Militia. He and Mary Ann his wife had 9 children. Hope to hear from someone. Sheila Hollis, posted 2/03/2007

Alexandria Douglass Hollis born on Dec. 17, 1904 in San Diego Calf. Her father was John Hollis, born in Pennsylvania about 1870-1880. Grandfather's middle initial was either "C' or 'R', I don't remember which one. Her mother was Ethelda Leora Douglass, born in 1870, in Akron, Ohio. I don't know much about my grandfather or his family. I know that he had a sister Minnie. I have also been told that he was part Seneca Indian and was born in an Indian Village in the area of Oil City, Pennsylvania. His mother was suppose to be an Indian Princess. He married Mary Louise ( Scott?) more commonly called Erma after he left my grandmother in California. Does this sound familiar to anyone in the HOLLIS FAMILY ? Legend has it that they would never leave AUNT MINNIE alone with anyone because she would spill the beans about the Indian in the family bloodline. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone thinks they are related to me would contact me thru you or email me directly. My grandfather died in Limestone N.Y. on Oct.12, 1957. Grandma Erma died on Feb. 9, 1955, in Duke Center Pennsylvania. They are both buried in the Cemetery in Duke Center Pennsylvania Mother had seven children. I am the fifth in line. I hope that you can be of some help to me. I will wait patiently for answer to this email from you. Thank you so much. Ethelda L. Gilletly

Alfred Hollis born 1810 Tennessee and Mary Unknown born 1814 Tennessee

Alfred David and Rosemary Nichols Hollis, [(18 Hollis) ] Personal Ancestry File (PAF) , Familytreemaker

Curtis and Denise Hollis , [ webpage, ]

Dorsey Hollis

Lanny Lowe

Listed 3/23/2006 Alfred B. Hollis I have a "Victory" Alfred B. Hollis shotgun made by Hollis and Sons gun manufacturer (so I'm told) somewhere between 1867 and 1900. I'm trying to find out more history behind the gun. It has been in my family for 40 years or so. I have ran into dead ends thus far. Gun books don't have it listed."Alfred B. Hollis" is stamped on the barrel and both sides of the gun - unusual, I'm told.Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Dan Herrigstad

Listed 3/03/2005

Alice Hollis B 1856 who married James Carr B 1854. Come to a dead stop as she is not in birth records for England or Wales and can't find marriage records either. The census says she was born in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, UK, as was he, and their children (Esther Jane, Ellen, Thomas, Alice, Ernest and James) were born there. If anyone has any info i'd appreciate it.

Fiona Gould.

Allen Hollis and Wife Julia Barnes of Ohio circa 1820 and Charles Robert Hollis and Amelia White of Ohio circa 1850.

Bob Williams

Allen Dayton Hollis born Jan 1871 Mississippi (his father born Georgia and mother born Mississippi) married 15 Nov 1894 in Sturgis, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi to Nannie Mae Allen born May 1879 Mississippi

Curtis and Carol Pounders [ webpage ] Family Origins v5.0.

Allen Richard Hollis (05-12-1849 to 06-09-1927) and Olive Jane Orendorff (08-02-1851 to 07-19-1903). Allen was born in Keene, KY to Berry Hollis and Elizabeth Wood. I have no further information on them at all. Olive was born in Illinois to Thomas Ornedorff and Mary Malinda Walker. Child Pearl Hollis b: Illinois

Kim Williams

Alonzo K. Hollis. He married Minnie Field Harris and they had three children: Arthur Garfield, Georgia Harris and Nellie Lord. Arthur was my grandfather

Nancy Philipps

Amazon Amy Hollis and Samuel Seaton. Her actual name was Amazon Estelle Hollis. Amy was the name she went by. They were my mother's paternal grandparents. My mother was raised by Mammaw, that's what we called our great grandmother. I can still remember her. They had two sons, Norman E. Seaton and Vance Seaton. Vance had two children, Gregory Vance and Sherry. Norman had four children, Norma Jean (my mother, daughter by Jewell Roberson) and Ruth Elmo, James, Judy (half siblings by Maude ??). Norma Jean married William M Woodsmall, north little Rock arkansas and there were four children, Rebecca J., William M III, Margaret J., and me, Amy L.

Amy E. and Samuel are buried in Lonoke Cemetery. Norman and his first wife are buried in Concord Cemetery and Vance is buried in Griffin Legget in North Little Rock. Amy Woodsmall  7/27/2007

Amos Hollis and Sylvia through their son Zadoc Hollis who married 24 Sep 1848 in Edgar County, Illinois Temperence Burt born 14 Jan 1808 in Scioto County, Ohio.

Roger Knowles Thompson

Amos Hollis born 15 June 1735, died 1789 married to Martha Osborne born 1737, died after 1789. Descendants went to Bracken County, Kentucky from Maryland.

James Alan Bradford Woodward, Oklahoma 73801 webpage Amos Hollis, Benjamin Osborn Hollis, Benjamin Osborn Hollis married to Cecelia Summers Perkins (daughter of Nicholas Summers Perkins and Sarah Jane "Sally" Bradford)

Charles Hollis (Corrected: 1/15/2002) Amos Hollis, Benjamin Osborne Hollis, Benjamin O. Hollis Jr, James Madison Hollis, William H Hollis, Charles Raymond Hollis Sr, Charles R Hollis Jr

Dennis Mattingly Amos Hollis, Benjamin Osborn Hollis, Benjamin Osborn Hollis, James Madison Hollis, Charles F. Hollis

Cal Hollis Charles W. Hollis, Robert Harry Hollis, Calvin V. Hollis, Sr., Calvin Hollis, Jr., Calvin Hollis III

Andrew Jackson Hollis born 17 November 1895 in Sardis, Hempstead County, Arkansas, died 29 July 1979 in Abilene, Taylor County, Texas; married to Georgia Gertrude born 13 April 1898 died 26 November 1981 in Abilene, Taylor County, Texas.

Dorsey R. Hollis

Annabell Hollis (daughter of Hertert and Nancy) b 8-8-1896 in Pittsboro, MS Calhoun Co. married William Lee McCormick on 8-11-1912 in Pittsboro,MS. Died 4-7-1928 in Fouke, AR buried Concord Cemetery.Children: Willie McCormick b 11-14-1913 in MS died young Charlie Walter McCormick b 11-24-1914 in MS mOpel Penney he died 1970 Laddie Lucille McCormick b 7-9-1917 m William Coker 1933 Claude Michell McCormick b 8-19-1920 in AR m Mattie Attaway died 3-24-1996 LeRoy McCormick b 7-27-1923 in AR m Louise Gladden died 5-3-1989 Clyo McCormick b 10-30-1926 in AR m L T Cleveland (my husband's mother)

Patricia Cleveland

Arthur Hollis born 1874? and Emma Bice thru son Richard Dean Hollis born 16 Sept. 1906 in Yellville, Arkansas and Rosie Terry born 22 Aug 1915 in Jackson County, Arkansas

Ricky Nuckles

Augustus Hollis-1839/40-NY, m: Amanda Austin (Children: Lynn Marvin)

Al Cotrone

Austin Daws Hollis of West Virginia who married Anna Erba Fischer in Baltimore Maryland.

Richard "Rick" Hollis

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State and Military

Barry and Elizabeth Wood Hollis through son Allen Richard Hollis born 12 May 1849 in Kentucky, died 1927 Bloomington, Illinois married to Olive Jane Orendorff through daughter Grace Pearl Hollis

Kim Upperman Williams

Barry Hollis (or Berry)born 1805. I have information that he was born in Jassamine Co., Ky and was married to Elizabeth Wood (or Woods) born 1822. His son was Allen Richard Hollis of McLean Co. , IL. I am a great grandaughter of Allen Hollis.

Barbara Camp, Champaign, Illinois

Benjamin Hollis, is in the 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850, Fairfield SC census. His age is given as 76 years in the 1850 list.

John Hollis

Benjamin Hollis, Sr. (1852-1926) Indiana Co. PA mar. Julia Forney, mar. 2nd. Della Jane George, Children from both: Silas Nicholas Hollis, (1871-1956), John Hollis (b.1877), May Hollis (abt.1885), James Hollis (abt.1886), Reuben Hollis (b.1883), Benjamin R. Hollis, Jr. (1885-1957)

Graham Hollis

Benjamin Ward Hollis born January 08, 1887 in Holton, Jackson County, Kansas married 1915 to Bessie G. Arnold


Bertha Hollis b.abt 1885 in Braxton Co. WV. Her father's name was Simon. She married Wilbern Melvin Oxier on 12-14-1901 in Webster Co., WV. They had two children Ethyl b. 6-23-1902 and Dessie b. abt 1905.Ethyl married William Nathan Robertson Wilbern remarried in 1912 to Maggie Hunter in KY, so Bertha either remarried, or died sometime prior to 1912. Wilbern and almost all of his children later settled around Jefferson Co., Ohio.

Rob Oxier

Brigid Hollis, m: John MacCormac - no further information on either although I suspect that they both lived in the Dublin area and were probably born c1810-1820. Son, John McCormack was born c1840 in (Rathmines?) Dublin Ireland and married in Newcastle Australia in 1862 to Elizabeth/Eliza/Louisa Flood born c1839 in Dublin/Wicklow Ireland

Neal / Leah McCormack [2nd E-mail][3rd e-mail] Brothers Keeper V5.2

Brink Hollis, died in a gun fight in Apple Springs, Trinity Co. in the '30s and is buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery in Trinity Co. TX.

Larry Hollis

Kevin Hollis, Brink Hollis, Hubert Hollis, Allen Hollis

Brinson Hollis born 1795 North Carolina, died 1880 in Jackson County, Florida, married 19 January 1815 in Craven County, North Carolina to Jennet Anderson born 1793 (son of Isaac Hollis)

Ellen Judah Dalzell Isaac Hollis, Brinson Hollis, Henry Hollis, Martha Emmaline Hollis, Richard Hosea Judah, Ruth Helen Judah, Ellen Judah Dalzell

Jeannette Kassaw Trying to find info on the family of Brinson and Jennet Anderson Hollis. They were in Dale Co., AL on the 1850 Census but I have been unable to locate them after that time. Son Thomas, John A. Mary A. I am interested in Thomas. Trying to link him to Harriett Shiver.

Brinson Hollis, b.about 1784 in NC., and died in Jackson Co. FL 1880(??). His daughter was Elizabeth Hollis who married William "Bill" O'Connor.

Walt Williams and Jo Moorer

Added 1/01/2006 Brinson Hollis, Minister was born about 1795 (or about 1784) in North Carolina. Brinson and his wife of many years, Jennet Anderson, were married in Craven County North Carolina in 1815. There was a move from North Carolina to Georgia in the period of 1838 to 1840, probably to Troup County. They were then in Dale County Alabama by 1844 when one of the children was born. During the period 1852 - 1860 Brinson may have been living with his son John in Florida but he certainly was in Jackson County Florida by 1860. At some point during this period of 1850 to 1860 his wife Jennet died. Brinson died in 1880 in Jackson County, Florida after living with his daughter Elizabeth Hollis O'Connor for years. Any assistance with primary or secondary documentation of these lines and their extension greatly appreciated. Walt

Bronson Hollis and Mary Wright thru son John Glover Hollis born 5 Feb 1889 who married Fleater Stanford thru their daughter Jennie Luizer Hollis

Rob Fikes Bronson Hollis/John Glover Hollis/Jennie Luizier Hollis

Burrell Elizabeth Hollis and their daug. Keziah

Edna Ruth Harrell

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11/12/2011 Calvin L. Hollis. He was born about 1805 in Kentucky and died 1834 in Indiana. He married Priscilla Julia Hand December 29, 1829 in Floyd Co., Indiana. They had 2 children, might be 2 more, that I can find, Sylvithia C. (1831) and Thomas Hand (1833). My line goes like this: grandfather-Harry Hollis 1903-1975 ggrandfather-Harry Hollis 1862- gggrandfather-Thomas Hand Hollis 1833-1899 gggggrandfather-Calvin Hollis 1805-1834
Message board post Ancestry: Need to reply though Ancestry

Caroline Carrie (Hollis), and Andrew Jackson Pearson were living in Simpson County, KY in 1870, until his death of cholera about 1871

Sue Pearson Carpenter,

Catherine Hollis b. 9 Jun 1797, md. David Clement b. in New York, 2 Jul 1798. They md. abt 1821, in Butler Cty, Ohio. Children: William D., James, Stephen, John, Jessie Hollis, David. Catherine was suppose to have been born in Virginia or Kentucky. The family lived in Butler and Preble Counties, Ohio, Henry County, Indiana, and Jasper County, Iowa.

Loretta Nixon

Charles Hollis, born in Maine spouse Delia Britt born in New York. They were married in Detroit, Maine, settled in the Carbondale--Waymart area of northern Luzerne County Pa about the time of the Civil War. Charles Hollis enlisted with the 143rd from Monticello, N.Y. He died 19 March 1894 and is buried in Carbondale Pa.

Priscilla D. Perry

Charles Alvin Hollis born in Norristown, Pennsylvania but lived most of his life in Pgh, Pa. He had six children and 20 grandchildren.

Ann (Hollis) Fell

Charles Bid Hollis who married Eunice Lee (daughter of Oscar Lee and Beulah Vester Cook)

B. Thomas

Charles James Hollis b- 30 Oct 1818, Philadelphia d- Dec 6, 1885; m . Emma Wood; 2 Ann ?; 3: Martha A. Harris. Children: Brockington b 1836, d 1869,Memphis TN; 2: Anna Maria b 1842, d 1852; 3: John d 1852 4: Clara d 1965 5: Henry d 1850 6: Anna Irving H. b 1878, d 1963. Parents of Charles James Hollis: Joseph and Ann Hollis.

Martha H West

Charles Reginal Hollis born 1912, from Egham and his parents Charles Hollis too, and Ellen Hollis originally from Sunninghill Berks

Sheila Hollis UK

Charlie Frank Hollis, born in Carroll County, GA 1900 - His father was Ellis Edward Hollis, date and place of birth unknown, but likely GA

Ross and Dorothy Hilton

Clarence Grady Hollis and Stella Hill Stokes of Shelby Co. AL. born Jan 19 1896 died November 2, 1926 Shelby County, Alabama

Karyn Hollis

Clarice Vermelle Hollis 12 Nov 1899

Yvonne James-Henderson

Clark/Clarke Hollis, b. abt. 1831, GA, m. Amy Long/Lang. It appears that Amy died and he remarried as he has a different wife in 1880.Emma, his daughter by Amy, married Flavious LeGrande Starnes. The only information I have on Clark Hollis is Census information as follows:1860 Smith Co.Clark Hollis p. #021 Flora Beat ID#39149658

(note by Richard Hollis, Clark could be the son of Thomas Hollis born 1803 Georgia listed in the 1850 Census in Morgan County, Georgia)

Jaunice York more at genforum posting

Coleman Hollis (African-American) Parents William and Julia Hollis Wife Cathrine V. Rickey last known address Washington D.C. Coleman Hollis was born in Jacksonville Florida in 1886 His wife was born in Orange Va. or Madison, married Cathrine Rickey in 1928 in Orange Va . If you can give me any information about this would be appreciated. Thank You,

Kathleen Hollis LaCour

Cora Ethel Hollis who married James Richard Sovereign II 25 December 1911. Cora Ethel Hollis born 25 December 1894; Cora died April 1954 in Seattle, Washington

Dawn Schmider Cummings

Cornelious W. Hollis born about 1879 Tennessee married about 1901 to Laura Letty McNatt through son Jesse Cornelious Hollis 5 June 1904 in Paragould, Arkansas

Lisa Lemonds

Craven Peyton Hollis, son of Robert Hollis and Mary "Polly" Rice., b. 1819 Shelby Co., KY. Married #1 - Nancy R. Howell 1842 Shelby Co. KY. Married #2 - Unknown about 1852 Indiana(?). Three daughters - LeMora abt 1853 IN, Mary Ann b. 1855 IN, and Laura b. abt 1857 IN. Married #3 - Catherine Stutesman in 1858 IN. More than anything I want Unknowns name.

Rosie Fuller Genealogy PageMain page

Cyrus G. Hollis, originally from Alabama, who graduated from Tuskegee @1920. Cyrus married L. Clairette Hughes from Dallas, they moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, and they had five sons: Cyrus Jr., Arrie Edmond., Frank Hughes., William Alva, Julius Jay Hollis. A branch of our Hollis family migrated to the Detroit area (some of Cyrus' and his mother's relatives). My father is Frank born August 22, 1927. Arrie died on Jan 20th of this year. If you can add to my family tree knowledge, please email me.Sheri Hollis-Mosby 4/21/2007

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D.S. Hollis born 12 August 1855 (Son of Ransom Hollis and Nancy Adams)

Nancy Sanders

Daniel Hollis born 20 July 1748 Lanesboro, Berkshire, Massachusetts; died 1816; married 25 January 1787 in New York City, New York to Susannah Brown Rodgers born 20 May 1763. Children: Sally, Luther, Calvin, Abraham, Asa, Polly, Stephen, Gideon, Charlotte and Catherine.

John Williams Daniel Hollis, Luther Hollis, William Hollis, William Hollis, Jessie Pruda Hollis, George Gilcrist

Gary Silverstein Daniel Hollis, Luther Hollis

Amy Stier Daniel Hollis

Kim Brechbiel Daniel Hollis, Luther Hollis, William Hollis, William Hollis, Jessie Pruda Hollis

Rebecca Shewmake Daniel Hollis, Luther Hollis, William Hollis, William Hollis, Jessie Pruda Hollis

Daniel Hollis Born 1780 in Vermont or New York (State) Married about 1806 in New York (state) Married to Margaret (Peggy) Allen, Died 24 Nov, 1820, in Madrid township, St Lawrence County, New York at age 40

Donald Hollis

Darling Jones Hollis born 2 Jul 1804 in Fairfield Co. SC. And died 20 Feb 1883, Lamar Co., AL. His 1st marr. To “Nancy Jamima Lavender”—Common Law—Abt 1834. She died 28 Jun 1848 in SC. They had 4 daughters. Darling remarried to a “Sarah Elizabeth Holliday” born Abt 1832 in AL.(she was 27 years younger than Darling). She died 17 Nov 1917 in Lamar, AL. They were both buried in the Holliday Family Cemetery. E-Mail: Michelle Wilding Listed 4/26/2005

David Hollis married Pamela Essling (through son Stephen James Hollis) B. Smith

David Hollis born about 1835-1840 of Long Buckby. Ron Bowers

David R. Hollis (b. 1853), who died in Lufkin, Texas in 1905. He came to Texas from Dothan (Houston County) Alabama. Was married to Martha Frances (b. 1861); had several children, one of whom was my grandfather, Steven Edgar Hollis, born in Dothan, Alabama on Februay 2, 1882. Russell Harold Hollis

Donald Claire Hollis and Richard Paul Hollis. Donald's daughter born in Saginaw, Michigan. Pamela Sue Hollis

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Earl Hollis ca1893 who married Mable Bunn Lawley / Also seeking info on Amey E. Hollis 1877-1965 who married Samuel E. Seaton in Puliski Co. AR. / As well as Earl Hollis Jr. 1921-?? and Marvin Hollis 1924-??. Jim

Earl F. Hollis married to Lizzie Lucile Butler through son James Franklin Hollis married to Margaret Box. tpenick@asu.edu

Ed Hollis and Jane Washburn Phyllis- Brian Fabian Victoria Penny- Kineesha Ishmael Cynthia- Matthew Hannah-Cynthia Londyn Ed Hollis 6/22/2011

Edith F. Hollis who married Otis B. Cook, 1896 in Abington, Massachusetts, Muriel M. Lucas

Edith Lucius Hollis born jan 6 1924 and passed in 1974 in mississippi.I think she was born in the delta here in mississippi. Bobby Hollis

Edward HOLLIS (ca. 1810-1881) of Nottingham who married Lavinia MOORE in 1834. She was born in London in ca. 1816 and died in Nottingham in 1865. I believe her father's name may have been John, as there was a John MOORE living with them on the 1841 and 1851 census, but the relationship given was "Visitor". Edward was a lace maker and Lavinia was a dressmaker. There were no known children from this marriage. In 1868 Edward remarried. His second wife's name was also Lavinia MOORE. She was the daughter of Thomas MOORE, a lace maker like Edward, and was born in Hyson Green, Nottingham in 1836 and died in Nottingham in 1911. They had two daughters, Mary Elizabeth (1869-?) and Emily Bingley (1872-?), and it appears that Edward also adopted Lavinia's son Samuel MOORE (1866-?). I'm trying to find out whether or not there was a family connection between the MOOREs. Thanks! Holly 2/03/2007

