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Welcome to the Largest collection of the Cook surname (and variations of Cook) Resources on the web, that I know of. I created this in 2002 to help all of researchers of Cooks find each other, and to help researchers contact each other to further their genealogy search. Some of the links and e-mail addresses could be outdate, if you find one please notify me so I can find a good one or delete the link and info so there will not be a lot of dead links on this resource site. I hope it helps you find your Cook, Cooke, Koch ancestors as folks have helped me. I have met a lot of relatives since I started my Genealogy in 1992. The ads I have placed on this page helps me afford the time and webspace to keep all of this going. I also do a Hollis surname site same as this one. Bill Cook

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A. Cook m: Mattie Teel (FTM report) , e-mail: Sarah Teel |mainpage|

A. Sanford Cook m: Lois York
(Children: Marceleen / Fred A / Alva / Reva-) e-mail: David Rex York, Jr. |mainpage|

AARON2 COOK (WILLIAM1 COOKE) was born Bet. 1563 - 1591 in Thorncombe, Dorset, ENGLAND, and died December 28, 1615 in Bridport, Dorset, ENGLAND. He married ELIZABETH CHARDE September 02, 1610 in Thornecombe, Dorset, ENGLAND, daughter of WILLIAM CHARDE. Becky Schultz FTM Site 5/27/2010

Aaron Cooke m: Mary Ford (No timeline)
(Children: Nathaniel-? ) e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Aaron Cook m: Anne Sheldon-1755 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Aaron Cook, b: 1812 OH m: Lydia Roberts
(Children: Hiram Albert-1844-MO / Sarah Jane-1856-MO / Mary Elizabeth-1852-MO / Giles Thomas-1854-MO / George Lewis Craig-1856-KS / Charles Franklin-1859-KS / Aaron Perry-1861-KS / William Arthur-1863-KS / Lydia Rachel 1865-KS) e-mail Judy Arnold, |mainpage|

Abel Cook, married to Catherine Brown, Abel was killed b y indians in Cincinnati, OH in 1791. E-mail: Ken Hinkle 1/03/2006

Abiel Cook II B; 1663, NY m: Sarah Moore
(Children: Abiel-III-abt 1705-NY) e-mail: Reed-wurts |mainpage| (This page also shows Ellis Cook- 1618

Abiel COOK, b. 26 May 1763 in New Fairfield CT. He married 1st Margaret KRIGER 18 Oct 1790 in Williamstown MA, and 2nd Julia Anna BARRAS 1825 in Hartwick, Otsego County NY. Abiel died 28 July 1849 in Edmeston, Otsego County NY. I am descended from Abiel's and Margaret's daughter, Lois COOK. Researcher seeking info.Carol Martin

Abiel Cook b: abt 1722 m: Mary Bradford-1743 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Abigail Cook, b: 1720 m: Johnathon Cutler e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Abigail Cook b: 1763 m: Thomas Davis Covenhaven e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Abner Johnson Cook b. 1857 TX m. Mary Ada Brewster b 1872 AL. If you are a descendant, please check and see if you included in our family tree online. There are presently 45 Cook surnames in the tree. If you are a relative or descendant, would like to hear from you directly at or through my website above, or reply here. Thanks, Dean Posted: 3/26/2010

Abner Cook b: 1815, Ohio, m: Emeline Pyles, e-mail Nicholas Charles Cook
(Children, Elizabeth, no info / Martha Elizabeth, / Mary Ellen-1835 / David-1839 / Emeline-1842, / Sarah E-1844 / James Kapolk-1846 / Nancy-1848 / Elvira-1850 / Walter-1857)

Abram Cook (??-1801) who married Elizabeth Cass (1760-???) on Jul.17,1781 in Wilkes Co.,NC. Abram Cook and Elizabeth Cass had 6 children: Larkin b. May 1782, Aaron b.Sep.1783, Isaac abt.1785, Amy abt.1785, Richard J. b.1789, and Wyatt b. abt.1793. Aaron md. Patsey Deeney; Isaac md. Sarah Greekmore; Amy md. Abedinago Sanders; Richard J. md. #1 Rhoda L. Gileath, #2 Rebeca Creek, #3 Nancy A. Jackson; Wyatt md. Temporance Brown. Amy Cook (abt.1785-Oct.1869) married Abedinago Sanders (abt.1776-May 7,1835) on Aug.11,1807 in Wilkes Co.,NC, and they had 13 children. I think 6 of their 13 children were born in NC, and about 1816, Abedinago moved his family to Rockcastle Co.,KY, where at least 3 of the children were born. In 1822 he moved his family again to Delaware Co.,IN area, where he is buried, 3 of the 13 children were born. I am hoping that some other Cook researchers may see these names and places and have some new data. Thank you. e:mail: Tim Mattingly Listed 4/26/2005

Abraham Cook, b ? m: Rachel (Children: Arthur-1821-PA) e-mail: Dennis J. Cook

Abraham Cook b: abt 1700 m: Sarah
(Children: Barbara- 1722- VA) e-mail: Connie Bryant |mainpage|

Abraham Cooke, Sr-1669 m: Martha Clayton e-mail: James E. Cooke
(Children: Mathew-abt1690 / Hannah-abt 1690 / Abraham, Jr. abt 1690 / William-abt 1700-VA / Benjamin-abt 1700-VA / John, I-1703-VA) |mainpage|

Abraham Cook, b: abt 1715 Southhampton, LI, NY married Sibyl Burnet in 1740, John R. Cook  4/03/2008

Abraham Cook, son of Thomas and Mary (Underwood) Cook, b. Feb. 1730/31, Londongrove, Chester Co., Pa.; d. 1/8/1793, Guilford Co., N. Caolina; married 9/23/1756, New Garden MH, Guilford Co., N. Carolina, Phebe Mills b. 1738; d. 6/4/1790), dau. of John and Sarah (Beals) Mills. Of their 11 children, John was the 4th: E-mail: Bob Cooke Listed 4/26/2005

Abraham Cook b: 1731 d: NC m: Phoebe Mills-1756 e-mail: Glenn York

Abraham Cook b: 1731, m: Phoebe Mills- 1756 NC (Click on the genealogy link) e-mail: Duncan Rea William III |mainpage|

Abraham COOK b.1731 York, PA d.1793 Guilford Co. NC. His son John Cook b. 1765 Rowan Co. NC has been researched with his marriage to Lydia HUSSEY established. In addition, his son Levi's line, who move to IN, is also well researched. My 2nd GGF Stephen Cook b.c1796 in TN could to have an association with this family and might well be a son of, Abraham's son John Cook. Or he may have been a son of one of John's brothers (i.e.nephew) who were: Isaac Cook b.1793 Abraham Cook Jr. b.1769 Jacob Cook b. 1772 Nathan Cook b. 1775 (All born in Guilford Co. NC) Any info on the above will be appreciated. My Stephen Cook appears to be part of a family group headed by Robert Cook with younger men Stephen, Jesse, Levi and daughter Sally who came into western KY c1815. Both Stephen and Jesse married in Hopkins Co. KY and Sally married John Huzzy (HUSSEY) in Livingston Co. KY (all marriages between 1815 and 1820). E-Mail: Bill Cook Listed 4/26/2005

Abraham Cook b: 1742 m: Mary Foushee
(Children: Anna-?? / Susannah-?? / Mary-1776-AL / John-1785-NC) e-mail Roy L. Cook |mainpage|

Abraham L COOK (??-1918). b:West Virginia. m: Mary Melissa Digman-1896-MA e-mail: Lisa Edwards Kmiec
(Children: Albert Otis / Eula)

Achsah Cook b: 1830-NY m: Charles Edmund Kells, 1853 LA e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Adam Koch, Jr. b: 1735 GER m: Anna Drucker,
(Children: George-1770-NC / Mikel-1773 / Eve-1785 / Christina-?? / Katherine-?? / Susannah-??)
e-mail: Sheila D Anderson-Lewis Mainpage

Addie Cook b: 1887 m: Robert Holder, both died MS e-mail: Don Tigges |mainpage Bad Link sent e-mail 6/22/11|

Albert Cook, M: Jane Sullivan
(Children: William James b. May 28, 1900, Hastings, England; d.March 19, 1974, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada).
E-mail: Marianne Cook

Alburn B. "Nuke" Cook b: 1896- GA m: Ruby Burks- 1917- GA
(Children: Aubrey- ? / Ellis-? / Buz- ? / J.C-? / Charles-?) E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage updated link 6/22/2011|

Alexander Cook b. in Va.,lived in Madison Co. Ky., where he married Polly Griffith in 1817. They lived in Rockcastle Co. Ky., and he is buried next to his brother William in Scaffold Cane Cemetery. They were the parents of my great grandmother, Nancy Cook, who married Henry Isaac Wright/Moore. Alexander and Polly had other children : Martha, Margaret. Marion, John and Andrew. There may have been others. Polly may have moved with Nancy and her family to Hendricks Co. Indiana,about 1870-1873, after Alexander died in 1868. Marilyn Gallagher Listed 10/16/2004

Alexander Cook from England who married Rebecka Smith also from England. Rebecka Smith died in Sambro, Nova Scotia. They had a son, John Steven Cook, who married Letitia Mae Oak born Deblum, Ireland, who died in 1941. Letitia's parents were George Oak and Bridget Daley. I do know that John Steven Cook had siblings, Harris Cook, William Cook, Nellie Cook, May Cook and Phoebe Cook. e-mail: Krista Harp Listed 2/14/2005

Alexander Cook b: 1793 m: Louisa Livey Ball-1818-TN
(Children: Ruth-1825-Tn / Lucy-1832-TN / Margaret-1833-TN / Alexander-1834-TN / Wallace-1835-TN) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Bad Link 3/02/2011 Albert Koch b: abt 1896, West Gemany m: Erna Hachtel mainpage e-mail: David Small

Alexander Cooke b: 1829 SC m: Ellen Shepherd TX
(Children: Thomas Paine / Ella / Eula / Raymond / Francis A) e-mail: Charlotte Carpenter JohnsonUpdated 9/13/2016

Algernon Sidney Lee (he took his mother's maiden name before he married my grandma Nancy Fraley) and his family, I found that his brother David Fletcher Lee never was shot and killed by anyone, especially Sid. I have David Lee's Confederate pension records and his death certificate from Kentucky. It names his parents as Martin Lee and Miss Cook. There is some confusion because David Fletcher Lee son of Martin and Fanny Cook Lee has an Uncle of the same name who was born in Russell County, Virginia two years before. David Fletcher Lee, son of James Lee and Chloe Fraley was also a Confederate Soldier, however, he used the name Fletcher D. Lee or D. Fletcher Lee. If you ever come across someone who is related to Algernon Sidney Lee aka Sid Cook, I would really appreciate it if you would send them my way E-mail:. Keli listed 5/31/2007

Alicia Louisa Cook b: 1814, MO m: Henry Harry Duvall e-mail Ed Duvall
(Children: Silas L-1835, MO / Frances (F)-1837 / William Bassett-1841, MO / Elizabeth-1845, MO / Giles-1847, MO / Mary P. 1849, MO ) (Alicia's parents are Littleton Cook, and Margaret Young)

Allen Cook, b: abt 1832 m: Minerva Dodson e-mail Debra Anderson ,
(Children: Stark David Daniel (or Dupee)-1852, KY)

Allen Cook born about 1821. He married a Elizabeth Graham born abt 1827-28. They had a son Allen C Cook, Moses abt 1849 and Peter Cook all of SC. We are looking foe any one that may be connected or may have any info to help us with any of this families and the parents of Allen Cook abt 1821. Thanks, Glenn Cook5/17/2010

Alma Lillian Cook b: 1886-NE m: George Pearson, Jr. 1906-NE e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Almon L. Cook Jr.--born 1863--Ill.--died--1916--Gage Co.,Neb.Parents--Almon L. Cook Sr. and Mary J. Ralph. Married Laura Grinnell--born--1881--died--12/16/1937. researcher Sharon Miller

Amanda Barbara Annice Cook b: 1884-NC m: William Asa Sissom e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Ambrose Cook b: 1846-TX m: Mary Bricker (Children: John- 1876- TX / Joseph- 1878- TX / William- 1880- TX) e-mail: Loren Thurman

Alva Ayres Cook, (third child of James Milton and Helen “Nellie” Augusta (Bennett) Cook), born in 1897, married Mattie Miller, b. July 1877, in Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Montana. They have two children: Edgar G. Cook, b. Nov.1898 in Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Montana; and Martha L. Cook, b. abt 1917 in Montana. Alva is a farmer at Harrisburg, Oregon. Bernice Buckley Hovencamp Message Board Post Posted: 8/01/2011

Ambros(e) Cook appears in Wilkes County NC with his brother Samuel Sterling in the early 1800's. Samuel Sterling went to MS/AL and can be followed from there into TX. Ambrose married Aley Bell in Wilkes Oct 28, 1828. There is also a marriage recorded on Jan 17, 1829 in Surry County, NC. There were 4 children born to Ambrose and Aley; Samuel, 16 Mar 1830, David, 1831, William Pinkney, 10 Jun 1839 and, my g-grandfather, Andrew Martin, 20 Apr 1849. I have been searching for the ancestors of Ambrose for many years without success. Ambrose may have been Scotch-Irish?? ;Are these people familiar to anyone?? lcook@kc.rr.com 12/24/2006

Amos Cook b: abt 1825 m: Mary Hackney mainpage e-mail: Carmen Finley

Amos Cook was born 1813 in Meriwether County, GA, and died 1895. He married Mary Polly Watson. She was born 1816, and died 1892. Children: i. Joseph M. Cook, b. 1841; d. died in Civil War., ii. Henry H. Cook, b. 1842; d. 1860. iii. Silas Frederick Cook, b. 1844; d. 1860. iv. Mary Cook, b. 1846; d. 1860, v. Nancy Jane Cook, b. 1848; d. 1860, vi. Missoura Cook, b. 1850; d. 1918; vii. Sara S. Cook, b. 1851; d. 1936 viii. Amos Alexander Cook, b. 1853.. ix. William Franklin Cook, b. 1855; d. 1937. x. Marshall Bryant Cook, b. July 16, 1857; d. November 20, 1914. xi. Eliza Cornelia Cook, b. 1860; m. William Henry Patrick Cook Main Page Cook Cemetery e-mail: Steve Conner Listed 3/23/2005 New Cook website 12/05/06

Amos Henry Cook. I think he was born in 1878. Not sure of the birthplace. He married Bertha May in Dewey S. D. in 1903. They had two children. I don't remember the name of the daughter, she was the older child, but the son was named Howard Lester Cook. He was born in March 1908. He married Vivian May Ellis in Montana in Jan. 1934. They had a son, Victor Howard Cook, in 1942. Anything you can tell us would be of help. Thank you, Marilla Cook Posted: 3/26/2010

Amy Cooke b: 1672-RI m: David Clayton-1668-R.I. e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Amy Irene Cook, born Dec. 28, 1905 in Peterborough, Ontario,Canada, Father's name; George Cook, Mother's name; Maud Holden. 2 Other children shown for George Maud are, Mary Cook, born Feb. 17, 1901 in Peterborough, and Bertram Cook, born Jan. 7, 1899 in Peterborough. From SSDI, and California Deaths, Bertram Cook, born Jan. 7, 1899 ( Canada ) died Dec. 5, 1968 in Covina, Los Angeles, California. Mothers maiden name Holden. His SSN was issued in Michigan. Please if anyone on here is related to these Cooks, email, haybandit@mcleodusa.net Amy Irene Cook was my Dads first wife, married July 30, 1923 in Seattle,King Co. Washington to Frederick Sherrod Mathis. Fredrica Mathis Fox Updated 3/12/2006

Amy Cook, born in 1864 in Princeton, Illinois. Her father was William H Cook, born in May 1833 in New Jersey. Census records state both his parents were born in New Jersey. Her mother was Mary Isabella Cook, born in July, 1838 in Ohio. Census records state Mary Isabella's mother was born in Ohio, and her father was born in New Jersey. They were married on 29 Aug, 1857 in Rock Island Illinois. I have a copy of the marriage registry. Both William H and Mary Isabella are listed on the registry with the last name Cook. They went on to have five children: Holmes Montford in1860, George Ellsworth in 1861, Amy in 1864, Grace B. in 1875, and Lula in 1878. They primarily lived in Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois. The last documentation I can find for either of them is the 1910 census. 9/24/2010 Marilyn Marvin-Becker

ANDERSON1 COOK was born 08 Aug 1814 in Russell VA, and died 26 Sep 1898 in Letcher KY. He married (1) MARY THACKER in Russell VA. She was born Abt. 1815 in VA, and died Abt. 1840 in Russell VA. He married (2) DRUCILLA HUFFMAN Abt. 1842 in Russell VA, daughter of JOHN HUFFMAN and POLLY. She was born 1822 in Washington VA, and died 07 Feb 1880 in Letcher KY. He married (3) LAVENA LOUISE YONTS 21 Apr 1880 in Letcher KY. She was born 19 Sep 1855. Children: i. RANDALL2 COOK, b. 1834, Russell VA; d. Bet. 1850 - 1860, Russell VA.ii. JACOB COOK, b. 04 Jul 1835, Russell VA; d. 08 Jun 1918, Letcher KY; m. (1) LINDA HUFF; d. 1859, *Letcher Kentucky; m. (2) FRANCES LENA HALE, Abt. 1859, Letcher KY; b. 1845, VA; d. Abt. 1881, Letcher KY; m. (3) MARY MARINDA PROFIT, 23 Nov 1882, Letcher KY; b. 03 Jul 1865, Letcher KY; d. 12 Apr 1928, Letcher, Kentucky. iii. HENRY COOK, b. 1838, Russell VA; d. 27 Jun 1859, Scioto Ohio. iv. EWENS COOK, b. 1840, Russell VA; d. 11 Aug 1919, Letcher KY; m. (1) MARY COLLINS, 1861; b. 06 Mar 1844, KY; d. 26 Jul 1915, Letcher KY; m. (2) ELIZABETH COLLINS, 16 Nov 1915; b. 19 Sep 1892; d. 04 Sep 1986. Children of ANDERSON COOK and DRUCILLA HUFFMAN are: v. ELIHU K.2 COOK, b. 1843, Russell VA; d. 10 Nov 1859, Scioto Ohio. vi. JOHN COOK, b. 1845, Russell VA; d. Unknown. vii. VIRGINIA JANE COOK, b. 08 Sep 1847, Russell VA; d. 31 Aug 1930, Greenup KY; m. (1) DOCK HALE, Abt. 1866; b. 1836, VA; d. 1867, Letcher Kentucky; m. (2) JAMES WESLEY ROARK, Abt. 1869; b. Feb 1852, Letcher Kentucky; d. 1909, Magoffin KY. viii. ARCHELOUS COOK, b. 13 Jun 1848, Russell VA; d. 05 Jul 1932, Letcher KY; m. NANCY ADAMS; b. 14 May 1861, Colly, Letcher, KY, USA; d. 23 Jul 1927, Letcher, KY, USA. ix. SAMUEL COOK, b. 18 Apr 1850, Russell VA; d. 14 Nov 1923, Perry KY; m. (1) CLARINDA ROARK, 06 Feb 1867, Letcher KY; b. 28 Jan 1848, Letcher KY; d. 06 Oct 1918, Perry, Kentucky; m. (2) SARAH C. LEE, 23 Jan 1909, (?)Knott KY; b. 1853, Russell VA; d. 1927, Knott Kentucky. x. WILLIAM "BILL" COOK, b. 06 May 1852, Russell VA; d. Abt. 1884, Letcher Kentucky; m. JANE ADAMS, 15 Jan 1872, Letcher KY; b. 20 Aug 1852, Letcher KY. xi. MARY LIVENY COOK, b. 02 Sep 1853, Letcher Kentucky; d. 23 Sep 1854, Letcher Kentucky. xii. ELIJAH COOK, b. 1855, Letcher Kentucky; d. Bef. 1870, ?Letcher KY. xiii. ELISON COOK, b. 28 Mar 1857, Letcher Kentucky; d. Bef. 1860, Letcher Kentucky. xiv. ELIZABETH ANN COOK, b. 25 Oct 1859, Letcher Kentucky; d. Bet. 1920 - 1930, ?Letcher KY; m. ELIHU ADAMS, 30 Dec 1873, Letcher KY; b. 01 May 1854, Letcher KY; d. 01 Jan 1934, Letcher KY. xv. MARY BELLE COOK, b. 1861, Scioto Ohio; d. 01 Feb 1935, Letcher KY; m. RICHARD COLLIER, 13 May 1878, Letcher KY; b. 24 Feb 1857, KY; d. Aft. 1920, Letcher KY. xvi. NANCY COOK, b. Jun 1861, Letcher KY; d. 20 Feb 1943, Letcher, Kentucky; m. NEHEMIAH ADAMS, 01 Dec 1880, Letcher KY; b. Mar 1860, Kentucky; d. 1929, Letcher KY. xvii. LOUIS LEWIS COOK, b. 17 Nov 1862, Letcher KY; d. 29 Mar 1951, Letcher KY; m. (1) MYRTLE SMITH; m. (2) FRANCIS (FRANKEY) HANNAH; b. 1858, Letcher KY; d. 1928, Letcher KY. xviii. ARMINDA COOK, b. 06 Jul 1867, Letcher KY; d. Bet. Apr - Dec 1910, Wise VA; m. EDWARD SEALS, 14 Mar 1882, Letcher KY; b. May 1867, TN; d. 22 Nov 1940, Letcher KY. ;E-Mail: Marlene Dawson Listed 10/31/2006

Anderson Cook b:? m: Permelia Eastman- abt 1854 e-mail: seven007@ix.netcom.com

Andrew Cook b:1769, PA USA, m; Anna Christina Palmer
founder Cooksville, ONT. CAN. (no e-mail) Fred Cook e-mail contact through site is acgs@execulink.com

Andrew Cook, Jr. son Alan Cook b: 1816 at Cooksville Pee CO Ont. e-mail Pat Jones
(Children of Alan: George-1831 / James-1833-1838 / Richard-1836-1840 / Harriett-1836-1855 / Rebecca Ann-1841 / Rachel-1849 / Victoria-1853 / Allen, Jr-1855)

Andrew Jackson Cook, Sr. b:1835, m: Sarah Paterson-1859
(Children: William Isaac- 1860 / Andrew Jackson, Jr. 1866 / Nellie E.-1871 / Lawson White-1872 / Richard Elexander-1874) e-mail: Gerald Wiser |Main Index| |mainpage|

Andrew Jackson Cook, b: abt 1875 m: Sina Alice Richardson, 1896 in TX (#81). e-mail Roy Rhodes
(Children: Vera Minta-1899-TX / Nolie Melvin-1899-TX / Lila Faye-1901-TX / Earl-1903-TX / Opal Lee-1905-TX / Otha-1905-TX) |mainpage|

Ann COOK, was born about 1834/5 in Washington, Durham, England and died on 29 April 1904 in Hartlepool, Durham, My 2nd Great Grandmother, her parents were William COOK (born about 1799/1801 in Washington) and Ann ? (born about 1801/1804 in Washington). Ann COOK firstly married a Mr MAUD, who died before 11 February 1868, and then secondly married my 2nd Great Grandfather, John George HEWSON (born about 1828 in Burneston, Yorkshire, England, died on 1 February 1872 in Hartlepool, Durham).
John George HEWSON and Ann MAUD nee COOK had at least 2 children between 1868 and 1870, the children being born in North Ormesby, Middlesbrough andHartlepool, Durham.Kevin 10/19/2008

Ann Cook b: abt 1767 m: Belt Brashears e-mail: Ron Ulrich

Ann Cook b: ca. 1785, m: Richard Battin b: 1781, SC in 1807 in SC, e-mail: Barbara McCormick

Anna Eliza Cook b: 1870 MO m: David Hopkins, 1899-MO |Main Page| E-mail: Judy Campbell

Anna H. Cook b: 1898-CAN m: Oscar Hart-1922-ILL e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Anna Lewis Cook b: 1836-NY m: Charles Brinkerhoff-1853 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Anna Mary Cook b: 1875-MO m: Horace Metcalf-1899-ILL e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Anna Sweet Cook b: ? m: Charles Baldwin- 1892- IA e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

Anne or Mary Cooke whose second marriage was to a Mr Danks from the USA. Anne/Mary had about 5 children prior to her marriage to Mr Danks, our GGrandmother Ellen, a son George Cook who was a sailor and fought in Egypt 1882, the others we don't know accept that one son had consuption and was well known in Birmingham as 'The Handsome Swell of New Street' and paraded up and down like a peacock. The only information we have is that she was probably born in Malvern, Worcestershire, UK in a cottage called the Nutshell and her father was possibly called Jonathan. She had lived in Birmingham UK and prior to her 2nd marriage she lived in Neen Sollars, Nr. Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire. Regards, Margaret Listed 3/12/2006
See also: Mary Cook, possibly unmarried, born 1825 in Powick, Malvern, Worcestershire UK.

Annie Elizabeth Cook b: 1842- GA m: Robert Parker E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Annie Maria Cooke and her ancestors. She was born 1 October 1890 and died 25 June 1983. She married Frederick Tester on 31 December 1913 in Pembroke Dock. Her father was David Cooke. Nick Clarke Listed 10/16/2004

Anthony Cook was born Abt. 1640 in Probably England. He married Jane Krafford September 13, 1667 in Kingston New York. She was born in Amsterdam, Holland. More About Anthony Cook and Jane Krafford: Marriage: September 13, 1667, Kingston New York Marriage bann: September 28, 1667, By civil magistrates Kingston N.Y. Children of Anthony Cook and Jane Krafford are: Henry Cook, born March 1671 in Kingston New York, Maria Cook, born February 1669; died June 18, 1682 in Drowned Kingston, N.Y. Michael Cook

Archibald Cook b: 1839 New Brunswick also m: Elizabeth MacLean
(Children: James-?? / Ray-?? / David-?? / Ethyl-?? / Jane-?? / Marie) e-mail: Robert Maher

Arthur Cooke b: abt 1645 Kent DE. m: Margaret Yoakley
(Children: John Cook/Cooke-1667/ 68 ENG m: Mary Simcocke) e-mail: Ron Ronspiez
Bad E-mail- 8-27-2008

Arthur Cooke b: 1655 m: Margaret Havens (No children shown) e-mail: Charlotte Carpenter JohnsonUpdated 8/13/2016

Arthur Cook b: abt 1695 in PA m: Elizabeth Hillyarde-mail: Ron Ronspiez

Arthur Cook, b: 1821-d:1901, (FTM internet tree) e-mail Jason C. Cook
(Children: John-1844 / Thomas / Aquilla T-1859) | mainpage |

Arthur Cook m: Elizabeth Louise Crossley about 1898 and moved to Dublin to run the Royal Mail hotel in Dun Laoghaire.They had two sons Frederick born 1/1/1901 and Norman, my father, born 2/3/1909.She had relations in Canada but I don't know their names. Liz Fanning

Arthur Prestwich Cook(e) born in Hurst Lancs in 1843. He married Catherine Anderson in 1859 in Ashton under Lyne Lancs. They lived in Dukinfield Cheshire. Bab Gregg 7/27/2010

Asa Cook b: abt 1720 m: Susannah Bryant b: 1724 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Asuba Cook b: 1731, Conn. dtr of Robert V. Cook m: Samuel Benham, e-mail Melaney Moore-Dodson

August Theodore Albert “Rudolf” KOCH married Edith WELLS (1841-c1956) e-mail: Alan and Rosalee Wells
Wells Family History website 1/12/2005

Augustus Cook b: 1792-Weathersfield, VT. m: Polly Parsons e-mail: Scott Wilkinson
(Children: Augustus Azro-1823-NY / Marcius Cicero-1823-NY / Erastus Holton-1825-NY / Ellen-1827-NY / Achsah-1827-NY / John Webb-1833-NY / Mark Henry-1836-NY / Benjamin Parsons-1841-NY) |mainpage|

Augustin Koch who married Kunigunda Oser 05 Apr 1856,St. Puis Catholic Church, Ripley Co. IN. Earlier records found at St. Nicholas Catholic Church not far from St. Pius. where her mother is listed and other Oser info. Kunigunda Oser is my line. I have not been able to locate either of them after their marriage. 7/26/2006 Penny Hobson

Augustine Cook Born: 15 APR 1758 at: Caswell County, North Carolina Married: 20 JAN 1789 at: Caswell County, North Carolina Died: ABT 1821 at: Robertson County, Tennessee. Father:John Cook, Wife: Clara Payne, Born: 1762 at: Caswell County, North Carolina Died: AFT 1850 at: Robertson County, Tennessee, Father:John Payne, Mother:Mildred Greenwood. CHILDREN:   Name: James Cook, Born: 1790 at: Caswell County, North Carolina Married: at: Died: BET 1831 AND 1833at: Robertson County, Tennessee Spouses: Lucinda Owens,  Name: Robert Cook Born: 1792 at: Caswell County, North Carolina, Married: at: Died: 1841 at: Robertson County, Tennessee Spouses: Polly Owens. Name: Thomas Cook Born: 1794 at: Caswell County, North Carolina, Married: at: Spouses: Elizabeth. Name: John Cook Born: 19 MAR 1796 at: Caswell County, North Carolina Married: 11 APR 1813 at: Cross Plains, Robertson County, Tennessee Died: 22 AUG 1886 at: Cross Plains, Robertson, Tennessee Spouses: Margaret Huddleston. Name: Mildred Cook Born: 15 FEB 1799 at: Cross Plains, Robertson County, Tennessee, Married: 3 FEB 1821 at: Cross Plains, Robertson County, Tennessee, Died: 28 JUL 1879 at: Cross Plains, RobertsonCounty, Tennessee Spouses: William Baggett. Name: Polly Cook   Born: 1801 at: Cross Plains, Robertson, Tennessee Spouses: Shannon. Name: Lucinda Cook, Born: 1803 at: Cross Plains, Robertson, Tennessee Spouses: Ray Sprouse. Name: Clare Chloe Cook Born: 1807 at: Cross Plains, Robertson County, Tennessee Married: 1832 at: Robertson County, Tennessee Spouses: Llewellyn Phipps. Name: Mary Polly Cook Born: 3 NOV 1809 at: Robertson County, Tennessee Married: ABT 1827 at: Cross Plains, Robertson County, Tennessee Died: 11 JUL 1889 at: Robertson County, Tennessee Spouses: William M Shannon. E-Mail: Joan McCarty 11/16/2008

Aurelia Cook b: 1829-MA m: Dexter Rice-1851-MA e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Avo Cook b: abt 1875-MS m: ? Duval e-mail: Phyllis Murphy

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Barbara Cook b: 1722 m: Robert Hester, Jr. 1735 e-mail: Connie Bryant |mainpage|

Barnabus Snow Cook m: Mercy Walker
(Children: Saul- 1757) e-mail: Tom Cook |mainpage|

Barry "JLB" Cook b: 1868- GA m: Francis Taylor- 1890 E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Benjamin Cook b: abt 1735, m: Martha Benham, 1759 Conn. e-mail Melaney Moore-Dodson
(Children: none shown)

Benjamin Cook - Catawba County NC. Wife Delphia and children Mary, Liddia, Deplhia, Nancy, Lucinda and Marietta. Also son Albert Cook with wife Elizabeth and daughter Sarah. The next place that Albert shows up is 1880 in Lauderdale County TN married to Mesa? with three sons Willis, Albert and George with one daughter Alice. Willis would have been my father's great grandfather. Any connections out there? Thanks for any help. e-mail: Pat Cooke Barnes 3/11/2007

Benjamin Cook b: 1765 m: Philomela Hull-1787
(Children: Elias-1788 / Moses-1793 / Mary Elizabeth-1798-Nova Scotia / William Francis-1796 / Sarah Amelia-1803) e-mail: Paul G. Randall

Benjamin Cook b: 1831, VA m: Louisa Offliter
(Children: Daniel V-1849 / John L-1857 / James Washington-1865-VA) e-mail: Daniel Burkeen

Benjamin COOK who was born ca. about 1770 according to census records in VA. I think he is the Benjamin COOK that married Elizabeth HUDSON in Elbert Co., GA Nov 8, 1810 quite possibly a 2nd marriage. He appears to be in Hancock Co. in the 1820 and 1830 censuss. By the 1840 census he is in Macon Co., AL. I believe he is the father of Lucy COOK that married John S. Green in 1822 Hancock Co. GA. Shortly after their marriage they moved to Montgomery Co. AL in an area which later became Macon Co. Judy Green Listed 2/05/2005

Benjamin Augustine Cook, b: abt 1820, KS m: Mary Ann Jackson Tucker e-mail Tim D. Cook
(Children: Dockton John Henderson Cook-1858, NC)

Benjamin F and Barbara Ellen (Cox) Williams Cook.
Is this the son of William and Cyntha Ann (Nally) Cook? Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick

Benjamin Franklin Cook, b: 1843, MO. m: Mary Jane Stephenson e-mail: Bob Ferguson,
(Children : Thomas Edward-1866, MO / Anna Roberta-1867 / George Delano-1869, TX / Walter Scott-1873, MO / Mertie Mae-1873 / John Franklin-1875 / Asa Bogard-1877 / Charles Dean-1880 / James William- 1882, MO / William Harrison-1-12-1882 / Oteus Edgar-1885, MO / Mary Gertrude-1886 )

Bennett Arthur Cook m: 1917-TX: Helen McCormicke-mail: The Old 300 Database
(Children: Bennett Arthur III- 1917-TX)

Bennett Wellington Cooke, b: 1889- OH m: Lydia Dalzell e-mail: Stephanie Cooke Vigeveno

Bernard E. Cook b: 1898 m: Grazia Barnett
(Children: Marvin B-1919-IA / William Robert-1921-IA / Weldon H-1925-IA / Bessie Carlene-1928-IA / Doris Marie - 1931-IA) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Bernard Cook b: abt 1915 m: Milbrea Jeffries e-mail: Robert Malloy

Bertha Jane Cook b: 1896-NC m: William Carl Thomas e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Betsey Cook b: 1775 NY m: Laban Benjamin Crandall e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Betsey Cook b: 1794 m: Epaphrus Kibbe e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Bill Cook Gang William "Bill" Tuttle Cook. Growing up to become one of the outlaw leaders of the Cook Gang, William "Bill" Tuttle Cook was born near Fort Gibson in 1873 in the Cherokee Nation, but was left homeless at the age fourteen when his mother died in 1887. 6/22/2011

Bilton Cook (he married Dixie Harless). Bilton's dad is suppose to be William (Doby??) Cook. His Mom is Jane Lockhart. The thing is we can not tie William to Bilton. WIlliam was married once before to Chloe Bailey. I don't have a listing of their children. I do know that William and Jane's children are suppose to be Oliver, Cora, Byrd Lockhart Cook, and Bilton. Donald C. Cook

Bobby COOK who lived on Long Island. We believe he was a cousin of my deceased father-in-law (a GILLIS) who was born in the late 1890's. We believe Bobby COOK had a brother or cousin named Mo (?Morris or Maurice). My father-in-law used to tell stories about visiting them on the "Island". It is very possible that the COOKS are related to the BENNETT family. Other surnames connected to the GILLIS family are MATTHEWS, STOREY, CRAIG, HOWELL, BAISLEY, HEMPSTEAD, DUNBAR, SHAW, GRANT and possibly WILLIAMSON, MORRIS and MAHADY. We hope that someone can help us. Thank you. Kathy Listed 10/22/2005

Branson Edgar Cook b: 1878-MO m: Maude ?
(Children: Edgar Cook-??) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Burton Cook line in Georgia. Burton was born about 1822, married Mary Gainus in 1850 in DeKalb Co, GA and served in the Civil War. I have some information on this family, but do not know his parents. I know that Burton and Mary ended up in Carroll County. Michelle Ganus Taggart

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Cook - Cookes, RaineFamily from County Durham / Main Page / E-mail: Jonathon Raine Listed 6/15/2005

C. Cook, Senior, married Myrtle Oglesby: I'm looking for info on two families, Cook & Oglesby, in Hempstead Co, Ark about 1870-1920. Charles J. Oglesby, born 1871-1875, county unknown, married Fannie _______ last name not known, born 1877 ? The 1910 census shows them in Nowland Township of Hempstead County with one child, daughter Rosy M, aged 3 months-- in the household, listed as brother -in-law, William Good, age 27, born April 1873. On the 1920 census, they're listed in Garland Township of Hempstead County with children -- Myrtle R, age 19, Irvin C., age 16, Wesley W., age 14, and Orvil S., age 11. I especially would like the names of these childrens' descendants. The Cook and Oglesby families came together, apparently about 1922, when Myrtle Oglesby (possibly one mentioned above) married C. Cook, Senior. The 1930 census shows them with two children -- C. Cook, Jr, age 6 and Mary L, age 4. A story, not proved, says C. Cook, Sr was sheriff of Hempstead County in the 1940's, and after he died, his wife, Myrtle became sheriff and served out his term. Sounds unlikely in those days, but who knows? I'd like to know if these Cooks had any other children and what happened to all of their children. Bill Brown, Richardson, Texas 7/02/2010

Caleb Cook b: 1651- MA m: Jane ? abt. 1682
(Children: Jane- abt 1688- MA) |Mainpage Francis Cooke| |Surnames|

Caleb M. COOK b. abt. 1826 who married Martha MCCLESKEY 6 Dec 1853 in Campbell County Georgia. Caleb is on the 1860 Fayette Census as being 34 years of age and with wife Martha 34 yrs, Hugh MCCLUSKEY 36 yrs., S.A.E. 6 yrs (daughter Sarah) and J.H. 4 yrs. (son John H.). Should anyone be interested, I have transcribed and sent several documents involving Caleb to the Campbell County site http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/ga/campbell.htm E-mail: Michelle Listed 10/16/2004

Calvin Monroe Cook, b: Columbus GA. 1888, m: Catherine Browne from Ireland parents were Robert Cook and Frances Carden:
e-mail: Bobbi Reeder

