Joyce UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: James Ralph COX , Jr..

Juanita UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Hanford Lloyd PAYNE. Children were: Sherry PAYNE.

Juanita UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Billy Frank BRILEY.

Juanita Marie UNKNOWN was born on 27 June 1924 in Isom Springs, Oklahoma. She was buried in 1986 in Mannsville Cemetery, Johnston Co., Oklahoma. She died on 8 January 1986 at the age of 61 in unknown.

Spouse: Cleo EDDINGS. Juanita Marie UNKNOWN and Cleo EDDINGS were married on 6 June 1942 in unknown. Children were: Kenneth Eugene EDDINGS, Don EDDINGS, Linda Gayle EDDINGS.

Judy UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Edward DUNCAN. Children were: Karl DUNCAN.

June UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Roy Houston HOLLIS. Children were: David HOLLIS, Kathy HOLLIS.

Karen UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: William Lee "Andy" ANDERSON. Children were: Valerie Elizabeth ANDERSON.

Karen UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Thomas Michael ANDERSON.

Karen UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Carl Ray WOOD. Children were: Christy Mae WOOD.

Karen UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: William Aaron LEE.

Karla UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Randall Wade Johnson MCKENNA. Children were: Megan MCKENNA, Monnet MCKENNA.

Kathy UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Robert Eugene WHITE. Children were: B.J. WHITE.

Kathy UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Jamie Lynn BARATONO.

Kay UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Eddie Ray LASTER.

Keziah UNKNOWN was born about 1777 in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Samuel YEAGER. Keziah UNKNOWN and Samuel YEAGER were married about 1797 in unknown. Children were: Joseph YEAGER, John YEAGER, Augustine YEAGER, Michael YEAGER, Permelia YEAGER, Melinda YEAGER, Adam YEAGER.

Kim UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Mark Allen ROBERTSON.

Kim UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Mark Alan SPRANGER. Children were: Sarah Anne SPRANGER.

Korla J. UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Gary P. HOUGH. Children were: John Thomas HOUGH.

Krista UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: James A. WREN.

Lara UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Carl Ernest CROFT.

Larissa UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Wayne Allen PARRIS. Children were: Derek PARRIS, Megan PARRIS.

Larry UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Marilyn Sue STEPHENS.

Laura UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Gary Michael WALKER , Jr..

Laura UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Bruce La Vern HILL.

Laura M. UNKNOWN was born in 1892 in Texas.

Spouse: William Jacob "Jake" SPARKS. Laura M. UNKNOWN and William Jacob "Jake" SPARKS were married in 1906 in Bandera Co., Texas. Children were: Lela V. SPARKS, Beulah W. SPARKS.

Lavinda UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Jimmy JONES. Children were: Melissa JONES.

Lavonda UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Willard Noel POND. Children were: Linda PAUL.

Leigh Ann UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Elise STONE. Children were: Cindi STONE.

Leona UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Merlin Heywood FORD. Children were: Linda FORD.

Liddy UNKNOWN was born in 1888 in Arkansas.

Spouse: Daniel N. MCCARTY. Liddy UNKNOWN and Daniel N. MCCARTY were married in 1905 in Antlers, Pushmataha Co., Oklahoma. Children were: Floy Mae MCCARTY, Dorothy MCCARTY.

Lillian UNKNOWN was born about 1900 in unknown.

Spouse: Wade Pool MCCARTY. Lillian UNKNOWN and Wade Pool MCCARTY were married in 1916 in unknown. Children were: Berniece MCCARTY, Violet MCCARTY.

Lillie UNKNOWN was born in October 1880 in Illinois.

Spouse: William D. MOORE. Lillie UNKNOWN and William D. MOORE were married about 1899. Children were: Oaker A. MOORE.

Linda UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Kenneth Leroy COX. Children were: Kendra COX, Christopher COX.

Linda UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Michael GAZARIAN.

Linda UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Jonathan Darrell MCCARTY. Children were: Wesley MCCARTY, Jonathan MCCARTY.

Linda UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Howard EDDINGS , Jr.. Children were: Christopher EDDINGS.

Lisa UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Raymond Allen TRAVIS. Children were: Jennifer Helen TRAVIS.

Lois UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Ira Arthur HANCOCK , Jr.. Children were: Billy Joe HANCOCK, Patsy HANCOCK, Glen HANCOCK.

Lori UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Bobby Rex SCOTT , Jr..

Lorraine UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Jewell LUTTRELL. Children were: David LUTTRELL, Sharon LUTTRELL.

Lou UNKNOWN was born UNKNOWN in unknown. She died UNKNOWN in unknown.

Spouse: Harry Wilbur DUNCAN. Lou UNKNOWN and Harry Wilbur DUNCAN were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Lou Ann UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Allen Don CRANE.

Louisa E. UNKNOWN was born about January 1847 in Arkansas.

Spouse: Thomas L. MCCARTY. Louisa E. UNKNOWN and Thomas L. MCCARTY were married in 1868 in Bosque Co., Texas. Children were: John C. MCCARTY, George Henry MCCARTY, Andrew Oscar MCCARTY.

Louise UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Hollis BRAY. Children were: Linda BRAY, Patti BRAY, Hank BRAY, Jean Ricks BRAY, James Norman BRAY.

Louise UNKNOWN was born about 1934 in unknown. She died on 16 March 1974 at the age of 40 in Oakland, Alameda Co., California, U.S.A..

Spouse: Coy Delmon MCCARTY. Louise UNKNOWN and Coy Delmon MCCARTY were married UNKNOWN in unknown.

Louise UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Virgil ROBISON. Children were: Debra ROBINSON.

Lovera UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Thomas Glenn SCOTT. Children were: Joyce Mae SCOTT, Christi SCOTT.

Loyce UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Clyde Amos SISSOM.

Loyd UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Floy Juanita POND.

Lucille UNKNOWN (private).

Spouse: Edward MEDDER.