Edward Hollis and Fanny Eliza Hollis born St Lukes C1856, in my family tree, probably the same ones, the only definite records I have are from Elizas marriage certificate 28/2/1875 to William Henry Tucker at St Thomas's Bethnal Green, her father is given as Edward Hollis. I could not make out his occupation but Traveller is a possible. A Fanny E Hollis appears in the 1861 census age 4 at 28 Huntingdon Street, Shoreditch staying with her Grandparents George and Margaret Hawes. An Edward Hollis and Mary Ann Hawes both appear in the marriage index for Qjun 1857 with the same suffix, (Shoreditch 1c256), this I was sure was Edwards marriage and I sent off for the certificate, I was told yes these two were on the same page but were not married to each other, I intend trying again for this Edward without specifying the wifes name. I have not found Edward on any other records and also have not found his daughters birth record. I have been looking through registers at the LMA but nothing yet.There are several Edward Hollis's on the census for this area but none of these look likely. I am descended from her via her daughter Eliza Joyce Tucker who was my Great Grandmother. Pete, message board contact 4/21/2007

Edward Daniel George Hollis he was born in february 1947 we have both seperated from the rest of the family we originate from Portsmouth yet my dad was born in Uxbridge and I was born in luton and we was wondering if anyone could send us any information on our roots please we still live in england yours sincerely Ian Hollis Posted: 8/07/2005

Edward Hollis born October 13, 1817 in Delaware. He died August 12, 1885, married Elizabeth Murphy November 08, 1849 in Shelby Co. Indiana. Gerald Hollis

Edward Hollis was born in Canada while his parents were coming to America from England . (Hollis family in the Smiths Creek Michigan area.) Jackie Welbes-Weaver

Edward Hollis - ship steward - (died in 1867) married (c 1848) Elizabeth ? - b 1831 - Clapham, Surrey. children: Maria Elizabeth Hollis b.1850 at Clapham, Surrey (married William Kneller) Edward Harry Hollis b. in 1856,Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey (died early?) Thomas James Hollis b. 1861 Saint Andrews, Lambeth, Surrey - Blacksmith Henry William Hollis b. 1865 (June 14th) - recorded Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey - Trimmer Labourer (Artizan) Elizabeth Hollis (b.1831) married David Drummond/Drummer in 1871. Michelle (Hollis) Crawford

EdwinHollis (20) and Sarah (21) in the 1850 census in Pickens County of SC. Would like parents, children births, deaths or anything else anyone may have. Terry Hollis

Elender Paralee Hollis she was married to my great-grandfather Hezekiah Amos Chandler, b: 1865, in 1884 Denopolis, Marengo County, Alabama . Donna Gorda Updated from Eleanor to Elender, 7/23/2007 In my previous listing, I have my Great-grandmother listed as Eleanor Paralee Hollis married to Hezekiah Amos Chandler. It should read Elender Paralee Hollis. Her father was Osborn Jim Hollis. Now, I have not worked on this line in quite some time, but started back tracking census records. 1880 find O.J. Hollis, wife Susan R. , two sons, can't make out the initials, and one daughter Elender P. O.J. was 45 years old on this census, so I looked for an Osborn Jim Hollis, born in 1835 in MS, and I found a James Hollis, same age listed with the family of Ransom Hollis, in Kemper MS. I found the same family in 1860 Kemper, and he is listed as O.G. on this census, but the same age as "James" would be and also listed with a Susan R., who oddly enough is not listed as his wife, but I am sure it must be her. I was always so hung up on finding "Osborn" that is never occurred to me that he may have gone by "James", or "Jim". In the 1880 census she is listed as being 2 years older than he, and in this 1860 census she is also 2 years older, so it must be her. I have corresponded with Nancy Sanders in the past, and she and I had been trying to link my Osborn Jim to Ransom and could not, that is because, I feel, he went by "James". I have tried to contact her with her new address, but to no avail. Would you happen to know if she changed her e-mail address? I am sorry if I am rambling, but I can't believe I finally connected to her, and now I cannot get in touch with her! If you have any information on this Ransom Hollis, married to Nancy Adams, I would really appreciate it. According to the 1850 census, he would have been born about 1809 in SC. Thanks for any and all help you might give me. Donna Gorda

Elijah Hollis, born 2 Feb 1752, place Lanesboro, Mass. died 29 Apr 1824 place Ontario, N Y married Jerusha Goodrich born 26 Jul 1741 place Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn.died 5 Jul 1785 place N Y Their children were: Jerusha-daughter Lyman-son I have more information on down but have nothing on Elijah, who his parents were etc?? Would appreciate any help here that can be offered. Thank you, Jenna Longstreet Listed 5/03/2006

Elijah Hollis / Born in S.C,and moved to Alabama around 1850 ro so. Reply to
---Wayne Lott
Posted: 11/12/2011

Eliza Hollis, born August 30, 1861 in Teeds Grove(?), Iowa (Clinton County), to parents John Hollis born 1818 England (has a brother named George Hollis) and Martha Brown born 1836 Ohio. Lived in Elk River, Clinton County, Iowa for the 1880 Census. John and Martha divorced.

Shawn Whiteley

Eliza Jane Hollis born abt 1867, married to Samuel Judah; her parents died abt. 1869 in Dale County, Alabama to a lightening strike.

C. Judah

Elizabeth Jane Hollis m: William "Bill" O'Conner, 1848, Dale County, Alabama, dtr, Margaret Adeline "Addie" O'Conner was born January 27, 1863, in Jackson County, Florida

Kelly G. Vickers

Eliza Mariah Hollis b. abt 1800 in SC. married George Washington Adams and moved to Franklin Co., MS

Carolyn Switzer

Elizabeth Hollis m: Richard William Stirland, Sr. , dtr of George Hollis and Hannah Taylor, his father was James Stirland, and his mother Elizabeth Godfrey.

Elaine Bousquet

Elizabeth Hollis, b. ca 1786 in KY. Md Jonathan Cheshire bef 1810. In 1810 and 1820, they are living in Bullitt Co., KY; 1830 they are in Nelson.

Pat Oconnor

Elizabeth Hollis b. VA or KY in 1786 (according to census records). She was married to Jonathon Cheshire b. 1785 VA or MD (according to census records). I have not been able to locate their marriage record. They appear on KY census as follows: Bullitt KY 1810, 1820, 1850,1860, and Nelson KY 1830. Jonathan on 1870 Bullitt age 85. Children all probably born in Bullitt KY: John S. b. 1809; Thomas b. 1811; Eliza Jan b. 1814; William James b. 1821; Margaret b. 1825; George W. b. 1829.

Carol DuPaix

Elizabeth Hollis born Tennessee abt 1790 and William Marlin lived in Missouri

Bonita Hillmer , Brother's Keeper See also Isaac Hollis of Scotland

Elizabeth Hollis, August 23, 1838, Shelby Co. Indiana. Spouse George Baker, b: 4/10/1817. KY.

James R. Baker, Jr.

Elizabeth Hollis (Hollas), her parents were George Hollis, and her mother Hannah Taylor. Elizabeth was married to Richard William Stirland. She was born in Mansfield Eng.22 Sept 1858. e-mail: Elaine

Elizabeth Hollis, B. 22 Sept 1858 in Mansfield Woodhouse England d. 29 Jan 1925 in Providence Utah. Her father was George Hollis and mother Hannah Taylor. She was married to Richard William Stirland (Sterland) Sr. Through their daughter Hannah Stirland born in England on Aug. 20 1881 married to Charles Bluemel.


Elaine Rio Linda, California

Elizabeth Hollis, from England...? all I know is she came to America and lived in California (was living there early 1900's), and her husband was William E Davis, and Elizabeth had a hearing problem. They had 3 kids: Charlotte Eliza, Gracey May-Elizabeth, and Tom. Julie Pagni updated:7/29/2008

Elizabeth Bassett Hollis through her daughter Sarah Hollis who married a Keenan. Sarah and Elizabeth are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, New York. Cathy

Elizabeth Jane Hollis, m:1861 to Col. Thomas J. Jefferson, she was b. 1827 E. TN, d. Apr 14, 1899, Union Twp, MC, AR, previously married to Cannon. Rhio R. Gillis, [ webpage ]

Ella Hollis from New Brunswick ,,,she was born 1876 or 1879 ,,,she married Charles T. Sims of Digby and Annapolis, Nova`Scotia.

Randy W. Theriault 2/03/2007

Ellen Hollis born in Louisville, Mississippi,, USA on 10/20/1919. died in 1971.Born to Jack and Edna Reid Hollis . Ellen would have been one of 8 children I believe. Married William Jack Wintersteen. My mother is Patricia Wintersteen Brewington and was Ellen Hollis daughter, my mom was only 16 when ellen died. I would like to do some research. Any information you have would be appreciated. Megan Brewington

Enoch Hollis b: abt 1800 Mass. and Hanna ?, Henry S. b. 1822 m. 2/2/1848 to Patience TOWER (of Hanover (MA) dau of David and Patience TOWER) Alice Maria b. about 1856 m. 1/17/1877 to Henry Martin PRATT b.3/20/1856.a

Dave and Melissa McDermeit

Ephraim Hollis, abt 1788, KY, his son Henry Robert Hollis, b:1821, Ky. m: Francis Calvert.

Brenda Bova, Deb Shannon (Ephraim Hollis, Henry Robert Hollis, James H. Hollis)

Ephraim Hollis, ca 1820, Anna Harrell, ca 1830 record of them in Jasper County were Ephram enlisted in Civil War. Anna drew a widows pension in Erath County

Evelyn (Stewart) Owens

Esther Hollies b. abt 1780 Plymouth Co., Ma. married on 9 Dec 1801 Plymouth Co., Ma. Edward Doty b. 13 Oct 1745 Plymouth Co., Ma. and d. 20 Sep 1828, Children: Edward, Esther Finney, Hannah, Lewis, John, Lemuel, Samuel and Phebe.

Colleen Kitch

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Fanny Eleanor Hollis who married George Rose pre 1887 in Surrey Uk but no futher details yet.

V. Bichener

Forest Hollis and Victoria Roney of Tennessee thru daughter Evalena Hollis born 1875
Lonnie Cords , Family Treemaker v4.40

Francis Hollis and Charlotte McKillop thru son Harvey Hollis born in Wisconsin thru his daughter Gertie Rosella Hollis, born in Ft. Dodge, Iowa 18 Jan 1887

Patricia Alexander Riggs

Francis Hollis born ca 1811 Vermont and married a Charlotte McKillop born ca 1816 Vermont. Children born to Francis and Charlotte were as follows: Samuel born in Vermont, Charles, Moses born in Ohio, George, Sara, Harvey S. Hollis, Francis born in Wisconsin, and Betsy born Minnesota

Joe Schwartz

Francis Allison Hollis born abt. 1793 in Va. and died abt. 1880 in KY. She married David Campbell Hays abt. 1815

Sharon Hays

Francis Marion Hollis

Brantley Brewer, [ webpage]

Francis Hollis b. 1835 Ohio d. 23 Oct 1889 SD Rebecca Ann Hollis (Miers) b. 1854 PA d. 25 Aug 1934 m. 23 April 1874 lived in South Dakota, previously Edgar Co, Illinois Francis Hollis served in Civil War 66th Illinois Infantry

Jeanine Kiefel

Francis Stephen Hollis born 1885 Pennsylvania, died 1935 New York married to Minnie Lorraine Chase

Jane Hollis (Francis Stephen Hollis/Francis Stephen Hollis) (NEED NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS 8/05/2007, Bill)

Listed 9/29/2005 Frank Hollis, born 1883, England; died December, 1947 in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, England.

Jeanne Gledhill

Frank Hollis who married Josephine Holliss (different spelling - cousin?) and managed a pub in Berkshire. Frank was related to Francis Peachey Hollis. (Peter Dent is grt grandson)

Carol and Peter Dent

Fred Hollis II who married Carol Kerbow

Rex D. Faulkner [Webpage]

Jason Glenn Ramsey [webpage]

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Gainham N. Hollis b:1836 d:1922 m: Anna Jane Stanbrough, Daughter Anna Jane Hollis m: Farlen Franklin Holliday (Granham is son of Richard Hollis born about 1804 Kentucky married in Ohio to Susan Craig )

Patricia Cracraft Richard Hollis, Gainham N. Hollis

George Hollis married firstly to Jane Parry, a probatory's daughter from Reading who had five children, living in and around Winchester in the late 1700's and early 1800's. George Parry Hollis who married Martha Welles. George married secondly Sophronia Clark and had 7 more children. One of those children Henry went to USA and had twenty children. My relative is Henry's brother William who came to Geelong, Victoria, Australia. George died in 1844 and Sophronia died in 1860.

Leah Windle

George Hollis.(b. 12 Oct 1761 - Winchester, d. 10 Dec 1884. m. Jane Parry 15 Feb 1792, m. Sophronia Clark 31 Oct 1802, Children by Jane: Elizabeth, Jane, Anne, George Parry, Catherine. Children by Sophronia: William, Francis Joseph, Henry, Maria, Richard Montague, Robert Pelham. George was a prominent solicitor of Winchester and later became Under Sheriff.

Ellen Race

George Hollis b. 1830 Rotherhithe (commercial clerk) m. Martha Sarah HALSTEAD 1852 Southwark d. 1889 St Olave.His children: George William Henry b. 1853 Lydia Elizabeth b. 1857 Henry George b. 1861 Georgianna b. 1863 Leonard b. 1865 Constance R b. 1867 Herbert Edward b. 1868 Alfred b. 1870 the son Herbert Edward (shorthand writer) married Elizabeth Jane PEGLER 1891, died 1916 Southwark. His children: Herbert Alfred b. 1893 St Olave Edward b. 1891 (?) Florence b. 1895 (?)

Janis Roberts E-mail #2

George Hollis, married Mary Isabella Ellis. 2/8/1893 in Rapides, Louisiana. Children Albert, Jesse, Joe and Arthur.

Bad e-mail 9/06/2004  Ron Ulrich

Genforum Posting Carol Doyle

George B. Hollis born 13 May 1858 and Mary B. came from Rockdale county Georgia, but lived in Atlanta (Fulton county) for more than 20 years, they had 8 children. George b. 1/13/1884, William b. 11/19/1886, Morgan b. 1/14/1888, Sadie May Dixie b. 8/14/1894, Rubie B b. 5/4/1896, Frank b. 11/24/1899, Clyde b. abt 1903, and an infant

Paul W. Speer

George E. Hollis born 12 April 1874 in Gasden, Alabama. He married Eva Estelle Newcomb in Chattanooga, TN on 23 May 1900.

Susan Newcomb Spencer

George W. Hollis m: Annie Odessa Collier b. Aug. 24, 1813, d. Sept. 19, 1934 Their children included (and this is not all of them); Luther Wm. Hollis, b. 1901 Grady Hollis, b. 1904 Rosalee Hollis, b. 1905 Mattie Hollis, born 1908 George Jr. born ????? Annie Hollis, b. about 1931, married a Wages. She died July 21, 1998 in Clarke County, Ga. at the age of 87.

Allen Collier

George W. Hollis who moved from Alabama, along with two brothers, to Union Parish, Louisiana in the 1800's. George had a son named Howard W. who married Bessie Arrington (b abt 1887)

Charles McGough

George W. Hollis born October 1867 Georgia and Lucy (Holland?) born March 1876 Georgia thru son Fair C. Hollis born 25 March 1899 died April 1969 Fairmont, Gordon County, Georgia who married Grace Unknown born 1924 died 1985. Known areas for this line: Cleburne County, Alabama; Gordon, Murray and Polk Counties in Georgia

Alicia Hollis Edwards (George W. Hollis/Fair C. Hollis/Homer Lee Hollis/Alicia Hollis)

George Washington Hollis married Tabitha Hunter, Iowa. (I have Hollis in my tree, in fact my maiden name was Hollis, I do have a John Hollis but my folks were from Iowa. E-mail Eve

George Washington Hollis, b: abt . 1770 married Elizabeth Lincoln in PA. Hollis from Winchester, PA.

Joyce A. Hagerty  

George Washington Hollis (Isaac Knighton, Elijah Vinson, Moses, John) was born 1836 in Georgia, and died Jul 17, 1863 in Gettysburg Pennsylvania (Battle of Gettysburg). He married Virginia F. Adam Morris Jan 08, 1860 in Harris County, GA. She was born Abt. 1838, and died 1915.

David R. Wilson

George Washington Hollis Founder of Hollis, Harmon Co. Okla.

Georgina Matilda Hollis (born abt. 1847 to Richard Hollis and Charlotte Amelia Kuper Hollis). Georgina Matilda's sisters were Charlotte Lucy Ann and Alice Augusta Hollis. The entire family spent a lot of time in Chambly, Quebec Canada. Jennifer Miele Listed 1/01/2006

Gerald Gene Hollis; m: Shirley May ( Bullion ) Hollis; son Walter Dewayne Hollis; married Tarina Denette (Sims) Hollis.

Whitney Lynette Hollis (Her mothers (Tarina Hollis) e-mail I think) Gerald Gene Hollis/Walter Dewayne Hollis/Whitney Lynette Hollis

Grace May Hollis b:18 May 1881 Chillicothe Ohio, d:26 January 1967. She was married to a John Phillip Pleasant b:03 January 1875, d:23 August 1950

Holly A. Herrick

Grady Pearl Hollis, Huff, Hamby, DOB 7/30/33. Her mother was Mattie Lavinia Rogers (d-1938) and her dad was Lemual Hollis (d-1935). She had one brother Lemual and three sisters Mary, Christine amd Mae. She married my dad, William Preston Huff (dob-2/4/29) on 10/18/52. My dad passed away in 1976 and she married David Hamby in 1979.

Lavinia Huffman

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H.W. Hollis married Bessie C. Arrington abt 1857 (Known children Alton Andrew , Estelle, Elmer, Page Bessie)

William Jason Arrington [Hollis web info][Main webpage]

Hannah Hollis b: 5-26-1800, m: to Manning Shumway Oct 19, 1820, MASS.

Dennis Betts

Hannah Hollis married in 1764 John ANTHONY in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Hannah and John ANTHONY had Hollis Anthony-1765, Susanna Anthony-1767, William Anthony-1768, Elizabeth Anthony- 1771 and John Anthony-1774. Hannahs father Isaac Hollis of Buckinghamshire, England.
Francis Webster

Harry M. Hollis: I am the granddaughter of Harry M. Hollis, born January 19, 1903, in New Haven, Illinois. I have a copy of his birth certificate from March 27, 1944, signed by the county clerk of Shawnee town, Illinois. It list his father as Harry Hollis, 30 years old at time of birth, born in Mt Vernon, Indiana, and that his position as laborer. It list his mother as Dicey Whipple, 27 years old at time of birth, born in Posey Co., Indiana, and that this is her 4th child. I am currently searching for the parents of my great grandfather, Harry Hollis, born around 1872. This was my great grandmothers 2nd marriage, she was married to William Wheeler and had 3 children, William Stanley Wheeler, Eva Wheeler, and Viola Wheeler, who is listed later as Viola Hollis. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is Michelle Hollis or Michelle Hollis Thank you in advance. Listed 1/19/2011

Harriet Hollis born 5 Sept 1830 and Warren McCray 7/22/2006 I have found the father of my Harriet Hollis. He is Stephen Hollis who was born 15 July, 1791 in Massachusetts. He is thought to be the son of Elijah Hollis but do not have proof at this time. Stephen married Betsey Cook on the 7th of March 1816 at Shelburne, Vermont. Known children: Harriet, Hiram, and Mary. I do believe that there were more children, but do not know for sure. Stephen and Betsey were in Concord Twp., Erie Co., Pennsylvania by 1830 and remained there for the rest of their lives. They are buried in the McCray Cemetery, Concord Twp., Erie Co., PA. He died 10 April 1877 and Betsey on the 24th of March 1876

Dennis Russell Davis Family Treemaker

Harriet (Hattie) Amelia Hollis born in Pugwash, Cumberland Co. Nova Scotia about 1875.

Brian Lloyd French

Harry Hollis m. Emma Kerr. They lived in Lebanon PA. They had 3 sons Harry T. Jr, Kenneth (this is my grandfather) and Arthur.

Marie Hollis-Kosmela

Hattie Adeline Hollis and William Frank Robison (Check Here Bill Cooks Hollis Site) I would like to connect with other family researchers for this couple. Hattie was born in Indian Territory (OK) abt 1880 and died in New Mexico in 1957. William was born in Texas in 1872 and died in New Mexico in 1932.Thank you, Contact from here! Shirley, Listed 9/19/2009

Henrietta "Etta" Hollis, Ross co. Ohio family, 1800-1900 Etta hollis married a William B. Vest 1880 Ohio. Parents are Thomas Schooley Hollis m: Mary Francis Gilbert 1852 in Ross Co., Ohio. Grandparents are Jessie Hollis and Millie Bowen.