Caswell Cook, b: 1810, E-mail Jason Glenn Ramsey , | Main FTM Page |

Catarina COOK, b Nov 1752 in Mecklenburg, NC, and died 19 Nov 1818 in Cabarrus Co, NC. Catarina married Christian GOODNIGHT. I am descended from their daughter, Christiana, who married David NEISLER. e-mail: Sandra

Catherine Cook m: Coenradus Van Der Beck-1702 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Catherine Cook married Martin Shofner, apparently in Orange County, NC, in 1780. They lived in Orange County, NC until the first decade of the 1800s and then moved to Bedford County, TN where they lived for the remainder of their lives. Their daughter, Eve Shofner, married William Holt in Orange County, NC in the late 1790s and also moved to Bedford County, TN with the Shofners. Robert Nicholson 5/02/2007

Catharine Cooke- 1825 CAN m: Sherman Sears e-mail: Richard Sears

Catherine Elizabeth Cook b: ca 1792 m: John Rafuse-1816 Many more Cooks on site e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage| updated: 8/07/2011

Celia Cook b: abt 1805, SC m: Jesse Lisle1820- GA e-mail: E. Mayo

Chaplin Cooke b: 1707 RI m: Hannah Tallman
(Children: Thomas) e-mail: Charlotte Carpenter JohnsonUpdated 8/13/2016

Charles Cooke, son of Captain Peter Cooke and Mercy Wanton; who was married to Anne Greene. The family lived in Coventry, Kent Co., RI. E-mail: Lynton (Bill) Stewart Listed 2/15/2005

Charles Cook, Sr. b: Bef. 1758 in Virginia, e-mail James Howell Cook
(Children: Robert-abt 1774 / Rubin-1784-1790 / Charles Jr. / Susannah / Sarah / Frances / Agnes / Rebecca)

Charles Cook Possibly born in UK around 1800 Lucinda Tyler (Found entry indicating born around 1800 in Baden (Baden Canada, Baden Germany ????) Calvin C Cook – Born bet 1825-1834 possible b: Ontario Died in 1878 in Gilmartin Wisconsin Wed: Sarah Jane Lafferty 1873 in Buffalo Wisconsin, Children: Nora Nell Cook, George Percy Cook, Lewis L Cook Sarah (Jane) Cook Born 1835 Died 1900,Wed: Captain James Hardison (1829-1871) in Welland around 1862, Children: George, Alice, William, Minnie, James, Frederick Wed-2: William Staunton 1873 in Welland, Melissa (possible) Thank you,Shari Glencross 9/17/2010

Charles Cook and Mary Foards - married August 8, 1803 Gloucestershire, King's Stanley, England their son George Cook born Novemeber 15, 1803 and Harriet Beal - married February 27, 1836 in Oakland County, Farmington, Michigan their children unknown Male John H. Cook Charles W. Cook George J. Cook unknown Male William Lorenzo b. April 14, 1853 and Julia Ann Gilmore - married either in Oakland County, Farmington Michigan or Logan County, Oakley, Kansas. Date unknown. William was a congressman for the state of Kansas in 1891 Virginia Cook (McNabb)

Charles Cook, born about 1839, from Berkshire who married Isabella Robertson Australia 1860's. His family were William, John and Thomas all came to Australia and settled in South Australia, Kathryn website: William Cook Descendants 5/02/2007

Charles Arenhok'Ta Cook Born: 1817 NY Married Mary Gagnon e-mail: Thomas Stillman Cook
(Children: Basil John Tahonwentsio' Rens Cook (of Mohawk Indian descent) |mainpage|

Charles Boswell Cook (1794-1861) who died and is buried in Trimble Co KY. My brick wall starts building with Charles' father -- Alexander Cooke who d. 1841 and is buried in unmarked plot in Trimble CO., KY., Nancy

Charles Dyer Cook b: 1813 m: Ellen ? | e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

1 Charles Cooke b: 1839 in Farley, Wiltshire d: Aft. 1901 in Appears in 1901 census. +Charlotte Fry b: 28 February 1841 in St. Luke Old Street, Middlesex m: Bef. 1864 d: Aft. 1901 in Appears in 1901 census .
2 Edith Charlotte Cooke b: 1864 in Lewisham, Kent d: Unknown ........ +Edward Norman b: Unknown in Suffolk, England m: September 1885 in Bromley Kent .....
2 Arthur Cooke b: 1868 in Chelsea, Middlesex d: Unknown ....
2 Walter Cooke b: 1872 in Keston, Kent d: Unknown ....
2 Annie Cooke b: 1874 in Keston, Kent d: Unknown ....
2 George Joseph Cooke b: 1877 in Keston, Kent d: Unknown ........ +Emily Jane Hastings b: 1881 in Bromley, Kent m: March 1901 in Bromley, Kent ....
2 Harry Cooke b: 1880 in Keston, Kent d: Unknown....
2 Sydney Cooke b: 1881 in Keston, Kent d: Unknown .... 2 Frederick Cooke b: 1885 in Keston, Kent d: Unknown ....
2 Clara Cooke b: 1886 in Keston, Kent d: Unknown Audrey Staines, nee FRY, Ingersoll, Ontario
Listed 10/16/2004

Charles Edward Cook, b: 1862, KY. m: Mary E. Lamb e-mail Dan Cook

Charles (Karl) Koch b. 1/21/1840 Germany m. 12/18/1871 Chicago to Sophia F.C. Born b. 4/11/1841 Velgast Prov, Pom, Germany (6 Children all born in Chicago: Emil (No Information), Charles L b. 7/4/1874, Alfred W b 11/16/1875, Sophia b. 10/16/1877, Otto b. 12/2/1880, Richard b. 11/8/1883 ) E-mail: Elaine R Bowdle

Charles L. Cook(e), son of Edward H. and Rosaltha COOK, was born in NY 9 Aug, 1872, married Katherine DICKERSON abt 1895 (She was born in MO in 1871). Children were: Charles Harold Cooke, b. 1896 in Okla Sidney G. Cooke, b. 1899 in Okla Edward H. Cooke, b. abt 1912 (in KS?) Charles L. Cook was in Blaine Co., Okla. in 1900, in Wichita, KS in 1910 and 1920. He died in Wichita in 1939. Charles H. Cook was in Perry, Noble Co, Okla, in 1962. Sidney G. Cook married ? and had a daughter Joan who married ? KERR. KERR was a teacher at Mt. San Antonio College, Pomona, CA, in 1962. E-mail: Ken Cooke

Charles L. Koch b. 7/4/1874 in Chicago m 10/12/1895 to Emma August Amelea Kolodzik b 12/24/1873 in Krokow, Prussia.(9 Children all born in Chicago: Florence Pauline b 10/17/1897 Lillian Bertha b 11/27/1899 Erma A b 11/6/1902 Eleanor Augusta b 1/6/1905 Emma Mathilda Bertha b 2/17/1907 Ruth b 8/6/1908 Esther Ida b 11/11/1910 Carl Bernard b 8/27/1913 Robert Julius b 11/23/1917) E-mail: Elaine R Bowdle

Charles Lorraine Cook born April 1877 near around Butler County Kansas died January 31, 1951 Kansas married 1906? Wife Bertha May Hackler born February 04, 1885 Garnett, Anderson Kansas died March 11, 1948 Cherryvale Kansas children: Edward Cook Harold Cook Viola Cook Hazel Ruth Cook b: December 14 1915 death May 1984 It has also been passed down that the Cook's on my side were not in the US as long as some other families and that they came from England. Can anyone help? You can email me at , Ruth Zerby Listed 5/31/2007

Charles Myron Cook, and Lucy King , e-mail, Joseph E. Cook ,
(Children: Harold Charles-1916, MI)

Charles Risley Cook born 1830 in NJ and married a Mary Cole. They lived in Camden County. Would also like to find dates and locations of death for both. would like to know who Charles parents are. Joe in NJ

Charles William Cooke. He was probably born in NSW, Australia around 1865. He married Ann Alice Danes in Armidale, NSW in 1893. I would like to know where Charles was born, and his parent's names. Message board post: Listed 8/09/2010

Charles Zacharius Cook born 25 may 1886, traveled with Brigham Young. Richard C. Weathers

Chauncey Cook m: Chaline Converse b: 1810 VT (#78 on page) E-mail: Mary Ann Kaylor

Christian Perlina COOK (Pearl) b. 28 Jul 1883 in TN, daughter of Lafayette COOK and Sara Elizabeth ALLEN. Pearl was the second wife of Robert Austin HARRISON. Their children were: Theodore Roosevelt b. 1905 in Benton Co., AR, infant, Helen b. 1909 died young, Ruth Jewel b. 1911 md. James WEBBER, and Austin W b. 1913. Donna Merrill

Christina Elizabeth COOK, daughter of John Daniel COOK and Anna Mary Bista, bn 23 Oct 1790 pos in Pennsylvania. Married 13 Oct 1838 Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana to Adam MENSCH. Did they have any children MKdoc Listed 2/05/2005

Christoher H.W. COOK. My gr.gr. Grandfather Isaac J. Cook, is Christopher H.W.'S Brother, The 1880 census of GA. shows, Martha E. Cook wife, 1.Malissa P. 2. MATTIE A. 3.WILLIAM J.B. 4. FRANCIS 5. MARY E.B.. Christopher H.W. moved to ARKANSAS after the war for Southern Independence and drew a pension for his service. I haven't documented this but do believe it to be factual. Wallace Earl Cook. Website 12/23/2006

Clarence Verlon Cook b: 1899-NC m: Martha Bell Davenport
(Children: Quenton Houston-1918-GA / Winston Lihue-1920-GA / Anna Faye-1924-?) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Claude Stanford Cooke born July 4- 1879 married to an Addie Verginia Charpia children were Erlene Cooke and Margeret Elizebeth Cooke (my mother) born 6-27-1944 in San Diego CA. the Stanford could be possibly Sanford. sorry this is about all I have at this point. E-mail: Eric Edwards Listed 4/26/2005

KOCH, Conrad, Sr. born 1817 in Germany and died 1895. Some other names are: George, Jacob, William, Conrad, Jr., Katie E-mail: Barbara McGee Louisville, KY Listed 11/19/2005

Constance Ann Cook b: bef. 1870 m: Douglas Baldwin e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Cornelius Cook, 1814, Ga. m: Ann Finklea, e-mail Jerry L. Meacham , bad link - looking ,
(Children: Jesse O.-1857 / John F.-1859 / Giles Thomas -1863-AL / James Walter-1864-AL )

Cornelius Cook, d 3 Jun 1815, Sandwich, Carroll, NH. It is thought that he lived in Temple, NH at once time. He went to Sandwich with his sons Lot Cook and Joel Cook. date unk. Joan Little

Cynthia Vinson Cook. She is the mother of Dovie Irene Vinson Cook Yates b. Dec. 8, 1913 in Jackson county, Oklahoma. ? Thank you. e:mail: Beverly Herrin Listed: 3/07/2005

Cyrus Alexander Cook b: 1845m NJ m: Louise Crane-1848-NJ
(Children: Joseph Alexander-1888-NJ / Maria Louise-1881-NJ / Helen Dodd-1883-NJ) e-mail: Bonnie Hamilton |mainpage| |rootsweb gedcom|

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Dana Odessa Cook b: 1883- GA m: Ben Knowtt- 1899- GA E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Daniel, and son Joseph "Dutch" Cook, KY he married (1) Elizabeth (McKinley) Ballew, he married (2) Ann McFarland. e-mail Bill Cook ,
(Children: Leander-abt 1834 / Elliott ? P-1836 / Bird M-abt 1839 / Joseph S. "Dutch"-between:1839-1841)

Bad Link 8/07/2011 sent e-mail: Daniel Cook was born 1808 in Kentucky (most likely Adair Co.), and died before 1860 in unknown. He married (1) Elizabeth (McKinley) Ballew July 20, 1833 in Russell Co., Kentucky, daughter of Michael Green McKinley and Sarah Fout. She was born abt. 1810 in unknown, and died abt. 1841 in unknown. He married (2) Ann McFarland August 10, 1843 in Russell Co., Kentucky, daughter of Benjamin McFarland and Ruth Jack. She was born April 15, 1806 in Kentucky, and died unknown in unknown Dave Cook Listed 5/07/2006

Daniel Cook, Allegany Co., NY m: Honor Elliott e-mail Diane Marie Cook

Daniel Cook, Jr. b: 1765 m: Elizabeth Butler MA e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage|

Daniel Cook, Darlington Dist., SC, who m. Martha \warren Norwood, daughter of Capt. John and Mary Warren Norwood. They came to AL, settling in Wilcox Co. (Possum Bend aka Rock West) where they constructed beautiful Cook Hill (between 1830 and 1837). The ancestral home continues to stand and continues to be occupied by Cooks. Nearby is the family cemetery. Can you help me on this family? RobbiePurser@aol.com

Daniel Cook was born around 1820 in Rockingham County, Virginia. He had two brothers (all the siblings I have found so far) William and Levi. They moved to Nelson County, Virginia and were all married there and raised their families there. I cannot find their parents, no records left in Rockingham County for that period because of fire. Betty Wine Listed 5/31/2007

Daniel Cook left Canada and joined the mormons on their trek to Salt Lake City. According to our records my g. g (etc) grandmother Lydia Cook was born 17 april 1823 at Oxford, Upper Canada, Ontario, Canada. In her husbands journal he writes that she wrote often to her family in Canada and that there were uncles, aunts, etc and it sounds also that there were other brothers and sisters that said in Canada.Her father was Daniel Cook and mother was Mary Maria Fuller. Would like to touch base with the Canada side of the family for any records or pictures etc. Sharon Gallup Listed 1/03/2006

Daniel Cook b. 14 Jan 1824 Ontario d. 21 Nov 1869 M: Margaret Jane Stevenson b. 12 Nov 1825 Ireland d. 22 Mar 1901 (couldn't Find contact on page)Cook Surname Catagory added 8/14/2011

Daniel Cook m: Hannah Hester 1839 IN E-mail: Connie Bryant |main page|

Daniel Cook born 3 May 1824 in Trumbull County, Ohio, was raised in Jay County, Indiana, died 30 Apr 1901 in Mount Sterling, Van Buren County, Iowa (where he was living with his son Jeremiah Amelius Cook) Daniel married Katherine MACKLIN (born 1830 in Fairfield County, Ohio) on 14 Oct 1847 in Jay County, Indiana, children:: John Wesley Cook b. 1850 married Judith Angeline Stone 1874. William M. Cook b. 1851 married Eliza Ann Poer 1877, Jeremiah Amelius Cook b. 1853 married Aditha Van Gelia Cole, Jocob Macklin Cook b. 1855 married Luella McCollum 1880, Mary Elizabeth Cook b. 1857 married Isaac Stone, Isaac Baker, John William Dever 1892, Lucretia Catherine Cook b. 1865 married Charles Sylvester Fields, Dora Almeda Cook b. 1871 married Charles D. Fields 1889 Lynn Dever

Daniel Cook, SC, whose son was Abram Cook SC, who had a son, (another) Daniel Cook. This Daniel Cook m. Martha Warren Norwood, dau. of Capt. John Norwood. Daniel and Martha traveled to Possum Bend (near Camden), Wilcox Co., AL via GA. Daniel and Martha built beautiful Cook Hill which continues to stand, is on tours, and remains occupied by Cook descendants. Nearby is the Cook family cemetery where Daniel and Martha are buried. I would like to hear from others researching this line. e-mail: RobbiePurser Listed 11/28/2004

Daniel A. Cook b: abt 1825 m: Sarah Clayton-1845
(Children: Elizabeth-1846-NJ / William- 1848 -NJ / Monroe-1852-NJ / Elwood B-1855-NJ / Daniel, Jr.-1857-NJ / Sarah E-1859-NJ) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Daniel Quincy Cook b: 1874 MO. m: Mary Margaret Spencer
(Children: Anna Mary-1875-MO / Branson Edgar-1878-MO) | e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Daniel W. COOK. He is listed (age 20) on the 1850 census for Jefferson Co., VA/WVA with a Mary C. COOK age 54. He may be my (Gr. grandfather's) Jacob COOK's brother. Angela Cook Byrum

Dave Cook b: 1895 OK m: Jewel Hightower
(Children: Helen aft 1916 / Beulah / Dorothy / Wiley Russell "Pete" / Cyrus / Lorraine / Rosalie) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

David Cook m: Mary Dey -1778-NJ
(Children: Elizabeth-1780 / Margaret-1783-NJ / Nicholas-1789-NJ / Joseph-1795 / Mary-1797) | e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

David Cook b. about 1770- 1774. who married Rebecca Baldwin their children were Mary, Julia, David B. and John H. E-Mial ;Ann Brown " Cookie" Listed 5/31/2007

David Cook, b 1773, place unknown, Married a Susanna about 1793, son Seely was born in Orange Co., NY in 1794. The family went north about 1800 to what became Tompkins Co., NY and were there when Daughters Millicent and Frances were born. About 1830 David and Seely with families are found in Rutland, Tioga Co., PA. Then about 1837 David and Susanna went to Knox Co., Ohio where he died 1841. Seely went to Washtenaw Co., MI about the same time (1837) and wound up in Eaton Co., MI until around 1843 when he removed to Morrow Co., Ohio where he died in 1857. ;e-mail: Ben 2/03/2007

David Smith Cook b: 1853-MO m: Laura Mansfield 1876-OR
(Children: Fred-1876 / Etta-1877-OR / Alice-1879-OR / Harriett-1880-?? / Francis Dean-??) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

David Cook b: 1818 m: Elmina Browning-1838-GA e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

David Cook b: 1887- GA m: Hattie Phillips- 1905- GA
(Children: James Madison- 1907- GA / David Franklin- 1911- GA / Ada Lou- 1913- GA / Minnie Bell- 1916- GA / Mac- 1918 / Brice- ? / Lora Mae- ?) E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

David and Susan (no maiden name known) Cook who lived in Rensselaer County, NY. Children were: Levi/Levy born 11 Nov 1832 died 11 Mar 1914 Oskaloosa, IA; Melissa Cook; Mary Cook; and David M. Cook, all born in NY. Levi Cook came to Iowa approximately 1850-1860 and married Mary Elizabeth Hart on 26 Aug 1856 in Mahaska County, IA. When Levi and his sister Melissa came to Iowa, they came with Isaac Cook and his wife Lucy. Can't confirm if this was a brother/uncle, etc. Believe Isaac Cook to have been born in Massachussets.Levi and Mary had 2 children: Nelson Jerome Cook and Edward Monroe Cook both born and died in Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, IA. E-Mail: eaglewolfe929@comcast.net

Posted 10/26/2011 Dawson Cooke, a seaman in the American Revolution who died in 1829. Per his Rev War pension application his wife's name was Mildred. Per William Carter Stubbs, her last name was Paschal. Dawson's parents were Mordecai Cooke and a Miss Dawson. My first question: What is the lineage from Dawson Cooke back to the first Mordecai Cooke who was the immigrant? Stubbs' work is hard to follow, and I'm not sure. I find a lot of conflicting information on the Internet, and so was hoping that a Cooke researcher on this list might know for certain. My second question: Mary Cooke (b. 1680, d. 21 Jan 1723) was married to Thomas Booth (b. 1663, d. 1736). What is Mary's lineage back to the first Mordecai Cooke who was the immigrant? For much of what I think I know, I have relied on 'Descendants of Mordecai Cooke of Mordecai's Mount, Gloucester Co., Va. 1650, and Thomas Booth of Ware Neck, Gloucester Co., Va., 1685,' by William Carter Stubbs. I appreciate anything that anyone on the list might share with me. Thank you, Joe Dooley 10/26/2011

Deborah Cook b: abt 1690 m: James Howland -1717-RI e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Deborah Cook b: 1710 MA m: Silvanus Snow, Sr. 1761-MA e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Deborah Cook d: aft 1748 m: James Howland-1717-RI e-mail: Donna Ristenbatt |mainpage|

Deborah Cook b: 1822 m: John Corlies-1840 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Deck Cook m: Sevilla Cox e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Posted 2/12/2012 Della Cook was my grandmother, I am trying to find family history on her and am not sure if I have the correct site – all I can tell you is Della Cook born in Tennessee and was married to a man “last name” Davis at 13 years of age approx. year 1905, lived in Kentucky, bore 5 children then was married to a man named Herschel Brown had 2 more children. (Approx. year of birth 1892) If I have the correct site please let me know. Carol Brown daughter of Clifton L. Brown (Della (Cook) Davis, Brown) youngest child.My e-mail is Carol L. Brown. Posted: 2/12/2012

Della M. Cook b: 1892-NC m: Everett Cardinal e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Demetrius Cook b: 1718-CT m: Elizabeth Rogers Click on Rootsweb.com world connect project link at top part of site. e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage|

Dilmouse Asbury Cook b- 1900- GA m: Vera McCarty- 1923- GA
(Children: Hascal Asberry-?) E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Bad Link sent e-mail: 8/07/2011 Donald Cook b: 1847 m: Sarah Connacher Contact from page

Donna C. Cook b: 1872- GA m: Jessie Thompson1893 E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Dora Ancie Cook b: 1875-OR m: Ambrose Bowers -?? e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Dora Bertha Cook b: 1900-NC m: Ralph Collins 1918-MO e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Dorcas Cook b:abt. 1750 m: William Snow-1772-MA e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Dwight Paul Cook, my gr grandpa who was born in CT and migrated to Ashland co, Ohio. (I have found that, called "Polly" or Mary Wilson was the wife of Ransom Dwight Cook. They were in the Genealogies of Mayflower Families, 1500s-1800s. Kathy Strine Listed 9/04/2005

Dwight Ransom COOK. He was born 3 May 1878 in Ilion, Herkimer Co, NY, operated a Variety Store in Mohawk, NY, and died 19 Sept. 1971 in Mohawk, Herkimer Co., NY. Dwight Ransom COOK was the son of Ransom D. COOK [1828-1896] and Mary Wilson Cook [1834-1933]. Jan Jordan Listed 1/03/2006

Dyce Cook was born about 1803 in Surry co. NC. Her fathers name, William Cook he was born in Surry co. about1777 Tamara Pruitt

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Ebenezer Cook b: abt 1715-NJ m: Elizabeth Zane e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Ebenezer and Parthena (Kent) Cook of Fairfield and Pickaway Counties in Ohio. Children were Franklin and Martha.Ezenezer seems to have died before 1860. Parthena and the children were living with her sister in 1860. Karen Conley

Edd Lewis Cook b: 1891-NC m: Cynthis Dessie Beaver
(Children: Mary Leigh-1912-NC / Juanita Lee-1914-NC / Winona Mahala-1916-NC / Von William-1919-GA / James Buford-1922-GA / Dovie Dean-1926) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Edith Mary Cooke b: abt 1870 m: Wheeler Fear Foster-1905 IN e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Edmund Cook, 1568 m: Elizabeth Nicholls, e-mail: Herb Huston
(Children: Henry-1615)

Edward Cook- I have Cook's in my line from England. I have my gggrandfather's bible with these names listed: Edward Cook, Joseph Cook, John Henry, Cook, Lillie Leader Cook, John Sivers, Mary Ann Sivers All from England and Iowa. Also connected are the Overman's.Any information on my line would be appreciated. Thanks, E-mail: Sharlyn Doucette Listed 11/28/2004

Edward Cook b Nov. 7, 1869 Keg Creek Tp Pottawattami Iowa E-Mail: Sharlyn 8/17/2007

Edward J. Cook was married to Carrie Bowers born 1833 NY - died 1869 San Francisco, Calif. They had a son EDWARD H. COOK, born 1859-65 in San Francisco, Calif. married MOFFETT RICE, Jan. 30, 1887 and a LORENA JAY in 1898.He was a Foreman for the United Globe Mines in GLOBE, ARIZONA in 1891. Said to have had 3 children: Nina, Carrie and LOUIS J. COOK. Son of EDWARD JOSEPH COOK, who was born in Alabama abt 1821..d: 1901 in L.A. Ca.Married to #1 Carrie (BOWERS) of San Francisco ....#2 Viola STEHR) of Placer Co., Calif. Edward Joseph Cook is buried in the I.O.O.F. (Odd Fellows cemetery) East Los Angeles, Calif. E-mail: AMFesler@AOL.com ;Listed 2/14/2005 Updated 5/31/2007

Edward Joseph Cook born: abt 1821-1825 in Alabama died: Jan. 1, 1901- Los Angeles, Calif. Buried: Odd Fellows Cemetery - L.A. CA Married #1 Carrie M. Bowers born: 1833 New York died: 15 Sept 1869 in San Francisco, CA A.M. Fesler

Edward Cook b 1892-3. 194 Mare Street Hackney England. I have found no trace of him. The only info I have his father was German and Mother English he had a half sister called Bertha. Cynthia Wegner

Edward Joseph Cook 1st married....Carrie M. Bowers 1832-1869 born in NewYork, but had connections in San Francisco area at the time they were married in 1857, she died in SF. also. 1857 married in Chalf Bluff, Nevada Co., Calif. 1860 's E.J.C. was in Nevada Co., California 1870's E.J.C. was in Prescott, Arizona 1880's E.J.C. was in Prescott, Arizona 1900 E.J.C. was living and died in Los Angeles Co., Calif. Children from this union: Edward H. Cook - b: 1865 in San Francisco Married: #1 Lorena Jay - b: 1877 in Illinois they had a son, Louis b: 1892 in Arizona #2 unknown #3 Moffet Rice (his niece) b: 1861 born in Alabama Anita in California UPdated 5/27/2003

Bad Link sent e-mail 8/07/2011 Edward COOKE was born in 1557. Wife: Alice CAUNTON born 1548
Their son was: The First Generation Francis Cooke; b: About 1584, Gides Hall, Essex, England death: 7 APR 1663, Plymouth, MA Francis Cooke married Hester Mahieu; M: 30 JUN 1603, Leyden, South Holland, Children ... (1.Mary 2.Child Cook 3.Child Cook . Josiah Cooke ...5.Elizabeth Cook 6.John Cooke 7.Jane Cooke 8.Elizabeth Cooke 9. Josias Cooke 10. Hester Cook 11.Mercy Cooke e-mail: Jack Cook

Edwin Cook b: 1903 m: Daisy Johnson-1935, AR
(Children: William Edwin / Vada Gaye / Larry Gene) e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Effie Cook b: 1887 m: William Alexander Mays e-mail: Jody Goad |mainpage|

Eleanor Cook b: 1778 m: Cyrenius Brown e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Elias Cook, born 4/30/1699 Marblehead, Massachusetts, m: Joanna Pedderick, Patricia Lumsden 5/02/2007

Elias Cook, m. 27 Mar. 1698 to Joanna Pedrick in Marblehead, Massachusetts. This is the first mention I have found of him. Where did he come from? Who were his parents? Did he have siblings? If so who were they? He and Joanna had 3 known children, Elias bp. 1699, Miriam, bp 1701 and Elizabeth bp 1703. Were there more children? I have the desecdancy of Elias but what happened to Miriam and Elizabeth and their families? Miriam married William Tucker 4, Jun. 1722 and Elizabeth married Richard Blanch 2, Jan.1723/24 Rae Robertson

Elias G. B. Cook, Va. e-mail Joseph Wayne Cook, Jr.

Elijah A. Cook b: 1825 m: Emaline Thomas- 1853- GA E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Elisha Cook ca: 1750 m: Susan Atwood e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Elisha Cook b 1/23/1816 NC to parents from VA. m Elizabeth Jane ? b 1825 MO,4 sons, George Alex(ander?) b 1858 MO,Isaac Irvin b 1865 CA.,my grandfather Francis Marion Cook b 1866 CA. Elisha Lewis b 1869 CA E-mail: George Strawbridge

Elisha M. Cook, born in CT., then moved to Oneida County, NY, where my great great grandfather Horace Van Ranscellaer (?spelling) Cook was born in 1813. Later Elisha lived in Erie County, PA. He was listed there in the 1830 and 1840 federal census. His son Horace and a Sophia Bligh were married in 1835 in that area, their marriage was listed in a list of marriages from a Buffalo, NY, area listing. Marilyn Hagedorn

Eliza Bryant Cook b: 1822 m: Peter Dolliver e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Elizabeth Cook who married Wade Thomas Hill in 1906 in scottsbluff Nebraska. I think she came from Tennessee (possibly Greene county, Haywood or fayette county.) She might also have come from the Cooks in CArolina. Any information? E-mail Helen Sabin

Elizabeth Cook b: 1678 m: Joseph Benjamin, Jr. 1698-CT e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage|

Elizabeth Cook b: abt 1710 m: Joseph Barber-1728 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Elizabeth Cook b: 1738 NJ m: Samuel Osborn e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Elizabeth Cook(E) She was probably born about 1760- 1770. She married William Sheather on 27 Aug 1788 at Peasmarsh, Sussex, England. She had 9 children born mainly in Brede or Udimore, but also Peasmarsh and Beckley, all villages in Sussex. She was buried in Brede on 30 May 1830. Pete Forrest

Elizabeth COOK. born circa 1780 NC per census records married on/abt Sep 15, 1798 in Stokes Co, North Carolina to William Garlic/k died before 1847 Gallia Co, Ohio I have her marriage bond abstracted below: Groom: William Garlick Bride: Elizabeth Cook Bond Date: Sep 15, 1798 County: Stokes, North Carolina Bondsman: George Cook Witness: Henry B. Dodson ;AND Groom: William Knight Bride: Ann Cook Bond Date: Dec 12, 1799 County: Stokes, North Carolina Bondsman: George Cook Witness: H. B. Dobson I speculate that Elizabeth COOK Garlick and Ann COOK Knight were sisters.I have been told that George COOK, their bondsman, was a brother and their father was William COOK bc 1740 and mother was Elizabeth Angell. Sandi 1/21/2007

Elizabeth Cook b: 1780 m: Joseph Perrine 1797 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Elizabeth Cook b: 1787-NJ m: John Courter-1807-NJ e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Posted 5/26/2014 Elizabeth "Betsy" Cook born June 7, 1811 in Lincoln Co., Tn. married John Gately Grigg Maury Co., Tn about 1828. The lived in Maury Co., Tn, near Colleka, until 1854 then moved to Kingston, Madison Co., Ar. They had twelve children. I have not been able to find her parents. I know they were in Lincoln, Co. Tn. but no more than that. It may be possible that she had two brothers..William J and John F., but has not been proven, could be a wild lead, still looking for facts. Thank you, Linda Posted: 5/26/2014

Elizabeth Cook b: 1815 m: Jairus Hillard e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Elizabeth Cook b:1846 m: George Plumley-1874-WV e-mail: James Adkins, II

Elizabeth R. Cook b: 1874 m: William Bishop- abt 1890 e-mail: Ken Simpson

Elizire Cook b: 1866- GA m: J.H. Masdon 1913 E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Elkanah Cook b: 1839-IN m: Elizabeth Walton-1856-IA
(Children: William Allen- 1858- IA / Levi Elza-1860 / Huldah Jane-1862 / Deborah-1864 / George Edward-1868 / Mary Eva-1871) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Ella Mae Cook was born in Westfield, Stokes County NC Jan 24 1889. She married my grandfather Arthur J Council 1909 in Surry County NC. She had 2 sisters and one brother that I know of. They are Emma Caroline, born abt 1890's and Grace Cook brorn abt 1890"s one brother Ervin Cook also born somewhere in the 1890's. My grandmother died in Washington DC in Aug. 1974. Theresa "Council" Longley

Ella Cook b: 1900 OK m: Marion Stephenson e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Ellen Cook, b: 1827-NY m: William Craig e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Emery Cook b: 1910-MO m: Irene Johnston
(Children: Lois Mae-1938-MO / Marie-1939-MO / Helen-1941-MO / Alice-1944-MO) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Emery Francis/William Cook.b. 11 July 1910, m. Mary Evangeline Kossman in Pa. d. in NJ in 1973. I have Census info from 1880, and 1900 census for Cuyahoga county, Ohio. Emery's father was William Cook b. abt. 1859 in Canada. m. Christine Barzen, d. 25 Feb. 1937 in Kent Ohio. William was the son of William Cook, and Mary ? both listed on Census as born in Ireland.Sue Bielefeld

Emily Cook b: 1815 m: Jarius Hilliard e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Emily Jane Cook b: 1856 d:1932-KS m: John Gorman e-mail: Glenn York

Emma Cook b: 1885 m: ? Parker e-mail: Ken Simpson |mainpage|

Emma Addie Cook b: ? m: William Henry Mance King abt 1890 e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Emma Alice Cook b: 1873-OR m: Kasper Kubli-1891-OR e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Emma Queen Cook b: 1880- GA m: ? E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Emma J. Cook married to William Grubbs. The estimated date of her birth is 1850. I am attaching a picture of her with the family. She is the lady in the front, and the two boys are her sons, Clayton Grubbs, and Emmert Grubbs. My Great Grandmothers name was Nettie Mae Grubbs (Haas). Sarah Risner Listed 10/22/2005

Enoch Cook b 15 Nov 1771 in Groton, Massachusetts and died in 1859, at age 88. Enoch married Abigail (Petts) Butterfield on 26 Sep 1790 in Westford, Massachusetts. Abigail was born in 1754 and died on 2 Feb 1839 in Westford, Massachusetts, at age 85. Children from this marriage were: i. William Cook was born on 3 Feb 1793 in Massachusetts. ii. Lucinda Cook was born on 30 Aug 1795 in Westford, Massachusetts. Lucinda married William Laws. iii. Betsy T Cook was born on 26 Apr 1791 in Westford, Massachusetts. William moved to NY and I was wondering if he had family that moved also? Sandy Listed 10/22/2005

E. P. Cook b: abt 1845 m: Eliza A. Reno | e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Ephraim Cook b: 1741 m: ?
(Children: Loney Freeman-1801-NC) e-mail Roy L. Cook |mainpage|

Ephraim Cook, II b: abt 1775 m: Lucy Allen e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Ephraim Cook b: 1779 m: Rebekah Lombard e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Ephraim Ryder Cook d: 1867 m: Abbie Conant e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Esek Cook b: 1768-RI m: Thankful Whipple-1790-RI
(Children: Lewis-1791-RI / Sally- 1792-RI / Whipple-1795-RI / Amey- 1798 -RI / Simon-1800-RI /Fenner-1802-RI / Ammon-1804-RI / Lavina-1809 / Nathaniel-1811) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Esther Cook b:1707-CT m: Abel Yale 1730-CT e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage|

Estle Andrew Cook b: 1940-AR. m: Dorothy Hammell, e-mail Dorothy Ann Cook
(Children: Sheila Dorann-1964 , AR. / Curtis Allen-1967, AR.)

Ethan Allen Cook b: 1835 m: Artemesia Wood-1858 NC
(Children: James-1859-NC / Isaac-1851 NC / Alanzo- 1853- NC William Floyd- 1865- NC / Laura Ellender- 1869- NC / Margaret- 1870- NC / Samuel- 1875- NC / Horace- 1878- NC / Charlie- 1887- NC) E-mail: John Cook, Jr.

Ethal Cook b: 1890- GA m: Lee Hughes- 1906 GA E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Ethel Cook b: abt 1885 m: Homer Young b: 1883-MO e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Eunice Cook born about 1791 in New York (as reported, who knows if it's really New York). She married Alanthus Curtis about 1808, very likely New York. Bonnie in Illinois

Eva Cook b; 1894-OK m: Algernon Chadwick e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Evangeline Hoover Cook b: 1868, IN m: William Wright, e-mail Anita Gauld
(Children: Maudies / Unknown son / Agnes-)

Experience Cook b: ca 1650 m: Peter Adams, Jr. e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage|

Experience Cook b: ?1685 m: Peter Aldrich-1701-MA e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Ezekiel Thomas Cook(e) (b.1840 NY, m. Marion Lyman Price Bennett e-mail: Stephanie Cooke Vigeveno

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Fanny Elizabeth COOK. Father was Joseph COOK, mother's first name was Mary Ann, born in 1810 in Plymouth, Devon, England.Fanny Elizabeth COOK was born in Plymouth, Devon England in 1838.Also looking for a marriage date to Samuel CROSSWELL. Samuel is from Durley, Droxford, Hampshire, England. Gail Stanley

Fannie L. Cook b: 1859- GA m: ? Peace E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Fayette Cook, 1820's NH m: Emily Crum, m: 2nd: Mary Woolover, e-mail James E. Cook
(Children: Agnes Emily-1829 / William C.-1859 / 2nd wife: Charles G.-1866 / John F.-1871)

Florence Cook b 1862 d 1928 married William John Bowne b 1859 d 1916 thanks for any info on these families. E-mail: Audrey Bowne Seattle Listed 1/03/2006

Florence B. Cooke, born September 1854 in Washington, D.C.; died January ;25, 1926 in Washington, D.C.. She was the daughter of 2. John H. Cook and 3. Virginia Burch. She married (1) John Buck Stone Abt. 1872. He was born February 1852 in Washington, D.C., and died January 24, 1909 in Washington, D.C.. He was the son of Samuel Stone and Eliza Ann Cryer. 2. John H. Cook, born Abt. 1820 in Washington, D.C.; died Bet. 1870 - 1880. He married Virginia Burch March 12, 1845 in Washington, D.C.. died Aft. 1900. E-mail: Michael 12/23/2006

Francis Cooke Society ;Dianna Saario Membership Chairwoman 6th and 7th Francis Cooke Generations Project Compiler, 1449 E. Vassar Dr. , Visalia, CA 93292 ;Dianna Saario ;11th generation from Francis Cooke. 4/12/2007

Francis Cooke 26 Nov 1584: COOKE, Francis / Hester (Esther) MAHIEU (1592) abt 1615: COOKE, Henry / Judith BIRDSALL (1618) ;02 Jun 1615 (Baptized St. Peters Church, Leyden, Zuid Holland) 30 Sep 1641: COOKE, Samuel / Mary ROBERTS (1656) Born Massachusetts (2nd wife) 08 May 1692: COOK, Israel / Elizabeth CLARK (1697) Born Connecticut abt 1737: COOK, John / Naomi ABERNATHY (1743) 19 Jun 1737 (Christening: Cheshire,New Haven, CT) 07 Jan 1773: COOK, Enos Abernathy / Susanna PALMER (1775) Born Connecticut 15 Sep 1808: COOK, Ambrose Palmer/Eliza Jane HESSER (1810) Born Vermont 27 Dec 1839: COOK, Homer Cassius/Mary Jane ALBRIGHT (1842) Born Ohio 03 Aug 1871 COOK, Jessie B. / John McAULEY Born Iowa : My grandmother / 20 Jun 1908 McAULEY, Naomi C. / John Byron ROCHE (1907) Born No. Dakota, My parents. E-mail: Mary Kay Roche Smedstad Katy, TX ;12/23/2006

Francis Cook, 1729 VA. e-mail Tom and Billie Cook
(No reports on page, but does have family ancestral information) (Other Cook Names on page, doesn't give relation: Joshua-1768-VA / John-1791-GA / Columbus Marion-1833- )

Francis Cook of the Mayflower e-mail Nancy J. Cook Lewis (No reports on page, but has photos)

Francis Henry Clay Cook b: 1860 GA m: Annis Mahala Little
(Children: Martha-1881-NC / James Luther-1883-NC / William Woodward-1885-NC / Eva-1886-87 / Edd Lewis-1891-NC / Dovie Bright-1894-NC / Bertha Jane-1896-NC / Clarence Verlon-1899-NC / Clinton M-1902-NC) e-mail Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Francis Lewis Cook(e) and his wife Elizabeth Peachell. They married at St Botolph Bishopsgate, London, England, on Dec 25, 1770. If anyone knows about Francis Cook's parents I will be eternally grateful. E-mail: Tom Cooke, Melbourne, Australia

Francis Marion Cook-1833-MO m: Nancy Ann Conner e-mail Christine Helmick
(Children: Jemima Adeline-1858-MO / V.B.-1865 / A.D-18670)

Francis Cooke b: 1583 m: Hester Mahieu1603, England e-mail Jill Wilkinson
(Children: Jane- John- Elizabeth- Jacob- Hester-Mary|

Francis Cooke b: 1583 m: Hester Mahieu1603, England
(Children: Jane- John- Elziabeth- Jacob- Hester-Mary) e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Frances Cook b: abt 1725 m: Samuel Mount-1755 b: 1724-NJ e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Frances E. Cook b: 1837-NJ m: Cornelius Cowdrick e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Francis Cook b: ca: 1890 m: Sarah Bryant e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Francis B. Cook b: ca 1775 m: Mary Cook dtr of Hendrik VanderCook, abt 1798
(Children: Gertrude-1800-NJ / Ann-1802-NJ / Mary-1804-NJ / Elizabeth Catherine-1809-NJ / Doctor Eleanor-Helen-1810-NJ / Sarah-1815 / Henry Barnabas-1817 / Joseph-1806-NJ) e-mail: Bonnie Hamilton |rootsweb gedcom|

Francis M. "Frank" Cook b: 1860- GA m: Hester Clark- 1879- GA
(Children: David- 1887- GA / J.M. (Jim Sapp)- ? / Frank- ? / Florence- ? / Sam- ? / Walter- ? / George- ? / Lona (Loner)- ?) E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Francis Stafford1 COOK (#108) was born in England (probably) about 1795 (Children: James Sybil- 1822) E-mail: Tom Cook

Frank Cook, born October 28, 1861 in Georgetown, S.C., died November 3, 1937 in McRae, Telfair County, GA. He was married to Josephine Wall, born April 22, 1870 and died December 16, 1944. They were married on August 2, 1899 in Telfair County, Georgia. Their children were Claude and David Clyde, born Feb. 19, 1900, Wade Hampton, born December 1, 1902, my grandmother, Geneva Cook, born November 8, 1906, and Elizabeth (Liz), born December 24, 1907. Linda C. Webster

Frank Mansfield Cook b: 1889- KS m: Lena Mendenhall- 1912-KS e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Fraudulent Genealogies, ***** Includes Cooks, by G. Anjou

Fred K. Koch, m: Walburgery Baker in NY, 2nd Mary L. Thomas, (link is to index) e-mail Tani
(Children: Rachel Cook-1855, m: Isaac William Bartlett / William H. / Fred F.-1850 / with 2nd wife: George Koch-)

Frederick Albert Cook, (1865-1940) Arctic Explorer

Frederick H. Cook b: 1860, m: C. Irene Miller e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Frederick Koch b: 1849-Russia m: Mary Meiningor e-mail Laura McMartin-Ruhle

Frederick Pearson Cook(e) born 1839 Chorlton upon Medlock Manchester. He married Ann Sullivan in 1859 in Ashton under Lyne Lancs. She was born in America. They lived in Stalybridge Cheshire. Bab Gregg 7/27/2010

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George W. Cook, born between 1770 -1780 in Virginia. Family tradition has him as the son of Mikel (Michael) Cook of Ireland. I estimate Michael Cook to have been born between 1740 - 1750, supposedly in Ireland. I believe this Michael Cook died just after the 1800 United States Census in probably North Carolina, I believe around Burke, Iredell County, North Carolina.
I do not know for certain what happened to this George W. Cook, but one of his sons, James Cook relocated into what is now Pike County, Kentucky in the area known as the Long Fork of Shelby, near Virgie, Pike County, Kentucky. Jerry W. Little 5/13/2010

George Cook b: 1841, ENG m: Frances Rankin
(Children: Ella G, Jesse, Willie, Walter) (No webpage) e-mail: Marilyn Cook Grosbeck

George Cook, England to Canada m: Lavina Busbridge e-mail Wayne Cook -
(Children: Leonard / Archibald / Winifred / Beatrice / Miniver- all born England)

George Cook b: abt 1770 m: Thomasine Wilson-1796-NH e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

George Cook,born 1785 in North Carolina in their line?His wife was Jane and they lived in Adair, Kentucky and Bedford County, Tennessee.They had 7 children,4 were born in Adair and 3 were born in Bedford .It looks as though they eventually stayed in Tennessee.I would really like to find George`s parents in North Carolina.Any information anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Ron Cook 2/03/2007

George2 Cook (?1) was born in Ireland 30 JAN 1798 m: Alzina Street e-mail: Linda Last
(Children: James 1832, Allen P-1834, Mary-1837 NY, Milo S. - NY- 1838, George C.- 1832, Charles- 1845, Elisha H.- 1846, Martha- 1849, Chauncy- 1853,

George Cook b: ca 1800 m: Beverly Sandquist e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

George Cook b: abt 1800-TN , e-mail C.J. Ellis
(Children: Andrew Jackson-1829-TN / Mary Ann-1831-TN / James K. Polk-abt 1841-TN / William-bet:1841-45-TN / George M. Dallas-abt 1848-TN / Margaret-abt 1851-TN / Christopher-abt 1855-MO) |mainpage|

George Cook b: 1841- ENG m: Martha Bird- 1864- ENG
(Children: Arthur / Alice / Frederick George- 1865 / Louisa Maud- 1886- ENG) E-mail: Anna

George Cooke who was born about 1866 in the Isle of Wight; he died in 1941. There is no trace of him in the IGI, and I am afraid that I have only this limited information given me by his grandaughter. Any help appreciated! Charles Cresswell. Listed 10/06/2006

George Badger Cooke, Message Board Post: I have in my possession some copies of some documents dated abt 1866 from San Saba county Texas concerning George Badger Cooke.. Also would like some information on Georges family.. I have some Cooks that settled in and around Cherokee co. Texas.. Wondering if they could be related?? If youd like a copy of theses documents please email me at troublesforme1962@yahoo.com..10/29/2007

George Jackson Cook b: 1877 m: Maggie Verner-1902
(Children: Miriam Elsie-1903 / Nannie Mary- 1906 / Albert Ben-1908 john Vernor-1914) e-mail: Harry Malcom |mainpage|

George Cook: I have a George Cook born 1868 in New York State and his father Lyman Cook born 1847 to ????? in ???? There is a Lyman Cook who died around 1872-1876 in Eagle Bridge, New York. I am not sure if that Lyman is the same one born in 1847. Is there anyone on this list researching Cook's that lived in Saratoga County, New York? Sharon 6/01/2009

GEORGE W.COOK, stock dealer and capitalist, Leechburg,Pa was born in Allegheny County,Pa June 5, 1885, son of John and Sophia (Garrard) Cook. The parents were born in England and married in that country, and came to America on their wedding trip. After landing at New York they came to Pennsylvania and located on the Ross estate near Pittsburgh, and lived on one farm for fifty-five years. 7/02/2010

George Koch b: 1770- NC m: Elizabeth Brock
(Children: George Cook- abt 1797- NC / Michael- 1801- NC) e-mail: Sheila D Anderson-Lewis Mainpage

George Levi Cook b: abt 1800 m: Sarah Bryant, e-mail: L. Farrar

George S.Cook( I always thought the S. was for Sewell, why I do not remember)BD February 9, 1814,in Vermont. Married Huldah H.BD October 12, 1816,Vt? (Dates from family records).Moved to Tyre, NY. William Cook,BD 1827?,NY Married Eva,BD1831,MI., 1846? in Washtenaw County, MI. George and William moved to MI.from NY. kurban@tds.net 5/02/2007

GEORGE WASHINGTON COOK and he married MOLINDA ?????. I know of one child which was my great grandmother JENNIE MELBA COOK b:10 sept. 1896 Tx d: 6 jun 1978 in Ft. Worth, Tx. and JENNIE married JOSEPHUS STRADER. All of were born in Waco, Tx and around McLennan county. I can't find any information on any of them. Nana Pam Listed 2/05/2005

George Washington Cook b: 1829- GA m: Nancy Rooks- abt 1825- GA
(Children: Delia S- 1852 / Amanda- 1854 / James W- 1856 / John R- 1858- GA / Fannie L- 1859- GA / Francis "Frank"- 1860- GA / Davie- 1864 / Josephine- 1867) Married #2 Hester Rooks- 1869- GA
(Children: Jacob Brown "J.B" -1875- GA) E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

George Washington Cook, 1862-1930 and Frances A. Hall of Moniteau Co., MO. Gail Hutchcraft. Ford Co. IL 9/04/2006

George Washington Cook, his second wife was "Lizzie" Cook. As I understand they were from Millcreek, OK or Millsap, OK and have a strong Indian lineage. Your DOB listings should be about right since my Grandfather was born in 1898 or 1900. (lots of confusion in my family's history) Grandpa told me he remembers moving to Texas walking behind a covered wagon. They settled in what is now N. Arlington, TX (Cooks Ln.) Randy Cook 10/08/2006

Gertrude Cook married my grand uncle, John Lyell Middleton, in February 1908 at Sheffield, Yorkshire. They had two children: Stewart Lindsay Middleton born 29 Jun 1908 at West Brightside, Sheffield and a daughter born approximately 1912. Stewart Lindsay Middleton married Florence Ada Sewell 9 Dec 1930 in Manchester. I have a letter from Gertrude to my grandfather written around 1912. Does anyone have any connection to, or information about, Gertrude Cooke?? Regards, John Middleton 12/23/2006

Gilbert Dalton Cook b: 1783 poss. CT m: Elizabeth Brown
(Children: Mary A- 1805- NC / Sarah Ann- 1806- NC / Nancy- 1808- NC / Rebecca Morris- 1810- NC / Francis A-1811- NC Daniel Brown- 1813- NC / Merah (Maria)-1813- NC / William Wallace- 1817- NC / Martha Ann- 1819- NC / Morris- 1822- NC / Elizabeth J- 1824- NC) E-mail: Paula Kennedy

Giles Cook was a gold smith in Boston Masachusetts. His son John James Cook was born c1840 in the West Indies. Any information please. E-mail: D. Pointon Listed 6/15/2005

Giles Thomas Cook, b: 1863 Al. m: Mary A. Carnley, e-mail Jerry Meacham
(Children: William Dorsey-1887 / Emma Lee-1892 / Ola Mae-1898 / Mary M.-1901 / Giles Washington-1890)

Grace Cook born February 25, 1842 in Ship Cove/Port Rexton, Trinity Bay, NF. She married Joseph Pittman born in Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England. They were married in Trinity, Trinity Bay and lived in Britannia (formerly Skimmer's Cove), Random Island, TB, NF. Grace died October 17, 1902 in Britannia Janice Hopkins

Grace Cooke d: aft. 1741 m: Thomas Hollingsworth e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

Rev. Gustav Koch, born in Elberfeld, Rheinpreutzen, Germany on 10 March 1847, immigrated to the United States at the ripe old age of 22. Curt Koch

Rev. Gustav koch, born on Mar 10 1847 in Elberfeld, Rheinpreutzen, Germany, married to Emma Catharina Franzen (daughter of John Henry Franzen and Anna Catharina Deters) on Nov 7 1871 in Dupage County, IL Noreen Griffin mainpage FTW Site

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H.S. Cook b: 1853-AL m: Laura Perkins, e-mail: Debbie Moore
(Children: Romalous (R.C.) / Elizabeth / Henry / Dempsey / Bertha)

Hannah Cook b: 1671 m: William King e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage|

Hannah Cook b: abt 1689 NJ m: Bartholomew Woolley bef .1714 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Hannah Cook b: abt 1725 m: Joshua Culver e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Hannah Cook b: ca. 1835 m: Morona Dayton -1860 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Hanson COOK, 1803-1871, m. Nancy WHEELER, 1802-1869. Their daughter Nancy Jane COOK b. 23 May 1842 in Madrid, Maine m. Jordan William WHITE in the 1860s in Lewiston, Maine. Nancy Jane (COOK) WHITE d. 1915 in Topsham, Maine. E-mail: N.B. Beth Macdonald

Harriet Beebee Cook married to Seth T. Moss in Grand Haven Michigan 1905. Ellen Schultz Listed 6/15/2005

Harriett Elizabeth Cook, m: Brigham Young, 1843 in ILL e-mail: Al Myer |mainpage|

Helen Amelia Koch b: 1896 m: Robert Cole mainpage e-mail: Joe Butt

Hence Marvin Cook b: abt 1805 NC m: Nella McCall
(Children: Pickney-NC / Solomon Floyd-NC / H. Benson- 1831- NC / Samuel Riley- NC / Ethan Allen- NC / Sarah Jane- NC / James P- NC / William- 1840- NC / Mary Ann- NC / Matilda- NC / Dorcus- abt 1846- NC) ) e-mail: John M. Cook, Jr.

Henry Cook b. 1790 Bulloch County, GA m. Martha Turner b.1789 SC m. 1810 children Benjamin J. b. 1812 GA, Martha b. 1820 MS, Abasha b. 1829 MS, Nancy b. 1836 MS. Seeking information regarding Henry's parents. L.J. Cook Listed 3/12/2006

Henry Cook - Looking for the father of Henry Cook born September 8, 1786 and died October 21, 1866 in the Town of Broome. He is buried in the Scott Patent/Hulbert Cemetery with his wife Rebecca Seamen. Henry is supposed to been born in Duchess County, NY. He is the father to Josiah T. Cook who is my second great-grandfather. Ken Lloyd

Henry and Mary A. Cook migrated from Lewisburg Tennessee in 1860 with my five great aunts and my great grandfather William Henry Cook. Henry and Mary A. show up on the federal census in Brown county Texas in 1880. Ron Cook

Henry Cook m ; Mary Wolf Sheetz , e-mail Jeane Walsh
(Children: Susannah-1800, MD. / David-1801 / Samuel-1803, MD. / Henry-1805, MD / Mary Ann-1809 / Joseph- 1812 )

Henry Cooke and Ann Goodere (book form) e-mail: Burr Cook

Henry Cook and Ann Goodere, England, e-mail Russel Miller ,
(Children: Edmunde Cook- abt 1562, Eng)

Henry Cook b. 1775 in Franklin PA, d. 1853 in Monroe TN married Catherine Snyder had at least six children (Jacob b. 1805, James Cook b.1811, d.after1880 in TN, John b. 3-7-1807, hester Ann b. 4-13-1826, d. 1881 in TN married Robert Parks, George Washingtonb. 1-3-1813 in TN, and Andrew Jackson b. 8-20-1815). Jacob Cook b. 1805 d. 10-22-1867 in monroe TN; married Jane Taylor they had at least 8 children (Francis M b 8-22-1825; Emily catherine b 10-25-1830, d. 5-10-1900 in Claremore OK; Isabella b 12-24-1832 m. Hugh Kelso Lowry; James Henry b. 3-10-1835 d. 4-12-1907 in Foyil OK, m.Nancy Jane Lowry 2-17-1859 in Monroe TN. James and Nancy are my Great Great grandparents. I have more info to share if you would like. What I need to know more than anything were any of these families of Native American descent? If so, do they have roll numbers. My mother is dark skinned and was told by her mother she was Cherokee. e-mail: Mgoff@csweb.net 3/11/2007

Henry Cook b. 16 Feb 1788, Palestine, Montgomery Co., NY died 4 Sep 1874 Eckford, Calhoun Co., MI; Burial Cook's Prairie Cemetery, Clarendon, Calhoun Co., MI. Father either Peter or Sylvanus Cook; Mother: Hannah. married Maria Mumbrue 17 Aug 1814 Reformed Dutch Church, Caughnawaga, Montgomery, NY. moved to MI in 1832. Had 13 children. C.W. Owen ;9/08/2006

Henry Cook b:? d: ca 1814 Hagerstown, MD , e-mail Jeanne Walsh , |mainpage|

Henry Cook of Navarro, TX. Early 1800's m: 1st, Mary Polly Goodson M-2: Effie Jane McPhaul Prosser e-mail Elnora Cook-Wyrick
(Children: William-1829-MS / plus 8 more / #2 - 6 children) |FTM Homepage|

Henry Cook, Jr b: abt 1683-CT m: Experience Lyman-CT m2: Mary Frost-1710-CT (Son Johnathon-1712-CT) m3-Sarah Towner-abt 1718 e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage|

Henry Cook b: 1751 m: Nancy Ann Johnston
(Children: Jebediah-1768 / Moses-1769 / Neverson-1770 / Gilly-1771 / Nancy-1772 / Sally-1772 / Jarold-1774 / Johnston01774-NC / Ransom-1774 / Marcellus-1790-NC) e-mail Roy L. Cook |mainpage|

Henry Cook, b: April 1771 VA, m: Annice Ballard e-mail Bill Cook , |Photos|
(Children: Thomas-1815, NC / Elizabeth-1816, NC? / Fannie-1820 / Collie-1827 / Lambert "L.C. " Clayton-1828, NC / Thomas-1838, NC- I believe there are 5-7 more children before 1815 with possibly another wife before Annice Ballard, due to info in 1810 / 1820 Buncombe Co. NC, census) |Bill's mainpage Cook's Hangout|

Henry Cook married to Olive Edith Cummins part of the family. He was born in England around 1846 and Olive was born in Illinois about 1856. They were married in Illinois, had several of their children in Illinois then moved to Great Bend, Barton, Kansas. They had more children there. Henry and Olive moved to Oregon where she had their last child. (They divorced in Yamhill County, Oregon in 1902. From there I do not know what happened to Henry. Olive married two more times after the divorce. She first married an R. Pettyjohn in Yamhill County, Oregon on 27 Mar 1911. He passed away and she then married Charles Livingston 12 May 1920 in Multnomah County, Oregon. She was living with her Charles and her son Ralph and his family in Ontario, San Bernardino, CA in 1930. From there I need to track when she passed away.) There were 6 children all together: Elinor, Melissa, Nora Grace, Robert, Mary Jeannette and Ralph. Ralph was born in Oregon. Mary Jeannette is my great grandmother. She married George Edward Nichols in Oregon. She was born in 1884 and passed away in Oregon in 1951 E-mail Linda Listed 11/03/2005

Henry Cook: b.Sept 1856, IL, Mary: wife b.Jan 1864, MO., Children: Clyde: son, b.Jan 1883, MO, Claude: son, b.July 14,1885, KS (my grandfather), Clebe: son, b.Nov 12, 1887, KS , Clay: son, b.Dec 10, 1889, KS , Clarance: son, b.Jan 6, 1894, KS , Ollie: dau., b.Jan 3, 1897, KS. Hazel: dau., b.Aug 2, 1898, KS, Harry: son, b.Feb 2, 1900, KS (Lived in Osawatomie, Miami, KS.: ) Peggy Salas

Henry Cook-1867-Eng. m: Alice Ann Griffiths, e-mail: David Arnall
(Children: Henry Harold-1893-So. Wales / Alice Gwendolynne-1895-So. Wales / William James-1897-So. Wales / Leslie-1904-So. Wales / Sylvia Beatrice Louise-1906-So. Wales / Ralph-1898-So. Wales)

Henry Cook b: ca: 1888 PA m: Bertha Gallagher e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage|

Henry Cook b: abt 1875, m: Mary Taylor e-mail: Ken Crouse
(Children: none shown) |mainpage|

Henry Benson Cook, , e-mail Rosemary Hollis , |mainpage|

Henry Harold Cook-1893-So. Wales, m: Ethel May Jaynes, e-mail: David Arnall
(Children: James Harold-1916-So. Wales / Patricia Mae-1927-So. Wales / Margaret-1928-So. Wales / Mavis-1927-London Eng)

Henry Marion Cook b: 1894-NC m: Nellie Anderson (Child: Harold 1925-S.D) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Henry Thompson/Thomas Cook born about 1800 in N.C. married to a Annie E.( Hobbs) Cook born about 1800 in Tennessee. It doesn't say where they were married. Six children Thomas born 05-11-1819, James, Allen, Isaac, Elizabeth, Rachel born 09-30-1830 in Vermillion,Indiana. Thomas Cook married Charlotte Bebee/beebe born 09-20-1829 Clermont Co.,Ohio. married 01-03-1849 in Vermillion Co.,Indiana. proof of this marriage. Ten children born in Indiana and Illinois. I have found them in a census after Charlotte died in Coles Co.,Illinois 1870. Nancy Brown

I am the daughter of Pauline M. Cooke out of Peabody, MA. She was the daughter of Herbert and Alice (Savage) Cooke and they had five children: Kenneth, Chet, Raymond, Bertha, and Pauline. My mother was born August 25, 1925 and is the only child left. She is 83. I am curious to find out who my Grandfather's parents and sibblings were. I would greatly appreciate it. message board post Valerie Ramunno 5/17/2010

Hester Cooke b: ca 1625 m: Richard Wright-abt 1644/MA e-mail: Jill Wilkinson |mainpage|

Horace Cook was born in 1813 in Oneida County, NY. Then his family, (Elisha Cook was his father, and a Hannah was his mother), moved westward to Erie County, PA where he was married in that area in 1835. In the late 1840's they came to Jackson County, IA, after having lived a very short time in Adair ounty, MO. After living in Jackson County, IA, they ffinally moved to Clinton County, IA near Lost Nation, IA, where they are buried. Wonder if there is a connection? Marilyn Hagedorn 2/03/2007

Horatio Cook : Name of family in Augusta, GA, possibly an aunt, who adopted Horatio Ross Cook about 1826. He was confirmed in Saint Paul's Church on May 7, 1837. Graduated from the Medical College of Georgia (Augusta) in 1841. He established his practice in Beech Island, SC, across the Savannah River from Augusta. He married Helena Holmes Meyer Miller from Beech Island in September 1842. Edward Cook

Howell Cook (or possibly Powell Cook) b. abt. 1797 in NC and married to Hannah b. abt. 1800 N.C. They are living in Gordon, Ga in 1860 and appear on that census as follows: Howell Cook 63 b. NC, Hannah 60 b. NC, Amanda 22 b. GA. Henry 20 b. GA. Martha A. Graveley 5 b. GA, Jane 3 b. GA, Michelle Listed 10/16/2004

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Ida May Cook b: 1856 m: Edward Hooker-1871 Prob. OH e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Iron Willey Cook, 1869, m: Janie Golf, e-mail Jim Cook
(Children: James William Franklin Cook-1892, MO)

Irving Jabez Cook b: 1872-NJ m: Jane Cortelyou-abt 1905 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Isaac Cook-1681-CT m: Sarah Curtis-17050-CT e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage|

Isaac Cook born in 1759 in Charlotte Co., Virginia. His parents (?) moved to Wilkes Co. NC when he was 13-14 years of age. In 1796 they moved to Burke Co. and then in to Buncombe, Co. (which included Yancey Co.) He enlisted in the army in Wilkes Co. in 1780. The 1850 Census of Yancey shows in his household a Lewis Cook, aged 49 (maybe a son) Isaac, 14; Lewis, 9; John, 8; and an unknown male 3; (maybe grandchildren) Kessiah, 35; Mary 18; Minerva, 16; Nancy, 11; and an unmarried female, aged 2. Next door is John Riddle and wife Elendor, (Nellie) (my 3rd gr. grandparents) and their family. Isaac, Sr. died between 1834 and 1840 in Yancey Co., NC. Carla Sparks French Listed 10/16/2004

Isaac Cook b about 1759 in Charlotte Co., VA. He and his family moved to Wilkes Co., NC when he was in his late teens. He died on Yancey Co., NC just before the 1840 census. Probably, or maybe, Yancey was formed out of Wilkes? Anyhow, wooud appreciate a clue. Isaac was my GGgrand-father. His youngest son, Elisha was my Ggrandfather. He d in Ukiah, Calif, 1883. Thanks, George E. Strawbridge. 12/23/2006

Isaac Cook: I am still looking for any information on my Isaac Cook (born 1815 in Preble Co. Ohio). I have no record of his death. Here is my line: Peter Cook (1674 -1713) Died at sea Isaac Cook (1702 - 1794) Died Union Co., SC Eli Cook (1741 - 1828) Died Ohio ;James Cook (1785 - ?) ;Isaac Cook (1815 - 1887) Died Illinois Eli Cook (1854 - 1931) Died Illinois George Cook(e) Robert Cooke Mike Cooke (me) Does anyone have any links to above? I am looking for death information on James Cook (1785 - ?). E-Mail: Mike Cooke 1/21/2007

Isaac Cook, 1808 SC, e-mail Joel Moore ,
(Children: Merriweather Smith Cook, AL / Ann / Sarah / John / Margaret / William / James / Mary)

Isaac Cook, born abt 1812 in Canada. Married Theresa Gorman from PA. Children were Mary, born 1846 in Mercer County, PA, Andrew, George, Lydia and Lucy, all born in PA. The only census that I can find them on is the 1860 census in Van Buren Twn, Jackson County, Iowa. I know that Mary married Samuel Newell Heath ( Minor Heath) in Andrew, Iowa abt 1865. On the 1870 census I find Andrew Cook with his mother Theresa and sister Ruth ( ?Lucy ) with a John Cook, born Canada, In Kinderhook, Pike County, IL. Lydia had married Charles Floyd and were listed right above Andrew on that census. 1880 Charles Floyd is in Sabula, IA as a meat cutter. 1900 Lydia and her mother Theresa are living with Lydia's daughter Estella who is married to Frank Orvis, in Beloit, Rock County, WI. By 1910 Theresa is no longer listed with them on the census for Beloit. 1920 they are in Gardenia, CA. I know what happened to Mary and Lydia but the rest are a mystery. Neal Warber 2/03/2007

ISAAC COOK was born Abt. 1836 in Ohio, and died Bef. 1870. He married ELIZABETH KIRK 08 Oct 1857 in Belmont County, Ohio. She was born Mar 1837 in Ohio. Obituary of William H. Cook (son)- Cozad [Nebraska] Local Tuesday May 30, 1933 Page 9. "Parents Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Cook were Quaker. Family of four sons who along with father preceded him in death. William at an early age moved to West Branch, Iowa and became member of Methodist church." ;Since his parents, Isaac Cook and Elizabeth Kirk were Quakers I wanted to post in case someone is familiar with the Quakers of Belmont County, OH. I believe but have not verified that Isaac's parents were Ellis Cook b. Abt. 1790 Washington County, PA and Elizabeth Taylor. Phil Ross 2/03/2007

Isaac Cook Born. 1766 in Moorsholm, North Yorkshire who married Elizabeth Lowe in 1788 at Skelton in North Yorkshire and they had 10 children. Isaac was the son of Thomas Cook and Mary Robinson. E-mail: John Emmerson. Camberley, Surrey UK 3/11/2007

Isaiah Cook, 1791 NC, e-mail Scooter and Janice Battle
(Children: John Grant / Sarah / Lucy Caroline / Barnard Rufus / Ancel Montreville-1827, NC)

Isaiah Cook b: 6 / 2 / 1791 NC., e-mail Richard L. Cook (FTM internet tree)

Listed 3/12/2006 ISHMAEL COOK, farmer, P. O. Cook's Valley, Dunn county, was born in Wales, January 23, 1819, a son of Henry and Mary (Maggs) Cook. married Urania Mussen on 28 Feb 1848, in Vernon, Waukesha Co., WI. They immigrated to America in 1830 and first settled in Orange county, N. Y., and followed farming a number of years, then spent two years in Massachusetts, but returned to New York and settled in Washington county. They afterward came to Wisconsin and spent the remainder of their lives in Dane county. Susan Brenner

Ishmael Cooke, born 23 Jan 1819 in Wales. He came with his family as a child to NY <1825>. They moved to VT and back to NY before coming to WI around 1840. Ishmael married Urania Mussen 28 Feb 1848, Vernon, Waukesha Co., WI. My Ggrandmother Sylvia May Cook married Charles Grant Harriman 16 Oct 1894, Barron Co., WI. I would like to correspond with anyone interested in this family. Thanks Susan B. 5/17/2010

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J. C. Cook of Kook or any variation, who was in Gonzalves Co., TX about 1900-1910. Had sons Charley and John. Wife name Margareta or Margaret. One son had married in 1899 and was widowed and living at home in 1900 census. If you have come across this name or receive an inquiry from another researcher, I would appreciate the info. My e-mail is . Mary Anderson Listed 7/03/2005

Jacob COOK b. 05 Oct. 1820 VA-- d. 07 Nov. 1877, Henry Co., MO. He was married to Amelia( Milly) LONGBRAKE/LAMBRIGHT b. 11 Oct. 1832. Amelia was born in Shepardstown/Harpers Ferry, Jefferson Co., VA/WVA area. They were married circa 1854 not sure where.
E-Mail: Angelia COOK Byrum

Jacob Cook who emigrated from Russia in 1877. He was born in February 1860. His wife, Anna (adopted by the Spense or Spenser family) was born July 1863 and came from Germany in 1869. They had 8 children as of the 1900 Census in Hitchcock County Nebraska. They were Philip 1883, Lizzie (Elizabeth J -my grandmother) 1886, Samuel 1888, Arthur 1890, Sarah, 1892, Harry 1894, Anna 1896 and Benjamin 1898. The information came from the US Census. E-mail: Helen Sabin

Jacob and Mary Koch in Nebraska. His daughter, Elizabeth J Cook married Wade Thomas Hill in Scottsbluff Neb around 1905. She had a brother Philip Cook and his wife Elenore or Nora. They had 12 children! Philip and Elizabeth Cook settled in Loveland, Colorado and Philip is buried there. Elizabeth is buried in Denver, Colo. Her brother Samuel was killed in WWI. I have cousins out there somewhere - E-mail: Helen Sabin 10/08/2006

Jacob and Mary Cooke who had a daughter names Abigail born in 1811. She died 3/11 1886 in Hamilton co Ohio. She was married to James John who was born in 1809 and died 1886 in Hamilton Ohio. Do you have anything on this family? E-mail:Bob Campbell

Jacob Cooke b: 1618, Holland m: Damaris Hopkins-1646-MA (m2: Elizabeth Shurtleff) e-mail: Jill Wilkinson |mainpage|

Jacob Cook, Sr. 1730-1794, e-mail Janet L. Cook
(Children: Martin L.-1774)

Jacob Cook b: 1783 m: Judith Harris e-mail: Glenn York

Jacob Cook b: 2/2/1802 OH, IA, IL ? d:1/1/1881 Alam, Arkansas m: Margaret Jane Metcalf b: 1841 Arkansas or OH d: 2/4/1917 Sallisaw, OK. Children: Sarah, John Elmer, Mylon; d: at age 5 of dyptheria, James Monroe;b: 6/3/1873 d: 8/22/1954 (My great-grandpa) m: Rosa Alice Richardson.
Amanda Lowe

Jacob Cook, Jr. b: 1810 m: Mary Anne Robison-1832-OH
(Children: Sarah-1833-OH / Lucinda-1836-OH / Arminda-1838-OH / Elizabeth-1842-OH / Russell-1844-OH / Mary-1846-OH / Martha-1848-OH) e-mail: daver@dis.org

Jacob "Missouri" Cook b: 1815- VA e-mail: Anna Irene Carter Jacob Cook from the Shenandoah valley in Virginia. He married Jane Anne Neely. They came to Oregon and settled in Lane county during 1853. I have found many of Jane Ann's people but not Jacob Cook. I do know that he was called 'Missouri'. I don't know where to go from there. I have no information on him prior to his marriage and don't know where to look. 2/05/2006

Jacob Cook 1814-1859, m: Nancy Rebecca Jarvis , e-mail Faye Jarvis Moran
(Children: Mary-1842 / James H.-1844 / Alpha-1845 / William Alexander-1846 / Simeon-1849 / Sarah Elizabeth-1852 / John- 1854 / Frank-1856 / Jacob-1858) |mainpage|

Jacob Brown "J.B." Cook b: 1875- GA m: Mary Phillips- 18930 GA
(Children: Alburn "Nuke"- 1896- GA / Georgia- 1894 / Maggie Lee- ? / Willie Oren- ? / James Clifford- ?) |M: #2. Susie Tinney| E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Jacob Joseph Peter Cook, b: 1822 m: Margaret Rottenberry
(Children: Joseph Peter- 1852- SC / Evan- 1847- SC / Olivia- 1854- SC / James Henry- 1856- ? / Elizabeth- 1861- ? / Carolyn- 1862- ?) e-mail: Jason

Listed 10/16/2004 Jacob Phillip Cook. He married Mary Cecelia Haas in Illinois, I believe - Illinois, that is. They settled in Colorado in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Both Jacob and Mary are buried in La Junta, Colorado. Sandra Ritchey

James Cook born 1740 in Ireland, died 1778 Charleston, SC. He married Annie McCall who died (I think) in 1818. Dr. Linda Anderson 5/17/2010

James Cook b: before 1700 possibly Boston m: Elizabeth ?
(Children: Thomas, Sr.-bef 1721 / David Cook-1722 / James Ketern-1723 / John-1724 / Margaret-1725 / Jean-1726 / Edward-1727) e-mail: George McKinney

James Cook b: ca-1700-MA m:Abigail Hodges-1732-MA e-mail: Bob Wheeler |mainpage|

James Cook abt 1720, e-mail Kathy Cook
(Children: William-1742)

James Cook, b: 1750 MS Margaret Hawthorne
(Children: Mary-1774 / Samuel abt 1776 / Elizabeth-abt 1778 / Nancy-1780-GA / Ellender-1784 / Margaret-abt 1788 / Able-abt 1792 / David-abt 1796 / Henry-1801-GA) e-mail: Elnora Wyrick

James cook of Sumner county, Tennessee. He lived there in 1784 and had 640 acres near drake's creek. I would like to contact some of his descendants. I am also wanting to contact any descendants of William Cook who in 1790 built cook's station at the location of today's Russellville, Logan county, Kentucky. William had left Nashville, Davidson county, Tennessee in 1790 and went to the Logan county area (it was not Logan county at the time). Paul Cook Listed 5/23/2005

James Cook (born 1785 Union Co., SC) which talks about his son, Isaac Cook (born 1815, Preble Co., Ohio) moving to Scotland, Illinois (sometime between 1850 and 1860 Mike Cooke Listed 10/16/2004

James Cook b: 1796 m: Mary Williamson
(Children: Deborah-1822) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

James Cook, born abt. 1800 in North Carolina, died in November, 1849 in Pike County, Kentucky, buried in Buckingham (now Bevinsville), Floyd County, Kentucky, married 22 May 1823, Pike County, Kentucky Rebecca Hannah Tackett, the daughter of William Tackett and Amy Johnson, was born 20 Sep 1805, died 05 Mar 1845 from complications of childbirth, and was buried in the Frank Tackett Cemetery, Tackett Branch, Long Fork, Pike County, Kentucky. Jerry W. Little 5/13/2010

James Cook born 1816 Wandsworth, Surrey marries a Sophia unknown and they have five children. Frederick Cook born 1840 Redhill, Surrey, Alfred Cook born 1851 handsworth, Surrey, Sophia Cook 1848 Handsworth, Surrey, Louisa Cook 1842 Surrey? William Cook 1841 handsworth, Surrey. Frederick 1840 marries Eliza unknown and they have six children. Richard Cook born 1862 Redhill, Surrey. Florence Eliza Cook born 1867 Redhill, Surrey, Emma Cook 1869 Redhill, Surrey, May Cook, born 1871 Ore, East Sussex, Nr. Rye. Amy Cook born 1872 Sussex, Frank Cook born 1877 Lee, Kent Florence Eliza Cook was my g-grandmother. She married John Glenville Bogg in 1887 in Lewisham, London. She had severe diabetes and became blind. They had six children of whom the eldest was my grandmother Florence Eliza Bogg. Her brother Richard Cook married Eliza unknown and they had one child Frederick Cook in 1890 born Lewisham, London. Frederick married someone called Nellie in the early 1920s (I have a photo) but I can't find exactly when! Also does anyone know what Nellie is short for? Eleanor maybe? Any connections out there? We seem to have lost all of our Cook ancestors1 -- E-Mail: Frances Lee 3/11/2007

James Cooke b 1790 strabane tyrone ireland buried leckpatrick parish cemetary strabaue wife: martha unknown. Grant

James Cook born November 24, 1798 in New Jersey. m: Anna Mills
(Children: Louis M. Cook / 1824/ NJ) E-mail: John R. Cook