David Shea

Henry HOLLIS, husband of Emma BAKER who, after becoming his widow, married Joseph DALLIMORE.

Helen Martin

Henry Hollis from PA, 1743 thru 1768 were all in Chester Co. from the early 1740s thru the 1830s, as far as I can tell. My line migrated to OH in the late 1830s and thence to IN and KS. There were several Georges and James given names.

Tom Hollis

Henry (Harvey) Hollis: Hi. My name is Heather Bennett. My great-grandfather was Henry (Harvey) Hollis. In his obituary, it lists his parents as Newton and Charlotte (no maiden name given). Henry's brothers were Tilman, Seymour and James. His sisters were Amanda Sadler, Hannah Thacker, Mary Anne Retherford and Lillian Knight. I have not been able to find any additional information for the ancestry. As far as I know, all were born in Ohio, in or around Ross County. If you have any info or questions, feel free to email me - Heather Bennett Posted: 3/25/2010

2/11/2012 HENRY LEWIS HOLLIS 1899-1959, born in Greenwich East district, married Gladys Barnard 1925.
My late husband's father was HENRY LEWIS HOLLIS 1899-1959, born in Greenwich East district, married Gladys Barnard 1925. He had a sister, MAY (unmarried). His father was HENRY CHARLES HOLLIS (master bricklayer and builder), married to Mary Linell. I would be glad to hear from anyone who might have a connection with this family. Carolyn Hollis. Posted: 2/11/2012

1. Henry Newton "Newt" Hollice b.? married Octavia Davis in Murray Co. GA on the 8 Aug. 1886.
2.George F. Hollice b.Oct.1867 married Lucy Luizer Holland in Murray Co. GA on the 25 Oct. 1891, George and Lucy Hollice's children: 1.Thomas B. Hollis. 2.Katie Lou Hollis 3.Early F. Hollis . 4.Fair C. Hollis. 5.William "Bee" E. Hollis. 6.Fletcher "Doc" N. Hollis. 7.Jennie Mae Hollis. 8.Essie Hollis.9.linnie Ethel "Toby" Hollis, also Floyd "Brownie" Hollis

Keith D. Bailey

Henry R. Hollis b. October 18, 1890, d. December 16, 1973 in Coffee Co., AL married Emma Ida Cotton. They founded New Tabernacle Church.

Lanny Cotton

Henry Hollis married Emma Woodley. Thomas married Esther Harriet Fryer. Children of Henry Hollis and Emma Woodley: Florence Elizabeth Hollis - b.1892/3; d.1953 Daisy Louise Hollis - b.1/3/1897; d.1960 Edward John Hollis - b. Dec. 1899: d.1965 Dorothy Maud Hollis - b.1902/3: d.1970 - spinster

Michelle (Hollis) Crawford

Herschel Hollis, b: abt 1880 married Minnie Debow born Feb 22, 1886 in Princeville, IL she died in Wyoming. (Child: Max Hayden Hollis-1921-Illinois)

Roger Anderson Family Treemaker [Hollis info #41] [Main webpage]

Herbert Edward HOLLIS (1868 to 1916, Southward and Rotherhithe) reputedly was a shorthand writer, personal assistant and sometime valet to this London barrister of the late 1800s. I cant find this Brampton (or Bampton) anywhere, anyone out there heard of him?? Many thanks, regards on a very wet night in Kent from Janis

Click to see Samuel David Hollis family of Herman Hollis

Here is some info sent to me by Richard Hollis:

In 1920 Herman E. is found at the age of 16 in the household of his parents W. F. and Nora E. Hollis.

W. F. Hollis age 38 born Kentucky, a metalworker working for a bridge company, owns his home free and clear, his parents are born Kentucky, he can read and write; wife Nora E. age 33 born Iowa, can read and write, her parents born Ireland; son Herman E. age 16 born Iowa, can read and write; son Byron age 10 born Iowa, can read and write are found in the 14 January 1920 Census of Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. ED108/Sheet 8B/Family 1409/Dwelling 179/Line 77. address is 1409 Jefferson Avenue.

In the 1920 City Directory for Des Moines....Wm. F. Hollis is listed at 1409 Jefferson Avenue working for Pittsburg-D M Steel Company and Herman is listed as a clerk boarding in that household.

QRYTEXT: I am seeking more information on Herman Hollis, the FBI agent who was involved in the killing of John Dillenger and Baby Face Nelson. I have information from a cousin that his mother was the wife of my great uncle. Her name was Tressy Morresy and My uncle's name was William Clossen States. Any help would be appreciated.

Anne Hawn Smith

Listed 4/26/2005

Hiram Franklin Hollis b: 7/22/1905 I think Winnsboro, SC d: 8/1967 Winnsboro, SC. Hirams wife Callie Porter b: 4/10/1913 Winnsboro, SC d:12/1984 Winn, SC I dont have all the childrens names I just have 1 her name is Joan Hollis b; 2/26/1940 d;  living Winn, SC she married Ronald Gay. Joan and Ronald Gay are my wifes parents, Hirams father may be Leon Hollis I found a cesus record for 1930 showing Callie living with him showing her as daughter in law did not show hiram though dont know why  e-mail: Michael Bethea

Hiram Hosmer Hollis born 1850 Massachusetts died 1907 New York married to Emma Davis

Robert Kline

Hugh McKee Hollis who was born in Martinsburg, VA (now WV), Berkeley County, in 1850. His parents were George Washington Hollis (born 1799 in PA) and Elizabeth Gallaher. Hugh had around 8 siblings including two brothers, John Hollis and Thomas Hollis, who fought for the Confederacy for Virginia.

Michael Hollis

Humphrey Hollis, b. 1805 N.Y. d. 1874 Greencastle, IN (Putnam Co.). He married Ann Eliza Gage. Charles Dykinck HOLLIS b. 1830 Otsego Co. N.Y. d. 1901 Ashtabula Co. OH / Catherine Elizabeth HOLLIS b. 1833 N.Y. d. 1854 Jefferson Co. OH / Joseph Humphrey HOLLIS b. 1835 Otsego Co. N.Y. d. 1905 Jefferson Co. OH / Heber Reginald HOLLIS b. 1839 N.Y. d. 1885 Ashtabula Co. OH / Thomas Herbert HOLLIS b. 1843 Chatauque Co. N.Y. d. 1925 Worthington, IN / Emma Staley HOLLIS b. 1846 OH d. 1905 IN

Carol A. Hinton

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8/07/2005 Ian Hollis born in september 1968 my father is is Edward Daniel George Hollis he was born in february 1947 we have both seperated from the rest of the family we originate from Portsmouth yet my dad was born in Uxbridge and I was born in luton and we was wondering if anyone could send us any information on our roots please we still live in england yours sincerely Ian Hollis

Irene Woodford Hollis was born 02-19-1877. She married William Herbert Beaty 11-14-1894 in Nashville Tn. Irene died 09-16-1949 in Centerville Hickman Co., TN

Tony Mayberry

Isaac Hollis of Scotland, through son James Hollis born 1760 North Carolina and Mary Margaret; Morgan born about 1762 North Carolina

Pixie Lee Hollis Isaac Hollis, James Hollis, Jesse Hollis, John Morgan Hollis, James O. Hollis, John Davidson Hollis, Jessie Otto Hollis, Richard Thomas Hollis, Pixie Lee Hollis

Tammy Fochtman Isaac Hollis, James Hollis, Jesse Hollis, Nancy Ann Hollis, Charles Lewis Underwood

mrs6@maxinet.com Isaac Hollis, James Hollis, Jesse Hollis, James Ervin Hollis, Wilson Leighton Hollis, James Robert Hollis

Bonita Hillmer (see also Elizabeth Hollis above)

Judy Waisner

kitty-paws@msn.com IsaacHollis, James Hollis, Jesse Hollis, James Ervin Hollis, Wilson Leighton Hollis, James Robert Hollis

James Nixon

Richard and Carol Coker Isaac Hollis, James Hollis, Jessie Hollis, Sidney Jane Hollis, Nancy Matilda Webb, Harve A. Coker, H. V. Coker, Richard Coker

Tony D. Day (No e-mail contact Richard or see his list for address).)

Cecil Grace Hollis Puryear ((No e-mail contact Richard or see his list for address).) FTM CD 14, Tree 1466

Shirley Jane Lindsey Tift Isaac Hollis, James Hollis, Jesse Hollis, James Ervin Hollis, Wilson Leighton Hollis, Mattie Melvina Hollis, James Virgil Lindsey, Shirley; Lindsey

Isaac Hollis born 29 January 1831 and Sara Frances Chavers

George H. Parker

Isaac Hollis, m: Cynthia Morrell, December 19, 1842, Newton County, Georgia

Scott Armstrong [main FTM Page ]

Isaiah Hollis. My great-grandmother was Jennie Cobb. My grandfather (their son) was Ruben Isaiah Hollis DOB 1888 DOD. 1966

Mary Adair

Ivis Hollis born 15 Sept 1900 died 15 Nov 1970 Clarksville Tennessee married 30 June 1934 to Clara Lutie Givens Bumpus divorced in Montgomery County, Tennessee on 24 Nov 1944. Ivis may have had a twin brother named Ivan and possibly a son named Grafton who also died in Clarksville.

Robert Bumpus

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J.G. Hollis and Louisa S. came from South Carolina to Union Parrish, Louisiana in 1842
Joe C. and Carolyn Bassham

Jack Hollis, of Lithia Springs or Atlanta Georgia, married a lady named Kate (Mcllhaney), had daughter Thelma b: in Atlanta, 4/28/1907. After living in GA they moved out to CA and they died in Yreka, CA. (Thelma Hollis was married to Harry A LeClair not Robert....Thelma also had a niece named Thelma and a nephew named Billy or William Hollis. Her brother was Jack Hollis Jr. and was married to a Sandy or Sandra. They are all from GA.) Janna Bargas / Genforum Hollis Post

Jack Monroe Hollis, my father and was born around 1929 or 1930 in the state of Kansas. He has 1 brother which his name is Cliff who's last known address was the state of Arizona. Would like to find families connected.

Lorrie Maria Hollis=Bentley Genforum post

Jacob Hollis, father of Charles Hollis abt B1836 in Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire, who's marriage certificate I have and therefore that is how I have come up with the father's name of Jacob. I can not find the birth of Charles even though I have found him on many censuses' and have other details and I can not find the family on the 1841 census any where. I was born a Hollis in the UK in 1964 and have been researching the Hollis family tree for a couple of years now.
Kim Posted 5/15/2011, my e-mail bounced when I answered this!!

James Hollis who married Florence Pullem through daughter Rose Eudill Hollis born 26 March 1906 who married Robert G. Cornwell

Marie Hall

James Hollis I born abt 1727 and Ann Cunningham of Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas

Arthur (James Hollis, James Hollis II, James Hollis III, John Choate Hollis, William Brackenridge Hollis, William Commodore Hollis, James Wilbur Hollis)

Barbara Jean Pierce Gregor (No e-mail contact Richard or see his list for address)(James Hollis, Sr., James Hollis II, John H. Hollis, James McDaniel Hollis)

Barbara Mitchell (James Hollis I, Isaac Hollis, John M. Hollis, Isaac Hollis)

Betty Barnett James Hollis I, James Hollis II, James Hollis III, Derinda Hollis

Bobby and Bette Berry

Bob H. (James Hollis, James Hollis, John H. Hollis, James McDaniel Hollis)

Bryan D. Fuxa (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Stephen Hollis/William Allen Hollis/Margaret E. Hollis/Thomas Jefferson Hall/Raymond Woodroe Hall/Jackie Jean Hall) E-mail returned as undeliverable 11/10/1999

caledo25@hotmail.com (James Hollis, James Hollis II, James Hollis III, John Choate Hollis, William Brackenridge Hollis, William Commodore Hollis, James Wilbur Hollis)

Carole Tyler , (James Hollis/James Hollis II/Thomas Carroll Hollis/Martha Washington Hollis)

Catherine "Cathy" Chandler, (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Stephen Hollis/Seth Grant Hollis/Cary Polk Hollis)

Catherine “Cathi” VandeVoort or KarenWoodward , Reunion for Windows,

Connie Pearl James Hollis I, James Hollis II, James Hollis III

Cynthia A. Chumley , Family Treemaker v5.00, (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Stephen Hollis/William Allen Hollis/Louisa J. Hollis/Mary Jane Hammock/Dovie Mildred McCrary/Deward Mayce Armstrong) Updated 3/17/2008

Cynthia Hollis Harris James Hollis, Sr., James Hollis II, William Newton Hollis, James Oliver Perry "James P." Hollis, Joseph Boyd Hollis, James Boyd Hollis, Edwin Carnell Hollis, Cynthia Patrice Hollis

Darlene Jackson Hofer , FTM v10.0 and Generations Grande Suite, (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Wiley Burlison Hollis/James Riley Hollis)

Bad e-mail 10/27/2001 Debbie Hollis

Don and Jane E. Miller James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Henry Jackson Hollis/James Dial Hollis/William Henry Hollis/SarahEmmaline Hollis/Henry Thomas Ingram/Frances Janette Ingram/Jane E. Rose

Donna Hollis , James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Wiley Burlison Hollis/James Riley Hollis/William Thomas Hollis/William Thomas Hollis, Jr./William David Hollis

Donna Langston Milstead, James Hollis, Sr./ Squire B. Hollis/ Rhoda Belle Hollis Ragland/James M. Ragland.

Donna O'Donnell Osage Beach, Missouri James Hollis, Sr., James Hollis II, Stephen Hollis, Seth Grant Hollis, Ada A. "Minnie" Hollis, John Allen Sielert

Doris Lee Payne LeBoeuf (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Stephen Hollis/William Allen Hollis/Stephen Compton Hollis/Lou Ann Hollis/Doris Lee Payne

Dorothy James Hollis I/James II/Thomas/Martha Washington/James Kay Davis/William Benjamin Davis

Doug and Beckie Rawdon [ web page ] (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Stephen Hollis/Seth Grant Hollis/Nancy Belle Hollis/Mary Ethel Rhodes)

Edith Morrow Reynolds (James Hollis I, James Hollis II, John H. Hollis, Eli W. Hollis, Mary Isabel Hollis) Family Treemaker v7.00

Georgia Miller Quintana , (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/William Newton Hollis/Jasper Newton Hollis/Fannie Hollis/Owena Mae Clark)

Gloria Spurlock (James Hollis, Sr., James Hollis II, Benjamin Hollis, Rhoda Belle Hollis)

J. B. Hollis (No e-mail contact Richard or see his list for address)James Hollis, Sr., James Hollis II, Stephen Hollis, William Allen Hollis, Stephen Compton Hollis, Sanford Hollis

J. Rainer (James Hollis, James Hollis II, William Newton Hollis, John Bell Hollis, James R. Hollis)

Jane Gilbert John Hollis, William D. Hollis, John Hollis, Pleasant Jacob Hollis, Neil M. Hollis

Jim and Jeanne Shepard Parlette James Hollis, James Hollis II, Henry Jackson Hollis, James Dial Hollis, Mesniar Emeline Hollis, John Wiley Hollis, Everett Columbus Hollis, Sarah Lou Hollis, Jeanne Gail Shepard Parlette.

Joan McGowan , Family Treemaker, granddaughter of Tempe Zenia Hollis (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Stephen Hollis/William Allen Hollis/Stephen Compton Hollis/Tempie Zenia Hollis/Anna Laura Millsap)

Johnny and Kaye Watson-Rose James Hollis, Sr., James Hollis II, Henry Jackson Hollis, James Dial Hollis, William Henry Hollis, Henry Lloyd Hollis, Thomas Henry "Bud" Hollis

Karen Johnson (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Stephen Hollis/James N. Hollis/Alexander M. Hollis/Birdie Elizabeth Hollis/Nadine Angeline Hayes/Karen Elizabeth Lancaster)

Kathye Hyde (No e-mail contact Richard or see his list for address)(James Hollis I, James Hollis II, William Newton Hollis, Martha Elizabeth Hollis, William Newton Luker, James Jasper Luker, Sarah "Emma" Luker.)

Lanny K. Hollis (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/John H. Hollis/Francis ("French") Marion Hollis/Samuel Francis Hollis/Samuel Edward Hollis, Sr./Lanny Keith Hollis)

Leigh Neely Meadows Schofield Barracks, Hawaii (James Hollis, Sr., Samuel Hollis, Elizabeth Hollis, Samuel B. Demumbrine, Richard Wilson "R. W." Demonbreun, Anna "Lanie" Demonbreun, Lela Mae Leslie, Frances Diane Winters, Leigh Ann Neely)

"Linda" Elaine Williams Janke

Lisa (Hollis) VanDyneBad e-mail 1/17/2004 (James Hollis I, James Hollis II, William Newton Hollis, James Perry Hollis, Joseph Boyd Hollis, Clyde Arthur Hollis, Clyde Dale Hollis, and ME:-) Personal Ancestry file program

Lisa Lawcocks (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Stephen Hollis/Seth Grant Hollis/William Seth Hollis/Nellie Hollis)

Lon Hollis James Hollis, Sr., James Hollis II, John H. Hollis, John W. Hollis, Harvey C. Hollis, Leslie Hollis

Lydle Jasper Hollis , Family Treemaker, (James Hollis I/ James Hollis II/ William Newton Hollis/ David Franklin Hollis/ John Herman Hollis)

Margaret Hampton Davis, Midlothian, Va.(James Hollis, Sr., Samuel Hollis, Elizabeth Hollis, Samuel B. Demumbrine, Richard Wilson "R.W." Demonbreun, Emma Celeste Demonbreun, Richard Henry Hampton, Margaret Hampton Davis.)

Mari Gusson (James Hollis I, James Hollis II, Seth Grant Hollis, William Seth Hollis, Nellie Lucienda Hollis)

Marjorie Ann Reeves, James Hollis I / James Hollis II / William Newton Hollis / Wiley Hollis

Mari Gussin, Mannassas, VA., (James Hollis, Sr., James Hollis II, Seth Grant Hollis, William Seth Hollis, Nellie Lucienda Hollis)

Mary Eve Hutcherson Lingbloom , Samuel Hollis and Nancy Strother who were married in Sumner Co, TN. (Samuel is James Brother)

Mary June Johnson

Mary Nell Hollis Franks , Family Treemaker, (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/William Newton Hollis/James Perry Hollis/Aaron M. Hollis/James Perry Hollis/James Oliver Perry Hollis)

Mike Smith M.D. (James Hollis, James Hollis II, Stephen Hollis, Seth Grant Hollis, Nancy Belle Hollis)

Nancy Clark (James Hollis I, James Hollis II, John H. Hollis, Francis Marion Hollis, Van Torous Hollis)

Nancy Hensley Grinder (James Hollis, Sr., James Hollis II, James Hollis III, Benjamin Hardin C. Hollis. James Carroll Hollis)

Pamela Wilson William G. Hollis m: Sallie Arledge

Sheri Jones (James Hollis, James Hollis II, Benjamin Hollis, Joseph W Montgomery, Eddie Jane Hollis, Fernando Columbus Hollis, Eddie Jane Hollis, Myrtle Vinola Montgomery, Nancy Jo Quinn, Patricia Burns)

Philip E. Venable (No e-mail contact Richard or see his list for address). (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/William Newton Hollis/Sarah Hollis)

Phyllis Kimbro Cata (No e-mail contact Richard or see his list for address) (James Hollis, Sr., James Hollis II, William Newton Hollis, Tennessee June Hollis, Tennessee D. Moore, Acy Kimbro)

Rana (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/John H. Hollis/Eli W. Hollis/Mary Isabel Hollis)

Richard Barker (James Hollis/James Hollis II/John H. Hollis/John W. Hollis/John William Hollis)

Richard Dean Hollis, [web page] Family Treemaker 9.0 for Windows, Family Origins v7.0 for Pedigree for Charts (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Stephen Hollis/William Allen Hollis/Stephen Compton Hollis/James Cornelious Hollis/Amos Lee Hollis/Richard Dean Hollis)

Richard H. and Cassie Langley Brown Reuninon 5.6 for Macintosh (James Hollis/Isaac Hollis/John M. Hollis/William K.(R.) Hollis/William James Hollis/William L. Hollis/Willa Dean Hollis)

Richard Eugene and Blair Hollis , (James Hollis I/Isaac Hollis/John M. Hollis/Henry Hollis/James H. Hollis/Isaac Walton Hollis/James Eugene Hollis/Richard Eugene Hollis)

Richard Eugene Hollis, Jr, son of above couple

Robin Lee Bowman , PAF v2.13

Ruth Katherine Andrew (No e-mail contact Richard or see his list for address).