James COOK (19 S 1798, TN - 17 May 1853, bu. Horse Creek Cem., Cotton Hill Twp., Sangamon Co., IL) was of Sangamon Co., 6 N 1852, when he sold his land in Twp. 2-6, W ½ of NE ¼ of Sec. 13, Clay Co., IL, with Rebecca ( ) (ELLIOTT), who was his second wife, m. 26 Feb.1837, Clay Co., IL. The only children with James, 52, and Rebecca, 50, in 1850, were her ELLIOTT children and COOK: Isaac C., 18; Delila, (12?) and Sarah, 7. James COOK is listed in J. ONSTOTT's Company, Rgt. 3, Brigade 1, Black Hawk War. Marilyn Roth

James Cook m: Harriet Powell / James Cook m: Jane Rains / Wm Cook m: Nancy Hall / Robert E. Lee Cook m: Amanda Medlin / Claude Cook m: Sallie McBroom / Llyman Cook m: Ada Furlow;; Shirley Cook Linley

Posted 10/03/2013 James Cook, b: in 1800 m: Rachel Cooper / m: Rachel Campbell
Hello Bill Cook! My dad and my grandfather were named Bill Cook, and my brother still is!
I am searching for my branch of the Cook Family. I have been able to trace it to a James Cook, born in 1800. I believe he was born in Kentucky but am not positive. He married a Rachel Cooper who was born in 1804. One of their children was Cornelius Cook. B - 1824 D- 1850. He was married to a Rachael Campbell. One of their children was my great grandfather, another James Cook b 1849 d 1932 in Missouri. He was married to Martha Stafford b 1857 d 1941. They went on to have my grandfather, William Cook born in Missouri, then my dad William Cook and then me, Tracy Cook.
After Cornelius died, his wife married Hamilton Carson, who was Kit Carson's brother. There are a lot of Cooks/Coopers/Campbells who seemed to have a lot of connections.
If you should have any information I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you so much...it is always nice to meet a Cook! Tracy Cook Moore Posted: 10/03/2013

James Asa Cook m: Margaret Boyer-1861-MO (Marriage note) e-mail: Kristine Anderson |mainpage|

James Austin Cook, b. Oct. 14,1833, NY Sent e-mail 8/08/11 link not working
(Children: Charles William-1866 / Edgar Philo-1867 / Clara Maria-1870 / Harriett Almira - 1871 / Laura Lovina-1873 / Alice Lucina-1874 / Willis Austin-1875 / James Milston-1878 / Albert Morris-1880) e-mail Lisa Cleversey

James Buford Cook are nine as follows: Mother was Thelma Louise Cardin- Cook also from Sevierville Tennessee. James Marshall Cook of Leawood Kansas. Linda Louise Cook - Brooks of Kansas City Kansas. Founder of Disciple Ministries of Kansas. Patricia Kay Cook- Gaunce owner of Lazy Kay's Horse Ranch somewhere near Kansas, a recent move. Peggy Anne Cook of Desoto, Kansas Mary Katherine Cook of Lenexa, Kansas also referred to as Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Sherry Leigh Cook- Wilson of Kansas City, Kansas Gary Joseph Cook of Kansas City, Kansas Teresa Carol Cook-Najm Maborak of Shawnee Mission Kansas. Janet Claudine Cook-White of Kansas City, Kansas All nine children born to James Buford Cook and Thelma Louise Cardin are still living and reside in Kansas. James Buford Cook moved to Kansas City from Madisonville, Tennessee when he returned home from World War 11. Mary Katherine Cook 4/29/2004

James Clifford Cook AKA Clifford. He was born in Kansas CA 1875. It is possible he may have been orphaned at a young age as no one in the family seems to have any info. He moved to Saunders County, Nebraska before 1900, where in 1901 he married Pearl Chamberlain d/o Fernando and Elizabeth Ward Chamberlain. There were 5 children all born in Nebraska, Elwin, Ernestine, Donald, Faye, and Earl. In 1914 they moved to Colorado. Deborah

James Cooper Cook b: 1742-VA m: Ann McConnell-1744-NC
(Children: Margaret-1781 / David-1783 / James-1783 / Jane-1785 / Alexander-1793-TN / William-1797-TN / George-1799 / Ann-1801-TN / John McConnell-1808-TN) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

James Edward Cooke, 1811-VA, m: Sarah Steger e-mail James E. Cooke
(Children: Mary Marshall-1838 / Sarah E. "Sallie'-1841-VA / Ann Jane "Nannie Jane" 1842-VA / James Harris-1846-VA / Martha Elmina-1847 / Frances Marie "Fannie"-1849 / Julia Marion "Jules"-1851-VA / Stephen / John Daniel) |mainpage|

James Franklin Cook, 1881, AR. m: Martha Gressett, e-mail Martha Cook Vaselka
(Children: Frankie Inez-1912 / Louis Albert-1914 / Jackie Lidell-1916 / Gibb Monroe-1918 / Grace Dell-1920 / Unknown-1922 / Mary Irene-1923 / Elmer joe-1926 / Hollis Randolph-1928 / Martha Eveline-1932)

James George Washington Cook b: 7 / 5 / 1864 m: Julia Patton 1890, Union Co. Ga
(Children: Della M-1892-NC / Henry Marion-1894-NC / Tennie Pearl-1895-MO / John David-1897-NC / William Clayton-1899-NC / Dora Bertha-1900-NC / Samuel Wilburn, Sr-1902-NC / Robert Morgan-1904-MO / Minnie Etta-1906-MO / Luther-1908-MO / Emery-1910-MO / LouElla-1916-MO) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks hangout| |Photos|

James H. Cooke m: Anzonette Ewing
(Child-Edith Mary-abt 1870) e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

James Harvey "Jim" Cook, m: Emily Burton, email, Thomas Clayton Watson,
(Children: Andrew-18?? / Rebecca E.-1869 / Mahala Jane-1871 / William P.-1872 / James Samuel-1873 / Elijah Frank-1875 / Calvin-1883 / Daniel-1890 / Richard-1892 / Mandy Melvina-1894 / Maudie Alice-1896 / Thomas J.-1898 / Henry Cyrus-1900 / Greenville-1902) |mainpage|

James Henderson Cook (b:1860 Franklin Co, IL - d: 1918 Foster, OK) and Virginia Elizabeth Elliott (1870-1952). My line is down from his son, Walter Luther Cook. James Henderson was the son of William Randolph Cook and Mary Emily Webb.
Ron Cook

James J. Cook. born 10-27-1858 in Broadway, Virginia, married Ida E. Myers.They both died and were buried in Jeffersonville, Ohio. Son of James J. Cook is Albert Denver Cook born in Jeffersonville, Ohio.Son of Albert Denver Cook is Sherman Wilson Cook born in Jeffersonville, Ohio. Ray Cook Listed 7/07/2005 Updated 12/23/2006

James Jasper Cook, Calhoun, Gordon Co. GA, I haven't posted this in several years & thought I'd try again. Found in the family trunk belonging to my grandfather, James Jasper Cook, Calhoun, Gordon Co. GA, a letter dated February 28, 1896, postmarked Senoia, Newnan, Ga to "My Dear Brother" from "your sister until death, Sallie Cook." The envelope is addressed to "Mr. J. Sh. Cook, Colhan, Ga." To my knowledge my grandfather had no sister or sister-in-law named Sallie and I'm thinking it was a postal mis-delivery intended for someone in "Cochran" Ga or some other location. Names mentioned, Susie, Ed "going to see the girls every Sunday", Estell, Mamie, Lillie and she mentions a baby "ain't knee high to a duck." Coweta GA marriages 1827-1979 & Georgia marriages 1851-1900: J. C. Cook to Sallie H. Brown 1872 * James Cook to Estelle Brooks 1897 Edward Cook to Etta Coggins 1898 Susie Cook to W. I. Helms 1890 John H. Cook to Jennie Strong 1897 John H. Cook to Dicey J. Smith 1882 John H. Cook to Savannah Morris 1867 In the 1880 Coweta census: James C. Cook 19, Sarah H. Cook 25, children, William B. 6, Stella A. 4, John F. 2., all b. GA. Next door is John F. Cook 60, Martha P. 54, John H. 25 & Thomas L. 17, all b. GA. In the 1870 Coweta census (in pertinent part): John F. Cook 51, Martha 42, James C. 19 and John H. 15. (And this may be the "dear brother" the letter was intended for. Coweta Cemetery Book shows Sallie H. Brown Cook wife of J.C. Cook b. 23 Sept. 1854 d. 23 Sept. 1899 buried next to James Caleb Cook 23 July 1850 - 15 April 1939 at Jones Chapel Methodist Church in Madras GA. I would be happy to send this letter to any descendant. E-Mail : Martha Posted: 8/23/2009

James "John" Cook, NC m: Mary Jane Wooliver e-mail Donald E. Cook
(Children: Mary Ann-1844, NC / Robert Sidney-1845, NC / Lovina D.-1847, NC / James Monroe-1850, NC / S.J. "Stacks"-1852, NC / Rosa Jane-1855, MO / John Thomas-1857, MO / Amanda Florence-1862, MO)

James L Cook, born 1853 in North Carolina. I do not know where in NC, this information was on the census. James married a Louisa Wolfe in Hawkins County Tn. in 1870. They were on the 1880 Census in Hawkins County with 3 children. William (1872), Franklin(1878) and Elisabeth (1879) ;Two other children were born after that, Mack Howard and Mary. Any help would be appreciated. e-mail: Dolores Cook ;3/11/2007

James Lorenzo Harry Cook b: 1889-GA m: Lyndia Ann Johnson
(Children: Myrtle 1912-NC / Elmer Buster-1915-NC / Imogene-1919-NC / Arthur Richard-1923-OK) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

James Luther Cook and Willie Pauline Haygood, Cherokee Co. NC e-mail Heather Gideon Also see
(Children: James Alden-1910, NC / Clifton-1911, NC / Rose Nell-1913, NC / Walter-1914, NC / Robert Leroy-1916, NC / Anita Cordelia-1920, NC / Geneva Mahala-1922, NC / Charles Monroe-1925, NC / James Luther, Jr. 1927, NC)

James Luther Cook b: 1883-NC m: Willie Pauline Haygood
(Children: James Alden-1910-NC / Clifton-1911-NC / Rose Nell-1913-NC / Walter-1914-NC / Robert Leroy-1916-NC / Anita Cordelia-1920-OH / Geneva Mahala-1922-? / Charles Monroe-1925-NC / James Luther, Jr. 1927-NC / jean Dell Faye-1930-NC) e-mail: Bill Cook |mainpage/Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

James Cook m. Martha Tattersal circa. 1770 - son James Cook b. June 25,1792 m. Jane Thompson Nov.16,1817: Children:Thomas Cook b. June 24, 1823 James Cook b. August 25, 1818 Isabella Cook b. 1842 Tattersal Cook b. April 09, 1821 Christopher Cook b. Feb 19,1826 Thomas Cook m. Mary Ann Whitaker June 03, 1849 (she was b. in 1824 in Oldwick and died December 28, 1898: Children: William Cook b. October 12, 1849 d. March 30, 1881 m.Alice Ralph September 1871 (she was born in Settle, Yorkshire County) Children: Walter Cook b. January 28, 1881 d. March 13, 1955 m. Mary Jackson Oct. 20, 1900: Children: Fred Cook Ernest Cook Harold Cook Arthur Cook Albert Cook Edith Cook Milley Cook all in Burnley, Lancashire County, England: cookhouse1@syd.eastlink.ca

James M. Cook and his wife Mary J. Family history is that Mary is aunt to William and that his parents died when he was young. Father was a Walton and the mother a Davis (I think) but I don't know if Mary is from the mother or father's side. e-mail: stook1@gte.net Listed 5/29/2004

James Madison Cook was born March of 1832 in Georgia (this according to the 1900 Union Co., GA Census) and died we are pretty sure March 15, 1927 in Union Co., GA(this according to ancestry.com's Georgia Death Records and the fact that he is found on 1920 census but not on 1930 census). He married Emily Emma Crumley(not Self) in September of 1854 (they were married by Job Self), she was born October 22, 1836 GA Jennifer Cook White

James Morris Cook Jr born wv died 8/99 his father James Morris Cook. Born wv: jrs spouse Jackie cook maiden name Ford . Brother of Jr is Roy Cook also died 99 his nous names are Roy jerry Kevin Brian and Ronnie spouse of Roy was Nancy cook. Mother of James Jr and Roy was Madilynn cook, E-Mail: James Morris Cook Posted 8/09/2010

James Paris Cook b. 11 Mar 1909 in Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK, son of Robert David and Ellen Frances COOK. James died 25 Sep 1994 in Independence, Jackson Co., MO. His children were: Linda S. md. ? LURTEN, Brenda L., and Glenda L. md. ?WOODY. Donna Merrill

James R. Cook b. 1849 married Caledonia A. Hugguns ( Callie) and they had 5 children Henry E. b. 1876 Pike County Ga. m. Edith M. Bark Oscar b. 1877 Pike Co Ga. Bartow B. 1879 Pike Co. Ga. m. Jessie Caroline ? James Cook b.1882 Pike Co. Ga. And my Grandfather Robert Hastin Cook . 1884 New Castle Al. married Wilma Grace Bush b. 1893 Price Co. N.D. Callie was from Coweta Co Ga. I have the Huggins family back to the early 1700's I have not posted in a few years again. Sure would be great finding. e-mail: swtnlw@connpoint.net 6/01/2009

James T. Cook b: 1796 m: Phebe Nickerson e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

James T. Cook b: 1865-TX Jenette Basye ca. 1884-OR
(Children: Oran William-1901-OR) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

James Thomas Cook b: 1889 m: Cassie Estes-1917
(Children: Thomas Estes-1922 nancy Irene-1925) e-mail: Harry Malcom |mainpage|

James Thomas Cook b: 1890 m: Manda W. Dills mainpage
(Children: Charles Hobart Cook 1915-1971) e-mail: Betty Cook and Jennifer Cook White

James Virgil Cook b: 1874- GA m: Georgia Thompson- 1896 E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

James Wiley Franklin Cook, 1829, GA, m: Mary Howell. e-mail Dana Thomas (Shows as generation No. 2)
(Children: William Fletcher-1858, LA / Mary Ann Elizabeth-1860, TX / Georgann Eliza-1861, TX / Martha Rebecca-1866, TX / James Wesley-1868, TX / Nathaniel Jackson-1869, TX / Daniel Casper-1871, TX / Sarah Heard-1873, TX / Sophronia Sawyer-1874, TX / Robert Elbert Lee-1876, TX / Louisa Drucilla-1878, TX / Virginia Antoinette-1879, TX / Jesse Baring-1872, TX)

James Washington Cook, b: 1865-VA m: Sarah Wenger-1899 in ILL
(Children: Perry Thomas-1899-ILL / Lester Daniel-1901-ILL) e-mail: Daniel Burkeen |mainpage|

Jim W Cook 11-19-06 (1906) at Kennett, MO: Hello, from the back of a picture frame I have the following: Sallie Lee (Smotherman) Cook: Age 62, born 1882, d 1945 Married Jim W Cook 11-19-06 (1906) at Kennett, MO He was born 1867, d 1928 They had 4 children: Dollie Emit (Cook) Jackson...(etc) When Mr Cook's 1st wife died, he came to the Missouri-Arkansas area from near Dallas, TX, with 2 young daughters: Dora (Cook) Collins, 10-3-1899 - 2-9-1983 Cora (Cook) Swafford 1-9-1902 - 11-3-1938. I'm looking for Jim W Cook, specifically, because according to family lore, he just "appeared out of nowhere". I figure there's got to be some kind of record of him in the Dallas area, or perhaps records of the births of the daughters. I'm hoping you can help me find him, and any parentage he might have had. Thanks! Russell Posted: 12/09/2009

Jane Cook b. 1824 in Co. Tyrone was widow of William Young. She reported she had a brother, Joseph, "at Philadelphia" when she was transported to Van Diemens Land (Australia) in 1850 during the Great Irish Famine. Her name was sometimes recorded as Jane Groves Cook. She had two children - one came with her to VDL, Ann Young, b. 1840 Co. Tyrone. They were Protestants.I am trying to trace details of the above people, brother and sister. This is all the information I have. thanks, Lyn Posted: 8/27/2009

Jane Cook b: 1799 m: Abraham Small e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Jason Cook, 1873, AL m: Margaret Franklin. e-mail- Jeanette Cook
(Children: Wm Henry-1899, AL / Bertha Emmaline-1901-AL / Phillip Mallory-103-AL / Virginia Lenore-1904-AL / Huey Roosevelt-1906-AL / Margaret Ann-1907-AL / Betty Ruth-1909-AL / Perry Jackson-1910-AL / Joseph Elmer-1911-AL / Mary Alma-1911-AL / Samuel Jefferson-1913-AL / James Lemuel-1915-AL / Robert Lensey-1916-AL / Lucy Adaline-1919-AL / Bernice Angeline-1921-AL / Earnest-1921-AL)

Jean Cook b: 1749-NC m: John McConnell e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Jefferson Davis Cook b:1860-KY / TN? m: Mary Emma Roach Cook e-mail Pat Scheele
(Children: David Iley-1886-KY / William O.-1887-KY / Jasper Marvin-1893-KY) |Cook mainpage|

Jehu Cook b: 1806-NC m: Mary Pike-1831
(Children: Miranda-1831-IN / Rachel-1833 / Isom-1835 / Lydia-1837 Temple-1839 / John-1841 / Priscilla-1843-IN / Anna-1845 / Elizabeth-1848 / William-1850 / Joseph-1853 / Emily Jane-1856) e-mail: Glenn York

Jennie Melba Cook b:10 sept. 1896 Tx d: 6 jun 1978 in Ft. Worth, Tx. and JENNIE married JOSEPHUS STRADER. All of were born in Waco, Tx and around McLennan county. I can't find any information on any of them. Nana Pam Listed 2/05/2005

Jenny Cook b: 1878 m: M. Rutherford e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

Jeremiah and Elizabeth Bechner Cook (m. 1820)and son - Noah and Julia Martin Cook (m. 1845) and daughter - Margaret Cook and children - Rosa Cook Taylor, Josie Cook Hale, and Frances Cook Stump; David and Elsey Smith Cook (m. 1847) and son - Samuel B. and Amanda Caves Cook (m. 1876) I'm trying to figure out the connections between these folks. I'm interested in any other Cooks in the area also. You never know where they'll tie in. Any help is appreciated. e-mail: Rebecca Morris Listed 6/15/2005

Jess Cook m: May Howard
(Children: Jessie) e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Jess Harrison Cook Born: July 20, 1896 (I believe in Missouri) Died: September 30, 1973 Bakersfield, Kern Co, CA Married: Lillie Maie Burr Marriage Date Unknown, but it is believed to be in the early 1960s, possibly in Reno, Nevada. Jess and Lillie lived in Fresno, Fresno County, California for a while. They moved to Bakersfield, Kern County, California , in the mid to late 1960s. Joyce

Jesse Cook b: 1783 m: Thankful Smith | e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

JESSIE COOK and ELIZABETH---------------? Jessie b.ca.1806-07 in GA.There was a JOHN COOK b.ca 1761 with a wife MILLEY----------? Living in the same area as my JESSIE. census says JESSIE b.in Ga. father b. in S.C. E-Mail: Wallace Earl Cook Listed 5/23/2005

JESSE COOK ...born in England, or possibly Ireland, about 1815-1820. ...lived in Saugerties and Quarryville in Ulster County NY from 1840s through 1900. ...was a blacksmith and a quarryman. ...wife was Nelly E. or Eliza. ...buried in Katsbaan Cemetery in Saugerties NY. Seeking information about the parents, siblings, and descendants of this Jesse Cook. emcook43541@aol.com Posted: 8/09/2010

Joanna Cook b: ca 1625 m: Samuel Marshall e-mail: Scott Wilkinson |mainpage|

Joanna Cooke b: 1667 MA, m: Samuel Porter e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Cook is my gr gr gr grandfather by way of his daughter. His family was from N.C. - he was said to have been born in Bertie Co.NC. He removed to IL and took various members of his family with him. His daughter, Clarissa married John T. Underwood and they with their children left TN to settle in IL. Is there anyone pursuing documentation of this family.Mangoav@aol.com Listed 10/16/2004 Joel

Joel Cramer Cook, NJ m: Carolyn Blake in 1736 e-mail Ernest W. Scott,
(Children: Robert Lyde-1756) |mainpage|

Joel Cook b: 1853-ILL m: Mary Elizabeth Harvel
(Children: Mary A-1874-ILL / James A-1874-ILL / nancy J-1875-ILL Charles W-1878-ILL / Maud I-1880-ILL / William T-1882-MO / Margaret E-1886-MO / John W-1889-MO / Grace E-1890-MO / Fannie W-1892-MO) e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

Johann Adam Koch, b: 1707, Otsweiler, GER, m: Anna Rohmann
(Children: Henry-?? / Mikel-1730-GER / Adam, Jr-1735 -Ger / Anna Maria- 1735- GER) e-mail: Sheila D Anderson-Lewis

Johann Friedrich Heinrich KOCH, Sr., born 3 July 1821 in Prussian, Germany.
(Children: Fritz-abt 1848 / Wilhelm-abt 1849 / Johann Friedrich Heinrich Koch, Jr.-1852 / Johann Wilhelm Friedrich Koch-1855 / Wilhelmine Caroline Koch-1858 / August Johann Friedrich Koch-1861 / Friedrich Heinrich Koch-1863 / Ludwig Friedrich Koch-1866 ) e-mail Edwin L. Koch |mainpage|

John Cook, Sr., Ambrose Cook, Sr. and Ambros(e), Jr..
Ambrose Cook, Jr. is the father of my grandfather David Crawford Cook. E-mail: Earl Cook

John Cooke, b. 1730 Westminister, London, England d. England m. Gurney, Elizabeth E-mail: Terry Cook Listed 3/12/2005

John Cook married to Elizabeth Ballard probably in hte late 1770's. They had at least 6 children; William md. Fannie Rainey Kerenhappuck md. John Taylor, Elizabeth md. Richard Ussery Lemay, Herbert, more later, he is my 4th great-grandfather, twice John, Jr. md. Sarah W. Pennington Martha md. Williamson Rainey Herbert was married twice, first to Penelope Taylor, sister of John Taylor mentioned above she died young second Herbert married to Sarah "Sally" Walker, daughter of David Walker Herbert and Sally had 4 children; Marina md. Samuel H. Harwell, they are my 3rd great-grandparents Minerva, died young Martha W. md. Mersa Fuller Samuel A. H. md. Ann J. Ezell, they are also 2 of my 3rd great-grandparents If you are related to this family please e-mail me at: Beth Listed 5/23/2005

John and Dolly (PARKER) COOK of Colchester, Delaware, NY. Children: Rebecca Cook 1780-1856 married Frederick MILLER Jr 1777-1855 or aft Sarah Sally Cook 1782-1865 md Stephen FISHER 1770-1848 Joseph Cook 1786-1851 md Eleanor CARRIER 1798-1881 Prudence Cook 1790-1868 md John McKINNEY 1781-1854 Catherine Cook 1792-1870 or bef md Solomon BAXTER 1789-1870 or aft Daniel Cook 1795-1881 md Polina Polly COLE 1801-1839 E-mail: grannytoad@yahoo.com 3/11/2007

John Cook Sr., md c1768 Betty BALLARD; found in Mecklenburg census 1790. Children of John and Betty: William B. (Sr) b 1969 md Frances RAINEY (note the time gap here) Kerenhappuck "Happy" b 1780 md TAYLOR Herbert b c1783 md WALKER John (Jr) b c1790 md PENNINGTON Martha - md RAINEY I am not at all sure of this information, and the gap is suspicious - although the Rev War took place in that time. If anyone has information on this family, I would appreciate learning it. I have descendants of William B. and Frances. mgpage@unlimited.net 12/23/2006

John Cook who lived in Morris co. in 1775. There is record of a John Cook who lost his wife Phebe and she is buried in the Parsippany Cemetery at the age of 25 on 15 May 1775. This coincides with the birth of one of his daughters who lived and died in NYC. seams that she was born apporx. 6 weeks prior to this when her birth date is calculated from her age at death. There is another sister who also lived in NYC and died there however her age at death was only given in years and therefore not able to calculate it accurately. It does appear that they could have been twins and this in either case could have been a complication of birth that Phebe died. John marries Mabel Johnson found in Morristown Presby church records before 1778, then his first child of that marriage is a girl born 27 Nov 1778. We found in Calvin Green's diary, the Presby Minister in Hanover, NJ a note that ole Jonny Cook died today on 30 Aug 1814. These dates do not match any of the other John Cook's in the area, nor do these wives or children. E-Mail Ann Listed 1/03/2006

John and Sarah Cook in Orange Co, NC: I have a Cook line that I believe goes back to John and Sarah Cook in Orange Co, NC. These were the "English Cooks" of Orange Co. John died about 1810 and left a will in Orange Co naming most of his children, including one Archibald Cook, who I believe to be the same as my ancestor of the same name and age (and b in NC). I have tested a Cook cousin and have characterized the Y chromosome profile for my line of Cooks. I would very much like to find another descendant of John Cook, preferably through a different son than Archibald, who would agree to be tested so I can prove my link to John Cook. The Y profile is in Haplogroup R1b1b2, but it has two very unusual marker values, which if found in another Cook would almost certainly mean a relationship. The unusual values are DYS389i=11 and DYS459a=7. Each of these values alone is rare--the combination is extremely rare and does not exist as far as I can determine in any of the world's databases except in my Cook line. If anyone has a patrilineal Cook line of descent from John Cook of Orange Co, NC down to a living male Cook, please contact me off list. Whit Posted: 8/23/2009

1/25/2010 John Cook born about 1793, Wales, married Sarah Morrow/Graham about 1813. John died after 1830 and before 1840, as the 1840 Census for Fountain County, Indiana has Sarah as head of household. They had eight and maybe nine children, I have the names of five; George Washington, James O., Sarah Jane, Elizabeth M. and John. John bought land in Shawnee twp., Fountain County, Indiana in late 1829. Sarah, his wife died after 1860, as she was living with her daughter Elizabeth on the 1860 census Fountain County, Indiana, her age was given as 67 born in Ireland. Thank you, Vicki Bevelhymer Ames Posted 1/25/2010updated 5/06/2011

JOHN COOK was born Abt. 1812 in GA, Son of James Cook & Rebecca (?Potts). & MARTHA KNIGHT b. abt 1826 in GA; m.05 December 1841 in Warren Co., GA1. Children of JOHN COOK and MARTHA KNIGHT are: 1. BENJAMIN F COOK, b. Abt. 1842, GA 2. HENRY COOK, b. Abt. 1844, GA 3. CECILIA AMANTHA COOK, b. Abt. 1846, GA 4. WILLIAM H COOK, b. Abt. 1848, GA 5. GEORGE M COOK, b. Abt. 1850, GA 6. JOHN J COOK, b. Abt. 1853, GA 7. JAMES D COOK, b. Abt. 1856, GA Found on these census;? 1850 Census, Wilkinson Co., GA, 1860 Census, Baldwin Co., GA, ? 1870 Census- Not Found; ? ? John & Elnora Cook-Wyrick Families 9/24/2010

John and Jane COOK moved from Tompkins Co. or Yates Co., NY to Venice Twp., Seneca Co., OH between 1846 and 1848. Shortly before 1850 John COOK died (possibly in Sandusky Co., OH) as we find Jane COOK 54, widowed, with sons Reuben 18, Aaron 16, and William 12, and a daughter Elizabeth 14 in the 1850 US Census of Venice Twp., Seneca Co., OH. Also in the household is Sarah GLEN 31. Nearby are two older sons, Frederick COOK with his wife Sarah (no children), and T. T. COOK 33, with his wife Polly 30, and children Ruth A. 11, Helen M. 9, Theodore L. 5, and another male child M. 2. Frederick and Sarah were divorced 5 Nov 1852. Another son, Philo COOK, is still in NY in 1950 with his wife Lydia HALL and children. Does anyone have ties with this COOK family in Ohio?Please contact me if anything looks familiar. Thanks! Sincerely, Joe Cook

John Cook, m: Sarah in NC e-mail Dale Cook
(Children: Edward Netty-1760 / Joseph-17?? / Archibald-17?? / David-17?? / Robert-17??)

JOHN COOK (born abt. 1800)of Fountain Co. IN. The family is in the 1830 census. John Cook married SARA MORROW from (Oury, Ireland) They had at least 7 children including, ELIZABETH MARY COOK, born 1832 (who married William Ferguson), SARAH JANE COOK, born 1830 (who married Gideon Clark)and JOHN COOK, born 1833 (who married Lois J.)and maybe JAMES COOK who married Martha. Bonnie Clark

John Cook b: abt 1500-Eng. m: ? Newton
(Children: Robert Cook -1520-Eng) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

John Cook, b: 1660-65 m: Mary Downes in, NH e-mail Christine Pettit ,
(Children: John-1692, NH / Rebeca-1693, NH / Peter Downs-1694, NH)

John Cook b: 1662- CT m: Sarah Fiske- 1688- CT
(Children: Theophilus-?? / Sarah- ?? / John- 1692) e-mail: Chuck Hanson |mainpage|

John Cook b: 1696, ENG m: Elinor Landale-1718-PA e-mail: Glenn York

John Cook b: 1696, ENG m: Eleanor Langdale- 1718
(Children: Margaret- 1727- PA) e-mail: Duncan Rea William III |mainpage|

John Cook, b: bef. 1697 m: Mary Collins, 1680-MA e-mail: Bob / Mary Beth Wheeler
(Children: none shown) |mainpage|

John Cook b: 1724 m: Rebekah McConnell - 1788
(Children: Sallie McConnell-1791- NC / Sarah Winslow-1792 - NC) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

John Cook, 1726, NC, KY, MO. ,
(Children: James / Thomas / John / Ephraim / Abraham / Elizabeth / Mary / Jeane / Emma / Ede / Millea / Joanne / Christian / Henry-1751) e-mail Roy L. Cook |mainpage|

John Cook b: abt 1735 m: Mary Newcomb e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

John COOK b: 14 Nov 1748 d: Mar 1810 + Dolly Dolla PARKER b: 2 Oct 1757 d: 1836 .e-mail: Kaye Powell Listed 6/15/2005

JOHN COOK, b ?abt 1770, ?Marlboro co., SC; d August 1825 in Highland co., OH; married ANN STAFFORD. JOHN COOK, wife ANN and children had settled in Highland co., OH by 1808. Their children were Elizabeth, b before 1800 married John Hamilton Jesse, b 10 Feb 1801, married 1824 to Nancy Linebarger in Parke co., IN Bradley, b 1803 married 1826 to Elenor Patchel in Highland co., OH Thomas, b ?1808 Harriett married Jesse Hunt possibly another daughter who may have married Aaron Moore. Any leads of any kind, no matter how small, will be appreciated. Thank you. Marge Freeman Listed 4/26/2005

JOHN1 COOK II died Abt. 1851. He married ELVIRA GARRISON Notes for JOHN COOK II: Family lore indicates that John Cook II was a plantation owner and operated a steamboat on the Mississippi River. Neither has been proven. Children of JOHN COOK and ELVIRA GARRISON are: 1. i. Nancy Melvina Cook m. James Parkhill, Nov. 15, 1868 Greenville, Hunt County, Texas. 2. ii. NINA2 COOK. 3. iii. JOHN COOK III, b. November 27, 1848, Kentucky; d. December 08, 1936,Strong City, Oklahoma. e-mail: jmparkhill@yahoo.com listed 5/31/2007

John Cook born in VA in 1799. He was in Indiana in 1833 when his son Elija was born. Elijah married Irena (?).Elijah was in Illinois in 1863 when he bore a son named Enoch Elijah. Enoch Elijah married Sarah Perry. They were in AR in 1893 when Enoch Elijah Jr. was born. I am stuck finding anything about the original John in VA.anyone have connections with this line? Rsignett@comcast.net Listed 3/29/2006

John Cook-1780-TN m:?? e-mail C.J. Ellis ,
(Children: George-1800-TN), |main Cook webpage | |mainpage|

John Cook b: 1780 m: Hannah Macy e-mail: Glenn York

John Cook,b: 1790 in TN m: Sally ?, e-mail Kim Boles
(Children: Jackson Jack-1848, TN)

John Cook b: 1792 d:1830-KY m: Margaret Ditterline-1824-PA
(Children: William Dietterline Cook-1815) e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

John Cook m: 1794, (Nigel Cook ancestors), Southampton, Eng. e-mail Nigel Cook |Main gen webpage|

John Cook was born December 09, 1798 in McCracken County, Kentucky, and died in The river returning home from New Orleans. He married Elvira Garrison Bef. 1840, She was born March 08, 1818 in McCracken County, Kentucky. JOHN COOK, JR., b. November 27, 1848, McCracken County, Kentucky; d. December 08, 1936; m. REBECCA WATSON. Jmparkhil3

John Cook b: 1800-ME m: Clementine Allen 1823 MA
(Children: Harrison A-1824 / Prentiss Mellin-1828 / Augusta-1832 / Angelina-1834 / John G-1837) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

John Cook, b: abt 1804 VA. and Hannah Fields, b: abt 1812, e-mail, Dave and Nancy ,
(Children: James-1831 / Lavisa(Louisa)-1833 / Isaac Newton-1836 / Henry Jasper-1837 / Elijah-1839 / Thomas J.-1839 / John W.-1841, VA / William-1843 / Edward Dr. Kerman-1846 / George Washington-1848 / Sarah A.-1850 / Hannah-1855, VA / Jacob-1859, VA) |mainpage|

John Cook b. 27 Aug 1811 in NC, d. 15 Oct 1866 in Haywood Co., TN. I find him living in Haywood Co., TN in the 1850 and 1860 Census years. He had a wife named Sarah and I suspect she may have been a second wife. She was born 13 Dec 1829 in TN and died 5 Apr 1897 in Haywood Co., TN. They are both buried in Old Moore Cemetery in Haywood Co., TN. children: Alexander b ca. 1835 in NC, James b. ca. 1839 in NC, John L. b. ca. 1843 in TN, Joseph b. ca. 1848 in TN, Daniel C. b. ca. 1849 in TN, md. Victorica Morris, Francis M. b. ca. 1852 in TN, md. Permelia E. Walden, David W. b. ca. 1854 in TN, d. ca. 1917, Nancy J.C. b. ca. 1857 in TN, Jesse L. b. 8 May 1859 in TN, d. 27 Jun 1916, Donna Merrill

John Cook, b. ca 1812/1815 prob. Clark Co, KY, d. aft. 1880, prob. Hickory Co, MO, m. Martha E. Huddleston, b. 1815 TN, d. aft. 1880 prob. Hickory Co., MO.August 9, 1833 in Wilson Co. TN. CHILDREN: Nathaniel (ca 1836 TN), Caren (ca 1838 TN or MO), Nancy L (1840/42 MO), Margaret E (ca 1847 MO), Charles T. (ca 1849 MO), John William (Sep 11 1850 MO), Sarah (ca 1855 MO), James Robert (Nov 17 1856 MO), Eli (ca 1858 MO), Dorcas "Dora" (Sep 16 1864 MO), Catherwood (ca 1863 MO), Lincoln (Feb 1865 MO). John Cook was in Lawrence Co., TN in 1840 listed next to Charles Cook Jr. who was probably his father. Charles Cook Jr, was probably the son of Charles Cook Sr who was in Lawrence Co, TN in 1820. Martha Huddleston was the dau of Anthony Huddleston and Elizabeth Lewis of Wilson Co, TN.
web site: e-mail: Sandra Branson Young Listed 3/28/2005

John Koch b: 1814- Germany m: Carolina Lnu
(Children: Wilhelm- 1843- GER / Friedrik- ? / Albert - ? / Wilhelma- 1845- Ger.) E-mail: Linda Carpenter Fry / other e-mail:

John Cook b/ abt 1835 in England. Married Victoria Galarno b/ abt 1834 in Canada. They had the folloing children born in St Clair Co.Michigan: Julia Ann 1869, Married John Lovejoy (my husbands grand parents) Fredrick abt 1871 Annette abt 1873 Charles H. Abt 1876. I would be elated to hear from anyone who has any info on this family. Ann McLean

John Cooke, My ggg grandfather, here is what I know about him. He entered the English Navy on 29 May 1819, commissioned Lieutenant on 9 January 1824. He married Rebecca Lethbridge in Lauceston Cornwall and they had a daughter Janetta Cooke.He appears in the 1841 Census for Lauceston Cornwall where it says he was NOT born in the county. Therefore he was not born in Cornwall.He died in 1846, aged 51 years occupation listed as gentleman.This means he was born about 1795 anywhere but Cornwall.Can anyone help please, how can I find out where he was born? Many thanks Caroline Australia

John Cook b: bef 1835 m: m: Carolyn Taylor (Child:Rachel-1850) e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

John Cook b: 1838- NY m: Lucy Sears
(Children: Fred- 1868- IA / Jasper- 1869- IA / George- ?) e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

John Cook, 12 / 20 / 1839, m: Margaret Johnson, e-mail Kelly D. Cook ,
(Children: Archibald David-1861 / Thomas Strang-1852 / Caroline-1864 / Elizabeth-1866 / Margaret-1868 / John-1870 / William J.-1872 / Charles-1875 / Catherine-1877 / David -1879 / Mary-1885)

JOHN COOK, bapt 1847, with his grandparents Thomas and Elizabeth Stratford @ Little Barrington Glos in 1851 (His mother died in 1849). Back at Leafield in 1861 with his father and brothers, and @ Shipton Court Shipton under Wychwood Oxon as a stable lad in 1871. No trace of John after 1871. E-mail: Sheila Duncombe. Listed 10/31/2006

John Cook and Caty Shaft married on June 1, 1796, based on records of German Reform Church, New Rhinebeck, Cobbleskill, Schoharie Co., NY. John Cook is a son of Elijah Cook (No. 11 on page 89), and Caty Shaft is a daughter of John Shaft. Kenneth Listed 5/31/2007

John Cooke b: 1607, Holland m: Sarah Warren
(Children: Mary-m: Philip Tabor, Jr.) e-mail: Jill Wilkinson |mainpage|