Rosemary Adams ( James Hollis I/James Hollis II/William Newton Hollis/James Oliver Perry Hollis/Aaron Monroe Hollis/Lee Roy Hollis/Estelle Hollis)

Shirley Hollis Rice (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/William Newton Hollis/James Perry Hollis/Aaron M. Hollis/James Perry Hollis/James Oliver Perry Hollis)

Steve and Dianne Potter Hall

Susan Elaine Hollis (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Isaac Hollis/John M. Hollis/William R. Hollis/Cave Johnson Hollis Sr./William Julius Hollis/William Finis “Phinus” Hollis/Willard Earl Hollis/Susan Elaine Hollis)

Vicky Jean Hollis McGuire (James Hollis I/James Hollis II/Stephen Hollis/William Allen Hollis/Stephen Compton Hollis/James Cornelious Hollis/Amos Lee Hollis/Vicky Jean Hollis)

James Hollis, Jr. NC. 1762, M: Mary Margaret Morgan.

James Nixon , Ultimate Family Tree. (also see Isaac Hollis of Scotland above)

James Hollis born in 1771 in Maryland and a Sarah Osborn(e) born in 1777 in Maryland. They were married in 1798.

Cal Hollis

James Hollis died in 1814 not sure on the date He had 5 kids James Morgan, Jesse, Aron (Aaron?), Ann, Elizabeth Martin He married Margaret (No last name)

Pixie Lee Hollis

James Hollis b: PA. died 5/22/1891 and Rosannah "Rose" Bumbaugh Hollis

Dorothy Bumbaugh

James Hollis and Lillian Finkbeiner

John Paul Hollis [webpage]

James Hollis marrie Sarah Ann Lowe



James C. Hollis married to Geneva Sue Neaves James or Loretta Neaves

James J. Hollis, b: 11/22/1814 (son of Joseph Hollis and Anna) and Elizabeth Frances Smith, b: 10/30/1818, TN

Aneita Mitchell Allen

Joan Yorgason Joseph Hollis, James J. Hollis

Lonnie Cords Family Treemaker v4.4

Sue Pearson Carpenter [ webpage ] Family Treemaker 5.0 / access to Master Genealogist v 3.0, James J. Hollis/Caroline Hollis/William Nesbitt Pearson/Willie Ben Pearson

Sarah K. Allen

James “Jimmy” Lewis Hollis born 29 Jan 1841 Tennessee married 1 March 1865 in Cannon County, Tennessee to Alice Elizabeth Todd born 10 July 1851 Tennessee (Family is listed in the 1900 Fannin County, Texas Census). Children: Mary Francis Hollis, Tom Lewis Hollis, John Franklin Hollis, William Henderson Hollis, Sarah Josephine Hollis, Jimmy Sim "Sim J." Hollis, Zora Clementine Hollis, Viola Verina Hollis, James Albert Hollis, Infant Boy Hollis)

Brenda Scroggins Sawyer (James , Jimmy Lewis Hollis, Jimmy Sim "Sim J." Hollis)

James M. Hollis born 1820 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts died 25 March 1894 Randolph, Norfolk, Massachusetts married to Elizabeth McIntire

Frank D

James Monroe Hollis born Oct 1864 Mississippi

Dianne DaLee [ webpage ]

James Monroe Hollis of Oklahoma

Becky Dahl

James R. Hollis and Nellie Mae Cornett


My father (James Roland Hollis) was born in Michigan in 1933. His father (James Hugh Hollis) was born in Nova Scotia. James Hugh was in the Spanish American war. He married Alice Houle. That's all the info I have thus far.

Jim Hollis

James Turner Hollis (b: 26 May 1845 Georgia;d: 5 July 1908) married to Louisa Lively thru their son John Franklin Hollis thru his daughter Addie Hollis

Liz Esmann

James Smithson Hollis born 17 May 1861 and Mittie Virginia Abigail Jones of Dothan, Dale County, Alabama

Bill Runnels

James W. Hollis m. Laura Bell Tatro, unknown places or dates. Children's names were Cora Ethel, Albert "Happy", Earl, Margery, Lee, Lavada, and Beulah (she died in infancy) Thier daughter (my grandmother) Cora Ethel Hollis b. December 25, 1894 in Lincoln Nebraska m. James Richard Sovereign II December 25, 1911. I have most of the Sovereign's line. Am searching for Hollis line and Tatro line. Laura Bell Tatro was possibly adopted by a family by the name of Coats.

Dawn Cummings

James William Hollis, Army-Cavalry, Co./Reg. 6th West Virginia Cavalry Regiment Date of Service: 28 June 1861

Michael Gilmore, [ Webpage ]

James or Jack Harvey Hollis married to Ellen Casteel born 25 March 1877 died 15 August 1942 in Knoxville, Tennessee

Annie Hollis (also see Lewis Carroll Hollis)

Thomas Rickey Hollis (Jack? Hollis, Thomas Earl Hollis, Thomas Rickey Hollis)

Jane Hollis b: 1780 East Bradford, Chester, PA d 1828 Chester county, Pennsylvania, m: circa 1800 Chester county, Pennsylvania, to Mr. Zook. I know of no children for them -Jane HOLLIS was the d/o Joseph HOLLIS b abt 1750 ..... b d 3 Aug 1779 West Bradford, Chester, Pennsylvania md 22 July 1775 to Hannah SHEWARD, b 1755 Chester co., Pennsylvania d bef 26 Mar 1842 West Bradford, Chester, Pennsylvania

Wilma Fleming Haynes

Jeremiah Hollis, wife Kizzie ? They had a daughter Julia Hollis who married John Baynor in 1883. She was born 1863 and died from a snakebite in 1903 in Beaufort County, NC.


Jerry Hollis of Monroe County,GA....Served In Civil War Georgia 8th Regement Cavalry .Son Named Clay...Traced Back To 1870? Census.....Son Lived In Crawford County,GA? Chris Hollis

Jesse Hollis (d: 8/19/1834) and Phoebe Gambling

James C. Nixon,

Jesse Hollis born 1790 Virginia, died 21 August 1873 in Ross County, Ohio married 16 July 1820 Ross County, Ohio to Amelia Bowen born 1804 Rockingham County, Virginia through son Thomas Schooley Hollis born 28 August 1828 Ross County, Ohio who married 1852 Ross County, Ohio to Mary Francis Gilbert born 1833 Botetourt County, Virginia

T. Brewer

Dave Shae (Jesse Hollis, Thomas Schooley Hollis, Henriette “Etta” Hollis)

Pam Mumford, Jesse Hollis, Thomas Schooley Hollis, George Riley Hollis, Pearl Hollis, Lida Opal Hollis, Eileen Molloy, Pam Mumford.

Jesse Hollis was born ca. 1800 in SC, possibly the Cross Keys area of Union Co. At that time, there is only one Hollis listed in the census, James Hollis, and he did have a male under age 5. Jesse was married to Eleanor Amelia RICHARDSON, d/o William Richardson (d. 1816) and Izett LONG. The Long's appear in the Little River Baptist Church minutes in Fairfield Co., SC They (Jesse and Eleanor) moved to Fayette Co., TN by the 1840's. They had 8 children: Massadora, James R.J., Elizabeth A.C., John W., Thomas Jesse L., Sarah Ann, William Irvin, and Izetter Hollis. Jesse died ca.1852 in Fayette Co. Eleanor remarried to Nicholas Willis.


Jesse Hollis (b. 1800 SC, d: Fayette Co., TN) married to Eleanor Amelia Richardson b: 1812 SC.

Lee Ann Gerhart

Reese J. Moses

Jesse Cornelius Hollis, born June 5, 1904 in Paragould, AR. His parents were Cornelius Washington Hollis and Laura Letty McNatt.

Lisa Lemonds

John Hollis and wife Martha in Clinton Co. Iowa. What was Martha's maiden name? She was born in Ohio, John born in England. Are any descendents out there? Thank You, Rose

John Hollis of Bermuda through Eugenie Ann Hollis from Bermuda

Cynthia (Cindy) A. Sweet John Hollis, John Hollis, John Nelson Hollis, Eugenie Ann Hollis

Doug.S.Graham, Wales, UK

Bermuda Genealogy Website

Jewell Moses Hollis, and he died in appx. 1941-42, just after I was born. His wife, Dive Lee Hollis (Young) died in 1976. Both lived in LaGrange, GA at time of death.

Hilory Brown

John Hollis (No info)

Angela Josephine Hollis Finch (John Hollis/James Hollis/Robert D. Hollis/Hiram Francis Hollis/Thomas Oliver Hollis/Hiram Franklin Hollis/Bobby Ray Hollis/Angela Josephine Hollis)

(John Hollis/James Hollis/Robert D. Hollis/Hiram Francis Hollis/Thomas Oliver Hollis/Hiram Franklin Hollis/Bobby Ray Hollis Sr./Bobby Ray Hollis Jr./Bobby Ray Hollis III Bobby Hollis Bobby Ray Hollis 5/30/2007

John Hollis1 or Hallowes born 1610 in England; came to Maryland on the Ark or the Dove in 1634; moved later to Westmoreland, VA; and was "fatally killed" in Lancaster, VA abt. 1657. Had a title of "Major". Married Restituta Tue.

Wm Hollis2, son of John, born 1640; founded Baltimore County, MD, and was one of the first Justice of the Peace in Baltimore County. Married to Elizabeth Russell. Died abt 1680.

Wm Hollis3, son of Wm2, born 1660, Justice of the Peace in Baltimore County, married to Mary Clark.

Karen Hollis Swenson

John Hollis born 1732 London, England died 27 August 1832 Cannon County, Tennessee

Andrew and Doris Lehning , Laura Shanklin, Laura Melissa Hollis, Simeon, David, John

Anita Huegelet (Mildred Thornton / Zachary Thornton / Elzura Jane Cypert / Lydia Reed / Lydia Hollis / John Hollis)

Ann B. Chambless

Barrett Johnson William Gauth Hollis desendant, Family Tree Maker, Generations, and Ultimate Family Tree

Bill Cook , [Hollis webpage][Hollis Photos Page][ Cooks Hangout webpage ][ FTM webpage ][My complete photo index] Family Treemaker 4.5. Familytreemaker 6.0 , Familytreemaker 7.0, Family Origins 9.0. (Rosa Hancock , Mary Catherine Hollis, Robert Jessie, Jr., Robert Jessie, Sr., William, John Hollis) I also maintain [Cook links page] and administer the [Hollis E-mail list] [ and the following boards at Rootsweb [Hollis queries]

Bill McCarty, [webpage] [McCarty Photos] PAF, FTM 6.0 (Harvey Berry and Mary Ann McCarty Hollis, Micajah Hollis, John Hollis)

Charles and Helen Pavlu John Hollis, William D. Hollis, Robert Jessie Hollis, Sr., William D. Hollis, Jessie Douglas Hollis married Martha Hooper (sister to Richard Coalman Hooper, ancestor of Charles wife Helen)

Cleora Lambert

Colleen John Hollis/William D. Hollis/William D. Hollis, Jr./John A. Hollis/William Grandville Hollis

David and Connie Hollis, FTM [webpage] (Roy Houston Hollis, Almer Hollis, James Bell Hollis Jr., James Bell Hollis Sr., John A. Hollis, David Hollis Sr., John Hollis)

Deanna Fuss

Debbie Shipley Parker Family Treemaker (Mary Bell Netz, Mary Bernice, Robert Louis, Robert Jessie, Jr., Sr., William, John Hollis) updated 9/01/2014-Updated 8/13/2016

Donald Beethe, [ webpage ] Family Treemaker

Edythe Hollis  (New E-mail-5/16/2008) John Hollis, Micajah Randolph Hollis, Jesse F. Hollis, Samuel J. Hollis, Simon Samuel Hollis, Raymond Melvin Hollis, Lindsey Lee Hollis, Edythe Hollis

George Edwin Hollis (Walter Herbert, Charles Edwin, Bartlett Bennett, Othniel, Jesse Jim, John Hollis)

Gerald “Norm” Leggett John Hollis/David Hollis, Sr./Abraham Lewis Hollis/David Hollis married to Carolyn Leggett

Geraldine Elkins Cook - (Audrey, Walter, Harvey Berry, Micajah, John Hollis)

Harold Hohn

Jack Hollis John Hollis, Micajah Hollis, Jeremiah Hollis, William Tanner Hollis, James Worth Hollis, Larkin Hollis, Jack Hollis

Jakie Patterson (Malinda Mae, Charles Loy, William G., John A., William D.Jr., William, John Hollis)

James McCarty "Jim" Robertson [webpage] (Grt Grandnephew of Harvey Berry Hollis wife, Mary Ann "Polly " McCarty)

Jan  John Hollis, William D. Hollis, Robert Jessie Hollis, Sr., Lewis Thomas Jefferson Hollis, Mary Ann Hollis

Jane Gilbert John Hollis, William D. Hollis, John Hollis, Pleasant Jacob Hollis, Neil M. Hollis

Jannette Wright , Family Treemaker 6.0, (John Hollis/Micajah Randolph Hollis/John Durham Hollis/Thomas C. Hollis/John Sterling Hollis)

Javan Michael DeLoach John Hollis, William D. Hollis, John Hollis, William Calvin Hollis

Judy Shipley Morgan Family Tree Maker (Mary Bell Netz, Mary Bernice , Robert Louis, Robert Jessie, Jr. , Sr. William, John Hollis)

Judith Cooper , Oma Jane Golden, Roxie Green, Margaret A. Hollis, George Washington, John, William, Sr, John.

Kay and John Duckett, (Mary V., Lewis Howl, Wm. D. , Robert Jessie, Sr. William, John Hollis)

LaDell (Hicks) Wiles, Thomas Newton, Tabitha Emeline Hollis, Lewis Thomas Jefferson Hollis, Robert Jessie Hollis Sr., William Hollis, John Hollis

Kenneth W. Rury, (Harvey Berry and Mary Ann McCarty Hollis) [Ken's new webpage]

Martha (Shields) Thayer - (Lena Odessa Fox, Herny Wilson Fox, John Lihue Fox, Mary Reed, Lydia Hollis2, John Hollis1)

Mary Wilson Mayfield John Hollis, David Hollis, Sr., William David Hollis, Jr., Susan E. Hollis

Merritt Graves (Descends from Rebecca Hollis)

Neil and Rose Mary Hollis (Wm. W, Wm. L., George Washington, Lewis, Robert Jessie, Jr, Robert Jessie, Sr. , William, John Hollis) Visit George Washington Hollis founder of Hollis, Harmon Co. Okla.

Nelda Gruenthal Laura Melissa Hollis, b: 1852, Cannon Cnty, Tennessee, died in 1887, Coffee Cnty, TN. m: 1st, Thomas Herrick and 2nd William Thomas Shanklin. Dtr of Simeon Hollis and Mary Jones

Perry Hollis, (Riley Claude, Joseph W., James Jessie, Wm. D., Robert Jessie, Sr., William, John)

Perry Snider (through , Samuel J. "Sam" Hollis and Nancy S. Snider son of Jesse Hollis and Artimese Stewart, Micajah Randolph, John Hollis) [mainpage]

Rhio R. Gillis [webpage] John Hollis, William D. Hollis, Robert Jesse Hollis, Sr., Elizabeth Jane Hollis

Robert E. “Bob” Hollis [ webpage ] Family Tree Maker 4.4 for Windows ( Robert Eugene Hollis, Darwin Allen Hollis, Francis Allen Hollis Bartlett Bennett, Othneil, Jesse Jim, John)

Shari Bennett [webpage] (John Hollis/William D. Hollis/John Hollis/William Calvin Hollis/Rufus Calvin Hollis/William M. Hollis/Clyde R. Hollis)

Sherita Kay Hollis-Beasley (Billy Joe, Ray Monroe, Sr., Jesse lewis, Lewis Howl, Wm D.., Robert Jesse Hollis, Sr., Wm, John Hollis) Info on the way soon, Bill

Stuart Morgan ,Family Tree Maker ver. 5.0

Ted Ray Hollis Brothers Keeper v5, Family Origins (Joe Clark, James Harvey, Harvey Berry, Micajah, John Hollis)

Thomas W. Hollis

Wayne Green, Margaret A. Hollis , George Washington Hollis, John, William, Sr, John Hollis.

Wanda G. Cline

Calhoun Co. Arkansas Bio of Lewellyn Jeremiah Hollis

Calhoun Co. Arkansas Bio of John Washington Hollis

John Hollis 1664 MA. son of John Hollis and Elizabeth Priest

Gregory William Ross, [ webpage ] Family Treemaker

John Hollis born abt 1700 Surry County, England and Esther ? born abt 1701 England later of Fairfax County, Virginia

Anne Foster John Hollis, Moses Hollis, Sr., Elijah Vinson Hollis, Elijah Vinson Hollis, Jr.

Barbara Hollis Gilliland , Family Origins

Betty (John Hollis, Moses Hollis, Sr., Elijah Vinson Hollis, Elijah Vinson Hollis, Jr., Hiram Hollis, John R. Hollis, Roger William Hollis)

Bryan Tinlin

Bryce W. Self (John Hollis/Moses Hollis, Sr./Elijah Vinson Hollis/Elijah Vinson Hollis, Jr./John Hogan Hollis/Francis Marion Hollis/Rufus Mehile Hollis)

Carl Strickland

Charles McGough (John Hollis/James Hollis, Sr./William Hollis, Sr./Samuel Hollis/George W. Hollis) (Not sure if this is the same Charles McGough as listed under George W. Hollis, has different e-mail address)

David L. and Alyce Ray [Family tree Rootsweb] [Gencircles Tree]  Family Treemaker 2005 (John Hollis / Moses (Sr.) Hollis and Rosannah Berry Hagan / Elijah Venson Hollis and Alsey Knighton / Elijah Venson Hollis, Jr. and Susanna Lisborn / Elijah Madison Hollis and Martha Putman / Daniel Simeon Hollis and Mary Jane Walker / Wilma Mae Hollis and George Travis Sloan / Alyce Ruth Sloan and David L. Ray)

Emily Davis , Family Treemaker v4.4

Jan Patterson [ webpage ](William Hollis and Hulda Jane Brewer)

Jennie Runnels

Joe and Carolyn Archer Bassham, Family Treemaker 5.0

John E. Hollis, Brother's Keeper v5.2F

John S. Scott [ webpage]

Marie Fort Withrow

Mollee Puckett , Family Treemaker v 5.0, PAF v3.0 and Ultimate Family Tree

Shirley Grant Farrell

Sid Hill

John Hollis, b.1744 (location unknown) but lived in Chester Co. PA until he moved to Shelby Co. KY about 1795 along with his children, John, Robert, Anna and James

Audrey Reilly , Family Treemaker v4.00 for Windows

John Hollis b. 1763, Stretton on Dunsmore, England; lived at Hillmorten, England; married Mary Ann Brothers, 12 May 1794 at Ryton on Dunsmore, England; died 1846 at Hillmorton. This John had a son b. 26 April 1798, Hillmorton, Warwick, England; who married Ann Price 21 Dec 1842 Lilbourne, Northampton, England; and who died 31 Aug 1872 at Berkhampstead, England.

Bruce Tannehill

John Hollis born abt. 1819 in SC. He lived in Chambers Co., AL in 1840. Married Rebecca Crews in Harris Co., GA in 1842. In 1850 he was in Chambers Co., AL with children Warren (8) Susan (6) Columbus (4) Eliza Jane (2).In 1860 they were in Troup Co., GA.

Gladys Ussery, John Hollis/Rebecca Hollis (must be more here)

Carma Walsh

Hilton C. Estes, Rev. John Hollis/Eliza Jane Hollis/Joseph Demeatrus Milton Estes/Hilton Clark Estes

Stan Brun John Hollis/James Warren Hollis/Lillian Myrtle Hollis/Worth Bruner/Stan Bruner

John Hollis b: abt 1865 (my guess) m: Belle Olive Gilmore, who was born 5/11/1871 in Olin, Jones Co. Iowa. children shown: Bessie Hollis b: 10/7/1891 in Radcliffe Iowa m: James Bernard Lansing.

Allan Donald Tallman [webpage] [Main webpage]

John Hollis, b:?? m: Margaret J. Burkett, dtr Vesta Cordelia Hollis, b: 1880 in Missouri

Victoria Ring [webpage] [main webpage]

John A. Hollis born in McMinnville, Tennessee in 1851. He was married to Sarah Louise (Mollie) Miles (d.1936) in 1872. They had three sons and one daughter. William Granville (Bill)Hollis born Feb. 10, 1874; Albert Hollis, John Byron Hollis and Addie Hollis. They moved to Texas in 1890 and settled at Arledge Ridge near Bonham, Texas.