John Cooke, abt. 1703, Cumberland Co. VA. email James Edward Cooke
(Children: Mary / Frances / John Cook, II-abt 1735, VA / Agnes-abt 1837 / Sarah-abt 1739 / Elizabeth-1740 / James-abt 1742, VA / Agatha-abt 1743, VA / Anne- abt 1745 / Stephen-abt 1750, VA)

John Cooke 1752-1832, m: Nellie Pemberton, e-mail Patricia Gail Cook FTM internet tree
(Children: John Cooke-1778)

John Cook b: 1753-MA m: Mercy Tilton 1773
(Children: Patty Martha -1773 / David Newcomb-1776 / Jonathon-1780 / Philip-1781 / Bethia-1784 / Lemuel-1786-MA / Edward-1789 / Sally-1789 / Sally -1792) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

John Cook, b. 9th. Dec. 1761. A R.S. in N.C. wound up in Henry County, Ga. ( I believe). any help will be appreciated. Thank you!!! Wallacearlcook@aol.com Listed 10/08/2006

John Henry Cook b. October 12, 1839 Stokes County North Carolina d. September 12, 1927 Lawrence County Kentucky. married October 04, 1859 Winnie Johnson Harrison b. Abt. 1840 Stokes County North Carolina. Seven Children : John Henry Jr. Cook b. July 03, 1861 Walnut Ridge, Stokes County, North Carolina Minta Francis Cook b. Walnut Ridge, Stokes County, North Carolina June ;1862 m. Benjamin Martin Isaac September 21, 1883 Whitesburg, Letcher County Kentucky William F. Cook b. 1864 Walnut Ridge, Stokes County, North Carolina Mary Ellen "Sis" Cook b. June 27, 1864 Walnut Ridge, Stokes County, North Carolina Hardenville Cook b. Abt. 1874 Wayne County West Virginia Laura Cathern Cook b. Abt. 1876 Wayne County West Virginia Benjamin Martin Cook b. Abt. 1879 Wayne County West Virginia Carolyn 12/23/2006

John Henry Cook b Feb 25, 1863 Keg Creek Tp, Pottawattami Iowa, E-Mail: Sharlyn 8/17/2007

John Howard Cook Born june 20-1958 in Americus Ga his Daddy name is Ferrell Talmadge Cook Born Sep-25-1932,mother name is Josephine Elizabeth Covington born-sep-29-1932- can you help me Brenda 5/02/2007

John Mack Cook (b. 22 Nov 1869, d. 25 Sep 1940)
John Mack Cook (son of Robert D Cook and Mary E Powers)9 was born 22 Nov 18699, and died 25 Sep 19409. He married (1) Ona White. He married (2) Minnie Lee Waymon on 02 Jan 19029, daughter of Ruben Newton Waymon and Margrett Adams.
Children of John Mack Cook and Ona White are: Walter Cook, d. 07 Feb 19489. Ezra Cook, d. 16 Jul 19459.
Children of John Mack Cook and Minnie Lee Waymon are: Mack Arthur Cook, b. 23 Apr 19039, d. 26 Nov 1972. Mary Leona Cook, b. 11 Jan 1905, d. Aug 1985, Louisburg, Miami, Kansas, USA. Opal Orlinta Cook, b. 24 Jun 1907, d. 1985. Flossie Mae Cook, b. 03 Jul 19099, d. 02 Feb 1974.John 9/17/2011

10/12/2012 John V. Cook, Possible father Andrew Cooke
Subject: My dad's ancestors
Date: 10/20/2012 6:05:31 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Margaret J. Clark
Reply To: To: billcook44@aol.com
Mr Cook,
My name is Margaret Clarke (nee: Cooke). My dad's name was John V. Cook(e) and we think he was born in 1908 in Jersey City, NY. I have been told that my grandfather's name was Andrew Cook(e) and my grandmother's name was Margaret Drew. At some point, my dad became a "state" child and went to live with the Hayden family in Athol, MA. He may possibly had a brother by the name of either Raymond or Roy who "ran off" to join the circus. My grandmother's family may have come from Lithuania.
For some reason, my dad would never talk about his family and we were never allowed to ask. My sisters and I would like to know if we have relatives but, wheneverI try to access information, I reach a dead end. I put an ad in the Athol paper but, other than people who remembered my dad, I 've hit a brick wall. I am writing to you to see if you can help me. When I see someone with the name of Cook or Cooke, I've tried contacting them. Some return the email, some do not. A few yearsago, I did get a call from someone who thought we might be related, however, it did not pan out.
Any information you might be able to give me would be greatly appreciated and I thank you.
Sincerely, Margaret J. Clarke, mickstoy829@verizon.net 10/20/2012

Jonathan Nelson Cook born 1848/49 In Glanford Wentworth Ontario Canada, Married Mary Ann Armstrong 17 Nov 1869 They had 6 children in Wentworth Ontario then went to Atlanta Fulton GA They had 5 or 6 more In GA. Christine may have been born also in Ontario. Rosa F, June 1881. Willie G abt 1884. John Wesley Sep 1888. Charles H dec 1893. and Fannie W Jul 1895 all born Atlanta Fulton GA I would like to find there spouse;s and there death dated also the 6 that were born in Canada that went with there parents .There death dates also Marjorie

John A. Cooke, NC, e-mail Paulette Cook (No reports on page)

John Andrew Cook b: 1857-OR m: Emma Florence Bailey-1877-OR
(Children: Robert Edwin-1877 / Sarah Ann-1880 / Thomas-1882-OR / Mary Alice-1884 / Leslie Andrew-1885 / James Lester-1890 / Jesse Nelson-1893) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

John Bartley Cook b: 1863-MO m: Amanda Meek - 1888-OR
(Children: Charles ca.1888 / Chester-ca1888) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

John Clawson or Clausen Cook. Born in 1822 possibly in KY. I first find him in Hardin County, IL. He married Kisiah Marshall Lynn in 1850 in Livingston County, KY. They had 3 children. Charles J, George W., and John F. He died in 1857 in MS. Any info appreciated. twc44@sbcglobal.net Listed 3/29/2006

John Conrad COOK who Married Margaret Dawson on 30 Mar 1818 in Butler County OH. John was bn 26 Apr 1777 in what is now Snyder County PA and died 20 Dec 1845 in Fountain Co IN. Their children: Sarah Jane married 14 Jun 1843 in Warren County OH to Jackson Booram Clarissa Rebecca bn 11 Mar 1824 married 11 Nov 1843 in Fountain Co IN to William A. Baldwin.John also married a Christina HICKS in 1796 in Mason Co KY E-mail: James Listed 7/07/2005

John D. Cooke, Germany m: Mary Schultz, e-mail Jeffery D. Cook
(Children: Christopher-1839, Ger. / Frederick-1841, Ger. / John Henry-1843, Ger. / Dorothea D.-1845, Ger. / Mary-1848, Ger. / Charles C.-1850, Ger. / Henry D.-1852, Ger. / Augusta-1855, NY / Caroline-1856, NY / William M.-1858, NY / Frank Adelbert-1862, NY / Albert F.-1865, NY)

John Daniel Cook / Koch, ca 1750 PA. m: Anna Marie Bistle e-mail Nel Hatcher,
(Children: John Conrad-1777, PA / Maria Louisa-1778, PA / Christianna Elizabeth-1780, PA / Christina Magdalina-1782, PA / John Daniel-1785, PA / A.M. Catherine-1787, PA / Anna Barbara-1789, PA / John Andrew-1791, PA / John William-1793, PA / Jacob Benjamin-1795, KY / Rachel-1798, KY / Rebecca-1800, KY)

John David Cook b: 1897 NC m: Pearl Chapman in MO
(Children: Johnny Raymond-1918-OK / Walsie Burnell- 1920-OK / Juanita Mae-1922-OK / Jimmy Cornelius-1924-OK / Billy Curtis-1929-OK / Dolores Maxidean-1934-OK) m2: Watie Woodall e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

JOHN (G.) COOK(E) of Jones Richmond County, GA in the late 1700s and early 1800s, and what relationship may have existed between his family and the BACON family. Regards, Gary

John Harrison COOK, b. 1-15-1823 d. 3-28-1888 and buried in Graves Co., KY. His first wife was Selina Catherine MOORE, b. 1828, and 2nd wife was Sara Elizaabeth WARREN, 1853-1938. Phyllis

John Henry Cook b. Jul. 3, 1861 Stokes Co., NC d. Apr. 10 1952 Greenup Co., KY m. 1. Edith King d/o Tandy King and Fanney Harris m. 2. Ella Hall (John assumed his wife's maiden name of Hall possibly in the 1920's) e-mail: R. Gordely

John Henry Cook b. 1839 Stokes County NC - d.1927 Lawrence County Kentucky m.Fannie Winnie Harrison b. 1842 Stokes Co. NC Minta Francis Cook is my great grandmother and through her marriage to Benjamin Martin Isaac, their son William Alexander Isaac is my grandfather. Carolyn Adkins

John Henry Cooke, b: 1862, Eng. m: Emily Wisbey, 1888, AUS. e-mail David Binstead (Father: Eley Cooke)
(Children: Herbert Christopher-1889, AUS / Leonard Charles-1890, AUS / Frederick Eley-1891, AUS / Launa Blanche-1892, AUS / Vera Elizabeth-1894 / Wesley John-1896, AUS / Roy Wisbe-1898, AUS / Eva Janet-1898, Aus)

John Henry Cook / Koch b: 1811 m: Margeite Elizabeth Hess,
(Children: Christianna Margaret Cook-1852-TN) e-mail Judy Arnold, |mainpage|

John James Cook. He married Mary Agnes Maidment at St Simons, Liverpool, England, 20 May 1870. He gave his father as Gyles Cook, goldsmith of Boston, Massachusetts. John James Cook gave his place of birth as West Indies 1845 and his occupation as sailor. His death was a very tragic accident, he fill into a vat of boiling sugar at the sugar mill on Logan River, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus. He was only 28yrs old. He left a wife and daughter in England. I have not found him on any census or any records other than his marriage and death.Can anybody help to find out more about him. Thank you, Dorothy 4/05/2009

John Joseph Cook, b: 1863 MI. m: Rhoda Cassidy-1883-MI
(Children: Frank John -1893-MI) e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

John L. COOK b 14 May 1836 TN d. unknown m. abt 1862 to Matura Deliah Catherine JONES b. 26 APR 1842 TN d. 21 JAN 1904 Sequoyah Co., OK, but recently ran across some information in the LDS files that his parents were a George COOK b abt 1810 TN m to Eliza ? b. abt 1813 TN Sue Ann Kullman

John Lafayette Cook b. 31 May 1895 in Howell Co., MO, son of Lafayette COOK and Mary Elizabeth ROBERSON. He died 22 Aug 1970 in Joplin, Jasper Co., MO. He married Laura ??. They had three children: Eugene Lafayette md. Ruth ISGRIGG, Paul W. and Mary. Donna Merrill

John McConnell Cook b:1808- TN m: Nancy Morton -1829-TN
(Children: Margaret Jane-1839-TN / Nancy Ann-1832-TN / Robert Alexander-1833-TN / William Sloan-1834-TN / James Morton-1836-TN / Mary Emaline-1837-TN / Samuel Huston-1839-TN / Sarah Elizabeth-1840-TN / Martha Louiza-1842-MO / John McConnel Jr-1844-MO / Sophronia Jane-1849-MO / Thomas Bartley-1850-MO / David Smith-1853-MO) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

John George Cook-I am in search of the father of John George Cooke bn in Ceylon, on the 29th of September 1840. The father is reputed to have born around the start of the 1800's in England. He came to Ceylon (possibly) as a Colonel in the Royal Engineers Regiment (a Sapper?). It is also reputed that he helped construct the bridge across into Kandy for the Capture of Kandy during the British takeover. After his service was up he decided to stay on in Ceylon and was granted some land from the Govt. It is believe that he married a Sinhalese lady. My grandfather suggested that there may be a link with this Cooke faily to Cloucestershire, contact info: Message Board Post 5/13/2010

Listed 3/29/2006 John McHenry Cook born 4-22-1835 in Ohio County, KY died 7-1-1919 in Butler County, Kentucky married to Pearlina Daugherty 4-24-1859. Children were: William A. , Joseph, Steven, McClellan, John W., Monroe, Robert. John's parents are listed as James Cook born about 1810 in Tenn. and Jane Raines b 1810. Information about James and Jane is conflicting. It appears they divorced in Tenn and he remarried. Jane is listed in 1850 Ohio County Census with several children. James and Jane are my Cook brick wall. Rhonda Walker

John Miller COOK and Elizabeth (Lizzie) RANDOLPH were married in July 1884. and lived in the Tallahassee, FL. John was a Civil Engineer and worked on the construction of roads during 1880 - 1890s in the Tallahassee area and may have continued his work into Alabama. John was born in 1850 in Beech Island, SC (across the Savannah River from Augusta, GA) and Lizzie was born ca. 1885 in Tallahassee, FL. Edward Cook Sarasota, FL 2/03/2007

John Pearson Cooke or Cook born 1839 in Manchester England he married Ann Shaw in 1863. They lived in Bolton Lancs. Bab Gregg 7/27/2010

John Price Cook, and Laura Ann's children: Minervia, Permelia, Nora, Alice Maude, John Wesley, Carrol Toliver, Hardin Lee, Betty Douglas, Franklin Randell, Leslie Kelly(male). John Price and Laura Ann are supposed to be buried in Cannon cemetery, due east of Van Alstyne, Texas. I have the lady that has the old cemetery records looking for any information on them. Barbara Cook Townsend Listed 3/12/2006

John R. Cook b: 1858- GA m: Martha Clay- 1854- GA
(Children: Dana Odessa- 1883- GA / Onnie- 1884- GA / Wade Hamp- 1886- GA / Ethal- 1890- GA / Henry- ? / Claude- ?) E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

John Richard Cook abt 1770 Scotland was in NC and TN Maureen Atkins

John Robert Cook b: 1876-OR m: Jessie Childers 1906-OR
(Children: Cecil-1906-OR / Ethel-1910-OR) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

John S. COOK, born Sep 1872 in GA, married in Jackson Co., GA in 1895 to Rosella E. "Rose" WOFFORD, b. GA in 1879. John and Rose had two children, only one surviving: William E. COOK, born 1898. They resided in Jackson Co., GA, living next door to Rose's parents, Andrew J. "Tandy" WOFFORD and Margaret "Mary" MARTIN. In 1904, John COOK married in Jackson Co., GA to Emma TILLER. They are living in Statham, Barrow Co., GA and raised two children: (1) Lola May COOK, who married in Barrow Co., GA to William B. DEAN; and (2) Emory COOK.. I cannot find John S. COOK, Emma TILLER Cook, or William E. COOK in the 1910 census. John and Emma COOK are found in Barrow Co., GA in 1920 and 1930 census. What happened to William E. Cook? I assume Rose WOFFORD Cook passed away since (1) her husband remarried and (2) I find no records of her after 1900 census. Ally B. Listed 10/22/2005

John Thomas Cook, he may have been married two or three times. My direct line is with his 3rd wife Ida Catherine Hughes Cook. In the 1900 census of Grant Co. he was 55 yrs old. She was 28. It listed a stepson George age 19, a stepdaughter Haddie age 15. Their daughter Malinda (my grandmother) age 7, Maggie age 5, and Jennie Bryan age 3. Another daughter Talitha was born in 1903. When John Thomas died from Typhoid sometime in the after 1904,and Catherine died the younger girls were housed at the Odd Fellows home in Lexington, Ky. I believe that John Thomas's father was William Lindsay Cook and Nancy Haley of Rockcastle, Williams was If anyone has any further information that will help me I would appreciate it. Peg Listed 3/12/2006

Jonathan (W.?) Cook, b: 17 July, 1830, Bartholomew Co, IN. Married Nancy AKIN, 11 Nov, 1853, Bartholomew, IN. Removed to Camden Co, Missouri before 1870 with three daughters, Mary Edith, Sina Alta, and Melissa. Mary Edith married Joshua RAY, Melissa married Austin CRAIG, Sina Alta married G.W. Parsons. Jonathan died in Maysville, DeKalb Co, MO, at the home of his daughter, Melissa, on Dec.15, 1908. he is buried at The Old Maysville Cemetery next to his daughter, Mary and her husband Joshua RAY. Mary and Joshua Ray had three children, Grace, Maud, (and Ernest, my husband's father.) Any information will be gratefully received. Frances R. Ray 9/04/2006

John Will Cook b: 1875- GA m: Celie Thompson- 1896- GA
(Children: Dilmouse Asbury- 1900- GA) E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Reverend John Cooke , Presbyterian minister born about 1821 , location unknown July 18, 1842 he married Margaret Caswell in Toronto .He preached in Cobourg, Whitby, Bradford and he and Margaret showed up in Orillia Ontario about 1865 on . This is the same time that My GGF John McGinn and his better half Sarah Jane [Ann] Cooke move from Leeds Grenville to Orillia , 1869. Rev. John Cooke did not have a congregation in Orillia . e-mail: Rob McGinn in Thunder Bay,Ontario

Jonathon Cook b: 1753-MA m: Mercy Tilton-1773
(Children: Patty Martha-1773 / David Newcomb -1776 / Jonathon, Jr-1780-MA / Philip-1781 / Bethia-1784 / Lemuel-1786-MA / Edward-1789 / Sally-1789 / Sally-1792) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Jonathan C. (possibly for Clayton not proved) Cook born 3-30-1845 in TN. I have found his marriage record from Brasstown Clay NC-- J C Cook marries Mary L Harrison on 7-2-1876. Their first child was born in Clay Co NC on 5-17-1879. The family then moved about 1880 to Colorado and settled with the Mormon settlement in Conejos Valley. My grandfather was born in Sanford, CO 6-3-1882. I have found the family listed for Conejos Valley in the 1880 census for CO. My brick wall has always been J C Cook. I was able to get his parents name from that marriage record as Jas (abbrev. for Jasper or James?) Cook and mother Jane ?? My Cook family relatives have helped by giving me all they knew before they died. The information that J C Cook gave on CO's census of 1880 says he was born in TN and his parents were born IN THE SOUTH. Helpful no!!! Anyway I was hoping against hope that I may have found someone else who is at least researching a concurrent line. I don't know if J C Cook had any brothers or sisters I assume he did. None were known by my relatives. The only thing they remembered was that J C's Cook family were northern sympathizers and left TN for NC to avoid the Civil War. Regards Linda (Cook) Mott Listed 10/16/2004

Johnson Cook m: Eliza ?, TN e-mail Jerry McDaniel
(Children: William-1821, TN) |mainpage, The Watchers|

Johnston Cook b: 1774-NC m: Delilah Stafford-1796-NC
(Children: Henry-1797-NC / Eli-1798-NC / Perinna-1800-NC / Nancy-1802-NC / Moses-1803-NC / George Washington-1808-NC Jarret-1809-KY / Johnson-1811-KY / Jackson-1815-?? / ? Cook-1820-KY) e-mail Roy L. Cook |mainpage|

Jonas Waitman Cook b: 1864 e-mail: Tom Cook Corrected 11/23/2005

Jonathon Cook b: 1780-MA m: Sabra Brown-1802 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Jonathan W. Cook b: July 17, 1830, Bartholomew, IN. He married Nancy Akin on 11 Nov 1853, Bartholomew, IN. His obituary states that there were six children, five daughters and one son. The son and two of the daughters died early in life. The surviving daughters were: Mary Edith (Mrs. Joshua Ray,) Melissa, (Mrs. Austin Craig) and Sina (Mrs. G.W. McKee). The family came to deKalb Co, MO in 1870. Jonathan died in his sleep, at the home of his daughter, Melissa on Dec 15, 1909 in Maysville, DeKalb, MO.

Joseph Cook b: 1725-NJ m: Sara Green e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Joseph Cook b: c. 1750-NC m: Polly ? (Child: Peter-1810-TN) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Joseph COOK b. 1763; d. Nov 1833 Maury Co., TN +Elizabeth LOCKE b. 10 Feb 1777; m. 18 Jan 1797 Cabarrus Co., NC; Father: Francis Locke, Mother: Blanche Rutherford . 2 Thomas COOK b. Mar 1800 Maury Co., TN; d. Apr 1847 Marshall Co., MS .. +Alice Hagan CATHEY b. 5 Dec 1808 Maury Co., TN; m: 1828 Maury Co., TN; Father: William Cathey, Mother: Elizabeth Gale . 2 Margarette |Peggy| COOK b. Abt. 1808 Tennessee; d. Jul 1855 Tennessee .......... +Denson Aaron MOORE b. Abt. 1801 North Carolina; d. Tennessee; m. 4 Apr 1823 Maury Co., TN; Father: Aaron Moore David

Joseph Cook(e) and wife Rebecca (last name unknown). I do know that they had at least one child, William. The only information I have about Joseph is that he was a moulder by occupation. William Cooke is my ggggrandfather, was born near Brinnington, Cheshire, England around 1832. He married in 1853 to Mary Hudson, they had 2 children before coming to USA in 1868. Probably not the same family as all of their names are just too common in that area. Teresa (Cooke) Nofsinger

Joseph COOK and Rebecca ROWE. They had 10 children all born in Grendon, Warwickshire, England. Names of children: Caroline, William, Joseph, Jane, Harriet, John, Edward, Hannah, Sarah and James.Shirley Burns

Joseph Cook b before 1765 (father) Joseph Cook Jr. b before 1765 (son) James Cook b before 1765 (son) John Cook b after 1765 (son) moved to wayne co, tn i have these decendants William Cook b after 1765 (son)moved to wayne co, tn then to tishamingo co, ms. william's descendants are in Craighead county, ar. Hugh Cook b after 1765 (son) Paul Cook Listed 2/05/2005

Joseph Cook(e) b. 1724, Hadley, Hampshire, MA died 1805, wife Abigail Smith, daughter Lucretia b. 1765.Am looking for anyone who might know if this Joseph had any service in the Revolutionary War - either patriotic or civil service? Thank you, Jane Gray Listed 2/05/2005

Joseph Cook b: 1775 NC m: Lydia Wickersham, 1799-NC
(Children: Mary-1799-NC / Charity-1801-NC d-1802 / William-1803-NC / Jehu-1806-NC / Anna)
Married 2: Rachel Patterson-1839-IN e-mail: Glenn York

Joseph Sr. Cook c. 24 Jan 1788 Stokesley, Yorkshire, England m. 25 Sep 1809 Hovingham, Yorkshire, England d. 1858 Pewaukee, Waukesha, WI(Rose Hill Cemetery). Wife: Esther Petch c. 09 May 1790 Stonegrave, Yorkshire, England d. 1864 Pewaukee, Waukesha, WI(Rose Hill Cemetery).Children: #1 Sarah (Stephenson) b. 05 Feb 1810 Stonegrave, Yorkshire, England #2 Charlotte (Adamson) b. 1812 Yorkshire, England d. Aug 1848 Aboard Ship Bound for USA - buried at sea.#3 James b. 1814 d. ???? Pewaukee, Waukesha, WI(Rose Hill Cemetery). #4 Elizabeth c. 18 Jul 1815 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England d. 11 Feb 1822 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England #5 Joseph b. 09 Sep 1817 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England c. 28 Sep 1817 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England d. 30 May 1884 Pewaukee, Waukesha, WI(Rose Hill Cemetery). #6 John c. 12 Mar 1819 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England d. 23 Jul 1820 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England #7 John c. 27 May 1821 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England d. 10 Dec 1877 Pewaukee, Waukesha, WI(Rose Hill Cemetery).#8 Thomas c. 18 Jun 1823 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England d. 15 Nov 1827 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England #9 Mary c. 26 Jun 1825 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England d. 26 Dec 1893 Pewaukee, Waukesha, WI(Rose Hill Cemetery). #10 Immanuel c. 07 Oct 1827 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England d. 25 Jul 1903 Pewaukee, Waukesha, WI(Rose Hill Cemetery). #11 Thomas c. 08 Nov 1829 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England d. 1876 Pewaukee, Waukesha, WI(Rose Hill Cemetery). #12 Robert Cook c. 02 Oct 1831 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire, England d. 1916 Washington State E-mail: Steve Maziarz Listed 1/03/2006,

Joseph Cook b: 1806-NJ m: Phebe Harrison, 1835-NJ
(Children: Cyrus Alexander-1845-NJ / Anna Maria-1836 / Zenas Francis-1839-NJ / Abby Lurana-1842-NJ / Joseph Henry Martin-1849-NJ / e-mail: Bonnie Hamilton

Joseph Cook family in Kentucky, Campbell County. Joseph b 1869 married Croline Ann Walker b1874 , these are my g grand parents I would love so much to learn of my family , as far as I know all the family I knew are all passed now. My grand father was also Joseph as was my father. thank you Patricia Cook Huotari Listed 5/31/2007

Joseph Alexander Cook b: 1888-NJ m: Mary Fenimore Engle e-mail: Bonnie Hamilton

Joseph Brown Cook b.4/25/1837 d. 6/29/1892 Buried at Centre, AL, Married to: Amanda Angle b. 3/25/1842-d. 5/18/1879 Buried at Mill Creek Cemetery, AL., Had 3 Children (Fannie Cook (Busbin) William M.- 1862- AL / one unknown) Then Married Dess Vanpelt (Children: William Wallace- 1887 / Lark B.-1895 / Roy Force- 1898 / Paul L.- 1902) E-mail: Frances Cook

Joseph Henry Cook, Sr. 1885, GA. e-mail Thomas Edward Cook
(Children: Joseph Henry, Jr. / Thomas Edward-1915 / Lucille Inze-1918 / Dewitt T.-1920 / Lois Pauline-1922 / (2nd wife) Charles Walker, Sr. / Oliver)

Joseph Hugh Cook was born in 1858, died in 1936 in Shillingstone, Dorset, England and was buried in 1936 in Church of the Holy Rood Cemetery, Shillingstone, Dorset, England e-mail: Elizabeth de Stermich

Joseph Luther Cook and Rosa Bell Lindsey Cook. Children born to Joseph Luther Cook and Rosa Bell Lindsey Cook are four as follows: James Buford Cook , Born- November 22, 1922 Died April 11, 9185 in Kansas City Kansas. Fred Cook Birth unknown, still living in Kansas City, Kansas - approxiate age 72. Rosa Blanche Cook Neel birth and death unknown. Earl Marshall Cook - Birth and Death not known. Four other children were born and died at birth.Stillborn- buried in Sevierville, Tennesse in the top of the Great Smoky Mountains.
Mary Katherine Cook Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66216

Joseph Marshall Cook: (Charles A) was born 1837 in Yarmouth,Ma, and died in Harwich,Ma.. He married Clementine Brooks Cahoon April 17, 1874 in Harwich,Ma., daughter of Isaiah Cahoon and Mary Young: born May 20, 1841 in Harwich,Ma., and died March 06, 1908 in Harwich,Ma.Lonnie Wick

Joseph S, "Dutch" Cook b:1839 KY m: Elizabeth Freeman, e-mail: Bill Cook | Photos | Cooks Hangout
(Children: Elliott - 1865 / Anna-1867 / Thomas J. - 1871 / Frances "Fanny" Armeda- 1875 / Joseph Edward- 1879 / Emmett Louis- 1880 / Lorenzo D.- 1881 / Albert John- 1883 / Adda Mae- 1886)

Joseph W. Cook b. 1799 in Essex Co., NY and Nancy Richmond b. May 1807 in Massachusetts. Their daughter, Nancy J. Cook was my gg-grandmother. She m. Ezra Herrick, and their daughter Agnus Herrick was my g-grandmother. e-mail: Jim Cochrane

Joseph Cook b March 4, 1834 Gravely Cambridge, Shire, England E-Mail: Sharlyn 8/17/2007

Joshua Flood Cook, b: 1834 KY m: Susan Goode Farmer 1858,
(Children: John Earnest - 1860- KY / Lula - 1862- MS / William Flood - 1868 - MO / Cecil V - 1861 - MO) , m 2nd: Bessie Hughes- 1891 , m: 3rd: Drusilla Hirons (Child: Harold Elliott - 1900-?)
e-mail: Charles L. Cook (Includes Photo)

Joshua Cook who married Nancy Pickering and is buried in Fairfield County, Ohio. Seeking any info on my great grandfather,
George Young

BENJAMIN JOSHUA3 COOKE was born Abt. 1826 in Virginia, and died Aft.1875. He married SARAH ELIZA HARRELL January 02, 1852. She was born 1833 in Virginia. Children of BENJAMIN COOKE and SARAH HARRELL are: i. JAMES MONROE4 COOKE, b. 1853. ii. TAMOR ELIZABETH COOKE, b. 1855. iii. MARTHA ELLEN COOKE, b. 1857. iv. BENJAMIN COOK, b. 1860. ; Notes for BENJAMIN COOK: COUNTY OF BERTIE, JULY 29, 1870 TOWNSHIP - ROXOBEL- North Carolina G.V. GREEN - ENUMERATOR Page 222A Barbara Mulder

Josiah Cook, 1810, NC m: Martha ? e-mail Bev Barney ,
(Children: Robert P-1847-GA / James Wesley-1850-GA / Charles Wesley-1868-GA) |surnames page|

Josiah Cook, b: 1610, Eng. e-mail Cindi Lynn Wafstet , |mainpage ftm|

Listed 4/26/2005 / Josie Cook. She was born in 1916 or 1917 to Hobbie (???) COOK and Laura M. FOSTER. She married a man named KEENEY (given name unknown), circa 1930-1936, and they had a son named Charles (Charley). Josie married again at a later date to an unknown man. We do know that Charley killed his step-dad in Houston, Harris County, Texas, but we have no other details. I will gladly share the information I have on this family. Thank you. Patti Stone

Joshua Cook married Martha MacNeal in September of 1785/1786 in Somerset Co., NJ. Soon after they moved to Westmoreland Co. PA; then to the Pittsburgh area for about 14 years; and finally to Mercer Co. PA where they remained. Judy Mitchell Listed 1/03/2006

Judah and Anna Cook, daughters of Samuel Cook, of the Smithfield Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island. Both married Jacob Bartlett in the mid-1700s. All were Quakers famillepoupel@yahoo.com 5/02/2007

Julia Ann Cook b: 1870 GA m: Elisha Chapman e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Julia Cook (b. about 1829 in NY), who married William Totten (b. about 1822 in NY). They resided in Michigan. Their daughter, Marisa, is my great great grandmother. Would love to find a link between Julia and her ancestors. Jack Reed, Stevens Point, WI (Posted 6/3/2011)

Julia M. Cook m: 1908 Jacob Clarence Faubion , e-mail Judy Arnold, |mainpage|

Julia (Juletta) Cook born 14 Oct 1820 in New York and died 4 March 1882 in Canton, St Lawrence, New York. The Cook's settled at Old Jerusalem Corners in 1804 in Canton, New York. Julia married Moses Tuttle born 19 Aug 1824 in Canton, NY and died 23 February 1909 in Canton, NY. They lived about 2 miles out in the Gouverneur Road on the old Tuttle Farm. They had the following children: Marrilla B 1850 Married Samuel A. Fish Amanda B 1850 Married Dorval G. Freeman Duane B 1852 Married Alice Emogene B 1854 Married Mr. Freeman Sarah B 1855 Jennie B 1856 Married George E. LaSalle Frank B 1858 Flora B 1860 jcluff@2xtreme.net

Julia Cook. She was born about 1829 in New York and was married to Henry Totten, who was born about 1841. I'm not sure about the accuracy of those two dates. They had at least one daughter, Marisa "Maria" Totten, who was born on 23 Feb 1852 in Dansville, NY. Marisa died 10 Mar 1931 in Birch Run, MI. Marisa was my great grandmother. Marisa's husband was Adelburt Reed. All of the people mentioned above died in Birch Run, Saginaw Co., Michigan. If you have knowledge of Julia, please either respond on this thread or E-mail me privately at jajureed@charter.net. Posted: 1/8/2011

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Karl Friedrich Gottlieb KOCH b.2O May 1837 in Gellmersdorf, Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany and his wife Augusta Maria KRUGER that arrived in the United States in 1874 children: Wilhelm, Robert, Frank, George and Anna.They settled in the Medina area of New York where apparently descendants still live that go by the name COOK. Chris Schmidt, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Katharine Cooke, b:?? d:1598, Eng. m: John Clarke contact: Richard Holmes |mainpage|

Katie Cook b: NC m: Marion Keller- 1889- IA e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

Keziah Cook b: abt 1779, Surry Co. NC, m: Daniel Dejarnette e-mail Amy Connell ,
(Children: George Washington-aft 1800, NC / Elizabeth, NC / Martha, NC / Margaret I., NC / William Cook Dejarnette-1807, NC / John Cook Dejarnette-1810, NC)

Konrad Koch, b: December 16, 1664 in Pleidelsheim, Necker, Wuerttemberg, Germany, e-mail Brett Hart ,
(Children: Johann Melchoir-1664, Ger. / John Casper-1691, Ger. / Johann Georg-1693, Ger.)