Lisa Moorman

Colleen Patterson

Aimee Hohn

John A. Hollis and Elizabeth A. Bassett, b: 1861, d: 1916, dtr Sara K. Hollis, b: 1882, d: 1942 m: William Keenan, Sr. all are buried at Oakwood Cem., Troy New York

Cathy Kennan Burdick

John A. Osborne Hollis 1887-1952 From Alabama. John's father was James Dearl Hollis 1851 from Alabama. On the 25 Sep 1878 he married Theodosia Elizabeth Robbins 1857 From Alabama. They Had 8 Children Idela, William T., Margaret L., John A Osborne, Zenna L, Jessie D, Ambers F. and Generk Jackson. I would like to know who was James Dearl Hollis 1851 from AL. If some of the Hollis have infor about this family, plz email me at Tonie 3/11/2011

John Fletcher Hollis born 8 Nov 1852 married 1877 to Catherine Francis Westnitzer through daughter Emma Christine Hollis born 21 Nov 1888 in Clark County, Illinois? who married 5 June 1908 to John Andrew Layton

Deborah Norton Wells

John Floyd Hollis, father of Susan Floyd Hollis born 25 Apr 1856 who married Allen Fort. John's father was Thomas Hollis and his father was Moses Hollis

Marie Fort Withrow

John Frank Hollis m: Elizabeth J. Hammond

Paul Hans Sommer, Family Treemaker

John Fredrick Hollis b.c. 1806 ? England no county known son of William Hollis mother unknown. Married 1840 Parish of Saint Pancras Middlesex to Frances Elizabeth Close / Cloase. Emigrated to Aust 1852 with children Hubert John, Arthur, Fanny Elizabeth, Edward Payne, Edith rachel, Lucy. John Fredrick died shortly after arrival in Victoria Aust.

Barbara Hollis of Australia Updated with website link and new e-mail, 8/25/2006

John Gid Hollis: My Grandfather was John Gid Hollis born 1875 , Winston County, I think that is in Miss. His Dad's name was Rubin Hollis Louisville Miss. Mother was Lou Slone from Ala. John Gid was married to Lena Mary, daughter of Steve and Betty Conner. I think my Grandmother was his second wife.

Virginia "Jenny" Pate

John Harvey Hollis born around 1888 died about 1929 who married about 1904 Anna Edna Link. Two children: Harvey Harold Hollis born 1906 and Edna Marguiette born 1908. Edna was given up for adoption to a family named Green in Michigan. Prior to 1910 they all lived in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kathie Metter

John Howell Hollis born 6 Oct 1838 Marion County, Georgia and Margaret Catherine Capps born 6 Feb 1854 Lee Township, Cleveland, Arkansas. Children were: Claudia, Howell Dean, Jessie, Gerald, Myrtle, Kirbey, John H., Anne Pauline. Parents: John Howell Hollis' father was William Gerald Hollis and mother was Elizabeth Ann C. Henderson.

Roy C. Leggitt

Kristi Tavary genforum post

John Jerald Hollis, Jr. [webpage] previously list in unknown Hollis has now found his Hollis ancestors.

John Henry Hollis, son of Ernest Hollis and Sarah Westbrook

Leroy G. Dedmon, [ webpage ][ Other Homepage ]

John Hullum Hollis b-Dec. 20, 1877. His parents were John Robert Hollis and Malissa Stringer-Hollis.

Shirley Bray

John Michael Hollis born 1787 Bracken County, Kentucky married to Elizabeth through son Benjamin Osborn Hollis married to Cecilia Summers Perkins born 1819 through their son James Madison Hollis born 1849.

James Alan Bradford [webpage]

John Osborn Hollis: Hello Bill, My name is Tonie and I have been looking for my Hollis family for about 2 years. I was just going to see if you could put me on the right infor? I have a little infor about my greatgrandfather. His name was John Osborn Hollis 22 Aug 1887, he died on 24 Mar 1952 in San Bernardino, CA. He lived in Oklahoma for a little while. He married Rachel Madewell 1893-1965. I have no infor on his Father and mother. I would like to find infor about them, if you could help? Thank you for your time and help, Tonie 1/30/2011

John Peter Hollis is the Father of Jessie Mae Bell Hollis. He was my G-Grandfather. His wife was Virginia Payne. I am looking for information on him, Virginia and who Jessie's sibblings were. Thank you Dottie

John R. Hollis, b: 1848 Ala. married to Sarah Elizabeth born 1846 Ala. They had a daughter named Eliza Elizabeth Hollis born July 1869. She married Calvin Henderson, they had a daughter Sarah Elizabeth Henderson born 1895 died 1988.

Sarah Moorehead Rootsweb Post

John W. Hollis - born in l814 in S.C. wife: Annie Dempsey, b: AR. 3/1873, d: 1967, children, Jewell, Sadie, Willie, John, Frederick and Margaret. (John W. Hollis/John W. Hollis/John W. Hollis/John Roger Hollis)

John Roger Hollis John W. Hollis/John W. Hollis/John W. Hollis/John Roger Hollis

John Washington Hollis b. 29 Jan 1826 m. Sarah Ann Adair b. 10 May 1843 #2. He came to Paulding Co Ga where he died in 19 July 1903. His son was James Hollis b. 23 Nov 1868 m. Sarah Delulu Pace b. 24 Nov 1868. They lived their entire lives in a community called Union in Paulding Co Ga. Homer Robert Hollis b. 24 Sept 1887 m Lula McAdams b.16 Aug 1891. Lived in Paulding Co Ga until about 1946. Pearl Hollis b 29 Mar 1908 m. Con L Cole b. 31 Oct 1905. Lived in Rockmart Polk Co Ga. Carolyn Cole b 7 Jan 1935 m. Owen Burell b. 21 Aug 1932. Lives in Rockmart Polk Co Ga.  Carolyn Burell

John William Wilson Hollis and spouse Lucinda Kester who resided in Ark., MO., and Ok about 1850. Son John William born Dalton Ark resided in Thayer MO. spouse Susan Henrietta "retta" ARY

Laura L. Barker

Joseph Hollis born about 1750 died 3 August 1779 West Bradford, Chester County, Pennsylvania married 22 July 1775 Holy Trinity, Old Swedes, Delaware to Hannah Sheward born 1755 Chester County, Pennsylvania died before 26 March 1842 West Bradford, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

James T. “Tom” Hollis California

Wilma Fleming Haynes  Joseph Hollis, George Washington Hollis, Joseph Hollis, Mary Jane Hollis

Linda Swaney Sabin

Jennifer “Jennie” Trowbridge Uppencamp Winslow, Indiana 47598 Joseph Hollis, George Washington Hollis, Thomas Hollis, George Washington Hollis, Martin Barton Hollis, Gertrude Hollis, Robert Thomas Williams, Roberta Joan Williams, Jennifer Neal Trowbridge

Joseph Hollis, 1755, PA. d: Chester Co. Pa. spouse Hannah Sheward.

Joyce A. Haggerty, [ webpage ] Family Treemaker

Joseph Hollis married Hannah SHEWARD 1775, Old Swede's Church, Wilmington, DE. Joseph died 1779, Chester Co., PA. Three children, George, Joseph, Jane. Son George (blacksmith) born ca 1776,

Tom Hollis (from Hollis-L list)

Wilma Fleming Haynes

Joseph Hollis, b. 1822 Eng , d. 1863 IA, and Martha Copperwheat; descendants Eng, IA, WI, SD, OR, CA

Holly Lundburg more at genforum

Lisa L. Jones Kathy Heintz Joseph Hollis, John Gregory Hollis, Seth Leland Hollis

Joseph HOLLIS born 17 Nov 1823, Newport, IOW. Looking for parents and siblings, Richard Compton

Joseph Post Hollis b. 1840, Talbot Co. Ga. m: Mary Catherine Green

My husband's mother was Betty Joyce Hollis born 27 Feb. 1932, death 17 Apr. 1993. Her parents were Joseph Post Hollis born 20 Apr. 1901 in AL, died of broncho pneumonia 31 Jan. 1935 and Ollie Mae Phares born 23 Feb. 1903, death 30 Oct. 1988.

Joseph's parents according to his obituary were Leroy Hancock Hollis born 28 May 1879, death 30 July 1933 and Ella Moore.

Leroy's parents were Joseph Post Hollis born 5 July 1840 in Talbot Co., GA, death 27 Sept. 1912 in Gadsden, Etowah Co., AL and Mary Catherine Green.

Joseph Post Hollis parents were Joseph Hollis and Rhoda Scogin Allums

Joseph's parents were Richard Hilton Hollis, s/o Moses and Elizabeth Hollis, and Milly Garrett.

Phoebe Forister

Joseph Riley Hollis, AL (Chambers Co?) married Rhoda Allums, dau Roxanna V. Roxanna married William Jackson Hammock, resulted Roxanna and Louisiana Hammock. Louisiana married Alonzo F Wall. Alonzo,bca1858 is son of James T Wall.

David Russell Wilson

Joseph Hollis and Rhoda Allums are my 2nd gr. grandparents. Joseph was born in Putnam Co. GA 23 Feb. 1811. Son of Richard Hollis and Milly Garrett Hollis. Rhoda b. 17 Aug. 1815 in Baldwin Co., GA, daughter of John Allums and Permelia Scogin

Joseph William Hollis born 1832 London, England and Percy Hubert Hollis born 1893(Datchet), Windsor, England Hubert Alfred Bert Hollis , (Joseph William Hollis/Joseph Thomas Hollis/Percy Hubert Hollis/Hubert Alfred Hollis)

Joseph William Hollis believed born 9 May 1830 St Saviour Southwark County Surrey England son of Joseph Hollis and Mary Bourne, married Maria Worster/Wooster 17 October 1852 St John's Church of England Waterloo Surrey, had children Elizabeth, Joseph Thomas born 4 March 1855 Southwark Surrey and Russell Richard born 5 April 1857 Southwark Surrey England.

Donna Sinclair, updated 5/02/2010

JOSHUA HOLLIS, probably born in Massachusetts ca. 1770-80, married BETSEY ADAMS (1779-?), migrated to central New York State. One known son: WILLIAM HOLLIS (1815-95). John Coffey

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Katy B. Hollis born 1872 Lyons County, Kansas married to William Dunbar; Katy had a sister named Ada born 1878 and a brother named Bernard born Kansas.

Terry Arthur

Kelsey Harvey was my grandfather, he is buried at the Lincoln cemetary Lincoln County Tennessee. He had 3 sons and 2 daughters that survived birth. Two girls and one son still survive. Thomas R. Hollis, 10/29/2010 Rootsweb post

Kisiah Hollis was My GGGgrandmother. Her mother and father were Berry Hollis and Luesia Hollida. I can not get any further than finding who her mother and father were. There are small suspicions that she was actually a very fair skinned mulato and they kept her as their own. Far fetched but I'm stuck. And later she has my GGgrandmother and there is nooo records of who her father is. It just all seems to secretive. If anyone has any info at all that they can pass on to me I would really appreciate it.
Rootsweb Post 10/29/2010

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L.G. Hollis married Ada Pauline ? Only known descendants, are O.V. Hollis, W.B. Hollis and L.V. Hollis m: Shirley Ann Polk. Pell City/Birmingham area) (Jay says these are their actual names not initials)

Jay V. Hollis

Laura Loretta Hollis b: 1854, Philadelphia, d: 9/22/1998 Philadelphia, m: John McAfee.


Leonard Commodore Hollis b: 1877, Wayne Co. Tennessee

Mick Hollis

Leslie Hollis born 8/21/1933. Birmingham Parents John Hollis and Alice May Andrews

Karen Hollis (UK)

Lewis Carrol Hollis married to Mollie Florance Williams. Lewis mother was Ellen Casteel born in 1877 died 1942 in KNoxville TN. Father believed to be Jack or Harvey, possibly Jack Harvey Hollis

Annie Hollis

Listed 4/26/2005 UPDATE BELOW

Lewis Hollis, Jr. Grandfather of Chistopher Hollis and father of Stephen Derek Hollis

My name is Emily Madson from Minnesota. I used to be Emily Hollis and my son's name is Christopher Ryan Hollis. Chris's father is Stephen Derek Hollis and I believe he still lives in Minnesota. The reason I am writing to tell you about my son is that I believe that he has a right to know and have the ability to understand who and where he came from. Just so that you know, Chris is only 4 years old and will be 5 in the summer. I also know that Chris's grandmother is named Michelle Sonnier-Warwas and she is in jail in Shakopee Minnesota. Chris's grandfather is Lewis Hollis Jr. and I believe that he lives in South Carolina. That is really all I know about the Hollis's as I am divorced and took my maiden name back. If you would like to list Christopher or if you would like further information, please e-mail me at e.madson@mchsi.com or Christopher at c.hollis@mchsi.com. Best of luck in your future endevors.  e-mail: Emily Madson (Deleted some items, Bill)

UPDATED 6/20/2005

Dear Bill, You listed my son Christopher Hollis under Lewis Hollis Jr. To update the record, could you also put that Tristan Hollis was born on December 5, 2003 to Stephen Hollis and Leeann Ball. Also, Stephen became married on June 8, 2005 to a woman named Heather and I am sure she took the Hollis name. That is all the updating I have for now. Thank you. Emily Madson

Lillian Hollis married 1908 to Herbert Raymond Moncrief born 3 July 1889 Courtney Barber Tompkins

Lillian Ruth Hollis who married Joseph Christie Dyas. Lillian was from Frankfort, Ky and her parents last name was Fowler. Lillian also had a sister named Marjorie who was married to Montegue Love. Lillian was my grand mother and I would love to leard more about her and my family. Please e-mail me if you have any info or ideas.

Gloria Bingel

Lottie Kate Hollis b. 6/23/1912, Oklahoma City, OK - her birth certificate was lost in a courthouse fire; she says her people are those who founded Hollis, OK. (Note from Bill Cook: If this is a fact she would be related to my G.W. Hollis who founded Hollis Harmon Co., Oklahoma, I don't have any info on this part of the family, Bill Cook) Her parents are: Marion HOLLIS and Deena (Deanie?) SEALE(S?) (daughter of James SEALE). Marion has two sisters and one brother: Deena Marian (Marion?); Lena, b. aft 1914; and Calvin, b. 1884. Marion and Deena had four children: -Beulah Anne, b. 9/11/1902 (her death certificate says 1914, but my grandmother swears it's because she lied to her husband about her age) in Moundville, Hale County, Alabama, d. 9/5/1975 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida, m. Raymond E. Polchow; -John Brown, b. abt 1909 -Lottie Kate-Marion Rebecca, b. 10/22/1914 in Moundville, d. 6/18/1995 in St. Petersburg, Florida, m. (for one) Johnny (Gianni?) Mollo

Courtney Hott

Louis Waldo Hollis b. June 5, 1893 in Dayton, OH d. Feb 18, 1936 in Sidney, OH and Helen Rosemarie (McGill) Hollis b. Jan 13, 1898 in Columbus, OH and d. Feb 17, 1960 in Albuquerque, NM. My aunt purchased a large framed picture with portraits of each at a flea market. Louis is wearing a WWI uniform. I cannot imagine anyone putting family photographs up for sale. The sticker on the back had their names and dates as well as where the picture was framed. The frame shop was called "The Sampler, Needlework Suppliers and Custom Framing" and the address was: 915 Farmington Ave, Farmington, NM 87401. From what I have found, this place no longer exists but I could be wrong. If anyone knows anything about these people or their family please let me know so that I can return this picture to the family. Thank you. Carmen

Lucille Hollis Born Aug.5,1918 died May,1986 father John Hollis Mother Lena connor. Lucille Hollis B-Aug.5,1918 D-May,1986 they ended up in Augusta, AR. married three time my grandfather is Arthur Sparks B-Jan.12,1902 D-Feb.2,2003 father-John Gid Hollis B-1872 D-1961, mother-Lena Mary Conner Sept 15,1899-Jan 10,1966 both in Fakes Cemetery,Woodruff Co.,Arkansas John's father Rubin Hollis from Louisville,Miss mother-lou slone  do you have anything on this? any help please  Vickie Updated 9/14/2007

Luther A and Ellen F (Smith) Hollis and his brother, Milton Ambrose and Reppa (Glass) Hollis. Their other brother, Martin B Hollis, was my GG Grandfather. I have burial dates from Crown Hill Cem.in Marion County, Indianapolis Jennifer Trowbridge Uppencamp genforum posting

Lydia Hollis born 1786, died 1870 . Bill, I am trying to find information about Lydia Hollis born 1786, died 1870 . Think I may have given wrong birthdate in previous email. Lydia was born in Maryland, died in Wetzel, West Virginia. She married a Postlethwait. Any clues?
Mary Schultz Forman Am great great great great granddaughter Thank you Posted 6/20/2013

Lydia Hollis, somehow related to Moses Knighton

Jim Reddick

first names beginning with M
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M. Elizabeth "Ellie" Hollis and Jesse Albert McDaniel of Wood Co.,Tx, parents: John Hollis, Melissa Stringer.

Barbara "Bobby" Koch

Mae Hollis married Arthur Bahr abt. 1918 dtr Janet Bahr b: 1919

Abby Hollis-Gray

Malcolm R Hollis born in 1909 (feb 25) Tennessee - He died in 1981 or 82 . do not have his parents names but one brother and sister included but not all: Lucille and Cletus If anyone can help that would be appreciated.
Rena Hollis Pemble 5/11/2010

Malinda Mae Hollis Patterson - born 2/2/1919, Her dad was Charles Loy Hollis, His dad was William G. Hollis, m: Sallie Arledge, 2/6/1898.

Jakie Patterson Spinks

Mandy Hollis' son, Bart Hollis and Hassie Simmons of Athens/Washington area of Georgia.

Hassie Carolyn Hollis

Marlin Hollis, b: 1928 in Fort Worth, TX. m: Dorothy June Anderson

LaFaye Sutkin [ webpage (click on direct line) Ged2html ]

Martha Hollis m: Henry Miller who was born abt. 1859 and died 1935, Martha died 1902


Martha Clemme Louise Hollis born July 28, 1868 in Alabama, and died 8/23/1940, m: Charles Marion Hall 1886

Barbara Howard

Added 1/01/2006 Mary HOLLIS born Kingston upon Thames circa 1815. Dont know much about her but would appreciate being upon your list.

Joe in Sydney

Mary Hollis, daughter of John Hollis was born about 1823 in Barnes UK. She was married 28 Feb 1847 in St Lukes, Chelsea, London to Charles Clifford.

(Dr) John Clifford

Mary Hollis, born March 15, 1841, Married- William Wilson . She died June 19, 1906, and is burried in Chadron, Neb. There were several children from this union including my grandmother, Sarah Erma (Dollie) Wilson, at least two sisters Jennie, and Grace. I have a picture of the gravesite in Chadron. Neb. taken in 1982, but have been unable to find much more.

Allene Boaz Johnson

Mary Anne Hollis who married Francis M. Callahan. I don't know anything else about her except that one of her children was Mary Francis Callahan who married Henry Minor Askew in Flint, Alabama. Mary Francis Callahan was born 6-7-1866 to May 14, 1914.


Mary Amanda Hollis who married Thomas Hendon in Harford County, Maryland on 1 May 1832.

Karen Hollis Swenson

Mary Ann Hollis born about 1821 Dudley, Worcester, England married to John Rhodes and had a son named Richard Rhodes. She was living in Denaby, York, England in 1881.

Lyn Beroth

Mary Ann B. Hollis married to Thomas Buell Burris, in Campbell County, Georgia, died Whelen Springs Arkansas in 1937. Have other information.

Thomas Burris

Mary Catherine HOLLIS b.15 May 1841 in Kent Co. Deleware, d. 14 Oct 1924 in Troy, Madison, IL Parents were: Enoch HOLLIS b. 25 November 1807 in Sussex Co. Deleware m. Mary Ellen (Salesbury) RICHARDSON on 25 Nov 1838, b. 1819 in Maryland. She was the 2nd wife of Enoch HOLLIS Enoch died 17 April 1873 and buried in Troy, IL Cemetery.