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Lafayette COOK b. 29 Nov 1847 in Autauga Co., AL, d. 28 May 1918 in McDonald Co., MO, married 5 Jan 1875 in KY/TN to Sara Elizabeth ALLEN abt. 1855 d. 20 Nov 1891 in Howell Co., MO. They had these children: Jesse b. 22 Oct 1876 in TN Robert David b. 14 Feb 1881 in TN, md. Ellen COOK, one son Paris COOK.Christian Perlina b. 28 Jul 1883 in TN, md. Robert Austin HARRISON, died in OK.James Monroe b. 13 Jan 1887 in Shelby Co., TN, died 20 Dec 1963 in Ottawa Co., OK. Lafayette married 2)Mary Elizabeth (ROBESON) GAROUTTE b. 1869 and died 6 Sep 1899 in Carroll Co., AR. They had these children: Ellen Frances b. 6 Aug 1893 in Howell Co., MO, md. 1) COOK, and 2) GRAHAM John Lafayette b. 31 May 1895 in Howell Co., MO, died 22 Aug 1970 in Jasper Co., MO. Lafayette married 3) 6 Jul 1900 in Carroll Co., AR Rutha Jane BAILEY b. 25 Sep 1866 in Nodaway Co., MO, died 24 Sep 1936 in Gascionade Co., MO. They had these children: Alma June b. 14 Jun 1901 in Carroll Co., AR, md. Harry BARTON. Franklin M. b. 24 Apr 1904 in Carroll Co., AR, md. Blanche LOWREY. Homer Lee b. 10 Apr 1905 in Carroll Co., AR, md. Hazel McDowell. Austin Robert b. 9 Aug 1906 in Carroll CO., AR, md. Lillian BENTON. Any information opn any of these families would be much appreciated!!! Donna Merrill 1/21/2007

Lambert Clayton Cook, 1828, Cherokee Co. NC, m: Sarah Develin e-mail, Bill Cook | Photos | Cooks Hangout
(Children: LouEllen-1857, GA / Francis Henry Clay-1860, GA / Marion-1861, GA / James George Washington-1864, GA / Julia Ann-1870, GA. / Callie-1875, NC / Thomas G.-1881, NC / Tennie-1879, NC / Luther-1884, NC? / Emmie Addie, d: 1895) |Cook's Hangout||Photos|

Lambert Cook b: 1828 Cherokee Co., NC m: Sarah Develin (Children: see above link) e-mail: Jennifer White

Lambert Cook b: 1828 Cherokee Co., NC m: Sarah Develin (Children: see above link) e-mail: Irisgay Crivalleri

Larkin Cook b: 1861 m: Sarah Jane Martin- 1880
(Children: Martha- 1882 / Lucille- ? / Cordie- ? ? / Annie- ? / Rosa- ? / Jocey- ? / Albert John- 1890 / Lillie- ? / Bonnie- ? ) m: ??
(Children: Birtie- ? / Jessie- ?) e-mail: S. Baker

Larkin Willard Cook, Tn. m: 1st: Sarah Martin, 2nd Susan Moses. e-mail Jessie Larkin Cook, III ,
(Children: Cordie-1882 / Martha-1884 / Sarah Annie-1886 / Jocey-1888 / John Albert Washington-1890 / Minnie Rue-1894 / James Virgil-1896 / Maggie Lucille-1899 / Rosa Mae- 1904 / Gordon Clifford * Children of Larkin Cook and Susan Moses: Bonnie Easter-1912 / Birtie A.-1914 / Jesse Larkin, Sr.-1916 / Lillie Willard-1919 / Rosie Arnie-1922)

Laura Cook b: 1896 m: Elbert Tolbert e-mail: Jody Goad |mainpage|

Lavinia Cook b: abt 1815 m: John Gragg, e-mail Judy Arnold, mainpage

Lee Cook b: ca: 1875 m: Dicy Mullins b: 1877 e-mail: James Adkins, II

Lee Andrew Cook b: 1899 m: Rebecca McCormick
(Children: Martha Lee-1932 / James Preston-1934 / Milton Roy-1938 / Hilda Sue-1943 / Herschel-1945) e-mail: Don Tigges |mainpage|

Lemuel Cook b: 1786-MA m: Rebecca Whorf 1807
(Children: Ephraim Ryder-?? / David Cook -1808 / Tilton Cook-1810 / Charles Dyer-1813 / Emily-1815 / Lemuel-1828) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Lemuel Cook b: 1811 m: Mary J. Weeks e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Lemuel Cook b: 1828 m: Rebecca Morgan e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Leonard H. Cook b: 1879-IA m: Evelena McKibben-1901
(Children: Delora Berniece-1902 / Leonard Otha-1904) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Leonidas Cook m: Lurena Webb-1863-WV
(Children: Frances-1865 / Vermila-1867 / Irene-1869 / Rachel-1876 / Adam J-??) e-mail: Jody Goad |mainpage|

Lee Roy Cook was born 1854 in Texas.Need Lee Roy Cook's parents names. All the census from 1880 forward lists his father as being born in Tennessee and his mother in Alabama. The 1880 census lists his father as being born in Mississippi. In 1880 Lee Roy is 26 years of age. I can find nothing on him from 1854 up to 1880. Supposedly he had two brothers, Jefferson Davis Cook and George Cook. He also had one sister, Frenetta Leticia Cook who married Joshua Martin. All events took place in Texas. He had eight sons. In birth order they were: Moses Henry Lee Cook; Jesse Aaron Cook; James William Cook; Marion Oliver Cook; Girlen Herbert Cook; Asa Silvester Cook; Earnest Elmer Cook and three daughters by first wife. None by second wife and had one son Jack Leroy Cook and two daughters by third wife. He died in Oklahoma.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Joyce Kirk6/01/2009

Leslie Cook, 1904-So. Wales m: Gwendolyn Mary Vaughn, e-mail: David Arnall
(Children: Barbara-1932-So. Wales) Leslie's parents are Henry Cook and Alice Ann Griffiths

Lessie Cook m: Minsco Martin Webb b: 1894 e-mail: Jody Goad |mainpage|

Letitia Cooke b?? m: Moses Andrews e-mail: Victoria Wilkinson |mainpage|

Levi Cook m: Sarah Walls, 1824 in KY e-mail David Ralls |Cook info page| |mainpage|

Levi (Levy) Cook born Renselaer County, NY in 1832. Died 1919 in Oskaloosa, IA. His parents were: David M. Cook and Susan Cook (no maiden name). Levy is listed as a Blacksmith, age 22, in the Nassau, Renselaer County, NY census. He left NY in 1846 and moved to IA. Believe David, his father was born in MA, 1800-1810. David M. Cook had a brother (can't prove he was a brother), Isaac Cook, born in 1815 in MA. Isaac Cook married Lucy Dewey who was also born in MA and they had 3 sons, John, William and Samuel. They all moved to IA and lived there in 1919 when Levy died.
e-mail: eaglewolfe929@comcast.net

LEVI COOK b. 19 Oct 1882 Clinton Co., Oh. and d. 24 Dec 1932 married on 23 Nov 1910 to MARY WARNER b. 19 Jul 1880. Colleen Kitch

Lewis Cook (researcher seeking any info). He was born 5 Nov., 1923, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Cook. a brother Raymond, two sisters, Mrs. Merle Sauers and Mrs. Opal Collins, all of Avondale. Burial was in East Slope Cemetery, North Kansas City. If you are know of any of these people or their whereabouts, please contact me. Sharon Dodrer

Lillie Burdett Cook b: 1882, Ohio m: Robert E. Jones, MO e-mail Kathi Travers
(Children: Robert E., Jr.-1905, MO / Sara Frances-1907, MO / William Robert-1914, KS) |Photos|

Lillie Leader Cook, b March 7, 1866 Glenwood Mills C. Iowa E-Mail: Sharlyn 8/17/2007

Lois Cook b: 1782-CT m: Giles Russell-1803 in CT e-mail: John Hurlburt |mainpage|

Loney Freeman Cook b: 1801-NC m: Francis Johnston
(Children: Daniel-?? / William-?? / John-?? / Milly-?? / Sara E-?? / Martha A -?? / Alfred Webb-?? Mirah-?? Adaline-??) e-mail Roy L. Cook |mainpage|

Lonzo Cook, I have started to try to track down the cook branch of my family. I have family lore that tells me they were in OHIO, TENNESSEE, AND KENTUCKY. Lonzo Cook, m. Flora ? Their children: John Price Cook b April 7, 1852 d. dec. 1926.m. Laura Elizabeth Ragland. Her complete history is on LDS site. Jim, Risky, Sally (never married), Ann Cook Kennedy, Laney Cook Castuelow were the other children. I found where John Price and Laura Ann married in Logan County Kentucky in April 8, 1880. This is per the landowner's book in Grayson County Texas. His picture is in there as well. Barbara Cook Townsend Listed 3/12/2006

Louis H. Cook b: bet: 1839-1859 m: Emma Crownover e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Louise Desire Cook, b: 1839-NY m: Edwin H. Hemenway, e-mail canary@uwp.edu

Louisa Cook who is the daughter of George James COOK and Louisa Unknown. Louisa was born in 1845 at Ilton, Somerset England. The thing is that I don't know her mother maiden name. Where and what date did George and Louisa COOK got married and weather did they had any brothers and sisters and also their parents.Annette Listed 5/31/2007

Lucilla Cook b: 1863 m: James Conover e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Lucinda W. Cook m. Moses Cochran 2 May 1826 in Mercer Co. PA. children include: Franklin, Annie, Lucretia, Salina, Nancy Jane, Thomas, John, and William. Lucinda W. Cook and Moses Cochran lived in Mercer Co PA, until at least 1855. Also lived (according to his War of 1812 Pension records and census records) in "Bloomington, Ohio," Boone Co IA, Adams Co IA and Madison Co NE. In 1880 census, Lucinda W. Cook Cochran was listed in household of son Frank at Deer Creek, Madison Co, NE. e-mail: Judy Smelser Mitchell

Lucy COOK that married John S. GREEN October 1, 1822 in Hancock Co., GA. I think her father MAY be Benjamin Cook
e-mail J. Green

Lucy Jane Cook b: abt 1855 m: William Coffin-1875 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Luther Cook b: 1908-MO m: Roberta Dovie Parris
(Children: James Morris-1933 / Julia Darlene-1939 / Helen Bernice / Minnie Lou / Eugene) e-mail: Bill Cook | Cooks Hangout | Photos

Lydia Cook married Joseph Hinkle abt 1777 and cam to Cincinnati area in 1879 2nd husband was Gabril Hutchins, ;Ken Hinkle 2/03/2007

Lyman Cook married to Handley around 1867-'68 and had a son George born in Saratoga Co, NY. Lyman died in the early 1870's in Saratoga Co, NY Sharon Listed 1/03/2006, updated 2/15/2009

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Malcolm Rufus Cook b: 1848 m: Nora Richards (3-children-no names shown) e-mail: Don Tigges |mainpage|

Malcolm Rufus Cook b: 1848 m2: Sarah Ann Moody
(Children: James Allen-1873 / Willie Eugene-1875 / John Edward-1877 / Walter Winston-1879 / Ollie-1882 / Beulah Ailene-1885 / Addie-1877 / Malcolm R-1894) e-mail: Don Tigges |mainpage|

Malissa Cook and Elijah L Webb Webb living in Indian Country Payne Co. Oklahoma in 1900. Can not find them on the 1910 census. Malissa shows up on the 1920 census living with son Lorenzo Print in Creek Co. Elijah was from Missouri and Malissa was born in Iowa around 1852. Malissa and all her children filed on the Guion Miller claims. Peggy Wollfork Posting Listed 11/05/2004

Marcus McClelland "Mac" Cook, b: abt 1860m: Malinda Katherine Welty 1891, TX,
(Children: George Grover-1893-TX / Mary Agnes-1895-TX / Jewel-1896-TX / Pearl-1898-IT-OKLA / Helen Frances-1901-TX / Mac, Jr-1907-OKLA / Henry Hudson-1907-NM) email: Ray Brown

Margaret Cook b: abt 1411 m: Edward Bilton e-mail: Reed_Wurts |mainpage|

Margaret Cook b: 1727 PA m: James Johnson e-mail: Duncan Rea William III |mainpage|

bad link 3/02/2011 Margaret Cook b: 1767- VA m: 1st: Lewis Mastin 2nd James Hackett e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

Margaret Cook who was born in Mechlenburg (or Iredell) County NC in 1780 and who married Stephen Andrew Mayfield in Mechlenburg County on 20 May 1797. I have extensive information on her descendents and will be happy to share with others researching this lineage. Earle Mayfield Listed 10/16/2004

Margaret Cook b: 1783-NJ m: Thomas Mount- 1802 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Margaret Cook b: 1794 m: William Hollingsworth-1811 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Margaret Cook b: abt 1812 m: Joseph Hollingsworth e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Margaret E. Cooke b: 1823 m: Warham Easley, Jr. 1842 prob TN e-mail: Clark Wilkinson |mainpage|

Margaret Jane Cook b: 1830-TN m: Samuel E. Stiles e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Maria Cook b: 1832 m: John DeLawyer 1825 e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

Listed 3/12/2006 Maria(h) Koch, witnessed b aptisms of several people in Bucks/Ehigh Co, PA along with Peter Werst. need information on these people.!!! Hunting for 27+ years. nattiejus@nctc.com

Marion Cook b: 1861 GA m: Margaret Louise King
(Children: Amanda Barbara Annice-1884-NC / Minnie Addlea Naomi-1886-GA / Laura-1887-GA / James Lorenzo Harry-1889-GA / Pearl-1892-MO / Dave-1895-OK / Eva-1898-OK / Ella-1900-OK / William Henry-1904-OK) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| Photos

Marion Lucurgus Cook, Born, 11-25-85 in Cabot Arkansas, died 02-10-1976 in Lonoke Arkansas, he married Lorene Rice in 1912, Cabot AR., they had Lewis Edward 07-28-1914, John Lucurgus, unkown date, Lorene Faye and a twin brother in 1914, all in Cabot Ar. Marions second wife was Annie Patts, and they had 7 children, some of their names are Alfred, james, donald, and Hazel. I believe Marions dad was John Lucurgus, and his dad was William Lucurgus. Orrick12@aol.com

Mark L. Cook b: 1845-MS m: Sarah "Sallie" Ward-1865 in MS
(Children: Ella-1866-MS / Martha Elizabeth-1869-MS / Culland-1873-MS / Ova-1875-MS / Avo-1875-MS / James Monroe-1879-MS) e-mail: Phyllis Jean Moore

Martha Cook m. John Jameson e-mail: John Hurlburt |mainpage|

Martha Cook b. 1822 in Mississippi md. Benjamin Lee Loe 8 Feb 1838 in Miss. She died 1869 in Ark. They had 10 children.and I have all of this info. I am trying to locate her parents. I think it is probably Henry Cook and Martha---- but cannot find a connection to them. Wanda Wright

Martha Cook b: 1828 m: Luda Holder- 1846 E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Martha Cook b: 1881 NC m: Charles Breckenridge Raper abt 1899 NC e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| Photos

Martha (Cook) King b. abt 1841 in Ray Co., Mo. daughter of (I believe) Joseph Cook and Melvina or "Viney" Underwood. Both parents may have been from North Carolina, married abt. 1830-32. Siblings of Martha Cook may have been: Eli, James,Lemuel, Mary, Joseph,Emily and Sarah. Cassandra Listed 10/16/2004

Martin Cook and Katie Murchison were married in Wayne County, Tennessee, in 1820. Cook Surnames added: 8/14/2011

Martin Jonathan Cook, was my great great grandfather, he was born April 20,1849 in Jacksonville Kentucky (I think), died 1930.His wife was Carrie Haines Cook, his sons were Harry, Curvin, and Elmer. His brothers Isaac, Joe, Jim, and Albert
e-mail: Chris Cook Nanaimo

Martin V.B. Cook, b: 1835, m: Ann Elizabeth Hurlburt e-mail: John Hurlburt
(Children: Hiram Lincoln-1861-WI / Harriett Elizabeth) |mainpage|

Mary E. Cooke (Cook) of PEI Canada. b. about 1863 in PEI. dau of George and Jane (Doyle) Cooke (Cook) of PEI. She married George T. Coles of PEI (his 2nd wife) and moved to Claremont NH. She had a son James. he came to US in 1893 as under 5. She died in Hubbardston Ma. 1899 Oct 8, in child birth. Geo. Coles and sons, moved to Claremont NH. on 1900 census. please help. must prove when married to Geo. and any connection to a Frank Kenyon of Ma. (lumberman) and of NH. thanks Judy (Message Board Note) 7/02/2010

Mary Cook and she was married to Robert D. Hall and their son was Ira Hall and he was born in Christian Co. IL. Does anyone have any information about this Cook family? E-mail: Bette Listed 2/14/2005

Mary Cooke b: ca 1625 m: John Tomson-1645-MA e-mail: Jill Wilkinson |mainpage|

Mary Cook who married Robert Moulton 7-17-1672 in Salem MA. My research shows her ancestry back to Gides Hall Essex England which brought me to your site. I'm just starting to work back. Mary was my 7th G Grandmother. histbuff@peoplepc.com 8/1/2006

Mary Cook m: John Howland b: 1687-MA e-mail Donna Ristenbatt |mainpage|

Mary Cook b: 1695 m: Samuel Morse-1712-MA e-mail: John Hurlburt |mainpage|

Mary Cook, b: 1707-ENG d: SCm: Thomas Cox e-mail: R. Glenn York

Mary Cook b: 1735 m: ? Dotey e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Mary Cook b: 1744-VA m: Peter Sinkler-1760-VA e-mail Roy L. Cook |mainpage|

Mary Cook was born 1772/1775. She had her first child 1793. She was the 2nd wife of Thomas Donaldson. They named their first child together Sally Cook Donaldson. Sally was the only child to have two first names. Someone suggested Cornelius might be her father Is anyone researching Cornelius of Abbeville, SC? gdwells@belsouth.net 9/04/2006

Mary Cook b: 1776-NC m: William Fike e-mail Roy L. Cook |mainpage|

Listed 3/21/2006 Mary Cook who married Thomas Donaldson as his second wife, probably in Abbeville, SC.. Their first child was born late 1793. Thomas Donaldson lived a number of years in Abbeville, from 1776 when he enlisted until 1811 when he died intestate. I believe his children with Mary Cook were Sally Cook Donaldson, Rubin (sic) Donaldson who continues my line, Polly Ann Donaldson, Daughter Donaldson who must have died right away since no record of her name is found, and Nimrod Donaldson . Some believe he married Mary in Wilmington, New Hanover County, NC, but I am more inclined to believe it was in Abbeville, SC. Gloria Donaldson Wells

Mary Cook b: 1799-NC m: John Williams-1816 e-mail: Glenn York

Mary Cook was born 1801 in Ireland, and died date unknown in Prince Edward Island Canada. She married Lawrence Butler. mainwebpage e-mail: James Butler

"Mary Cook, possibly unmarried, born 1825 in Powick, Malvern, Worcestershire UK. She had four children Sarah Ann b.1853 m. James T Danks, George b.1856, Charlotte b.1831 and Ellen b.1832 (Great-Grandmother). George Cook was a sailor and fought in Egypt 1882. Charlotte emigrated to the USA, do not know what her married name was, she had a daughter called Ruth. Mary Cook had a sister Elizabeth and a brother John. I believe her parents were John and Elizabeth Cook from Powick, Worcestershire UK. Her brother John was possibly “The Handsome Swell of New Street” Birmingham UK who died of consumption. Mary had contacts (possibly relatives) in Neen Sollars and Shropshire."
Regards, Margaret Updated: 2/08/2012, previously posted 3/12/2006
See also:Anne or Mary Cooke whose second marriage was to a Mr Danks from the USA

Mary Cook b: ca. 1835 m: William Frank Goad-1863 KY? e-mail: Jody Goad |mainpage|

Mary Cook b: 1843 m: Abram C. White e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

Mary Cook was married to Samuel Marshall died September 12, 1846 in Michigan. She died March 24, 1868 in Michigan.Child of Samuel Marshall and Mary Cook is: Elizabeth Lois2 Marshall, born Abt. 1817 in Bolton, CT; died February 02, 1907 in Cuyahoga County, OH., Jim Shreve, Sr

Mary A. Cook b: 1874-Ill m: Jacob Hoobery-1889 e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

Mary Amanda "Tempie" Cook b: 1838- GA m: Joseph Williams- 1862- GA E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Ma(r)y Amelia Cook, b: 1864-ILL m: Dwight L. Hemenway , e-mail canary@uwp.edu

Mary Ann or Abigail Cook b. ca 1810-1812 probably in PA. The 1850 census shows her age as 40 and the 1860 as 48, so she obviously was born ca 1810-1812. She married William E. Peterman February 8, 1842. He died June 20, 1887 in Truro TWP., Franklin Co., OH and is reportedly buried in Powells Cemetery. I have no further information on Mary. Walt Peterman

Mary Ann Cook b: 1833-OH m: Joseph (Jeff) Mendenhall-1848-IN e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Mary Ann Cook, baptised 1851, Cambridge. m: William Neeves e-mail: Jim andSylvia Gidley or Gretyl Ayre-Australia

Mary Ann Cook b: 1874 AR(?) m: John Rutherford-1894-AK e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Mary E. Cook b: 1875 m: ? Bishop e-mail: Ken Simpson |mainpage|

Mary Elizabeth Cook b:1834-Bavaria m: John Hoerner e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

Mary Elizabeth Cook b: 1869-IA m: Edwin Johnson e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Martha Ellen Cook (Nov 1849) married DC Wilson (June 1845). They were married in Autauga County, AL, on Jan 16, 1887. They had 3 children: William Cook Wilson (04/05/1889-03/27/1930), John Daniel Wilson (09/22/1891-??) and Martha Ellen Wilson (07/18/1893-08/12/1983). DC Wilson was born in Georgia and I believe his first name was David. e-mail: Patrick Wilson Listed 6/15/2005

Mary Emeline Cook b: 1837-TN m: Bana Singletary - 1854 in MO. e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Mary Jane Cook m: James Franklin Webb-1856-WV e-mail: Jody Goad |mainpage|

Mary M. Cook, b: 1862 m: Lemuell M. Shumate e-mail Ron. P. Evans
(Children: Thomas, 1864 / Daniel-1865 / John W.-1867) |mainpage|

Mary Cook McCoy. Her son was a half brother to my grandfather, his name was Andrew McCoy. His mother died and he lived with the Cook family from Dallas Tx. He was born around 1879 judging by a photo of him. His father William Taylor McCoy, stepmother Mary Ann Bybee McCoy, My grandfather William Davis Martin McCoy and his sister Texas Calvin McCoy. e-mail: Sonya Thompson

Mathes Ellis Cook b: 1866 WY m: Minerva Birchfield surname page e-mail: Keith Nonamaker

Mathew Cook, ca 1808, Ontario, Canada m: Catherine Herrington, e-mail Michele Chavez
(Children; Melinda-1839-Can. / Cyrus-1840-Can. / Alexander-1842-Can / Susan-1844-Can / Gertrude Eliza-1845-Can / Sarah Jane-1848-Can / Charlotte Rebecca-1850-Can / Mathew-1851-Can / Samuel Ira-1852-Can / Joseph Abert-1855-Can)

Matthew C. Cook, b: 1819 m: Judith Hawke
(Children: Benjamin O-1852 / James Jackson-1855 / Thurman J-1857-GA / Judia-1860 / Judida-1860 / Julia-1860 (must be tripletts) e-mail: Harry Malcom |mainpage|

Matthew Cooke who was my moms dad. Born in 1897-1899 in NY. Raised inAlbany,New York I think in foster care. I think it might have been in Fairview Home. Have hit a brick wall. Anything would help at this point. Also looking for his daughter and my mom Bertha Ann Cooke-Parmelee born in 1920. Birthplace unknown. Ancestry Board Post 10/18/2010

Mathis or Mathew Cook 1780-1805 First wife Nancy? Second Sarah M? S.C then Ga then Al Brenda Hall

Mathias Cook, 1786, KY m: Elizabeth Hooper, e-mail - Samuel Harrison,
(Children: Levicey-1801, KY / Enoch Hooper-1803, KY / Olive Fort-1805 / Lettitia Beardon-1808 / Ellinder Harkins-1810)

9/04/2006 Mathias Koch wondering if Paulina Koch is (was) his sister, who was Albert E. Einsteins mother Sumner Morrill Koch

Mattie Cook b: 1886- GA m: W. Allen Helton- 1904 E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

May Cook b: 1876-AR m: John Morrow e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

M.C. (McKinley) Cook married Audine Randolph in 1925 and had my Uncle James shortly thereafter. (November 28-1925) Not too sure if she was pregnant when they got married or not, then they had my mother Clara Mae right after.(again, December 3,1926) Deana Foster

Mehitable Cook the daughter of Massa Cook and Silence Geer, married Eleazer Barker about 1782 somewhere either in Ct, or (most probably) in Berkshire Co., MA. Leah Updated 1/01/08

Melvira Cook, 1829 m: Roderick Craig, Jr. e-mail Mary Jo Engleton

Micajah Cook, 1808 in Kentucky , contact from mainpage: David Harper and Lynne Marie Stockman
(Children: Margaret-1830, KY / Francis Marion-1831, KY / George W.-1833, KY / Ellen L.-1835, KY / James M.-1836, KY / Mary Elizabeth-1838, KY / Armilda J.-1840, KY / Amanda M.-1843, KY / Martha Ann-1846, KY / Micajah-1847, KY / Melinda Frances-1848, KY / Alice B.-1850, KY / Benjamin F.-1851, KY)

Mildred Juanita Cook b.May 27,1895 in Marshalltown, Iowa.She married Roy(Leroy) Earl McGrew in Casper Wyoming. Her Father was George W. Cook b: July 1869(i think) married Sarah Esther Pierce also in Casper Wyoming. Georges father was William H. Cook b: 1841 and married Julia Ann Powell on December 2, 1865 in Hamilton County ,Indiana. This is where I stop. E-Mail: Terese Soules Listed 4/26/2005

Millicent Saint Cook. I have finally found some information on My Henry. He was not a Cook after all but the brother of My GGrandmother Millicent Saint Cook. I did find information on My GGGrandfather Thomas Y. Cook. He was born in 1819 in Kentucky and may possibly have had a twin brother named Lewis Cook. I think they also had a younger brother b. in 1822, who was b. possibly in Johnson County, Indiana. I am still searching for their parents and exact birth place in Kentucky. I found Thomas, Lewis and Issac Cook all in Johnson County, Indiana in the 1850 Census. They were also in the 1860 Clarke County, Iowa Census. So the mystery of Henry Cook is solved for me, but the mystery of Thomas Y. Cook's parents and birthplace is not, yet. Mary Anne Cook

Milton Cook born about 1820, who was probably in Indiana about 1840 when he met Olive Amanda Smith; their son was born 26 Nov 1842 (or 1841 or 1843), probably in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois- Milton Cook was definitely in Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois in 1842-3. His life previous to when he met Olive Amanda and after about 1844 are unknown. E-mail: Charlie Cook Listed 11/28/2004

Milton Cook, born 1821 in Carthage, IL. father of Chauncey Harvey Cook; married to Olive Amanda Smith. Any info on where he went after Olive left him. STERPUT@aol.com 2/03/2007

Minnie Addlea Namoi Cook b: 1886-GA m: Cyrus Deeds e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| Photos

Minnie Etta Cook b: 1906-MO m: ? Brixey-1932 m2: Chris Newton-1938-MO m3: Ray S. Blevins-1964-MO e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| Photos

Minnie Lena Cook b: 1877- IA m: Harley Kewley- 1897- IA e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

Minnie Mozelle COOK - b. Aug.1860 - Ala. - d. 29 Oct. 1922 - Robertson Co. Texas - Parents were both born in Ala. as per Federal Census - Married - Roswell Elmer TAITE (b. 1858 - La.) in 1884 - Probably in Falls Co. Texas - Children - Cannan b.1885, Annie Mary b.1887, Benjamin Franklin b.1888, Joseph James b.1891, King David b.1894, Keren Happech b.1896. - Have located Minnie on the 1900 Census in Robertson Co. Texas.Any information would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance! Gene Dezell

Miriam K. Ladd Cook. Info from SSDI claims she was born 13 May 1878, New Sharon, Iowa, d/o Wm.Henry COOK and Mary Jane Call e-mail: Lee

Miriam S. Cook Mendenhall who was born July 15, 1877. I am having trouble tracing her lineage back any further than her grandfather and grandmother Edward Cook and Lois Godard and her father Edward Cobb Cook born 12/03/1840 and her mother Amy D. Sharpless born 11/26/1840. Edward Cobb Cook has also been listed as Edward G. Cook E:Mail: Barbara Mendanhall Webb 8/17/2007

Miriam S. Cook b: 1877-IA m: Omar Mendenhall e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Mirlie A. Cook, 1898-ILL m: Thelma Quarton e-mail: Eric Adcock
(Children: Donald) (Siblings: Luella, Eda, William, Luther) |mainpage| |Genealogy|

Monroe Cook b: 1852-NJ m: Lizzie ?
(Children: Elvira-1872-NJ / Atwood-1875-NJ / Harvey H-1878-NJ) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Mordecai Cook, abt 1623 in SFK England died Gloucester Co. VA married Susannah Thresher abt 1625 Children: Mordecai Cooke II b: ABT 1648, Thomas Cooke b: ABT 1650, Elizabeth Cooke b: 1652, Giles Cooke b: 1653 in Gloucester County, VA John Cooke b: 1656 Neil Smith Listed 3/12/2006

Moses Cook b: 1700, m: Deborah Cadwell b: CT abt 1734
(Children: Martha-abt 1735) e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

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Nancy Cook m: Benjamin Ball, 1794-VA e-mail: James D. Ball

Nancy Cook was b. abt 1819, Unknown. She married Pleasant Williams and they were living in Lee Co Va when Nancy died in childbirth in 1855. Pleasant was reportedly from Stokes Co NC. I have seen Nancy's parents listed, one place on the internet, as Henry Cook and Sarah ? but am not certain if this is correct. Carter

Nancy Cook born about 1753-54 She married STEPHEN JACKSON of Chesterfield Co. SC and Anson Co. NC-- they lived on the border of those two states. I think they married about 1771. Nancy Cook Jackson died in Humphreys Co. TN at age 99 in 1853. Mary Harkey Russell

Nancy Ann Cook b: abt 1821, Alabama, m: William Long d: 1906 MS Father: Cook, John e-mail: Belinda Upton

Nancy Ann Cook b: 1832-TN m: Samuel McReynolds e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Nancy J. COOK, by Jan 16, 1830 in Fairport Harbor, Lake County, Ohio and d. Nov 19, 1858 in Fairport Harbor, Lake Co., Ohio. She married Ezra Herrick on Nov 29, 1848. They had 5 children:Frank Henry Herrick, b. Dec 5, 1840 d, Oct 9, 1893, Ralph Howard Herrick, b. Dec 21, 1851 d. June 16, 1891 in Stamford Texas m. Mary Grances Booth June 27, 1886) Theda Ann Herrick, b. Feb. 4, 1854 d. Nov 20, 1858 Agnus Mary Herrick, b. Nov 24, 1855, d. June 19, 1887 in Gary, Dakota Territory ( this is my g-grandmother) Emma Almeda Herrick, b. Oct 4, 1857, d. Oct 18, 1879 Jim Cochrane

Nancy Susannah Cook b: 1881-OR m: Axley Marcus Dyrud -1804-OR e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Nathaniel Cook m: Lydia Vore (no timeline)
Children: Josiah e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Neal Cook b. England/Ireland 1657 m. Ann Cornelius Cook b. 1684 DE m. Anna Jacobs Henry Cook b. 1740 Guilford, NC m. Elizabeth Angell George Cook b. 1775 m. Nancy Benefield George W. Cook b. 1815 Guilford, NC m. Mary Ann Clark They had: Pinkney Walker Cook b. 1865 (my gg grandfather) m. Martha A. Hasty Cornelius Mebane Cook b. 1856 m. Lucy Ann Johnson Parker Henry Jasper Cook b. 1868 m. Georgie Eva Goode Susan Virginia Cook b. 1859 m. ? Sarah Cook b. 1870 m. Henry Murray E-Mail: Linda

Nelson Cook b:ca. 1815 m: Jane Ring 1843-Can. e-mail: David Conover [mainpage]

Nelson Cook, American Portraitist (1809-1892)

Nereus Mendanhall Cook m: 1915 Anna M. Bouck b: IA e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Neva Cook b:6/28/11872 m: Paul Butler e-mail Charles Dodds - Surname Index |mainpage|

Nicholas Cook served in the Colonial Army from NC (I think NC) and Valentine Cook served in the Confederacy from NC. Any leads or suggestions? Phil Cooke 9/04/2006

1. NOAH1 COOK was born 1825. He married NARCISIS NOBLES. She was born 1828 in S.C..Children of NOAH COOK and NARCISIS NOBLES are: i. WILLIAM2 COOK. ii. ANN COOK. iii. ALEX COOK, b. 1859. 2. iv. AMANDA COOK, b. 17 May 1859; d. 13 Nov 1943, Port St Joe, Gulf, Fla. v. ELIZA COOK, b. 1864. vi. NANCY COOK, b. 1868. Generation No. 2 - 2. AMANDA2 COOK (NOAH1) was born 17 May 1859, and died 13 Nov 1943 in Port St Joe, Gulf, Fla. She married JOHN WESLEY COLLINS COLLINSWORTH 1877 in DEFuniak Spgs, Oka., Florida, son of WHITSON COLLINS and MARTHA MARTIN. He was born 1851 in Tenn., and died 1920 in Chatahuchee, Jackson, Fla.Children of AMANDA COOK and JOHN COLLINSWORTH are: i. DEVANDER3 COLLINSWORTH. ii. JOHN WESLEYCOLLINSWORTH,JR, b. DeFuniak Spgs, Walton, Fla. iii. IRNESIA COLLINSWORTH, b. DeFuniak Spgs, Walton, Fla. iv. HENRY COLLINSWORTH, b. DeFuniak Spgs, Walton, Fla. v. WILEY COLLINSWORTH, b. Geneva, Coffee, Ala. vi. PEARLIE COLLINSWORTH, d. Child. 3. vii. ABSCILLA MELVINA COLLINSWORTH, b. 28 May 1880, DeFuniak Spgs, Walton, Fla; d. 08 Sep 1942, Crestview, Oka, Fla. viii. SOPHRONIA COLLINSWORTH, b. 01 Dec 1884, DeFuniak Spgs, Walton, Fla; d. ;18 Apr 1976, Wewahitchca, Fla. ix. AMANDA ELLAFARE COLLINSWORTH, b. 05 Feb 1890, DeFuniak Spgs, Walton, ;Fla; d. 20 May 1926 ;e-mail: sleepingfawn@etcmail.com 3/11/2007

Nola Cook b: 1908-AL m: Edmond Dewey Deason 1925, AL e-mail: Scott T. Wilkinson |mainpage|

Norman W. Cook, born Litchfield, Ct about 1799, My tree is listed on Rootsweb.com. Type in Norman W. Cook and my tree name is kennewickman Al Cook

Nusi Cooke b: ca: 1530 Eng. m: John Thayer e-mail: Jill Wilkinson |mainpage|

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Olen Viry Cook, born (1901),( Cook family of Londonderry Township, Bedford), PA. My grandfather then John Edward Cook (1880), then James Howard Cook (1858), then John Cook (1838). Do any of these names look familiar to anyone? Please contact me at Paula Jewell Edens Posted 8/01/2011

Ollie Cook b: 1882 m: Haywood Stockman e-mail: Don Tigges |mainpage|

Ollie Revoir Cook b: 1888 m; Mollie Covington
(Children- Floyd- ?? / Claudie V. 1914 / Maudie Lee- ?? ) e-mail: Ken Simpson |mainpage|

Orrin COOK b. 1784; d. 1845 in CT and wife Wealthy WILSON b. 1783 in CT and married in Simsbury, CT in 1804. Some of their siblings, Joel COOK and their children may have move to Ohio. Orrin and Wealthy remained in CT and are burried in Bloomfield, CT. Roger

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Patty Cook b: 1804 m: James Stanford e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Patty Martha Cook b: 1773 m: Joshua Grozier-1793-MA e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Pearl Cook b: 1892-MO m: Brown Kerr e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| Photos

Peter Cook m: Catherine VanHoorn-1738 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Peter Cook, England m: Jane Reynolds, e-mail Maggie Rose Hornsby ,
(Children: John-1851, Eng.) icq#: 4256138

Peter Cook b: 1674 ENG m: Elinor Norman
(Children: John- 1696- ENG) e-mail: Duncan Rea William III |mainpage|

Peter Cook Sr. b: 1674 England m. Elinor Norman, e-mail Anita Gauld ,
(Children: John-1696, Eng. / Mary-1698, Eng / Peter-1700, Eng. / Isaac-1702, Eng. / Thomas-1704, Eng.)

Peter Cook b: 1674-75-Eng. m: Elinor Norman e-mail Gary Jolley
(Children: John-1696, Eng. / Mary-1698, Eng / Peter-1700, Eng. / Isaac-1702, Eng. / Abraham-1704-Eng. / Thomas-1704, Eng. / Elinor-1706-7-Eng. / Mary-1708-09-Eng. / Samuel-1711-12-Eng) |mainpage|

Peter Cook b: 1674, Eng. m: Elinor Norman e-mail: Glenn York
(Children: same as above links)

Peter L. Cook, b: 3/7/1808, Penn. M; Hannah Hinkle. One son John Cook 10/9/1831 Marion, Ohio . Main Website E-Mail: Don Hartman

Phebe Cook m: Henry Knowles -1776-MA e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Philander Cook was born 1807 in benson VT. married Weltha Benson
(Children: Edward W Cook 1831/ Anna W Cook- 1835 / Kentha A Cook -1837 / John B Cook-1839 / William H Cook -1841 / Timithy B. Cook- 1846 Edna M Cook-1849 / Charles E Cook, 1852) E-mail: Lawrence LeRoy Cook III Also has photos.

Philander Cook's parents were Munson Cook and Thankful Austin. He was born in Wallingford, CT in 1819. I believe that he married Mary Austin, but I am looking for evidence to support that. He migrated to TN, then IL, then Nebraska where he is found in the 1855 state census in Douglas County. e-mail: Joan Young

Phillip Cook, 1765, NC. e-mail Larry D. Cook Has alphabetical family report on family tree webpage

Phoebe A. Cook, m: Horace Courtright-1858 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Priscilla Cook b: bef. Jan. 1780 m: Benjamin Wager mainpage e-mail: Andrew Wager

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Rachel Cook b: abt 1753 VA m: John Murphy in KY- 1773 e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

Ralph Cook b1889 died in 1949 married Phoebe Louise Cook nee Shawyer 1895-1930, children: Ralph Cook 1914-1990, William Cook 1915, Kenneth Cook 1917, Richard Cook1920, Muriel Cook (F) 1923 died 1950 of TB married man name Sherwood, and with a family. Reginald Roy Cook born 1927 early 1928, Phoebe Louise Cook 1930-1943 died in the bombing at Babbacombe St Marychurch (in a children's home). Janet Cook

Ralph Jacob Cook b: 1887- IA m: Ida Kilbornne e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

Randolph COOK b. 1770 SC/NC... m. Mary "Polly" POTTER abt 1793 in Laurens Dist., SC. She is dtr of Stephen POTTER and Jemima GREEN. Skip Williams Listed 2/05/2005

Ransom Cook b: 1774 m: Sally Stafford-1793
(Children: Allen-1795 / Nancy-1796 / Nellie-1797 / Jidethan-1798-NC / Easter-1800-NC / Washington-1802-NC / Neverson-1810-NC) e-mail Roy L. Cook |mainpage|

Ransom D. Cook of Oneida County, NY? I have more data. Last Name, COOK Ransom D 2 May 1828 Westmoreland, Oneida, NY 26 Jan 1896 Jan Rose Listed 1/03/2006

Rebecca Cook, m: William Shackleford, 1758, in VA (daughter of Thomas Cook and Mary?) e-mail: William O. Shackleford |mainpage|

Rebecca Cook b: abt 1720 m: Abner Snow-1741-MA e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Rebecca Cook, b: 1806 m: Thomas Lothrop-1826 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Rebecca Cook b: abt 1810 m: Mark Snow1834-MA e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Rebecca Cook, born 1814 Tennessee, died 1853. She married Alney McLean Bourland (also known as Abner or Alne) in either Kenutcky or Arkansaw or elsewhere (he moved around a lot) in 1830. They had six children, James Cook Bourland, Francis Lafayette Bourland (my g-g-g-grandfather) Lizzie, Abigail, Lydia and John Lemuel. He married twice more after she died. Willow Prokop-Aliento Bad E-Mail: 10/22/2011

Rhoda Cook b: abt 1760- VA m: Joshua Bohannon e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

Rhoda L E Cook \ Rhoda Elizabeth Cook. She was born in KY, January 31, 1870. She married Stranger Gosnell, March of 1888 in NC. Died December of 1946. Karen Gosnell Anderson

Richard Cook(e) b1557 England -- Philip Cook(e) b1589 England, wife Elizabeth
Updated 11/11/2012 see below
---- William Cook Sr. b1613 England, wife Anna, Mary Blackborne -------William Cook(e) Jr. b1633, wife Joan Roper -----------Elizabeth Cook b1656-1723, Husband John Weaver ---------------Susan Jarret Weaver b1787, husband Augustine Cook Augustin(e) and Susan are my GG grandfather/mother Stewart

RICHARD COOK was born 03 Aug 1820 in Granville, Washington, NY, died 30 Oct 1879 in Granville, Washington, NY. He married SELINA ESTER FRENCH 06 Dec She was born 01 Aug 1821 in CT, died 26 Feb 1883 in Granville, Washington, NY. Children Sarah Jane Cook (My great grandmother) born 10/26/1847 Lansingburg, NY (Married John Searles Stoddard) Mary Elizabeth Cook b 9/7/1844 John Henry Cook b 7/24/1853 James Frank Cook b 3/26/1852 one source says born 1858. George Henry Cook – possible died very young Gale Stoddard Williams Listed 3/29/2006 Updated 11/11/2012
Looking for information on my great great grandfather and any information for his parents, wife and children. RICHARD COOK my great great grandfather
born 03 Aug 1820 in Granville, Washington, NY,
died 30 Oct 1879 in Granville, Washington, NY.
He married 06 Dec 1879, SELINA ESTHER FRENCH born 01 Aug 1821 in CT,
died 26 Feb 1883 in Granville, Washington, NY.
Children of Selina French and Richard Cook
George Henry Cook, Born in New York, possible died very young
Mary Elizabeth Cook born 7 Sep 1844 in New York Married Ralph Perkins
Sarah Jane COOK - my great grandmother Born 26 Oct 1847 Lansingburg, Rensselaer, New York, Died 15 Jun 1921 Waterbury, Vermont Married 16 Mar 1865 Hampton, New York, John Searles STODDARD Born 6 Sep 1837 Granville, Washington, New York Died 19 Mar 1916 Fair Haven, Rutland, Vermont
John Henry Cook born 24 Jul 1853 New York Died 27 Feb 1940 Married Cora Maria Taylor Abt. 27 Dec 1887 She was born abt 1867 Vermont
James Frank Cook born 26 Mar 1852 or 1858 New York Died 14 Apr 1889
Stoddard, Cottrill, Rooker, Frost, Newbury, Tanner, French, Cook, Gillett, Buck, Marshall, Foote, Lampson, Soper or Sopher, Scott, Mason, Barnes, Miller, Frost, Howard, Provin, Averill
The above lived mostly in New England and New York
Thank you, Gale Stoddard Williams 11/11/2012

Richard Cook, b. in 1557, Gloucester, England and was married to Catherine Rawley. 2.Gpa Phillip Cooke, b.1589 in Gloucester, England and was married to Elizabeth ( last name unknown ). 3. Gpa William Cooke,Sr., b. 1613 in in England and d. in Surry, Va. and was married to Mary Blackborne on June 4, 1632. They came to Va. in 1633. 4. Gpa William Cook, Jr. was born at Sea in1633 and d. 1698 in Isle of Wight, Va. He married Joane Roper at Surry, Va. She was the daughter of Hugh Roper.5. Gpa Thomas Cook, Sr. b, 1680 in the Isle of Wight, Va. and d. 1735 in Surry, Va. and he married Mary Jones in 1702 in Isle of Wight, Va. She was the daughter of Arthur Jones and Susannah king. 6. Gpa Jones Cook, b. 1706 in Isle of Wight, Va. and d. in Wayne Co., N.C. He married Martha Daniel in 1750 in Isle of Wight, Va. 7. Gpa Benjamin Cook, b.1756 in N.C. d. in Hancock Co., Ga. 8. Gpa Nathan Cook, b. 1885 - 90 in N.C. and d. in Terrel Co. Ga. in 1884. He married Sarah ( Sally ) Alletha Adkinson, daughter of Abner Adkinson, in Hancock Co., Ga. in 1810 and raised their 12 children in Randolph Co. Ga. The part of Randolph, where they lived, became Terrell co.,Ga on the 16th. of Feb.,1856. 9. Gpa Jesse Cook, b. 1821 in Randolph Co. and d. Nov. 20, 1864 in a Union prison in Elmira, N.Y. He married Elizabeth A. Brunson, Nov. 28,1844 in Randolph Co.,Ga. Gma Elizabeth was b. in1827 in S.C. They had 7 children. 10. Gpa John Thomas Cook, b. 3 - 6 - 1849 in Terrell Co.,Ga. and d. 3-14 -1923 in Arley, Winston Co., Al. He married Alice Eudora ( sometimes spelled Udora and Dora ) Hillman on May 1st., 1881 in Dawson, Ga. They had 9 children and the youngest is my Father. 11. Willie Samuel Cook, b. 1896 in Winston Co., Al. and d. 1-2-1978 in that Co. On Jan. 28, 1919 he married Alma Elsie Lane in Walker Co.,Al. but lived and raised their 12 children On Rt.# 2 in Arley, Winston Co,Al. e-mail: hcook37@charter.net Added 5/31/2007

Richard Cooke and Elizabeth Story, both born Ireland but settled in Augusta Tp Leeds Grenville County, Ontario. Although they were resident in Claifornia the Cooke brothers gravitated home to Eastern Ontario to marry.... They then returned to Ca. CROSBY COOKE, dairyman, 30, born Augusta Tp, Leeds Grenville County, living in MARIN COUNTY, Ca., married Mary Ann Graham,24, born South Mountain Tp., living in Oxford Tp., D/O William John Graham and Jane Thompson, Dec 22, 1875 at Oxford, Witnessed: Thomas Cooke (bro) and Ellan "?Minidel?" .Corsby and Mary Ann appear in 1880 USA census, California, enumerated in Tomales, Marin Co Ca. There are no children recorded in the census. JOHN COOKE his brother, also born Augusta, 33, Miller, living in Valleyford, Sonoma, Ca., married Margaret Forward, 30, born Matilda Tp SD., living in Winchester SDandG,D/O James Forward and Ann, May 19th,1874, at Winchester, SD , Ontario. Witnessed by: James and Thomas Forward. ;Again in 1880 John and Margaret were in Bodega, Sonoma, Ca., with one daughter Gertrude M aged one year. A nephew James A Forward, 27, was a labourer with them. I have no paper trail yet, but I feel that these Cookes are cousins because they tie to Cooke/Story families in Elizabethtown/Brockville areas just to the West of Augusta. My GGM, Sarah Jane Cooke born Feb 4th 1836, to parents Robert and (Sarah) Jane Cooke (Ireland to Canada 1820s?) was raised in Elizabethtown and likely related. There were many Cook(e) families in the Leeds Grenville, Brockville area and many of them are interrelated. I am attempting to sort out the confusion and find my family in the process. I do not know if the brothers stayed in Ca or if they have descendents there. e-mail: J. Rob McGinn, Thunder Bay Otnario 3/11/2007

Richard Cook, b: abt: 1790 m: Neeltje Courter-1812-NJ
(Children: John-?? / Margaret-??) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Richard Carl Koch, 1900-1985 lived in WI m: Anna Weigel, e-mail Daniel Peter Koch
(Children: Dorothy / Gertrude / Karl / Margaret / Florence / James)

Richard L. Cook b: 1829 m: Martha Geesling, e-mail Kenneth Cook ,
(Children: Lola / Marion Linton-1850 / Elizabeth Duggan-1852 / Jessie Joyce-1854 / Richard Lewis-1856 / Martha Ann-1857 / Georgia Ann Augusata-1861 / Beauliar Tyrloliar-1863 / Joseph Lee-1866 / Henry Lawrence-1869 / Fannie Ollif-1876 / Thomas Lonzo-1871 / Oscar Lafayette-1873)

Richard Thomas Cook 1878 m: Belle Gill, e-mail Bridgette Little Cook
(Children: John Dewey-1908 / Russell Lamar-1912 / Wilburn Houston-abt1919)

Robert Cook b: 1520 m: Joan Sydney
(Children: Thomas-1541-Eng) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Robert Cook and family were in Caroline Co, VA in 1765. However Robert Cook and son Thomas obtained a Granville land grants in the Townfork Settlement in Surry Co. in 1760. Robert Cook also had a son John Cook and John had a son James Cook (b cir. 1757) who was my ggg grandfather. I have seen lots of data and even books that state this connection but no hard proof. Robert Cook's will was probated in Surry Co, NC in 1780 along with an inventory of his possessions. John was mentioned in his will. James Cook's will was probated in Surry Co, NC in 1828. These wills can be found at www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/nc/surry.htm . I would appreciate any info concerning these Cooks. I have good info on James Cook. e-mail Dale Cook orginally from Surry Co, NC ;3/11/2007

Robert COOK (d. abt. 1804 in NY) md. to Mary LAPP; Children: Robert (b. 1800) Thomas (b. 1802)--supposed to have served in the Revolution lived around what is now Buffalo, NY. Justina Cook Listed 3/12/2006

Robert Cook b: 1797- Ireland m: Catherine ?
(Children: John- 1838- NY / Sarah- ? / William- ? / Maria- 1832 / James- ? / Robert E- 1837- NY / Charles- 1839 / Mary- 1843) e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

Robert Cook m: Sarah Rutherford-1871 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Robert Cook 1845 - . +Hannah ? 1854 - .. 2 George Cook 1876 -.... 2 John Cook 1878 - ... 2 Robert Cook 1879 - I'm looking for information on this Cook family, who, in 1881, were living in York E. Twp., York E., Ontario, Canada: Doug Pattison Victoria, BC

Robert Alexander Cook b: 1833-TN m: Almeira Wooldridge 1853-Washington TERR.
(Children: Sarah Emily-1855 -OR / John Andrew-1857-OR / William Alexander-1858-OR / Thomas Jefferson-1860-OR / Henry Jackson-1862-OR / Robert Lee-1865-OR / Mary Emeline-1867-OR ) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Robert Carter COOK was b. 21 September 1809, in Yorkshire near the town of Marston, according to family recorded notes. Robert Carter COOK's parents were Henry J. COOK (b. 1767 we believe) and Prudence FOWLKS. Henry had a bachelor brother, John A. COOK. Robert's wife was Analine E. HAMLIN, b . 22 June 1822. E-Mail: Duane Shufelberger 8/17/2007

Robert David Cook b. 14 Feb 1881 in TN. Son of Lafayette COOK and Sara Elizabeth ALLEN. He married Ellen Frances COOK. Their only child was James Paris COOK b. 11 Mar 1909 in Tahlequah, OK. After Robert's death, Ellen married a man by the name of GRAHAM. Donna Merrill

Robert Delanox Cooke, b: abt 1840 m: Sarah Ann Dixon- ? Parents George and Emma Tooley Cooke. My Cookes are from Crowland, Lincolnshire, UK. Many are buried at Croyland Abbey there, going back to about 1750. We only made it to the US in recent years. Tim Cooke 10/08/2006

Robert E. Cooke, b: 1700, Scotland m: Sarah Fielding e-mail Clifton L. Cooke (No reports on page)

Robert E. Cook b: 1837- NY m: Nancy Ferris 1855- NY
(Children: Charles Wesley- 1859- IA / William Edwin- 1861- IA / Emmett R- 1863- IA / Mary Alenia- 1865 / John Grant- 1866 / Flora Mae- 1869- IA / Jasper S- 1871- IA / Minnie Lena- 1877- IA / Sadie Omelia- 1878) e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

Robert Henry Cook, born in Gateshead, County Durham, England, in 1864. He emigrated to America in 1890 and I have found him and his family in the 1910 census, living in Buffalo, Erie, New York. He married Mary and had two children, Elizabeth in 1897 and Harry S. in 1902. Both children are listed as being born in Michigan. The last info I have is from the US Federal census of 1930 for Buffalo which shows son Harry S. married to Marian A. with two children, Harry S. born 1921 and Robert born in 1925. If anyone has any information on this family or any living descendants or relatives, I would love to hear from them and be able to pass on the English side of their family history. Heres hoping! Malcolm Cook 9/04/2006

Robert Morgan Cook b: 1904-MO m: Rena Stone
(Children: Betty Sue-1928-OK / Carrol-1929-OK / Joanne-1933-OK / Marilyn Kay-1946-OK) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| Photos

Robert R. Cook, b:1795 m: ??
(Children: George Washington-1829-GA / Elijah A-1825 / Martha-1831 / James H / Mary Amanda-1838-GA / Annie Elizabeth-1842-GA) |mainpage| E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Robert Scott Cook born in Wyoming County or Mercer County, WV. Born September 8, approx. 1875. Married Drucil / Drucy / Della Huffman / Hoffman of Grayson, VA Robert

Roland J. Cook b: 1895-IA, m:Esther Neally-1917-IA
(Children: Francis-1919 / Aricia Jean-1921 / Marlin Roger-1931) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Rollin Thomas Cook b: 1848-OH m: Anna Louise Crawford
(Children: Ralph-1878 / Orlando Cravath-1879-KS / Earnest Ward-1873-KS / Pearl D-1885 / Robbin E-1887) e-mail: Terri Cook

Rosetta Cook, b: 1814, m: Enoch Hall Cook e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Roswell Wellington Cook b: 1821 m: Harriett Card e-mail Denise M. Cook Vorce
(Children: Mary-1852 / William Murdock-1861, NY / Charles-1858 / Lee W.-1868 / Martha)

Roy Wisbey Cooke b: 1898, Australia m: Grace Edna Wood , e-mail David Binstead
(Children: Shirley Jane-1926, AUS / Wisbey John-1935, AUS) |Cooke alphalist|

Ruby Leona Cook, b: 1917, NC m: Clifford Elliott, e-mail Edwina "Eddie" Elliott

Ruth Cook, b: 1689-NJ m: Samuel Collier e-mail: David Conover |mainpage

Ruth Cook who married Joshua Latham Smith (B. 22 Oct 1800 Saratoga NY) 25 Jan 1826 place unknown.I am interested in finding info on Ruth Cook who married Joshua Latham Smith (B. 22 Oct 1800 Saratoga NY) 25 Jan 1826 place unknown. I believe she had two children Edwin b. 1828 and Hannah b. 1832, Ruth died between 1832 and 1839 because Joshua remarried in 1839 in Michigan. Thanks for any help Dave Holland 6/22/2010

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Sally Cook b: 1818 m: Jesse Hester- 1840- IN e-mail: Connie Bryant |mainpage

Sallie Jane Cook born 10-SEP-1850 unknown (probably in North Carolina or Tennessee). Died 22-Jan-1919 in Lakeland, Florida Married Leonard F. Henley, MD, had 1 child (my grandmother) and adopted another. Would appreciate any input. Linda Muller

9/17/2011 Samuel Cook, My name is John Mack Cook, born 01/11/1949 in Paola, Kansas and I am the son of Keith Lee Cook, grand-son of Mack Arthur Cook, great grand-son of John Mack Cook, great, great grand-son of Robert Dale Cook and great, great, great grand-son of Samuel Cook.
I am also looking for information about Samuel Cook and his ancestors. I have been told by family members that the family name was changed from Koch to Cook at some point. I have also been told that the family was German.
If you have any information, please let me know. I have some information below that my be of help to you.
Kindest regards, John9/17/2011

Samuel Cook b 1808 in Randwick, Glocs. He married Eliza Walkley in 1847 in Stroud and moved to Birmingham. They had 2 children Fanny, b 1850 and George b 1853. Believe Samuel was the son of Nathaniel Cooke and Elizabeth Pearce. Beyond Nathaniel the record is unclear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Posted: 5/13/2010 watsgw1155@yahoo.com

Sam B. Cook b. 10 Jan 1851 Clinton Co., Oh. and d. 9 Oct 1912 married on 26 Feb 1880 to SALLIE COLLETT b. 17 Feb 1856 Clinton Co., Oh. and d. 27 Sep 1917. Children: Laura, Levi.Source: LDS Ancestral File Colleen Kitch

Samuel Cook. We only have fragments of oral history to go on. Samuel was an Englishman who married a French Canadian, Elizabeth Declaire. They had five children, 3 boys and 2 girls, the youngest of whom was Fred Ronne Cook, probably born in Conrad, Chauteau County, Montana on April 8, 1909. Elizabeth was a musician who evidentially had a breakdown after losing her piano in a fire, and died shortly thereafter. Samuel remarried a woman with a daughter, so Fred left home at an early age, probably working on ranches in Montana and California. Samuel may have been a bootmaker, supplying boots for the army in World War I. Any clues or information would be greatly appreciated, as this has been"the unbreakable wall" for many years. Thank you. Jan Cook

Samuel Cook b: abt 1790 Eng. m: Marey Cook mainpage e-mail: Andrew Wager

Samuel COOK, and his wife Lydia. Both were born in New Hampshire say between 1790 and 1795. A daughter Ruth B. COOK was born in Corinna, Penobscot County, Maine September 22, 1815. A daughter Dolly COOK was born in Maine about 1826. A son Samuel COOK was born in Maine about 1831. In 1850 the family was living in Kingsbury, Piscataquis County, Maine. Dean Scribner, Las Vegas, Nevada

Samuel Cook and Harriett Conder. They lived Marion County, Kentucky area in 1850 census. Ch: Mary, Samantha, Resiah, Martha Agnes, Robert Dale, Elizabeth,John Payne (my direct desc.), Samuel David. I've hit a brick wall with Samuel. Need to know parents, where he was born etc. Appreciate any info and will exchange what I have. Bea Bad e-mail: 9/17/2011

Samuel Cook b 1691 NC. m: 1716 Mary , e-mail Sarah Parmley (No reports on page)

Samuel Cook b: abt 1720 m: Dorothy Gillet-bef: 1749 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Samuel Cook b: abt 1750 m: Elizabeth Snow-1781-ME e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Samuel Cook b: 1756 m: Jane Nickerson
(Children: Eleanor- 1778 / Ephraim-1779 / Samuel-1781 / Jesse-1783 / Stephen-1786 / Ebenezer-1788 / Jane-1791 / Betsey-1794 / James T-1796 / Jane- 1799) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Samuel Cook b: 1781 m: Tamsin Brown e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Samuel Cook, 1803, MD e-mail Jeanne Cook Walsh
(Children: Henry / John-1769 / Mary)

Samuel Cook b: ca. 1830 m: Rosa Jane Logan, 1849-OH (#34) e-mail: Thelma Fay Prince
(Child: Henry Cook-1850-OH) |mainpage|

Samuel H. Cook b: 1848-NJ m: Agnes Mead e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Samuel H. COOK was born1 14 Feb 1808 NY. He died 19 May 1876 Porter Co, IN and was buried2 at Union Street, Old City Cemetery, Porter Co, IN. Samuel married Olive HAYNER/HANNER before 1833. Olive was born 23 Feb 1811 in NY. She died3 17 May 1895 Porter Co, IN and was buried4 at Union Street, Old City Cemetery, Porter Co, IN. They had the following children: 2 F i. Mary COOK born about 1833 in NY. She died before 1860. + 3 F ii. Jane COOK born in Mar 1836. She died on 6 Apr 1911. 4 F iii. Ann COOK born about 1839 in NY. She died after 1870. 5 M iv. John COOK born about 1843 in NY. He died after 1860. 6 F v. Laura COOK born about 1845 in OH. She died before 1880. Laura married Wilford PARRIOT on 24 Mar 1868 in Porter Co, IN. Wilford was born about 1841 in IN. + 7 M vi. Samuel J. COOK was born about 1852. He died before 1900. 8 M vii. William COOK maybe single was born 1854 IN. He died5 24 May 1908 Porter Co, Valparaiso, IN. He was buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Porter Co, Valparaiso, IN. + 9 F viii. Annette COOK was born in Jan 1855. She died on 2 Oct 1913. E-mail: Ernie Listed 6/15/2005

Samuel Huston Cook b:1839-TN m: Matilda Gilmore-1862-MO
(Children: John Bartley-1863-MO / James T-1865-TX / Nancy Matilda-1869-MO / Emma Alice-1873-OR / Ida Mae-1873-OR / Dora Ancie-1875-OR / Della Minerva-1878-OR / Samuel Clinton-1879-OR / Sarah Lula-1881-OR / ) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Samuel Wilburn Cook, Sr. b: 1902 NC m: Rosa Bell Hancock
(Children: Anna Louise-1922-OK / Vivian Minnie-1923-OK / Ima Florene-1924-OK / Samuel Wilburn Jr.-1925-OK / Ruth Ann-1928-OK / Murriel Leo-1930-OK / Donald Rae-1932-OK / Carl Eugene-1937-OK / Marion Park-1939-OK / Charles Luther-1942-OK / William Arthur, Sr-1944-OK / Betty Jean-1945-OK) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Sara Cook, she shows up in the 1850 census in Morgan County Ala. census states she is 76 years old , this puts her birth year at 1774, census also says she was born in south carolina. she is living with (i presume) with her son and his wife. Thomas Peter Cook and Jane B. Cook both born in tenn. Thomas Peter Cook was born on July 4 1880, in the 1850 fed. census he owned 4 slaves. jane b. cook was born sept 16 1815 Scott Cook Listed 7/07/2005

Sarah Cook b: ca 1765 m: Henry Hollingsworth e-mail: R. Glenn York

Sarah Cook b: abt 1768-VA m: Henry Hollingsworth1782 e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Sarah C. Cook b: b: 1808 KY m: Abraham Cook 1832- KY (Child: Isaac Marion- 1846- KY) e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

Sarah Emily Cook b: 1855-OR m: Levi Miller -1870-OR e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Sarah Jane Cook was born Sarah Jane Sells April 1, 1824 Columbus, OH. She first married David S. FORMAN in OH and then married Thomas COOK on Oct 15, 1872 in OH. I'd like to know what happened to Thomas Cook and this marriage? She married a third time in Illinois 1872 and assumed the name of Mrs. William H. Howard.e-mail: Jerry Foreman

Sarah Jane Cooke born Feb 4, 1836 in Elizabethtown, Leeds Grenville County Ontario. She had brothers John 1828, Joseph 1833 and sisters Elizabeth 1831 and Catherine 1837. Her parents were Robert and Sarah JANE Cooke. There may have been other children as my resource for this family is the Diocese of Ontario, Anglican Archives . William Cook born about 1818 in Ireland married Ann Bowles 1841 in Elizabethtown and later settled in SOuth Crosby Tp may be a son of Robert and Jane but I have not proven a connection. Robert and Sarah are very dificult to pin and they do not appear in any early Elizabethtown records .Nor are they in the 1851-2 census ... I expect that Robert was born Ireland about 1793. I did find Robert Cooke in a First Leeds Militia roll 1829 and he was age 36 years. I dont know the Maiden name of Sarah or Jane as she seems to have prefeered .I dont know if they may have been married in Ireland. John Cooke married Sarah Clark in 1850 and settled first in Escott Tp and later in Lansdowne Tp in Leeds Co Joseph married Mry Ann White of Lansdowne and farmed near John and Sarah. Both had large families and some still remain in the Gananoque area of Eastern Ontario. Many early Cook(e) families in Leeds Grenville were interrelated and I am trying to sort them all out . E-mail: J Rob McGinn from Thunder Bay Ontario Canada listed 5/31/2007

Sarah Julie Cook b: 1853 m: Abraham Seabaugh e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

Sarah L. Cook b: 1870 m: Joseph Leard 1888 e-mail: Ken Simpson |mainpage|

Sarah Lula Cook b: ca. 1881-OR m: Edward Hannum e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Sarah Sally Cook b: abt 1797 m: Abraham kesler- 1815- KY e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

Sebastian N. Cook. He is supposed to be from England and father 3 children with my great grandmother Anne Elisabeth Heatherly or sometimes called Lizzie. She was born in 1856 and being a Cherokee Indian was in the “trail of tears” and also later in her teens a teacher for the Indian school. I suspect that they both could have been married to different people. I know she was married to William Heatherly in Arkansas and left probably when she was pregnant with Samuel Nathan Cook, my grandfather. I noticed that she did not return to the Heatherly’s until William died in or around 1900’s. At that time the Heatherly children that I suppose she had left with William Heatherly, lived in Waxahachie Texas. Nancy Cook Posted 9/09/2009

Seth Cook b: abt 1775- VA m: Elizabeth Bohannon - 1785- VA e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

Seth Cook b: abt 1790 m: Nancy Jackson 1815- KY e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

Seth Cook, Jr. b: 1816 m: Lydia Monfort- 1841- KY e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

Shem Cook, b: abt 1720 -VA m: Ann Rucker, e-mail Joseph Cook, children: ( James-abt 1744-VA. / Elizabeth / John / Shem / Felicia / Delphia / Rosalind / Ann / Claiborne)

Shem Cooke, Sr. b: abt 1720 m: Ann Rucker, e-mail Bruce Cook
(Children: James-1771)

Shem Cooke (born about 1720; died 1796 in Granville County, N.C.). Some of his grandchildren moved to Tennessee but his grandson Shem Cooke (born 1773; died 1862 in Carroll County, Georgia) moved to Georgia about 1818 to first Putnam County (1818-1826) and then Fayette County (1826-1849) before moving to Carroll County, Georgia. Carol Darrow 9/04/2006

Silas Cook b: abt: 1686-NJ m: Sarah West-1712
(Children: Steven Cook-abt: 1713-NJ / Ebenezer-1715-NJ / Jasher-1717-NJ / William-1719- NJ / Lydia - 1721 -NJ / Silas- 1723 - NJ / Joseph - 1725 - NJ) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Silas Cook and Sally (Sarah) Roberts Cook.. Silas died in 1868 in Jefferson Co, Wisconsin. His will lists his children as Leander, Joseph L., Eliza ( my 3great grandmother born 1817 in Madison Co., NY) Orpha and Sybil. Edna

Simeon Cook b: ca. 1770 m: Sally Crandall of NY e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Simon Cook b: 1800-RI m: Louisa Pierce1827-MA
(Children: Serepta Whipple-1827 / Aurelia-1829-MA / James Philllip - 1831 / Mary Ann-1833 / Benjamin Ohney-1835 / Washington-1838 / Sylvester-1839 / Marcela-1842) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Simeon Cooke b: 1809 m: Sarah Smith
(Children: Kate Wintermute-1846 / Margaret M.-1849 / Charles H.-1850-Blairstown / Adriaine L.-1853-NJ / Simeon Jr.-1855-NJ / Anna L.-1858-NJ ) e-mail: Rebecca

Solomon Floyd Cook b: 1829 m: Martha Ann Shelton 1853
(Children: Mary Jane-1862) E-mail: John Cook, Jr. |mainpage|

Sophronia Jane Cook b: 1849-MO m: James Hay-1870-OR e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Steven Cook m: Miss Ayers e-mail Cyrus B. Cook
(Children: Steven Beecher Cook-1798, PA?)

Stephen Cook b: bef: Oct. 1718 m: Elizabeth Shermore - mainpage e-mail: Andrew Wager

Stephen Cook, b: bef: Jan. 1752 m: Hester Jones - mainpage e-mail: Andrew Wager

Stephen Cook (b 26 MAR 1755 in Wallingford, Conn. and d 19 AUG 1829 in Chateaugay (Burke) N.Y.) and his wife Syliva MEIGS (b 27 MAY 1760 in Gulford, Conn. and d 7 AUG 1849 in Adams Basin, N.Y) e-mail: Edie

Stephen Cook, b: 1844, Eng. m: Charlotte Ford, 1865, Eng e-mail: Jim McKane
(Children: Thomas Henry-1866-Eng / Alice-1867-Eng / William-1870-Eng / Frederick-1872-Eng / Rose Mary-1874-Eng / Annie-1876-Ont / Winifred Minnie-1877-Ont / Elizabeth-1880-Ont / Florence-1882-Ont / Clara-1884-Ont / Ada Jane-1887-Ont)

Stephen D. Cook, 1796, e-mail William R. "Bill" Cook (Has alphalist of all names on page)Updated 3/20/2016

Susan V. Cook b: abt 1810 m:Alfred Hulburt-1831-NY e-mail: John Hurlburt |mainpage|

Susannah (Shannon) Cook who married my Isaac Cook (b. 1815 in Ohio) in Ohio in 1845. I only have a marriage citation and very limited family notes on her. One family note indicates that she came from Southern aristocracy. Her family owned plantations in Georgia in the middle 1800s. Michael P. Cook Posted 5/31/2007

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Taylor Morris Cook ( born: 29 Mar 1829 and died: 13 Aug 1886) married Rydonia Hill (born: 15 Aug 1832) and died: 27 Jun 1905) and had Lodwrick Monroe Cook. Lodwrick Cook ( born: 12 May 1857 and died 27 Jan 1939) married Allie May Hood (born: 8 Jul 1860 and died 12 Sept 1939) and had Allie Lois Cook. Allie Lois Cook ( born: 3 Sept 1895 in Grand Canel, Louisiana and died: 17 Sept 1980 in Long Beach, California) married Clarence LaVerne Morey ( born: 1 Mar 1886 and died: 18 Nov 1986) and had William Monroe Morey ( my grandfather), Robert Hood Morey, John Benjamin Morey, Thomas Wilson Morey and James Franklin Morey. Destiny Morey updated 7/29/2008

Tennie Cook b: 1879-?? m: C.L. Larry Rhodes e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Tennie Pearl Cook b:1895 NC m: Charles W. Inglis-OK e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Thomas Cooke-1570-Eng. m: Joanne ? e-mail: Laurie McDaniels Howland
(Child: Thomas Cooke-1600-Eng.) |MainWebpage|

Thomas Cooke b: ? m: Mary ?-1626-Eng
(Children: Thomas, Jr-1626-Eng / John-?? / George-1647) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Thomas Cook, abt 1700 m: Ann ? e-mail: Jim andSylvia Gidley or Gretyl Ayre-Australia
(Children: Richard-1725-Eng / Ann-1726-Eng / Thomas-1728-Eng / Joseph-1729-Eng. / Abraham-1730-Eng. / Moses-1736-Eng. / William-1740-Eng / Samuel-1740-Eng.)

Thomas Cook and Elizabeth Bowen. They were married Oct 29, 1772 in Pitts County, North Carolina. I believe they migrated to Buncombe county, NC. John Cook Listed 10/06/2006

Thomas Cook, Sr. 1721, m: Margaret Cooke
(Children: James Cooper-1742-VA / Margaret-1743-VA / Mary-1744 -VA / Elizabeth-1745-VA / Alexander-1746-VA / William-1747 / Jean-1749-NC / Joseph-1750-NC / Thomas, Jr-1751-NC) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Thomas Cook, Jr. b: 1751m: Jeanne McConnell
(Child: Polly-bef. 1812) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Thomas Cook b: abt 1750 m: Mary Mills-
(Children: Sarah- 1773 / Joseph- 1775- NC / Thomas- 1778 / John- 1780 / Jacob- 1783 / William- 1785 / Zimri- 1786 / Isaac- 1791 / Elizabeth- 1792 / Nathan- 1793) e-mail: Duncan Rea William III |mainpage|

Thomas cook 12/25/1791 (wife assumed) Sarah cook 9/15/1789. Starting 23 years later the following names were added, Mary 6/15/1812, Jonathan 10/15/1814, James 10/11/16, Rebecka 9/12/1818, Matilda 9/7/1820,Jessa T 12/28/1822, William J. 5/15/1825, Elizabeth 1//22/1827, Sallie Jane1/3/1831. Bill M Cook Listed 10/22/2005

Thomas COOK (b. 1802 in NY; d. 4 Apr 1883 in Wainfleet, Welland, Ontario, Canada) md. to Sarah Howell, parents: Robert COOK Mary LAPP; Children: William T. (b. 1834), Hugh (b. 1835), Robert (b. 1837), Alexander (b. 1838), Ann Sarah Elizabeth (b. 1843) Elizabeth (b. 1846)--lived around Fort Erie, Port Colborne Wainfleet in Ontario, Canada. Justina Cook Listed 3/12/2006

Thomas Cook, NC., 1758 e-mail Connie Moretti
(Children- Elizabeth / Mary / John / Ann Martha / Lucy / Thomas / William / Allen / 2nd wife: Charlotte Anderson Martin: Charlotte-1804 / Sina-1807 / Henrietta-1809 / Joshua Martin-1811 / Calvin Jones-1813)

Thomas Cook, 1770, Eng. m: Milly Marcum e-mail: Gerald Wiser
(Children: William-1798-NC / Elizabeth-1799-NC? / Joseph-1804 / Thomas-1805 / John-1806 / Jefferson-1812 / Mary-1816 / Nancy-1820) |Main Index| |mainpage|

Thomas Cook born abt 1784 and died unknown, son: Thomas Cook born in Norridgewock Somerset County Maine on 3/23/1822 and died in Norridgewock Somerset County Maine, Son: Lendon Cook born in Norridgewock Somerset County Maine in 4/1860 and died in Liberty Waldo County Maine: son: Ernest Fredrick Cook born in Liberty Waldo County Maine on 6/3/1912 and died 9/21/1973 in Burnahm Waldo County Maine
Teresa Cook Noble

Thomas Cook b: abt 1800? m: Keziah ? (Chidlren: Sally- 1818) e-mail: Connie Bryant |mainpage|

Thomas Cook (1802-1883) md. Sarah Ann Howell (1806-1860) Children: William T. Cook (1834-1900) md. Sarah Jane Ashenhurst Hugh Cook (1835-1877) md. Adella Jane Ramsay Robert Lorne Cook (1837-1906) md. 1st Elizabeth C. Faulkner; md. 2nd Anna Laura Pew Alexander Cook (1838-1839) Harriet Cook (1840-????) md. Henry Anderson Ann Sarah Elizabeth Cook (1843-1900) md. 1st James Scott Baikie; md. 2nd John House Ann Elizabeth E. Cook (1846-1883) md. Capt. John Alexander Irving (or Irwin) Justina 12/23/2006

Thomas Cook born 1803 married Elizabeth born 1792 in South Carolina. They had a son John born 1832 who married a Rutha. All moved to Millport Alabama. Lisa listed 10/08/2006

Thomas Cook (-22 Jul 1829) married 18 Oct 1785 Phoebe Higgins (13 Oct 1752-) 2-Betty Cook (03 Jan 1787-) 2-Thomas Cook (03 Jan 1787-) 2-Ann Cook (26 Apr 1788- aft 1825) married bef 1811 William James Morgan ( abt 1790-19 Nov 1848) 3-William Morgan (16 Nov 1811-18 Aug 1826) 3-Thomas Morgan (27 Mar 1825-16 Jan 1897) married 08 Oct 1885 Georgianna Cook (16 May 1853- abt 1931) 3-Thomas Morgan (27 Mar 1825-16 Jan 1897) married 08 Aug 1844 Charlotte Dalley ( abt 1819-29 Apr 1885) mainpage / e-mail: Jacqy Faull

Thomas Cook, b: 1805 m: ?? e-mail: Gerald Wiser
(Children: Catharine / Margaret-1834 / James Jefferson-1837 / Robert Henderson-1840 / Nancy-1843 / Elizabeth-1845 / Sarah-1850 / Thomas-1850 / William-1852 Mary J-1855 / Martha A-1858 / Melissa-1866 / John-1868) |Main Index| |mainpage|

Thomas Cook, 1811-m: Eliza Ann ? e-mail: Ken Simpson
(Children: Samuel-1844 / Thomas Clemmon-1848 / William A.-1849)

Thomas Cook, b: 1814-PA m: Jane ?
(Children: Rollin Thomas-1848-OH / Austin-1851) e-mail: Terri Cook

Thomas Cook who married Sarah Jane Sells Forman in Franklin County, OH on January 9, 1852. Sarah Jane was born April 1824 in Franklin Co. - Thomas Cook was her second marriage and she had young children. Can't find her in 1860 federal or OH state census Jerry Foreman

Thomas COOK b.1816 England married Sabina b. 1815 England. Children: Joseph b. 1841 Eng, Anna C. 19 Nov 1841 Orby, Lincolnshire,Eng, Susan b. 1846 Eng, Lucy b. 1847 Eng, James b. 1849 Eng, Mary b. 1850 Eng. Robert b. 1853 Barre, Orleans, NY. Marge Pacheco

Thomas P. Cook age 32 (born about 1828) born Ohio found in the 1860 federal census of Benton Co, Taylor Township, Vinton P.P., IOWA. Thomas is listed as a 'clerk'. His wife, Sarah J. age 35 born Ohio; daughter Laura Belle age 12; son Deshler age 15 and son Frank S. Cook age 3. E-mail: Jerry Foreman 11/28/2004

Thomas Cook b: ca: 1830 m: Emily Mendenhall from NC e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

THOMAS COOK, bapt 1833, living with his father Phillip Cook, Baker @ Leafield Oxon in the 1861 Census. (His father died in 1869). No trace of Thomas after 1861. Sheila Duncombe Listed 10/31/2006

Thomas Cook b: 1842 m: Matilda Collins e-mail: Gerald Wiser
(Children: Rufus / Nancy-1866 / John-1869 / Mary Jane-1872 / Robert Lee-1874 / Bettie-1876 / Margaret Ann-1880) |Main Index| |mainpage|

Thomas COOK (b. 1781/82 at North Walsham) and Susannah ABBS who were married at St. Margaret's Church, in Ormsby (listed as COKE and EBBS) in 1804. They then lived around the Tuttington - Swanton Abbott area whilst raising some 5 children. A son, George Robert, was born around 1816 at Wivenhoe, Essex. Noela (Sam) COOK. Melbourne, Australia Also son Thomas Abbs Cook

Thomas Bartley Cook b: 1850-MO m: Ceatta Jane Ferguson 1874-OR
(Children: Annie Laurie-1875-OR / John Robert-1876-OR / James Francis-1878-OR / Nancy Susannah-1871-OR) ) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

Thomas G. Cook b: 1881-NC m: Elizabeth C. Thomas
(Children: Ethyl-1900 / Bob / John / Minnie / Millie / Mary) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Thomas Hughes Cook, b: 1831, SC m: Julia Bowen e-mail: Sheila Clay
(Children: Martha Ann-1854-GA / John Henry-1855-GA / Samuel Eli-1857-GA / joseph Eldert-1858-GA / Thomas U-1861-GA / Rhoda C-1864-GA / Annie Isabella-1868-GA / Malinda-1869-GA)

Thomas James Cook parents Thomas was born Nov 8,1819 PA he married Ruth Wildman 1844 in Greene Co PA moved to Iowa then Mo. He died in Adair Co Mo . Sept. 6th 1877. I have his 11 Children but I can't find his parents. e-mail: Pat Listed 4/26/2005

Thomas Jefferson Cook, b: 1830 Memina Aaron, 1856 e-mail: Gerald Wiser
(Children: Mary Frances-1857 / William Washington-1858 / Thomas Newton-1862 / Emily Melvina-1865 / James Monroe-1868 / Samuel Franklin - 1870 / Hiram Brittain-1873) |Main Index| |mainpage|

Thomas J. Cook, who was an Inferior Court judge in Lagrange, Troup County, GA sometime after 1820 and possibly prior to 1850. I believe that James R. Cook, Sr. is his son but have not been able to confirm this. They possibly migrated from Fairfield County, SC. James was born 5/14/1811. Karen Goudelock

Thomas Jefferson Cook, b.1826 d.1881? m Rebecca Hogan, Thomas John, Nancy Elizabeth, Alford Benton, Sarah Rachael Amanda, Margaret Ann, Viney Independence, Zevalor Wilkerson, and Dora. He was from Hayesville, NC and later moved to Rabun County, GA. Steve Cook

Thomas Jefferson Cook, b: Feb. 2, 1858, Missouri m: Ellen Tillery , Children: Martha May-1892 / William T.-1894-95 / Gus Oren-1896 / Mary Eva-1898 / Harvey E.-1899 / Floyd Newton-1903 / Curtis D.-abt 1906 / Alta Berniece-1908. He and his family moved to Baker County, Oregon in approximately 1907. Sandra Branson Young Listed 9/09/2005