Lou Schairer

Mary Jane Hollis before she married. She then became Mary Jane Davis she married Andrew Davis and they had 7 kids. Their names are/were (s) Aron, (d) Katie, (d) Zuma, (s) Oscar, (d) Eva, (s) Lavance (d) Carney or Connie. If anyone has any info please e-mail me at Roy. Thanks

Mary Jane Weeks Hollis, b: AL. died in Winfield, AL supposedly. (Spouse Lonnie Hollis) She had a young girl that was staying with her. The young girl had pictures and genealogy info on the Vickery side of the family. If anyone knows of either person, please e-mail me at lushellm@yahoo.com

Lushell Cole / Genforum Hollis Post

May M. Hollis born 5 March 1838 and William Benjamin Norrington

Sue Miller Biener

Middleton Hollis born 1816 in Chester County. South Carolina married to Eleanor (Ellen) when he was 18, she was 16. Three sons Warren, Charles T. and John M. born prior to leaving Chester County in 1843. Middleton and wife died in Chattooga County, Georgia

Patrick D. Hollis

Minerva Hollis, born Weymouth MA 8 Feb 1867. I believe her to be the daughter of Thomas Hollis (Jr?) a bootmaker, of Weymouth, and Sarah Shaw, born Abington MA. Minerva married George F. SPEAR, salesman, born Medford MA.

Gena Gates Lally

Minnie Hollis (b. 1898, Pugwash, Nova Scotia) Believe parents to be John Hollis and Laura Adshade(?)

Chad Fairbanks

Minnie Lee Hollis B. 1879 Alabama and goes to Samuel Hollis 1610 Massachusetts
Kathy 9/01/2014

Moses Hollis born abt 1757 and Elizabeth

Victoria Dean

Moses Hollis, Sr. born 1707 and Rosanna (Berry) Hagan of Fairfield County, South Carolina

Edna Ruth Harrell , FTM 6.0

Gail Fryes BAD E-MAIL LOOKING!! , Bill GF-Ottis Hollis his mother Barbara Hollis dtr of Daniel G.W. Hollis, Jonathan Shelton Hollis, whos father was Elijah Venson Jr. whos father was Elijah Venson Sr. Whos father was Moses Hollis Sr. Moses was married to Rosannah Berry

John Scott, [ Webpage Ged2html ]

Karan Fletcher , Family Treemaker 5.0, Family Origins 7.0, and Generations.

Kim Chance [Hollis page] [Mainpage]

Melinda T. Crowder , e-mail @ work: edelhaus@email.unc.edu , Family Tree Maker Program E-mail returned as undeliverable 11/10/1999

Patricia B. Hogg

Regina “Gina” Dollison , Personal Ancestry File, Family Tree Maker

Renva Brunson

Victoria A. Brannon Pickrell , Family Tree Maker

Annie Hollis Foster

Moses Hollis born abt 1707 England died 16 August 1849 Fairfax County Virginia (May be same as above)

Charles W. Hollis

Mose Hollis thru son William Billy Hollis and Mary Priscilla Hendricks thru son James Grady Hollis born 23 October 1897 Georgia? and Mattie Rogers (Mose Hollis/William Billy Hollis/James Grady Hollis/Grady Pearl Hollis/Lavinia Huff)

Rhonda H. Kimbrel, (No e-mail contact Richard or see his list for address).

Lavinia Huff Huffman

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Nancy Hollis, d/o Moses and Rosanna (Hagan) Hollis. There has been controversy over who Nancy married. After considerable time and effort several reseachers have determined through, documented info only, that she was married to Richard Gladden probably from Camden Dist, Kershaw County

Edna Ruth Harrell , FTM 6.0

Nancy Hollis married Peter Kennedy, son Edmund Kennedy born in Indiana and died in Minnesota

Peter O'Brien

Nancy Armenta Rebecca Hollis born 3/15/1860. Her father was James Madison Hollis born 9/16/1823

Lea Neilson

Nancy Belle Hollis, b: Jan. 8, 1859 Acorn Ridge, Stoddard,MO

Doug Bawden, [webpage]

Nancy Rebecca Arminta Hollis, Hollis family book by Lonnie Deaton

Lonnie Deaton

Nathaniel Hollis (Father: John Hollis) of Nova Scotia, m: Mary Ann McDonald

Chad Fairbanks

Newton Hollis married to Charlotte Loveless. They had 3 children: Tillman, born: 1861, Samatha, born 1863 and Seymour, born October, 27, 1868. Seymour was born in Greenfield, OH and died February 19, 1948. He married Carrie Bell CHEEK, she was born: May 13, 1889 in Paint Twp., Highland Co., OH. Seymour married Carrie on March 23, 1889 in Ross Co., OH. Their children were: Delmar, Glenn, Henery, Mabel, Nellie, Floyd, Ethel Lilly, Walter and Lela.

Ethel Lilly HOLLIS was born: April 18, 1890 in Greenfield, OH and died: August 1, 1981 in Springfield, OH. She was married 1904 to Wallace Blain CAREY born: January 18, 1885 in Careytown, OH he died: June 4, 1926 in Springfield, OH and they are both buried in Ferncliff Cemetery, Springfield, OH. They had 3 children: Hazel M. born: 2-12-1905, Alfred James, Sr. born: March 1, 1906, and Lucille Frances born: July 25, 1912. James Alfred was my Grandfather. He died February 24, 1980 in Troy, OH and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery, Troy, OH.

Would like very much to know more about Seymour Hollis and who his parents were. Have been looking for several months now and haven't been able to find anything yet. Thank you for your time. I hope this information will help someone else. Kathleen (CAREY) INSKEEP my e-mail is: .

Kathleen (Carey) Inskeep

Newman Hollis, m: Martha Kirk, his parents John and Elizabeth Hollis, England and Australia

Col Farrawell ,[ webpage ][ main webpage ]

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Olive (Ollie) Hollis, dau. of William Jefferson Hollis (1858-1942) and Mary Frances Penny (1860-1940), married Bill Goble and had the following children: Joyce Marie, Eddie, Billy, Wayne, Mary, Donnie, Clifford and Wendal. I'm Aunt Ollie's great niece, Tennie Hollis-Horn's granddaughter.

Shirley Bray

Oliver Hollis born 1826 in Fairfield County, SC and his mother, Keziah Hollis. She was the daughter of Burrell and Elizabeth Hollis, Fairfield County, SC.

Edna Ruth Hollis Harrell , Family Treemaker v 6.0

Oliver Hollis, born June 1845 Georgia, listed as black and later as mulatto

Deborah Hollis [webpage]

Otis Hollis born 23 April 1914 Randolph County, Alabama died 13 December 1960 LaGrange, Georgia married Flora “Bessie” Hodge. Otis’ father may be James William Hollis who married Maggie Engles.

Jill Rodibaugh

first names beginning with P

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Parks Hollis married Kathryn Teresa Waller (b. 1900, d. 1981) from Montgomery, AL. They lived in Montgomery, AL and St. Andrews, FL. They had one son, Parks Hollis, Jr. Parks Hollis, Jr. (b. Oct 5. 1929, d. Jan. 17, 1989) married Elizabeth Collins Belser (b. Sep 5, 1931 d. July 12, 1987) from Montgomery, AL in 1967. They had one daughter Kathryn Elizabeth Hollis (Kate) (b. Sep 12, 1968) and one son Parks Hollis, III (b. Feb. 19, 1971).

Parks Hollis, III

Paul Dwain Hollis and wife Nichole Eleanor Krafft through son Travis James Hollis


Paulina Susannah Hollis, dtr of William Hollis and Martha E. ? b: 1828/1829 TN m: William Alexander Thompson, 7/31/1845, Cannon Co., Tennessee

Cathy Wood Osborn,Updated 8/13/2016

Pearlie Grace Hollis married Willie Larkin Williams she was born 4-18-1884 d: 10-3-1961 she was buried at Hokes bluff Al. near Gadsden,Willie Larkin was born in Panola CO Tx.(Beckville) on 4-13-1878, his father was Will Williams and his mother was Katherine Tatum Gumm, he died 11-2-1935 in Hokes Bluff Al

Dianne Kelsey

Pearlie Gertrude Hollis, b: 1903, Wayne Co. Tn. died 1/24/1980 married Jake Fisher

Tracy Payne, [ webpage ] Family Treemaker

Listed 8/21/2005 Permelia Hollice or Hollis born about 1832 in S.C. married William M. Austin born abt. 1823 in GA. Permelia is also listed on the census as Mealie, Mila C and Pemelia.

In 1880 she is married and living in Sanford Co. Ala (now Lamar Co). The mother of Permelia Hollis Austin is Sarrah or Sarah Hollice or Hollis b. abt 1810 in SC. According to the 1880 census Sarrah Hollice is living w/ her daughter and her husband William Austin.

I am trying to figure out who the father of Permelia is? The only other info I have is the 1850 Census shows Pemelia living in the household of Rebecca, Sarah and Monroe Hollice. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Melanie

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None yet

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R. Hollis abt 1814 and his wife Mary Catharine ? Hollis born Al. Abt 1838. In 1860, Marion, La. they have 2 children, J.W.Hollis-born Ar. age 10 and Reuben Hollis age 1 born La. On the 1870 census(La. Union) She is listed as living with Celia Cook and children. Catharine has 2 more children Thomas and Josephine , they are never listed on another census. I think these families may have Native Ancestry as the maternal side of my family are on the Cherokee rolls and I think my Hollis's may be on the Choctaw! CrlPhil2@aol.comBAD E-MAIL, NEED A NEW ONE !!! 7-03-2014

Ralph Hollis born 1913 Kansas (Ralph’s father is David Hollis)

Stan Reed

Raymond Hollis, married Virginia Pearl Montgomery,dates unknown

Scott Montgomery or Jack montgomery,

Reginald Hollis and Maude Hollis (nee Simpkin) who lived in the Clapham (London SW) area in the 1940's and 1950's. All I know is that Reg and Maude were married sometime between 1947 and 1952, definitely had at least one child, and that Maude was born sometime between 1925 and 1935. Andrea Marchant Message at Rootsweb Hollis board

Reuben Hollis, son of William who was son of James and Sarah. Reuben Hollis was born in S.C. aprox 1779 to 1785. He married Mary Unknown

Nancy Sanders

Rueben Hollis b: 1823 in Nottingham. He was married to Grace Wilson b:1831 in Selby, Yorkshire. They had 2 children that I have documents on,  Hannah b:1866 and Jane b: 1859 I found him in 1871 census aged 48 with wife Grace and daughters Jane and Annie(must be Hannah). I found Grace in 1881 but no Rueben. in 1991 Grace is a widow. my email is  Deborah 2/03/2007

Reuben H. Hollis born Dec.,1858 in Union Parish, La. He married Margarett Butler in October 9,1881 and had 3 daughters,married Lou P. Simmons August 7,1892 and had sons-Rufus Boman,James Acey, Homer Vester,John P., Marvin Clayton, and Reuben Herman, and a daughter Senna Mae. Also a son William (Bill) that died as a young person. Any relation to other Hollis's in Farmerville, Spearsville, Marion or Downsville? He had a sister M. Frances Hollis married James Wesley Cox in 1892

Carolyn Hollis PhillipsBAD E-MAIL!! 7/03/2014 Might also check Rueben

Richard Hollis b. ca 1718 London, England who married Pleasant Whitaker in 1738 at Bishopsgate, St. Boltoph, London.They had at least three children: Ann, Richard and Thomas. The first two were born in England but Thomas appears to have been born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Earle Irvine updated 2/22/2010

12/05/2010 Richard Hollis, 1816, Pittsylvania, VA d: 1891 Kansas
Bill, I have hit the brick wall on my Richard Hollis, have yet to find parents or siblings. I have checked various sites for more information, no luck. Are there a lot of Hollis lines out of North & South Carolina? There should be a connection somewhere with my Richard Hollis. All my information comes from birth, marriage,death & census records so I'm pretty sure it is correct.

There were other Hollis & Mustin marriages in Guilford County North Carolina from 1830 through 1840's. My hope is to get in contact with anyone working on these Surnames.

Please post the following on your site, thanks in advance. Lois Reeves

Richard Hollis (obits states 12 children) Born: Pittsylvania Va May 3, 1816 (father born South Carolina 1880 Census) Died: Whiting (Holton) Kansas March 27, 1891 Married: Mary Mustin September 16, 1846 Guilford County North Carolina Born: about 1832 North Carolina (daughter of W. Mustin) Died: August 14, 1878 Estill County KY

Note: In researching this line all contacts had been told that Mustin line and maybe Hollis are of Indian decent. I have seen this mentioned on Mustin research.

Migration information for Richard Hollis
Pittsylvania Va 1816
Guilford County Noth Carolina 1846
Hawkins County Tenn. 1850/1864 (Civil War, Union)
Estill County Ky by 1870 / late 1880's
Holton Kansas late 1880's / death 1891 (Richard Hollis & sons)
Children:(obits states 12 children)
(1)Frances Elizabeth Hollis (need 1st marriage & death information) Born: 1847 Hawkins County Tenn. Married: (1) Unknown Harris 1861/1866
Married: (2) Parson Jenkins 1866 Estill County KY
Died: Unknown (maybe Hawkins County Tenn before August 1878, may have had a daughter Mary Frances Jenkins Born 1876, she is located on 1880 Hawkins County Tenn. Census with Parson Jenkins & his (2)wife Martha Bear
(2)Martha Ann Hollis married Henry Thomas Reeves, Estill County KY (My Line), (3)Amanda C.Hollis (4)James Tom Hollis (5)Mary Hollis (6)Nancy Hollis (7)William Hollis (8)Susan Hollis (9)Leah Hollis (10)Henry J Hollis (11)Unknown (12)Unknown Eliza Hollis age 18 yrs. living in household with Richard Hollis on Hawkins Co Tenn. 1850 Census, (maybe a sister or daughter to Richard) I have hit the brick wall on my Richard Hollis, have yet to find parents or siblings. I have checked various sites for more information, no luck. Are there a lot of Hollis lines out of North & South Carolina? There should be a connection somewhere with my Richard Hollis. All my information comes from birth, marriage,death & census records so I'm pretty sure it is correct. There were other Hollis & Mustin marriages in Guilford County North Carolina from 1830 through 1840's. My hope is to get in contact with anyone working on these Surnames. Please post the following on your site, thanks in advance. Lois Reeves Richard Hollis (obits states 12 children) Born: Pittsylvania Va May 3, 1816 (father born South Carolina 1880 Census) Died: Whiting (Holton) Kansas March 27, 1891 Married: Mary Mustin September 16, 1846 Guilford County North Carolina Born: about 1832 North Carolina (daughter of W. Mustin) Died: August 14, 1878 Estill County KY Note: In researching this line all contacts had been told that Mustin line and maybe Hollis are of Indian decent. I have seen this mentioned on Mustin research. Migration information for Richard Hollis Pittsylvania Va 1816 Guilford County Noth Carolina 1846 Hawkins County Tenn. 1850/1864 (Civil War, Union) Estill County Ky by 1870 / late 1880's Holton Kansas late 1880's / death 1891 (Richard Hollis & sons) Children:(obits states 12 children) (1)Frances Elizabeth Hollis (need 1st marriage & death information) Born: 1847 Hawkins County Tenn. Married: (1) Unknown Harris 1861/1866 Married: (2) Parson Jenkins 1866 Estill County KY Died: Unknown (maybe Hawkins County Tenn before August 1878, may have had a daughter Mary Frances Jenkins Born 1876, she is located on 1880 Hawkins County Tenn. Census with Parson Jenkins & his (2)wife Martha Bear (2)Martha Ann Hollis married Henry Thomas Reeves, Estill County KY (My Line), (3)Amanda C.Hollis , (4)James Tom Hollis, (5)Mary Hollis, (6)Nancy Hollis, (7)William Hollis, (8)Susan Hollis, (9)Leah Hollis, (10)Henry J Hollis, (11)Unknown, (12)Unknown
Eliza Hollis age 18 yrs. living in household with Richard Hollis on Hawkins Co Tenn. 1850 Census, (maybe a sister or daughter to Richard)
Lois Reeves Posted 12/05/2010

Richard Hollis age 24 ( my grandfather) who is in the 1930 Jackson Co. Arkansas census w/ wife Rosa (Terry) age 17 and Terry in-laws no children yet. I know his father is Arthur and mother Emma (Bice). The 1930 census says Richard and Emma born in Arkansas, but Arthur born in Mississippi. Any help? Thanks, Ricky Nuckles 6/03/2010

Richard Hollis born 1849 Wellington New Zealand. However I am looking for his parents Robert Hollis and Harriet Sharp, I understand born in England.

Brian James Hollis

Richard C. Hollis born Feb 1848 Georgia married 27 March 1870 Jackson County, Georgia Martha M. Akins born about 1855 Georgia.

Glenn Thomas Hollis, Sr. (Richard C. Hollis/James Walter Hollis/John Henry Hollis/Glenn Thomas Hollis, Sr.) [webpage]

Hassie Carolyn Hollis Richard C. Hollis, Bart R. Hollis

Lynne M. Hendrix Richard C. Hollis, James Walter Hollis, John Henry Hollis, Margaret L. Hollis, Lynne Monts

Margaret L. Hollis   Richard C. Hollis

Bill Dottery, LDS Family Center in Athens (grandson of Mary Jane Hollis, sister of Richard C. Hollis)

Allen Collier John W. Collier, Allen Q.Collier, Allen Collier (Two of Allen Q.'s sisters married Hollis's, Annie Odessa Collier married Richard's son George W. Hollis.)

Richard C. Hollis born Feb 1848 Georgia and Mandy (Manda) R. Hollis born Jan 1878 Georgia

Hassie Carolyn Hollis Richard C. Hollis, Bart R. Hollis

Allen Collier Winter Park, Florida John W. Collier, Allen Q.Collier, Allen Collier (Two of Allen Q.'s sisters married Hollis's, Annie Odessa Collier married Richard's son George W. Hollis.)

Richard C. Hollis b Feb 1847 d 1912 Clarke County Georgia thru his youngest daughter in the first family Mary Jane Hollis.

Bill Dottery

Richard Fredrick Hollis born 31 Aug 1894 Missouri, died 17 July 1982 Eldon, Miller County, Missouri (he had a sister named Margaret) married to Pearl through son Richard Fredrick Hollis, Jr. born 4 March 1924 Missouri.

Richard L. Hollis Richard Fredrick Hollis, Richard Fredrick Hollis, Jr., Richard L. Hollis

Richard Henry Hollis b: Wednesbury, Staffs England 1842 and md to Mary Ann Roberts in Birmingham, England in 1867. They moved to Philadelphia, PA in about 1870 with brothers Auther (Authur), and James and possibly sister Elizabeth Jane. Their parents Richard H and Elizabeth Cresswell also emigrated (poss at same time) and were buried in Hampden, PA. Richard Henry had 4 sons - Richard Cresswell Hollis who md Emma and had Emma Elizabeth and Arthur. Arthur who md Lillian who had Raymond A and Lillian. William H Hollis who md Mary Ann and had Ada, and Francis S(tephen?) who md Minnie L(orraine? Chase?) and had Francis and Wm and moved via OH to NY. Died poss 1935. Brother Authur was last known in Columbia, PA in 1900 census with wife Mary and chn (Howard, Wm, Jennie M and Gertrude A). Brother James was also last known in Phil, PA in 1900C with wife Alice E and chn (Joseph, Mabel, frank D and Wm D). Sister Elizabeth Jane - no trace.

There was a contact on Francis Stephen - a William "Bill" Hollis of Fairfield CT (bhollis@netsynergy.com) who seems to have disappeared or possibly died if he was Francis Stephen's son? Paul Roberts Perthshire, Scotland  7/27/2008

Richard T. Hollis, m: Louise Nolan

Leona M. Johnson,

Richard Hollis born 1792 and Catherine Link born 24 Aug 1792 married 1813 in Virginia

Tim L. Merrill (Contact Richard for address)

Debbie Boyias

Richard Hollis born about 1852 Georgia married before 1872 to Mary born about 1855 Georgia

Glenn Thomas Hollis, Sr.

Richard? Hollis and Mary of Philadelphia

Bill Hollis

River Hollis he lived in nova scotia in 1881 was Scottish and C. Presbyterian


Robert Hollis and Mary E. Linn married 1880 with children Anna, Jane, John, Elizabeth, Sada and Joseph


Robert Hollis B:18 Jun 1932 D:18 June 2000 in Bald knob Arkansas White County He was married to Flossie (Woods) Hollis, B: 11 March 17, 1934 and died in California 13 Jun 1971, any info would be greatful. Updated 8/06/2007 I have been told that Flossie is alive and well in Bald Knob Arkansas by Hellen Hollis, 8/14/2007, Bill

Debra Hoover or Debra Hoover

Robert Hollis (black) grndfthr May 7, 1886 – Feb 14 1927 born in Riverton, Colbert County Alabama to Anthony Hollis 1850 - ? and Susin (Johnson) Hollis 1860 - ?. !st data Anthony Hollis 1870 Alabama Census, Colbert County, Chickasaw post office. My grndfthr Robert Hollis died when my father (also Robert ) was 3 mo. old. Assumed my grnd fthr was an only child till discovering 1890 Census.He had 11 siblings. Met the Sheltons/Goodloe/off springs of my grndfthr siblings in 1989. Catfish4@bellsouth.net

Robert Hollis married Mary Rice in KY. Their child was Craven Peyton Hollis was born Aug. 15th 1819 m. Nancy R. Howell on Sept. 4th, 1842 in Shelby KY. He then married Kate Stutsman b. abt. 1842, on Oct. 26th, 1858 in Leesville, Lawrence Co. Indiana. Their children were: Laura Hollis b. Abt. 1858-9 / Hattie Hollis b.abt. 1865 / Nellie Hollis b. abt. 1868 / Jessie Hollis (Fe) b. abt. 1870 / Kitty Hollis b. abt. 1875 / and Craven Peyton Hollis Jr. b. abt. 1878

Rosie Fuller Genealogy Page  Main page

Robert Craig Hollis, Sr. and Ada Havener

Bill Hollis , (Robert Craig Hollis, Sr./William Arthur Hollis, Sr./William Arthur Hollis, Jr.)

Robert Luke Hollis m: Ethel Longley

Georgann and Wayne Hunter, [ webpage, ]

Listed 3/28/2005

Robert Nelson Hollis and Elizabeth ( Lizzie) Hollis will be appreciated.in 1900 Graham, Arizona Territory census , they have 4 children: Johnie( Nov 1892), Lon ( Jan 1887), George( March 1886) and Pete ( Feb 1889) . 1910 Census has Robert and Elizabeth living in the Apache Natl Forest. I know that Robert Nelson Hollis died at Globe, AZ in 1922. I havent been able to find him and Lizzie on any 1920 Az Census... Robert Nelson was the son of John Durham and Mary Roberson Hollis of Erath County, Texas.Robert spent time in the Texas penetentiary for a murder committed in Erath County around 1880. Joe Lee

Listed 4/26/2005

Rueben Mahile Hollis( born January 8,1968 Died October 1952) is my G Grandfather. Darling Hollis(Born 1820 or 1823 or 1830)(My GG Grandfather) is his father and I really would like to find who this particular Darlings parents are and where he might have died. He married Sarah Ann Nolan. I believe finding this Darlings parents will answer a lot of my questions. With him being list as a Jr. in the 1850 and 1860 census I thought his father might be Darling Hollis( Born 1804 in S.C.)(Right now I call him Darling Sr.). I have come to believe that he was an Uncle. e-mail: Marcus Hollis

Ruff Stewart Hollis born 1886 Georgia died 1960 Eastland County, Texas married Johnnie Pearl born 1889 Alabama died 1946 Eastland County, Texas. Children: Louise Hollis born 1909, son Carl Stewart Hollis and Roy Coleman Hollis born 17 July 1915.

Kimberly Bland Henricks (Ruff S. Hollis, Carl Stewart Hollis, Dorothy Louise Hollis, Kimberly Bland)

First names S

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Sallie Addeline Hollis married Forest Greely Gladden

Donald Allen Family Treemaker [Main webpage]

Samuel Hollis b. ca. 1852, he married a Ella A ?. He lived in Jefferson Twp. Grant Co. In. in 1880 census. They had two sons William age 2, and Arthur age 4 months. Samuel is listed as a Doctor in Upland, Indiana. He was the son of William and Margaret Roberts Hollis.

Pam Salsis

Samuel Hollis and Deborah Tower of Sagadahoc,Maine. son: Richard Hollis born 30 May 1787 was in Maryland after the turn of the century, Son: Samuel Hollis and Deborah Tower married 15 January 1734/35 in Scituate, Plymouth County, Massachusetts through son Richard Hollis born 30 May 1787 who married Sarah Hanscome 13 Feb 1777 Cumberland, Maine

Rae Prichard , Family Tree Maker , (Samuel Hollis/Richard Hollis/David Hollis/George Hollis/Mary F. Hollis/Mabel Ann Bellville/Vera D. Crouch/Rae Erickson)

Samuel A Hollis b (abt) 1865, wife: Maltilda Jane McKowen b (abt) 1865 PA children: Frank,David,Margaret,Tersa,William,Joseph,Isabel,Anna,James all children were born in Pennsylvania

Sharon McGowan

Samuel D. (Or P) Hollis born 1824 Georgia and Amanda Johns born 1825 Georgia married 16 February 1843 in Campbell County, Georgia

Myron C. Pebbles

Margie B. Etter (Samuel D. Hollis, William Travis Hollis, Thomas Martin Hollis, Mattie Lorena Hollis, Paul Heddleston) [webpage]

pbrawlins@yahoo.com (Samuel D. Hollis, William Travis Hollis, Thomas Martin Hollis, James Lee Hollis)

Listed 7/27/2005 Holly (Dean) Homan

Samuel David HOLLIS (b: 21 Dec 1844 near Louisville, KY d: 1916); 1/4 Delaware(?) Indian; Iowa m: Mary Jane Sherrin (d: 14 Aug 1925)

Gen2: Charles Thomas (or Thomas Charles) HOLLIS; Iowa m: Caroline Elizabeth SCHLOE / Fred HOLLIS; Iowa m: Nora E. ? / Leighton (or Laton or Layton) HOLLIS; Missouri m: Lila ? / Louis HOLLIS; Texas m: Lela ? / Harry HOLLIS; Missouri m1: Mayme ? m2: Gertrude ? / Jessie Violet ("Vi") HOLLIS; Kansas m: William Dickerson / Maude HOLLIS; Missouri possible husbands: James Knight, Harry Wolverton, ? O'Flarety / Lorena HOLLIS; Nebraska / Florence HOLLIS

Gen3: Charles Bernard HOLLIS; Florida m: Mary Rebecca Hatfield (Hatfield/McCoys) / Dorothea Lorena HOLLIS; Iowa m: Donald Charles Davis / Henry Adolf HOLLIS; Iowa / Herman Edward HOLLIS (the FBI agent); Iowa m: Genevieve Byron / F. HOLLIS; Iowa m: Vera ? / Mary Jane HOLLIS / Virginia HOLLIS / Jean HOLLIS / Marshall HOLLIS; California / Chloe HOLLIS

Derek Davis

Samuel "Sam" J. Hollis b.April 14,1889 in Louisiana d. July 19, 1924 TX. - found dead on the front porch. Lived around Trinity county TX. Buried At Lynch's Chapel in Cherokee County, TX.m. Evie Green Beatrice Pyle. Children: Ruby, Ludie, James and Annie V. Evie was 4-5 months pregnant when Sam died and the infant reportedly [male] lived only a few weeks. Some of Sam's siblings: Annie V., Frank, Isaac, Walter L. and Cleveland. J.B. Hill 4/18/2007

Samuel J. "Sam" Hollis are: Born: July 31, 1845 in Jefferson County, Texas. Married: 1862 to Nancy Snider who was born in Alabama in 1843. She was of Swiss ancestry. She died in 1883. "Sam" was a Confederate Veteran. He served as a soldier from Feb. 13, 1861 to May 20, 1865 in Co. "J" 13th Inf. Burnett's Regiment. He enlisted in Orange County, TX and served in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. He was discharged at Hempstead, TX. He died April 27, 1926 at Possum Walk, Trinity County, TX 1926. Joel Mack Hollis, Spring, TX 4/21/2007

Samuel J. Hollis born April 14, 1889 Louisiana. Died July 19,1924 & buried in Cherokee county Texas. I believe his parents were Ben & Clara Hollis from Alabama. His siblings were Annie, Isaac, Frank, Cleveland & Walter that I know of. He married Eva Green Beatrice Pyle in SE Texas. The families lived around Cherokee, Houston & Trinity counties. His sister Annie stayed in Louisiana, Rapides Parish most of her life it seems, and married WP Thornhill.I can't find any info on Ben & Clara other than the 1880 census in Rapides Parish Louisiana.Do you have any info?

Thanks Janna Hill 5/15/2008

Samuel T. Hollis of Chester County, SC. His father could have been Brunson/Branson/Ransom Hollis as the census of Chester has it spelled 3 ways over 30 years. Interested in a son Samuel T who may have had a son named William born about 1857. Would like to know what anyone has on this William Hollis and Samuel T. My great grandfather was William Hollis and on 1880 census was 22, married to a Darcus Wyatt and lived in York county. If anyone has marriage of these 2 would make my day. Darcus was 19 in 1880, they had a daughter Susan who later died. In 1900 census they were living in Gaston County, NC

Terry James Hollis

Samual W. Hollis circa 1884 m.Lula Caperton, My Hollis family is from the Winston Co. MS. area, originally from South Carolina. My grandfather Samuel, His father: Reuben b. circa 1848 m. Louvenia (believe is second marriage.) His father: Osborn b. circa 1814 m. Mary. His father Reuben is my brick wall. I haven't been able to document his parents....there are so many Reubens. I believe that this Reuben b.circa 1785-1795 also m. a Mary born in Fairfield ,NC. and had two other children, Ransom and Elizabeth. From father to gggrandfather. i would love to complete this lineage.

Thanks all, Ruth Self 5/15/2008

Sarah Hollis B: 1819 M: Samuel Reason moved to Snenton, Nottingham. Father John Hollis.

Karen Cupples

Listed 3/23/2003 Sarah A. HOLLIS (possibly Anna or Annabelle) and would be happy to email it to anyone that might be interested in having it. The picture was taken with my grandfather, Bert L. WREN, they were married May 7, 1899 in Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Listed 9/29/2005 Sarah Hollis Keenan lived in Lanscutgh, NY. Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Troy NY. Any information about her or her family is appreciated. Her mother my grt grandmother was Elizabeth Bassett Hollis. Cathy Keenan Burdick

Listed 8/01/2006 Sarah Sallie Hollis,  (My maternal 4th great-grandmother) daughter of Moses Hollis and Elizabeth Akin. She married James Doster. I am direct through their daughter, Lurena, who married Solomon Land. I would like to be listed to share info with others. As far as I can figure, Sarah's ancestry goes: Sarah Sallie, Lt. Moses, Nottley, and John. I recently purchased the book, "The Hollies" by Patrick Donnegan Hollis. Thanks so much for the service you provide.

Have a good evening, Jim Williams East Tennessee

Seymour HOLLIS, born October 27,1868 in Greenfield, OH., he died February 19, 1948. He married March 23, 1889, in Ross Co., OH., to Carrie Bell CHEEK who was born April 13, 1870 in Paint Twp., Highland Co., OH., she died about 1968. From what my Dad said they had 9 children.

Kathy Inskeep

Simon Hollis b: Abt. 1857 in PA d: March 25, 1942 in Cadiz, Harrison Co., OH . m: Susan Lumbard (Father: James HOLLIS, Mother: Sarah CHOATE)

Alice "Alleylaw" Lawrence [Hollis Page][main webpage][FTM webpage]

Simon Hollis, In the 1900 Webster Co., WV Census, Simon is listed as "Samuel" Hollis In his household are: Himself, b. 5-1852 PA wife Susan b. 1-1847 PA son Arthur F. b. 8-1883 PA daughter Bertha b. 8-1885 PA aka Samuel (Simon) and Susan were married 23 years and Susan had six Children, five living in 1900 census. Rob Oxier

Sinia Hollis b: Abt. 1800 SC. , m: Joseph Gist, May 24, 1818 in Lawrence County, TN.

Donna Gist Moore [webpage] Family Treemaker

Sluther Hollis, and he was married to Louise Gentry. He died back in 1947 or 48 in Las vegas. He lived in Atlanta Georgia while married to my Grandmother.

Jennifer Dilbeck

Starlan "Bud" Hollis spouse Nina Mae Smith, dtr Jo Ann Hollis Jordan, They all lived in Sulligent, AL. (Lamar County).

Donna Jordan

Stephen Hollis 1790 MA. and Hannah Jones married Nov. 20, 1788 in Cummington, Hampshire County, Massachusetts who lived in Savoy, MA in the late 1700's and early 1800's. I have some information passed to me, but unconfirmed, that his father was Jepthah Hollis; from Weymouth, he was married to Mary Colson.

David Watts

Stella Hollis, Hello, I'm trying to find records of my grandmother and i can't seem to get very far. Her name was Stella Hollis. She married William Jerrymire Coy. They lived in Iowa. They had five children, one of which was my father,name, William Harold Coy.In 1918 Both Stella and William died of the flu the same day. Leaving all five children , my father was then adopted . If i can find anything about her past it would be so nice. Thank You, e-mail Cheryl 9/14/2007

Susan H. “Sue” Hollis born 20 January 1904 Pennsylvania, died 17 Nov 1980 Los Angeles County, California (her mother’s maiden name was Balanski) Sue married David Alden Bateman, Sr. born 1896 Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania died 1954 Los Angeles, California. David had a brother named Jacob L. Bateman, Sr. (David and Jacobs mothers maiden name was Miller).

Jacob L. Bateman III

Susannah Hollis, b: bat 1750, m: Moses Knighton, Sr. died 1815, Fairfield Co., SC

Billy R. and Doylene Davis (Evans?)

Susannah Hollis widow of Moses KNIGHTON (d. c1795 Fairfield SC) ... who were her parents? She may be Moses` 2nd wife and/or, possibly, she may have been the widow Hollis when she married Knighton

Graham Louer

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Theodore Martin Hollis born 1888 Ohio or Pennsylvania?, (lived in Braddock, Pennsylvania) died 19 Feb 1953 married Magdalena Dopler born 1890 and died 14 March 1951 through son Paul John Hollis who married Mary Alice Davis

Edward Lynn "Ed" Hollis Theodore Martin Hollis, Paul John Hollis, Paul William Hollis, Edward Lynn "Ed" Hollis

Thomas Hollis who married Jane Blore through son Thomas Hollis who married Miriam Smith

F. Shanks

Thomas Hollis of Rotherham and London 1602--1663...(apparently the family was involved in cutlery business around that time and forward for awhile) The 1602 born Thomas had a son Thomas 1634-1718 by wife Ellen Ramsken whom he married in 1632 ...his next wife was Mary married in 1647 by whom he had 2 children- Mary Hollis Gould 1653-1713 (who married William Gould of Elkstone Derby) and John born 1648 ...all 3 children were born in Rotherhan The Thomas born in 1634 was a benefactor to several Rotherham charities ...and his son Thomas was the first to endow chairs at Harvard University ...and family continued as important benefactors

Mary Gould Genforum Post

Thomas Hollis was born April 4, 1792 in Union Co. SC. Thomas died April 22, 1858 in Union Co. SC. Thomas married Rebecca "Rachael" Bobo.

Joshua Kimbril

Thomas Hollis (1792-1852) Plantation owner in Monroe County, Ga.(near the Northwest of Macon, Ga.) Buried in Hollis Cemetery on the Hollis land in Monroe County, Ga. Married Elizabeth Nancy Taylor Hollis 12-22-1811 in Putnam County Ga. Sue Gibson Message Board Post: 8/07/2005

Thomas Hollis born abt 11 April 1802 and Ann Sharp of Nottingham, England. George C. Mason

Thomas Hollis was born in 1805-06 in London. He married a Mary Ann Pearce in 1830. They had several children. My gggrandmother was his daughter Sarah,(1834-68) She married a Fayerbroter, who's daughter married a Richardson. That woman (Sarah Richardson)emigrated to Canada with 4 children in 1907. Eldest daughter Mary, married my grandfather Ernest Aldridge in 1910. Doug Aldridge 4/21/2007

Thomas Hollis 1831-1912 of London England. Wifes name was Matilda. Had several children one being Sarah Hollis born 1862-1899. Sarah married William Dunn in 1883 at Bethnal Green, London. Thomas Hollis was a gas fitter. Thomas worked for the Stepney Gas Works as a foreman at one time. Any leads would be appreciated. Doug Saundry Message Board Post 2/17/2011

THOMAS or JOHN HOLLIS BORN 1844 AND 1845 respectively both died in PELSALL HALL COLLIERY DISASTER IN PELSALL WALSALL STAFFORDSHIRE in 1872 any information would be appreciated, Wendy 2/03/07

Thomas Hollis and Sarah Nancy Chafin Brother-in-law of Amelia Willcutt

Thomas Hollis of Albany, New York and Mary from the Black Hills, Dakota Cindy Lewis Schiada

Thomas Hollis 1815 SC Fairfield d. 3 Apr 1899 Floyd Co. GA. m. Rebecca Rickard 1833 Newberry Dist SC Rev. Thomas father Moses Hollis m. Delia Ivy. Said youngest of 13 children Billie Rusk

Thomas C. Hollis born 1792 and his wife Elizabeth Nancy Taylor (daughter of James Taylor) Children: William Gerald, Moses Jackson, Mary Polly, John Floyd, Ezekiel, Henrietta, James McLemore, Elizabeth E., Martha Ann, Susan Ann, Francis E., Thomas Taylor. Then Thomas Married Rebecca Pearson and had the following children: Jeremiah and Penelope who were twins and Margaret Karina. Then Thomas married Elizabeth Bussey Bozeman and had the following child: Benjamin Pullman Hollis

Carlotta Hollis Bates , Roots v3.00, Family Treemaker, PAF

Kristi Tavery

Thomas Champlain Hollis, my great grandfather, born somewhere around 1887, in Overton, TN. His son, Charles Haskell Hollis, Sr (my grandfather) was born in Vian, OK on 11/28/1907. Thomas was married to Lura (or maybe Laura) Poston, b. around 1889, in Overton, TN

Charles Hollis

Thomas Jesse Hollis, b 22 Feb 1844 Fayette Co Tn, d 2 May 1926, burried at Forrest Hill Cemetery here in Memphis. I know that his father was Jesse Hollis, b 1800 Union County SC, d 1852 Fayette County Tn Eileen Knoblock - 5/29/2006

Thomas Jesse Lafitte Hollis, near Somerville, Haywood, TN in 1844. He married Sarah Elizabeth Whitten. Thomas's death certificate in 1926 says his father was Jesse Hollis of South Carolina, and his mother was Elenor Amelia Richardson also of South Carolina.

Mary Cantrell

Thomas Merriman Hollis was born in South Carolina and married to Vilet Susan (lnu) 1850 census has her as Vilet S. 1860 census has her as Susan. Samuel P. Hollis was born in Georgia and married Amanda Johns and later, Emily S. (lnu)

Holly Homan

Thomas Phillip Hollis, b: 1820-1824 who came from Fredericksburg, Va. to Martinsburg WVa. before the Civil War. He married Mary Matthews, daughter of William Matthews. Had children including Edward. S. Hollis, Laura A. Hollis, and Mary L. Hollis. died Martinsburg WVa. ca. 1875.

Jeff Hollis

Tyre Hollis b. 1793, Elizabeth Lavender b. 1816, Children: Lucinda b.1829 Calvin b. 1830 Margaret b. 1833 Henry b. 1836 Thomas b. 1839 Tyre b. 1840 James H. b. 1840? My ggrandfather, Tire Hollis (notice sp) b. 1855 married Sarah Ann Rhone b. 1860. (Sarah Ann was the daughter of James S. Rhone and Lucinda Leonard). My grandmother was their daughter, Lenie Hollis. Lenie marries Edgar Lee Jarvis in 1911. She had a sister, Denie and four brothers, Marion W., John P., Razzie and Calvin. Both John P. and Razzie died young. According to my grandmother, Razzie died from a mad cat bite. All these Hollises were from the Greene/Perry/Hale Counties area. Some are buried at Havana Methodist Church Cemetery in Havana, Al. Any info on this Hollis family will be appreciated. Thanks again,, Linda Sexton 9/14/2007

Tom Hollis who married Zettie Jackson of Douglas County, Georgia through son Joseph Pierce Hollis, Sr. raised in Douglas County, Georgia died 1992 .

Joe and Betty Hollis Tom Hollis, Joseph Pierce Hollis, Sr., Joseph Pierce Hollis, Jr.

Tire Hollis.? I'm not really sure who his parents were.? I'm wanting to think it was Tyree Hollis b. 1793?and Elizabeth Lavender (married 1829) but I'm not positive of this.? My Tire S. Hollis is shown in the 1870 Hale Co. Al. Census as b. 1854 age 16.? No father but mother is listed as Lethe Hollis.? Could this be a nickname for Elizabeth?? My mother told me that he had a sister named Ollie and there is a Ollie D. Hollis 8 yrs. old.? My Tire (pronounced TY-RA) was born in So. Carolina as were Tyree Hollis and Elizabeth Lavender (daughter of Hugh Lavender)

Tire Hollis married Sarah Ann Rhone (dau. of James Rhone a Civil War P.O.W. who died in Rock Island, Ill.) They had the following children: Calvin-Marion-John-Lenie and Denie.? Lenie is my grandmother.?(married Edgar Lee Jarvis) By 1900 Sarah Ann was a widow.

The 1850 Greene Co. Al. Census shows Tyree Hollis age 57 b. S.C.? wife: Elizabeth (Lavender) age 44 b. S.C. children: Lucinda-Calvin-Margaret-Harry-Thomas-Tyree S. (age 10)-and James H.? No mention of Ollie.

My mother died in 2005 at 92.? She told me what she knew about the Hale Co. Hollis family but did not know who Tire's parents were or anything past her grandfather.? There are so many contradictions in our census records that it is really difficult sometimes to figure out who is who.

Did your Hollis family come from S.C.?? If so, I'm sure we are related somehow.? I believe that Tyree Hollis had a brother named Thomas Jefferson Hollis that served in the Civil War.? I think maybe we go back to Capt. John Hollis b. 1751 Fairfield Co. S.C. d. 1836 Kershaw Co. S.C. who married Nancy Knighton abt. 1783 in S.C.? Also, there were several Hollises that left S.C. and migrated south.? Some settled in Ga., others in Al. and some went on to Miss, La. and Tex.? I'm also pretty sure we are related to the Hollises that settled in Hollis, Oklahoma. I hope some of this info will ring a bell with you and if it does, please let me know and maybe we can work together on this. I live near Tuscaloosa, Al. Linda Sexton

Tyre Hollis b. 1793, m:Elizabeth Lavender b. 1816, Children: Lucinda b.1829, Calvin b. 1830, Margaret b. 1833, Henry b. 1836. Thomas b. 1839. Tyre b. 1840, James H. b. 1840? My ggrandfather, Tire Hollis (notice sp) b. 1855 married Sarah Ann Rhone b. 1860. (Sarah Ann was the daughter of James S. Rhone and Lucinda Leonard). My grandmother was their daughter, Lenie Hollis. Lenie marries Edgar Lee Jarvis in 1911. She had a sister, Denie and four brothers, Marion W., John P., Razzie and Calvin. Both John P. and Razzie died young. According to my grandmother, Razzie died from a mad cat bite. All these Hollises were from the Greene/Perry/Hale Counties area. Some are buried at Havana Methodist Church Cemetery in Havana, Al. Linda Sexton 4/24/2007

Tyree (Tire) Hollis married Elizabeth Lavender in Greene County, Al, in 1829. He was my gg grandfather

Betty Edgar Genforum post

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Virgil Hollis married Susie Jewel Grice through son James Hollis



10/19/2005 Virgil Hugh Hollis married to Marion Joyce Berg and they married i think in Oct of 54 and i am not sure when divorced.

Michelle Hedwig Hollis born august 18, 1953i was adopted by Norman Burton Nobil in the late '60's

Virginia Pearl Hollis born about 1920 who married a Charles Robert / Robert Charles Keith about 1947 and had a daughter Diana


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Walter Frederick Hollis born 1859 Longton Staffordshire (father William Frederick) married 23 May 1885 Sparkbrook Birmingham to Ada Letitia Felton. Walter Frederick Hollis died 22 October 1901 Nottingham.

Marta Metcalf

Walter Lee Hollis married Henrietta Dawson, last known to be in Helmic, Trinity County Texas, 1921, there is also an L.C. Hollis in Trinity Co., Tx 1921. Info leads to them moving to Louisiana.

Raymond Lovett, Sr.

Ward Bishop Hollis, born in Alabama on Feb. 6, 1898. He died Dec. 27, 1984, buried in Arbutus Cemetery in Maryland. His adopted parents were Will and Nellie (Nellie died in the 1940's). Will's brothers were Frank, Earl Roscoe and maybe one more brother. (Ruth married Earl) There was a step sister Pearl. I have been looking over the lists here and will search others. If either of you can connect me with any possible links, I would appreciate it. I have never known any relatives on my father's side of the family.
E-mail: Diana Louise Hollis (Denboba)

William Hollas b: bef. 1600 married Joane Bonner abt 1608/1609. (Name later changes to Hollis)

Prentis Ollis , Family treemaker [Main webpage]

William Hollis, 1640, MD. m: Elizabeth Russell

Robert Johnson, [ webpage ] Family Treemaker

WILLIAM HOLLIS was born c.1762 in Sonning Oxfordshire England his parents are not known. It is known William had at least one sibling Thomas Hollis. married by licence, ELIZABETH POTTINGER on 03 Dec 1805 in Sonning Oxfordshire. Witnesses to the marriage Mary Payn, Francis King, John Pottinger E-Mail: Barbara Hollis Reposted 7/07/2011 Main Page
Williamís brother, "Thomas Hollis", was a professional Surveyor who lived as a neighbor with his family across the river Thames at Sonning, Berkshire. 1841 Census: William Hollis's widow Elizabeth was 65years living with her children Harriet 25yrs, Thomas 25yrs a farmer, Richard 24yrs, Charles 22yrs at Lashbrook Farm Shiplake. Also mentioned living at this farm were Harriet Weston 18yrs F.Servant, Sophia Homes 20yrs F.Servant, Edward Deadman 20yrs Ag Lab., Edwin Streak 16yrs Ag Lab., Joseph Chandler 15yrs Ag Lab., Thomas Damer 16yrs Ag Lab.

William Hollis, born in VA abt 1790 and died in Jefferson County, KY 7 Dec 1860. He married Elizabeth Buzan, whose father, John Buzan, was a Revolutionary War soldier from VA. E-mail: Rodalyn Coleman 3/6/2011

William Hollis married to Maria F. Hewlett through son James Walter Hollis born 1889 married to Bessie Trollinger


William Hollis who I think lived in Fairfield, S. C. in the 1700s . He may have fought in the Rev. War. He had a son named Reuben who left S.C. for Ala. and then Reuben and his family move on to Missippi. Do you know of this Hollis line. My grandmother was a Hollis . Thank you Angela Rivera 8/07/2005

William Hollis, born November 1775. He married Lydia Dick near Sandusky, Ohio. They moved to Berkeley County Virginia/West Virginia. William died 3/15/1848 and Lydia died 7/9/1844. They are both buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Gerrardstown, West Virginia. They had eight children: Joseph William (1814), John J. (1818), Jane (1816), Amanda (1823), Lydia (1829), Bennett (1821) and William (?).

David Smith William Hollis, b: abt 1776, NY m: Susan C. ? E-mail updated 10-03-2014

Alice "Alleylaw" Lawrence [Hollis Page ][ main webpage ][ FTM webpage ]

William Hollis born 1776 in New York. m: Susan C. Boring daughter of Isaiah Boring and Mary Hartline. (Same as above?)

Bad e-mail need new one? T.J. Shumaker

William Hollis, b: 1785, Eng. m: Maria Wooldridge 1808

Gregory Maxfield and Laura Isela Flores [webpage] [mainpage]

William Hollis b:1788 North Carolina and Rutha P. Robertson


David Wayne Morgan [ webpage ]

Dana Dale Harris

Dana Gard (William Hollis, James Madison Hollis, Nancy Rebecca Arminta Hollis)

David W. and Corine Mae Hollis Meyer (William Hollis, John Robert Hollis, William Jefferson Hollis, Joseph Ira Hollis, Joseph Andrew Hollis, Corine Mae Hollis) [webpage]

Dorothy Pantier (William Hollis/James Madison Hollis/Nancy Rebecca Hollis/Martha Jane Colvin/Ruby Ely/James Pantier)

Dick Hayse Martin [webpage] [William Hollis page] Family Tree Maker


Jim and Jennie Slade , The Master Genealogist v 3.5, Brother's Keeper v 5.2F (William Hollis, James Madison Hollis, William Edward Hollis, Arthur Oscar Hollis, Jessie Hollis, Jim Slade)

Lesley Hollis E-mail returned as undeliverable 11/10/1999

Martha Hollis Fine , (William Hollis/James Madison Hollis/Andrew Madison//Melvin Andrew Hollis)


rwayne@visuallink.com (William Hollis, James Madison Hollis, William Edward Hollis, Ira James Hollis)

Shirley D. Horn Bray [Webpage] William Hollis, John Robert Hollis, William Jefferson Hollis, Tennie Hollis-Horn, Jessie R. Horn, Shirley Horn-Bray
Zano Wayne Smith (John Alexander Penny, Mary Frances Penny married William Jefferson Hollis)

William Hollas born before 1600 married Joane Bonner about 1608/1609. (Name later changes to Hollis)

Prentis Lavaughan Ollis Morganton, GA webpage

William Hollis b: abt 1803 TN.and Huldah Jane Brewer

Gary and Charlotte Patterson,

WILLIAM HOLLIS, b Abt 1790, VA; d 7 Dec 1860 in Jefferson County, KY. He was a farmer and on the 1860 US Census for Jefferson County, KY, owned land worth $2500. 28 Feb 1811, Bullitt County, KY, WILLIAM HOLLIS married ELIZABETH BUZAN, b Abt 1790 in VA; d 30 Sep 1866 in Jefferson County, KY, was the daughter of JOHN BUZAN, Revolutionary War soldier. Elizabeth Buzan Hollis was mentioned as daughter of John Buzan in deed left in Bullitt County, KY, 30 Jun 1853. WILLIAM and ELIZABETH BUZAN HOLLIS were parents of the following children: JOHN DEW HOLLIS GEORGE HOLLIS - married MINERVA HOPEWELL; 1860, 1870 United States Federal Census, Shively, Jefferson County, KY. George Hollis was first a laborer then bought and owned a farm worth $900. MARGARET ANNE HOLLIS DAVID HOLLIS FRANCES HOLLIS ELIZABETH HOLLIS - 3 Elizabeths' listed with 3 different birthdates WILLIAM C. HOLLIS REBECCA HOLLIS - married ANDREW BLUFORD (BUFORD) SLACK;1880 United States Federal Census, Andrew B. Slack, Johnsontown, Jefferson, KY, age 55, born Abt 1825 in KY. Married Rebeca. Andrew B. Slack's parents were both born in KY. He is a farmer and is listed with three children: Dora Slack, age 25; William Slack, age 23, Fany Slack, age 11. SAMUEL HOLLIS If you can help with information about WILLIAM'S parents and/or his place of birth, or any information about his children, this would be a huge help. I have 5 letters written by William and/or his sons or daughters. He was a literate man; however, Elizabeth was not nor were several of his children. Thank you, Rodalyn Coleman 9/17/2010

William Hollis born in Ohio around 1813. He is listed on the 1850 census with his wife Margaret and 6 of his children in Jefferson TWP Grant Co Indiana. I was wondering if anyone had any information on this man and his wife. They got married I believe in Indiana around 1834. I have been told that his father is David Hollis a Rev War Soldier. But have no proof. Thanks Kathy 9/14/2007

William Hollis born 30 August 1809 Manlius, New York died 1 January 1888 married to Charilty Low

Donald Tillitson

William Hollis b.1809 Scropton,Staffordshire (Derbyshire) married Ann Jackson b.1806 Somershall Herbert,Derbyshire,children Ann b.1839,Etwall,Derby. and William b.1841,Etwall.Sailed to Australia in 1853.

Judith Gasparatos

William Hollis (1810-?) m: Elizabeth Williams (1812-1872) no location found

Dale West,

William Hollis born January 1845 North Carolina (son of Willis Hollis and Eliza Jane Harris?) and Darcuss Wyatt born July 1862 North Carolina of Smyrna, S.C. through son William Thomas Jefferson Hollis born May 1889 died 1953 married Lottie McGee born 9 November 1889 died August 1968 of Spencer Mountain, NC. (possibly Willis Hollis is the son of Thomas Hollis and Rebecca Bobo listed below)

Terry James Hollis other e-mail message board post

William Hollis who married Julia Burke and had children Lloyd Theodora Hollis of Somerset, Scottsdale, Pennsylvania born 1915, Raymond Hollis, Pearl Hollis and Gertrude.


William Hollis, b: 1878, Coming Ark. married to Laura ?, through son Raymond b: 1907

David Lee Hollis

William and Donna Hollis in Michigan. 1800

William D. Hollis, Family Treemaker

William Bennett Hollis born 6 Jan 1825 and Rebecca Druett born 1830 Alabama

Phillip Murphy

William Bradley Hollis, (Bill's father) married to Beulah Hannah Burchfield, his father was Jesse T. Hollis and mother was Madeline Bradley. Mothers Mother was Inez Beulah Packard, and married to Wilmer Green Burchfield by way of Boston, Illinois, Texas and Oklahoma.

W.B. "Bill" Hollis

Listed 9/29/2005 William Breckenridge Hollis. I believe he was born in Tennessee. My father was born in Oklahoma in 1914. He is also deceased now. My paternal grandmother's name was Emma Adelia Hollis nee Van Tuyl. Linda

William C. Hollis, The children are elmer, Violet,Illiene, franklin, Russell. We are from IN. MY parents were Russell and Elaine Hollis(Burding). My grandmother's maiden name was Cora m. Martin and if you know of any martins from this family then please e-mail me with info.

Shawnee Hollis / Genforum Hollis post

William Christopher Hollis
Was William Christopher Hollis b. 4-1-1940 d. 8-3-2002 married to Carol June Guthrie? There is a Carol June Hollis b. 11-16-1941 d. 5-9-1990 in the same cemetery (Bumpas) in Lawrenceburg. If so can you tell me anything else about them such as marriage date, children, etc.? I think they lived in the Lawrenceburg, TN area. She was a first cousin I last saw around 1950. Classification: queries Contact at: Message Board URL: Message Board Post: posted: 1/20/2014

William Curtis Hollis, b.1893-d.1968, moved from Anderson, Lauderdale County, Alabama, to East Texas around the turn of the century. He married Martha Jane "Mattie" Jeffcoat, and they lived in Evadale, Jasper County, and Spurger, Tyler County, Texas

Charles E. “Chuck”. Hollis Bad E-mail 5/21/2005 Harold Thomas is trying to contact you Chuck!

WILLIAM CURTIS2 HOLLIS was born July 23, 1890 in Anderson, Lauderdale Co, AL, and died April 03, 1968 in Tyler Co, Tx. He married MATTIE "MARTHA" JANE JEFFCOAT Abt. 1915 in Around Evandale, Jasper Co, TX they lived, daughter of ALLISON JEFFCOAT and MARTHA MIDDLETON. She was born June 13, 1895 in Spurger, TX, and died October 12, 1987. More About WILLIAM CURTIS HOLLIS: Family settled: Abt. 1929, Near Spurger, TX in Tyler Co , Laurie Fisher posted: 2/18/2011

William Gerald Hollis and Elizabeth Ann C. Henderson. Children were: William Thomas, John Howell, Moses Poindexter, Susan M., Mattie Clay. William's Parents were Thomas C. and Elizabeth Nancy Taylor Hollis

Kristi Tavary

9/17/2010 William H. Hollis, b. Missouri. Married Lizey J Crabtree March 1, 1885 & they had 3 children. Della Mae Hollis-Dillon, Effie, & Corabell. Lizey died and he remarried Mary C. Snow, January 22, 1893. They had two children Cordia R., b. abt 1896 & Maudie M.,b. abt 1901. Both marriages were in Newton Co. Missouri. They were in Anderson Mo, McDonad Co. in 1910 & 1920 Census. 1930 Census there in Wyandotte, Oklahoma and have there Grandchildren with them. Grandaughter Maxine W. Harmond. Need help on any information on this family. Della told her family she was part Indian. Have found Info, on the Crabtree family, but can't find any Infro, on the Hollis family. 9/17/2010 Hollis Message board post

William Hale Hollis who was born at East Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England in 1853. He declared his age as 48 in the 1901 British census. When he died around 1927, his wife gave his age as 74 but the doctor certifying the death said he was at least ten years older.

Wendy O'Mahoney

William Irvin Hollis, Born Oct 10, 1892, his father is William Thomas Hollis b: 7/6/1871, grandfather is Joseph Thomas Jefferson Hollis (Hollice) born 8/14/1851. Lea Neilson 9/13/2005

William Isiah Hollis Born 1861 in Alabama and died 1890. He married Jesse Salser Hollis She was born 1866. They lived in Shelby Co. And Talladega, Alabama. They had 5 children 1. Lottie A Hollis m: Brasher, 2. Lena Dove Hollis m: Moore, 3.John Dallis Hollis, 4. Fred Winston Hollis, 5. Edna Jewell Hollis m: Johnson (my grandmother)

Belinda Staver William Isiah Hollis/Edna Jewell Hollis/

William J. "Bill" Hollis b:ca 1869 TN m: Safronia Belle Daniels 1903-1904, , purportedly moved from Tennessee in the early 1900's, Jesse Lee Hollis, was born in 1905 and was their firstborn. They subsequently had two more children and Bill died in about 1908-9. this all took place in Oklahoma and he is buried in southeastern OK.

William J. Hollis, age 35, wed Saffronia Bell Daniels, age 21, on Jan. 14, 1904, in Indian Territory, Central District. That was in what is now OK. Says they are both from Eagle Point, now SE OK. Their first-born was my dad, Jessie Lee Hollis, b. May 30, 1905, near McCurtain, OK. Died July 19, 1995, at Adamson, OK. They had a daughter, Alva or Alpha, who died in infancy. She and William J. are buried at Hodgens, OK. Their last child was Fred, who is now deceased. Grandpa Bill died in about 1908 or 1909 Patricia Hollis Emich

William M. Hollis married to Matilda Dorothy Wiles through son Leslie James Hollis born 28 March 1906 born Maries County, Missouri married to Freda Lavaughn Gibbs


(Consul General) William Stanley Hollis. Born at Chelsea, Mass on April 4th 1866, son of Cpt George Fearing Hollis, USN and his wife Eliza. He was Consul in different places (Cape Town, Mozambique, Pretoria). In December 1910 he became Consul General in Beirut. then he was transferred to Lisbon in 1920. He was married to Lena Cogswell Hobbs of Dorchester Mass, by whom he had one son Theodore P.Hollis. His second marriage on May 18 1918 was to Alice Davidson of Dundee Scotland, by whom he had a son James, G. He (William) died on June 8th 1930 and was accorded full naval honors and was buried in Arlington Cemetery.

Carole Nasra

William Thomas Jefferson Hollis born May 1889 died 1953 (Son of William Hollis born January 1845 North Carolina and Darcus Wyatt born July 1862 North Carolina of Smyrna, S.C.) married Lottie McGee born 9 November 1889 died August 1968 of Spencer Mountain, NC.

Terry James Hollis other e-mail More info at Ancestry.com

William "Will" Hollis married Lottie Latimer. Their son, Lyman Hollis married unknown and had 2 children: James W. and Janet. William and Lottie lived in Jackson Co., Ks, Lyman lived in the Kansas City area

Marilyn HarveyPossibly changed e-mail, I am looking 10/31/2010

Winfred Hollis was born 11/6/1894 near Dothan Alabama, youngest son to a Daniel B Hollis and Clemine or Clementine (Clemmie) Milligan (adopted). Winfred's siblings include: Weldon, Leroy, Lucy, Dani, and Ersy. I believe that Daniel's siblings include Mary Jane, Hastletine, and Charley, among others likely. I have conflicting information on Daniel's ancestry (probably Charles and Elizabeth), so I'd welcome anything from anyone at this point. Toni Akers 4/21/2007

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Zachariah Hollis born abt 1808 North Carolina and Sarah Dann

John W. Hollis

Zilpha or Silpha Hollis dob March 1925 in Butler County, Alabama - Married David Price dob abt 1826 in Georgia. Zilpha moved to Texas in the 1860s.

Pat Naquin

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Unknown First name Hollis,

Alice Jeffery

Cheryl Fosdick

David Lee Hollis

Doylene Evans

Hollis that married Minnie Koch from Ross County, Ohio. I cannot find any marriage record, or death record for Minnie, but she had a son named Robert L Hollis how was born abt 1905. Robert is living with his grandparents, Tobert and Mary Koch in Pickaway County, Ohio on the 1920 census, and is listed on his grandfather's will for his mother's portion. Any help would be most appreciated Thanks Diana

Justin Hollis

Lisa Hollis Hatfield

Robert Little

Julia Helgeson of South Dakota/Minn. married a Hollis. Julia was the daughter of Lars Helgeson and Kari Syversdatter Berk. Lars died in 1904 in a horse and wagon accident near Madison, Minn.

Karol Griffin Nelson

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Bill, My name is Brian Hollis and I live in the UK. I was born in December 1949, in Sidcup. My father John Thomas Hollis (deceased), had a brother Arthur Hollis, who emigrated to Richardson, Dallas, in Texas in the 50's. I know he had a large family and I would be very interested in getting in contact with any of Arthur's descendants. Could you suggest any way of starting the process, as I have no idea how to go about it. I am certain that Arthur has now passed away, as he would have been well over 100 years old by now. Kind regards, Brian Hollis. 2/03/2007

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