Thomas Munsey Cook m: Rebecca Sizemore
(Children: Edward H. / John N. / George P. / Calvin / Thomas Boyd / William H.H. / Mary Marinda / Annie / Jane / Rebecca) e-mail: Henry T. Cook main webpage


Thomas Robert Cook b: 1848- GA m: Wiley Vemelia Roberts- 1850- GA
(Children: Elizire- 1866- GA / Barry "JLB"- 1868- GA / Donna C- 1872- GA / Robert T- 1873- GA / James Virgil- 1874- GA / John Will- 1875- GA / Benjamin Green- 1880- GA / Emma Queen- 1880- GA / Grant- 1882- GA / Mattie- 1886- GA) E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Thomas Theodore Cook b: 1877 m: Zelda Bishop 1901
(Children: Janie- ?? / Vardia Jefferson- 1903 / Bonnie Margie- 1906 / William Edward- 1911) e-mail: Ken Simpson |mainpage|

Thomas Webb Cook, 1825, LA, e-mail Charles Cook
(Children: Louisiana-1862, LA / LeRoy Howard-1863, LA / Mary Christina-1866, LA / Thomas B.-1868, LA / Albert B.-1869, LA / Emma-1871, LA / Katherine-1873, LA / Minerva-1874, LA / Joseph Franklin-1876, LA / Alfred Webb-1878, LA / Helen Florence-1880, LA / Lillian Ray-1880, LA) |Home of the Cook Clan (mainpage)| The above website also has a song called the Battle Hymn of the COOKs

Thurman J. Cook b: 1857-GA m:nancy Malcom-1874
(Children: William Mathew-1875 / George Jackson-1877 / Judy Rebecca-1878 / Ida Claire-1880 Benjamin Oscar-1882 / Henry Robert-1884 Rosa Lee-1887 / James Thomas-1889 / Johnny-1891 died 1891 / Sallie Lillian-1893 / Pearl-1895 died 1896 / Jessie Mae-1897) e-mail: Harry Malcom |mainpage|

Tilton Cook b: 1810 m: Clarinda "Cook" e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

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Unknown Cook, Silas Cook, NH, e-mail James Cook
(Children of UNKNOWN COOK are: Silas / Melvina / George Washington-1810, NH / John Chanplain- 1813, NH / George Washington-1815 NH / Amanda M.-1817, NH / Lathrop Gilbert-1819, NH / Fayette F.-1820, NH / lydia Loretta- 1822, / Francis Fayette-1824 / Clara Trisheca-1825)

Uriah Cook m: Submit ?
(Children: Lois -1782-CT) e-mail: John Hurlburt |mainpage|

Ursula Cook b: 1813 m: William Miles 1829- KY e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

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Valentine Cook, 1732 Eng. m: Susannah Baughman e-mail: Evelyn Brooks Long
(Children: Adam-1751-Pa / Jacob-1753-Pa / David-1755-Pa / William-1757-Pa / Henry-1759-Pa / John-1761-Pa / Christine-1763-Pa / Valentine(Jr.?)-1765-Pa)

Valentine Cook – served in the Confederacy from NC / Nicholas Cook – served in the Colonial Army from NC (I think NC) Any leads or suggestions? Phil Cooke 9/04/2006

Virgil Young Cook b: 1848-KY m: Mildred Lamb-1874-AR
(Children: Neva-1872-AR / Virgil Whitfield-1874-AR / May-1976-AR / Jennie-1878-AR / Virina Davis-AR) e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

Virginia Antoinette Cook, b: 1879, TX. m: William VAUGHAN, e-mail Dana Thomas ,
(Children: James Edgar-1896, TX / William Ernest-1897, TX / Ennis Genitis-1898, TX / Madgie-1901, TX)

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Wade Hamp Cook b: 1886- GA m: Nannie Hughes- 1906-GA E-mail: Johnny Cook |mainpage|

Walter Cook b: ?? Catherine ? possibly Experience ?? contact: Richard Holmes
(Children: Hannah: / John / Ebenezer / Walter / Samuel-1659-60-MA / Nicholas-1684-MA / Experience) |mainpage|

Walter Cooke (1618-1695) Posted 10/01/2013
I am a direct descendant of Walter Cooke (1618-1695) who arrived from England to settle in Mendon, Mass in the mid 1640s. My line continues with his son Nicolas Cooke (b. 1659); Josiah Cook 1685-1774) who had moved to Cumberland, Providence, RI; Hezekiah Cook (1724); Preserved Cook (1765- about 1824) who had moved to Upper New York State; Joseph O Cook (1820-1905) who moved to Lawrence, Michigan; Frederick Cook (my grandfather); Edward Cook (my father) and myself Dennis Frederick (Cook) Baker - my father's parents were divorced and he was adopted by his uncle John Baker. So though my legal surname is Baker, my paternal bloodline is Cook. Sincerely, Dennis (Cook) Baker

Walter Cook : born in England, probably in the 1620's, He appeared in Weymouth, MA in 1643 d. 05 Jan. 1695/96, Mendon,MA
Don Cooke

Walter Cook, Born 1761-1770 in New Jersey Neil Smith Listed 3/12/2006

Walter Cook b: 1879 m: Emma Bailey (Children: Edmund, Walter, Lenetta, Dorothy, Gladys) (No webpage) e-mail: Marilyn Cook Grosbeck

Walter COOK (Horncastle abt 1881) married to Gertrude Desborough of Wymington. He died in Rushden in1909 leaving 5 children.Walter, Herbert, Lilian, Liz (not sure of her proper name) and Ella. Ella was adopted by the Browns of Earls Barton. My gt. grandfather was William Edward COOK (Horncastle 1842) married to Elizabeth Scoffin. He had eleven children: Betsy and John William by first marriage. George E. 1878 Herbert 1874 J W 1868 Sarah A 1880 Walter 1881 Fanny abt 1883 Fred abt 1884 Charlotte abt 1887 Lilly on or before 1891 My gt gt granfather was William COOK (Metheringham Lincs abt 1804) married to Sarah PARKER of Horncastle. Thank you Margaret Harris (Cook - Rushden 1940. sister to John 1936) NZ Listed 1/03/2006

Walter S. Cook b: 1893-IA m: Leah Stanley-1914-IA
(Children: William Carroll -1916-IA / Mabel Marie- 1918-IA / Helen Alene-1919-IA / Walter Wayne-1923-IA / Vellma Annabell e-1924-IA) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Walter Thomas Cook, b: 1908 West Ham, Essex m: Ellen Hannah Lawrence , e-mail Laurence Cook |mainpage|

Walter Winston Cook b: 1879 m: Mary Waldrop
(Children: Ezell-?? / R.G-?? /John H-?? / Lizzie-??) e-mail: Don Tigges |mainpage|

Washington Taylor Cook b: May 16, 1837 in Center, Metcalf Co., Kentucky (then Lafeyatt, Green Co.) d: March 04, 1913 in Monroe, Hart Co., Kentucky Burial: Thomas Young burial grounds, Hart Co., Kentucky (SON of Richard V.COOK and Caroline BEASLEY) . +Nancy Ellen DAVENPORT b: September 14, 1842 in Green Co., Kentucky d: May 06, 1901 in Monroe, Hart Co., Kentucky m: September 20, 1860 in Green Co., Kentucky Burial: Thomas Young burial grounds, Hart Co., Kentucky. Kate Beaugrand Cook

Wesley B. Cook b: 1809 m: Sarah King- 1834- KY m: Sarah Ann Johnson- 1849- KY e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

Wiley Houseworth Cook, 1902, GA m: Jewel ?. e-mail Karen Streetman Cook
(Children: Richard Lee / Rosa Mae / Henry B. / Thomas L. / Wiley Houseworth, 2nd)

WM. COOK Sr. born about 1750 He lived in Union Co Georgia. married Suzannah, daughter of the Cherokee Nation. name was given to her by white missionaries at school in the Blue Rock Cove. COOK was given a piece of land later known as the' Blue Rock Watershed' on the Arkaquah Creek for his help in fighting the Creek Indians. e-mail: Wanda Gibson

William H Cook, born March, 1833 in New Jersey (both parents born in New Jersey), and Mary Isabella Cook, born July 1838 in Ohio (Father born in New Jersey, Mother in Ohio). She is listed in some records as Mary, some as Isabella or Isabelle. They were married 29Aug, 1857 in Rock Island Illinois. Marriage registry lists both with the last name Cook (I have a copy), and settled in Princeton, Illinois. Children include: Holmes Montford (b1860), George Ellsworth b1861), Amy, my great-grandmother (b1864), Grace B (b1875) and Lula (b1878), all born in Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois. They did live in Nebraska for a short while. I've hit a brick wall, and would appreciate any information available. Thank you, Marilyn Marvin-Becker 9/24/2010

William Cook. Married Sarah Elizabeth Hutson in 1885, Scott co. TN. The daughter of William and Sarah Hutson Cook, "Mary Cook, born abt. 1896," was my GGrandMother. According to the 1920 Scott co. TN. census, Sarah was divorced; since there is no 1890 census, I have a "wide span" of years between 1885 and 1920 to look for a divorce. I do find a William Cook in 1920, Scott co. TN. age 57, "which is close to the perfect age for my William Cook," married to a Elizabeth, with one son, Asberry Cook, born abt. 1906; this could be my William Cook, as the birth year for the youngest child of William and Sarah Hutson Cook is abt. 1904 according to 1920 Scott census; Leander Cook, commonly called "Lee Cook" age 16 in 1920, with a brother "Charles Cook," age 19, in 1920. "Asberry Cook" b. abt. 1906, listed in 1920 Scott census as the son of William Cook and Elizabeth could be the son of my William Cook by another marriage. Debbie

William Cook was born perhaps in TN or SC. His wife's name was Katherine (possibly Catherine?) I don't have a birthday or anything like that, but I do have his children's b-days and such. This family lived in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN for many years. William Cook was murdered by marauders during the Civil War in AR or MO. His body was never found. Here are his three boys: William Jasper Cook, b. 11/24/1835 in Chattanooga, TN. Thomas Jefferson Cook, b. 12/24/1833 in Chattanooga, TN. Samuel Doak Cook (my great-grandfather), b. 5/5/1844 in Chattanooga, TN. Helen Cook Bellah (married a county judge in Marble Falls, TX. Susie 12/23/2006

William Cook, ?? m: Nancy "Sis" Walker-KY e-mail: Carole Palmer
(Children: none shown) |mainpage|

William Cook b:?? died Abt. 1805. m: Anna ?
(Children: Ezekiel-1784-MD / John-1781 / William-1781-MD / Elizabeth / Thomas) e-mail: Linda Garrett

William Cook b: ?? m: Sarah Prater, e-mail: Baicon
(Children: Mary Ann-1835) |mainpage|

William Cook m: Rosetta Steele e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

William Cook, b: 1618-1647, e-mail Joel Moore
(Children: Abraham, Sr-abt 1669 ) |mainpage|

William Cook who in 1790 built cook's station at the location of today's Russellville, Logan county, Kentucky. William had left Nashville, Davidson county, Tennessee in 1790 and went to the Logan county area (it was not Logan county at the time). Paul Cook Listed 5/23/2005

William Cook b: 1719-NJ m: Rebecca Howland e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

Bad link 3/02/2011 William Cook, Jr. b: abt 1730-d:1790-Ky m: Margaret Jones abt 1750 in VA.
(Children- Rachel-1753-VA / Bathsheba-1755-VA / Helen-1756-VA / Rhoda-abt 1760-VA / William, III-abt 1764- VA / Jesse- 1765- VA / Seth-1760-1770- VA/ Margaret- 1767- VA / Hosea- 1769- ? / Abraham- 1774- VA / Eunice- 1775- VA) e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

William COOK (GGG-G'father) was born 1755 Taynton, Oxfordshire, England, died 1836 Taynton, married 1778 (yes, at Taynton) to Mary ANDREWS (1746-1833, all Taynton dates,, parents John ANDREWS and Ann BURDOCK). William's parents were Moses COOK and Elizabeth BERRY. William and Mary had 7 or 8 children - John, William, Thomas, Be t ty, Philip, James, Sarah, and probably Edmund - all born between 1781 and c1795, in the Taynton/Swinbrook/Fulbrook area. Have some info on 4 of them. The son Philip - born 1789 Swinbrook Oxfordshire England, died 1869 Leafield Oxfordshire - married Sarah STRATFORD 1832, Little Barrington, Gloucestershire England. Sarah, born 18 07 Little Barrington (to Thomas STRATFORD and Elizabeth LEECH/LEACH) and died 1849 Leafield Oxfordshire. Philip and Sarah had 8 children - Thomas, Mary, Edmund, Rhoda, George, Philip, James and John - born between 1833 and 1847 in the Taynton/Leafield area (Thomas possibly born at Slaughter, Gloucestershire rather than Taynton). Have some info on 7 of them. The son Edmund (my G-g'father) was born 1837 Leafield, Oxfordshire, death uncertain (possibly moved to Queensland, Australia and died there). He married Frances MITCHELL (born 1838 Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire and died 1878 Minster Lovell) 1861 Minster Lovell. They had 4 children: Arthur, Alice Mary, Albert Edmund, and James. We think that the family all moved to Australia after the mother died - definitely Arthur and Albert did, Albert dying in Queensland. The son Arthur (my g'father) probably came to Queensland first, but ended up in Sydney. He was born 1862 Minster Lovell, died 1925 North Sydney, New South Wales (NSW). He married Minnie Elizabeth SATTLER 1909 Sydney. They had 8 children, 3 of whom died as babies. My mother was one of the survivors. Perhaps some of these earlier COOKs came to America?? We haven't traced many of them as yet. Best wishes Judy Dickinson Sydney, Australia Listed 3/29/2006

William Cook born 1760 New York who married Dorothy Borden b cir 1787 New York believed they came from South Carolina's who were a member of UE. Before they came to Canada Thelma

William Cook bef 1761, Ger. m: Asenath ? e-mail Brenda Humphrey
(Children: Josiah / John / Enos / Albert)

William Cook, III b: abt 1764- VA m: Katherine Crutcher- 1798 KY
(Children: Jesse- 1798- KY / Isaac- 1800- KY / Nancy- 1803- KY / Rachel- 1804- KY / William IV- 1805- KY / Rhoda- 1807- KY / Abraham- 1809- KY /Seth- 1811- KY / Hosea- 1813- KY) e-mail Bob Francis |mainpage|

10/26/2011 - William Cook was born 1778 in Virgina and died 1864 in Robertson County , TN. He married Mary Cook (Polly) 1800 ca in KY. She was born 1781 and died March 23, 1887 in Bethleham Baptist church. Children of William Cook and Mary Cook (Polly): i. 2. Ellis P. Cook was born February 11, 1809 in KY and died February 21, 1886 in Newton County, MO.. ii. 3. John E. Cook was born ca, 1821. iii. 4. Elmira Cook was born 1814 in Robertson county,TN. iv. 5. Louisa Cook (George) was born December 29, 1823 in Robertson County, TN and died February 14, 1866. v. 6. Carolina Cook McMillen was born 1828 in Robertson County, TN. vi. Fielden Cook was born 1806 in KY. vii. 7. Zedith Cook (Potts). viii. 8. Paschal Cook was born 1811 in KY. ix. 9. James Cook. x. 10. William D. Cook, Jr was born 1827 in Robertson County, TN. David R. Cook 10/26/2011

Willam Cook b 2/3/1793 Massachusetts son Enoch and Abigail (Petts)Butterfield he married Anna Chamberlain b 1797.They moved to NY Their children Stephen b 1827; Levi b 1828; Nathan b 1830; Enoch b 1831; Simon b 1835. Sandy Listed 3/29/2006

William 1 Cook was born Abt. 1794 in New Jersey, and died Unknown. He married (1) FANNIE. She was born Abt. 1811 in New York, and died Unknown. He married (2) UNKNOWN. She died Unknown Becky Rusher

William Cook, b.1796 Eng d.1846 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio. Married Rachel Berris bef. 1815. Emigrated 1829. Children: Alfred Berris Cook, b. 1815, m. Nancy Williams, emigrated to TN; Eliza b. 1817, m. Wm. Teasdale; William Elias Cook, 1819-1866, m. Martha Jane Burns, 2 ch.; John Lewis Cook, b. 1821; James Walker Cook b. 1824; Sarah Jane Cook, 1828-1866, m. Stephen Morse. Thank you for a great website! Stacey B. Fitting

William Cook b: 1797-TN m: Margaret ?
(Children: Eliza-1828-Tn / Harriett-1829-TN / Samuel-1835-TN / Alexander-1838-TN / Thomas W-1842-TN / Mary-1844-TN) e-mail: George McKinney |mainpage|

William Cook b: 1798, NC m: Nancy Lentz 1827 TN e-mail: Gerald Wiser
(Children: Lucy Jane, d: 1850 / Newton Cannon, d: 1850 / Thomas Jefferson-1830 / Mary Elizabeth-1831 / George Washington-1833 / Andrew Jackson, Sr.-1835 / Sarah Ann-1839 / Margaret Emily-1841 / William Henry Harrison-1842 / Hugh Lawson-1843 / Jacob-1849-TN / Nancy Permelia Francis Paralee-1852) |Main Index| |mainpage|

William Cook(e) is said to have come from Armagh, Ireland but this is not verified. We know he was born aprox 1800 in Ireland, married Alice Morton(born 1811) and came to Canada aprox 1836/37. Had children Fred, John, William, Mary, Elizabeth, George, Thomas. I would really like to know ship he came on, where they came from in Ireland, his parents or siblings, etc.mrswegs@shaw.ca

William Cook 1801 m: Mary ??, e-mail Ian Cook
(Children: John-1830, Hampshire / William-1831 / Thomas-1834)

William Cooke born aprox 1802 in Ireland and married to Allice Morton (born around 1811). They immigrated to Canada (we think through New York) aprox 1836 - 1840 and settled in Ontario around Mount Forest, Bentinck, Grey County. They had children Fred, John, William (my gggrandfather), Mary (married Oliver McCaslin), Elizabeth(married a Pollock), Thomas, George. (We know George eventually settled around Sault Ste Marie (Neebish Island)in Michigan and it is thought that maybe William and Allice went to live with him in their old age( prob around 1890's)are buried there. Doris Wegwitz 10/08/2006

William Cook b: 1803 m: Ruth Griffin-1826-IN e-mail: Glenn York

William Cook, b: 1805, lived Ohio, m: Eliza J. McConnell e-mail: Robert McConnell
(Children: none shown) |mainpage|

William Cook, 1817, Ky, m: Dorinda R. ?, e-mail Jim and Priscilla Cook
(Children: Aaron / George)

William Cook, abt 1810-1820, m: Nancy Coppage, e-mail Elaine Halleck
(Children: Martha Jane / William Everett
John H.-1857)

William COOK, born Clapham, Surrey, England in December 1827. On the 1881 and 1891 census he was recorded in the Canford Magna and Knighton, (Dorset), census parish. His wife's name was Ann, born about 1833 in Lychett Minster, Dorset, England. Beth

William Cook-1830, e-mail Michael A. Cook.
(Children: Samuel C. Cook, 1800-NJ. m: Jane Dehart)

William Cook is my solid brick wall. He may have been born around 1890 ? at Topton, NC, Cherokee Co. Believed to have married (person unknown) and had 2 children before 1918 as William Cook. He changed his name to William Memphis Ray and moved to WV there he married Vola Sias, January 17, 1920, (This was my grandfather & grandmother). Why he changed his name we have no ideal and did not know until after his death that his real name was William Cook William & Vola had two children 1. Eula Mae Ray 2. Beulah Lee Ray William Cook served in TN National Guard 1916 -- 1917 Polk Co, TN , lived at Copper Hill, TN. His National Guard records gave me very little information. He died: Feb. 11, 1952 in Logan Co. WV as William Memphis Ray. In 1936 he applied for a SS card in WV in this information he said he was born in NC, but also gave the his name as Ray. His father was Henry Cook I have no ideal where he was from, He married Catherine Elizabeth Rogers (My great grandmother) born: May 4, 1870, died: July 29,1966, in GA (part Dutch and Cherokee Indian) My Mom remembers when she was young they would gets letters from someone in Holland. Henry and Elizabeth Rogers Cook had two children 1. William (Willie) Cook (my grandfather) 2. Dora Belle Cook He had no brothers, only the one sister, and she had no boys His mother, Elizabeth Rogers Cook at one time lived at Blue Ridge GA, Copper Hill, TN, and NC She lived many years in WV. I have no ideal what became of Henry Cook, who was his family? Where did he died or when, He was never in WV. My Mom said he worked for the Rail Road. She is 84 years old and would still love to find out about her father William Cook aka; William Memphis Ray. Time is running out if I don't find something soon she will never know. There are so many questions left unanswered . Did he have another wife, did he have other children, why did he change his name ect.ect.? I have been to Cherokee, NC, Blue Ridge, GA, and Copper Hill ,TN and can find no records. Any help would be so much appreciated. Jerry in WV Posted: 8/23/2009

William Cook, born 1835 William Cook, age 35, who appears on the 1870 census for Bartow County, Georgia (district: Adairsville). His wife is Malinda J. and his children are: Sarah M., Nancy E., John W., Joseph M., and David W. I'm hoping that Sarah M. will prove to be my great-grandmother. Linda Avery Listed 2/05/2005

William Cook, born 1839 in Stonebeckgate, North Yorkshire, married Maria Lunn, born 1836, at Skelton, North Yorkshire in 1860.He was the son of Michael Cook and Mary Knaggs. William and Maria had 3 children John C Cook b. 1862; Elizabeth Mary Cook b.1864; Michael Cook b. 1869; all the children were born in North Yorkshire and as far as is presently known did not venture outside the UK. Also have William Yates Cook born 1882 in Loftus, North Yorkshire, son of Thomas Cook and Mary Ann Yates..William Yates Cook married Mary Foster 1916, Wednesbury, Staffordshire UK.Would be pleased to hear from anyone with connections.Regards, John Russell Emmerson. Camberley, Surrey. UK Listed 3/29/2006

William Cook, Jr. b: abt 1730 m: Margaret Jones abt 1750, both died in KY,
(Children: Rachel-1753-VA / Bathsheba-1755-VA / Helen-1756-VA / Rhoda-1760-VA / William, III-1764-VA / Jesse0abt 1765-VA / Seth-1760-70-VA / Margaret-1767-VA / Hosea-1769-?? / Abraham-1774-VA / Eunice-abt 1775-VA) e:mail: Bob Francis |Mainpage|

William A. Cook b: 1849 m: Nancy Cooley- 1871
(Children: E.O. 1872 / Earle- 1877 / J.E. 1879) e-mail: Ken Simpson |mainpage|

William A. Cook, Jr. -1908 m: Emma ?, e-mail Glenn Cook
(Children: William A. III / Edward / Melvin / S. L. Thomas / Herbert Voreis / Benjamin Franklin-1877, IN)

William Allen Cook b: 1858- IA m: Mary Hibbs-1878-IA
(Children: Leonard H.-1879-IA / Mabel L- 1881-IA / Ora Elizabeth -1884-IA) e-mail: David Conover |mainpage|

William Antone Cook, 1862-MO. m: Victoria Freemyer, e-mail C.J. Ellis ,
(Children: Roy Arvest-1892 / Walter Adolphis-1894-MO / Virgil Eugene / Alma Doris / Lester William) |mainpage|

William Arthur COOK was born about 1894. He died in 1929.
He was buried in Nazareth Methodist Church, Saluda Co, SC. Stephanie posted: 6/14/2010

William Clayton Cook b: 1899-NC m: Grace Hubbard, 1919
(Children: Francis Louise-1920 / Lester-1921-OK / Claude Ronald abt 1925-OK / Stanley Clayton-1924-OK) m: Birdie Baker
(Children: Reba-1916) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

William Ditterline Cook b: 1815 d: KY m: Pernicia Dodds
(Children: Martha Jane Clementine-1837-KY / John Ewing-1840-KY / William Whitfield-1844-KY / Barnet Manley-1845-KY / Virgil Young-1848-KY) e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

William E. Cook, Sr married Mary Elizabeth Rose inHenrico Co. Va. ( of Norfolk , Va) in 1811, then to Ky, 7 children(?) Mary Elizabeth m.William Sublett, and that's where I come in! I wish I knew more about the Cooks.. I heard they fled to Canada during the Civil WAr and they were pardoned later by Pres. Johnson !!!! Colleen Gilmore Collier

William E. Cook was probably born in Boston, Ma circa 1870 and was married to Anna Harriet Walker who was born in England, they had 2 children.. Harriet Louise Cook and Chester B. Cook Don Cooke

William Edwin Cook b: 1861- IA m: Martha Eaton- 1885- IA e-mail: Cora (Cook) Flickinger

William G. Brownlow Cook who married Martha M. Williams around March 1868 in North Carolina? I am a descendent and the family story is that she left Bill and brought her young children (Andrew, Wm., James, Mary Jane, Bobby, Patton, Umphrey and John) in a buckboard with a few possessions across the mountains to Anderson/Campbell/Scott County, Tennessee (where one or more of her siblings had settled). Bill apparently remained in NC and remarried. Jack E. Daugherty

William F. Cook, born Aug 1855, Pike County Indiana, son of Hiram Cook and Mary Elizabeth Bugher. He married July 1879 in Pike County Indiana to Agnes Angeline Ferguson. They were the parents of: Lydia; Charles (Charlie); Bert; Bluford; Curlie (Wallace); Marie; Helen; Willa; ___lia (Bertie); and two unnamed babies. William wandered away from home sometime after the last child was born in 1901. Believed to have married again (divorce??), and according to my grandfather (Curlie - above), had another child, a son. WIlliam MAY have been William Franklin as a grandson was named Willie Franklin. William was an itinerant carpenter and worked in the railroad car barns in Madison IL for a time. Does anyone recognize my missing William. I would like very much to put a death date and burial place for him - where does he rest? Many thanks, Judy in Kansas. Listed 3/29/2006

William Green Cook b: 1854 Bdfrd Co., TN m: Jane Bell King
(Children: John Lemuel / Rebecca Lovie / Eliza Amacy / Thomas Dewitt / William Clarence / Laura E.) e-mail: Rosanna Marie Beckman
Bedford Co., Tennessee page

William H. Cook and Betsy E. Wordell of Fall River MA. Children: Charles N. Cook b. Abt 1870, Mary A Cook b. Abt 1868, d. Nov. 27, 1954 Smithfield, RI, Louisa Cook b. Abt 1870, Anna Cook b. Abt 1870, Hiram Cook b. Abt 1870 Ron Bartlett Listed 10/16/2004

William H. COOK b 1856, found on the 1900 US census. Michigan, Mackinac Co., Newton Twp. Wife Mariah, b 1856. Children Mary, Effie, Ella, Frank, William, Myrtle, Albert, Pearl and Ebeny. Family immigrated from Ontario, Canada abt 1889. William COOK, wife and family all died in Michigan, USA. June Listed 2/05/2005

William H. Cook and wife Louisa. Wm. and Louisa are found in the 1880 census for Eastland Co., TX. They are in the 1870 census for Navarro Co., TX. In 1860 they show up in the Yazoo Co., MS census, with the Thos. Carey family. The birthplace for Wm. is shown differently on each census. They show either MS, SC or NC. e-mail: Gerald Johnston Listed 2/15/2005

William Harrison Cook married to a Myrtle White.Offspring Willie Cook...Williemae E Cook married a James Devine. Mdevine

William Homer Cook b: 1869, MI m: 1st: ? 2nd: Florence Van Syoc e-mail Steven Cook
(Children Fam 1:Harry / Clayton / Unknown - 2nd: Alva George-1904, MI / Emma Mae-1906 , Ft. Supply, Okla. / Homer George-1908, Ft. Supply, Okla.) (William's parents are George Cook and Helen Coss)

William James Cook married to Mary Carr. They had at least one son William Frances Cook b. 7 Mar 1902 in Hoboken,
New Jersey d: Oct 1984. William Frances married Gladys MacKay b. 1905 d. 1999 R.A. Cook

William Jasper Cook, b: ?? m: Rhoda Crawford, e-mail R.M. Weilt -
(Children: William Jasper, IL) |mainpage|

William Joseph Barnes Cook, son of Christopher Harvard Warner Cook married Ella Elizabeth Jones, and their oldest son - George Warner Cook was my wife's Father. William J.B. Cook was the only male, there were five girls as I show in the family of Christopher H.W. Cook. John R. May 12/23/2006

William Levi Cook b: 1881 m: Annie "Nettie" Atkinson
(Children: Willie Clinton- 1905 / Arnold L. 1911 / Esther- ??) e-mail: Ken Simpson |mainpage|

William Lewis Cook that was our Grandfather to born in Montgomery Alabama 1887 (or possibly Denison Texas) and that is where it all stops. His father was William Alexander Cook Born 1861 Alabama and his father William Wesley Cook no birth date (possibly Georgia) E-Mail: Pat

William (Lobley) Cook, Linconlshire m: #1 Sarah Noble #2 Elizabeth Naylor e-mail Allen R. Cook
(Children: #1- Sarah-1821, Blyton - #2 William and Elizabeth were married using the surname Lobley and lived in Blyton until they Imigrated to the US in Dec 1853. They had 9 children, all baptized as Lobley, most had the middle name of COOK. William changed the family name to COOK (dropped Lobley) by the time of the 1841 Census in Blyton.

William M. Cook m: Carrie Crowley-1888-Ky e-mail: Carole Palmer
(Children: none shown)

William Malcolm Cook for whom I and my father were named for ,he was born in 1847 in Kentuckey, and died 10 Nov 1940 in Therre Haute Ind,where he is buried.I have misplaced the paper work on William M Cook #1, But one of the male Cooks on the orginal list was his father. My father was William Sr (1912-1964). Thelma M.Bath (1917-), son of Hennry Wayne Cook(1891-1954) Beulah Mae Withem(1894-1953).William #1 also had George,Willie and Betty.More detailed information is available form my 2nd cousin Leroy Cook at 316 799 2971.I am Willliam M Jr born 7/24/1939 in Danville Ill. Bill M. Cook Listed 10/22/2005

William Marion Cook was born 1809 in Meriwether County, GA, and died April 15, 1875. married Nancy Vann. She was born 1821, and died July 19, 1896. Children: i. Riley Cook, ii. Thomas W. Cook, b. 1842; d. 1864. iii. Martha Ann Cook, b. 1845; iv. William Jackson Cook, b. 1846; d. 1903; v. Benjamin Cook, b. October 24, 1851; d. March 15, 1895; vi. Wade Hampton Cook, b. June 10, 1854; d. January 05, 1942; . vii. Joel Arnold Cook, b. June 27, 1856; d. January 28, 1938. viii. Arthur B. Cook, b. 1859; d. 1895. ix. Doctor Barkaloo Cook, b. July 04, 1861; d. June 03, 1935; E-mail: Steve Connor Main Webpage Listed 3/23/2005 ; New Cook website 12/05/06

William Miles Cook b: 1823 KY m: Cynthia Ann Carr
(Children: Izzora Levega Cook, -1851 -KY / Armania - 1852 / Jasper Newton - 1855 / Samuel M. - 1857 / Leulon- 1861 / Bettie - 1862 / Edna Ann - 1866) E-mail: Charles L. Cook

William Perry Cook born in PA 1841 Married Colista Carmer Olmstead in Branch County Michigan His Father Henry cook married Jane Bennett both Born in PA?? darengle@shaw.ca 2/03/2007

William Riley Cook b: 1838- MO m: Violet Jones- 1858- MO ( Children: William Marshall- 1860-? / Marion Price- 1861 / Preston or Presley- 1864 / Georgia-?) e-mail: Brett Hart |mainpage|

William Riley Cook1 b.8-1-1859 d. 1-30-1927 Henry F. Cook b. 1877 d. 1956 William Riley Cook2 b. 3-14-1909 d. 1965. My fathers name is Marion Fletcher Cook, His Father is William Riley Cook2, his father is Henry F. Cook and his father is William Riley Cook1. I am having much difficulty locating any information about this family. I know that William Riley Cook 2 graduated 8th Grade, State Line City Indiana. He was born in Vermillion County Illinois. E-mail: Deena Cook

William Samuel Cook b: 1866 m: Blanche Hines
(Children: Gladys-? / Jerome-? / Dwight- ? / Billy- ?) e-mail: Brett Hart |mainpage|

William T. Cook b: 1882 -MO m: Vienna Haus e-mail Charles Dodds |mainpage|

William Thomas Cook (b). Ca.1812 in Nova Scotia. He (m). Deborah. (b) ca. 1822. He was a mariner and labourer. Methodist. Sheet Harbour census 1871, 1881, He (d) 10th April 1889 at Sheet Harbour. Also known as Thomas. Children: 1.. Alfred James (b) ca.1843 Whitehead, N.S. 2.. John Henry (b) 9.Nov 1853 3.. Charles E. (b) 1855 4.. Edmond H. (b) 18. April 1858 Sheet Harbour 5.. Thomas (b) 27th May 1861 Richibucto N.B. 6.. George (b) ca.1864 7.. Ansell (b) ca. 1867. (d) of convulsions 11 April 1868. age one year Steven Cooke

William Thomas Cook Married Ethel Grace Chappell on Nov. 12, 1909 in the town of Kendall, county of Orleans, New York. These are my grandparents. William Thomas' father was Michael Thomas Cooke B: <1807 > England. DD: 6 Oct 1899 Cramahe, Ontario at age 92 of heart failure. I don't know his wife's name, or where Michaael was from in England. Would appreciate any information if you can help. Request for info 5/17/2010

William Thompson Cook m: Frances Britton, e-mail Morris D. Cook
(Children: Thompson-1820)

William W. Cook b: abt 1822, NY m: Louisa Crumb e-mail Elizabeth Beth Cook
(Children: Charles Payne:1856, NY)

William W. Cook, born in Tn. in about 1825. His son my GrGrandfather was Robert Jasper Cooke. He had the (e) William did not. Do you have either of them in your data base? Thank you for any time you have spent on my behalf. Peggie Walker

William Woodward Cook b: 1885-NC m: Jessie L. Raper
(Children: Verna Lee-1909-NC / Inez Gertrude-1911-NC / Randall Edgar-1913-NC / Arvil Calvin-1915-NC / Ruby Leona-1917-NC / Rose Mae-1919-NC / Baline Benjamin-1925-NC Parks Ray-1927-NC) e-mail: Bill Cook |Cooks Hangout| |Photos|

Willie Cook and wife Tina Jones Cook of Peoples, Ohio. My dad was Curtis Cook, my mother was Will Dean Fraley Cook of Wheelwright, Ky E-mail: Bill Cook Listed 2/14/2005

Willie Eugene Cook b: 1875 m: Jane Dixon
(Children: Raymond-?? / Virginia-?? / Anatha-?? / Vivian-?? / A.J-?? / Wyatt-?? / Houston-?? / Cassie Mae-?? / D.L.O-??) e-mail: Don Tigges |mainpage| |Willie Eugene Cook m2 Lizzie Sorelle|

Willie Pauline Haygood Cook, wife of James Luther Cook, Pictures and Poetry of by Heather Gideon

Willis I. Cook, Sr. 1796, NC m: Gemima Dees, e-mail Anne Pritchett Cook
(Children: Mitchell-1824, GA / Mariah-1825, GA / William Henry-1826 / Henry W.-abt 1830 / Unknown-abt 1832 / Hugh-1835 / Willis-1838, GA / Elijah-1840 / Unknown-1840)

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Zimri Cook b: 1786 m: Lydia Pegg-1813-IN e-mail: Glenn York

Zachariah Cook b: Bet. 1796 - 1799 in Botetourt County, Virginia d: Bef. 1870 in Illinois? . +Barbara Layman b: Abt. 1800 in Botetourt County, Virginia m: December 7, 1821 in Botetourt County, Virginia d: Aft. 1870 in Illinois? .......... 2 Milton Cook b: Abt. 1821 in Virginia .......... 2 Alfred Cook b: Abt. 1825 in Virginia .... 2 (female) Cook b: Bet. 1825 - 1830 in Botetourt County, Virginia .... 2 Mary Cook b: Abt. 1827 in Botetourt County, Virginia .......... 2 George Cook b: Abt. 1830 in Botetourt County, Virginia ...... 2 Joseph Cook b: Abt. 1831 in Botetourt County, Virginia ..... 2 Martha Cook b: Abt. 1833 in Indiana .... +(Unknown) Whitaker m: Bef. 1853 d: Bef. 1860.... 3 Louisa Whitaker b: Abt. 1853 in Illinois........ 3 Charles Whitaker b: Abt. 1854 in Illinois ..... 3 William Whitaker b: Abt. 1858 in Illinois ... 2 Harriet Cook b: Abt. 1837 in Illinois ... 2 Samuel Cook b: Abt. 1840 in Illinois Al Cook Listed 7/07/2005

Zimri Cook b: 1786 m: Lydia Pegg-1813-IN e-mail: Glenn York

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Cook, Cooke, Koch Handbook of Texas
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/ Jim Cook / John Cooke / John R. Cook / Louis P. Cooke / Regina Tatum Cooke / Theodore F. Koch / Wilds K. Cooke / Willard Richardson Cooke / William Gaston Cooke / William Gordon Cooke

RUTHERFORD BIRCHARD HAYES (b. October 4, 1822, Delaware, OH; d. January 17, 1893, Fremont, OH) m Lucy Ware Webb, daughter of Dr. James and Maria (Cook) Webb, on December 30, 1852. Links to each time they are mentioned! Mainpage

Adda Cook / Adda Cook / Adda Cook / Adda S. Cook / Adda S. Cook / Asher Cook / Ed and Nellie Cook / Eleanor Cook / Gen. McCook / Col and Judge Cook (Issac) / Isaac Cook / Isaac Cook / Isaac Cook / Col. Isaac Cook / Judge Isaac Cook / Judge/General Isaac Cook / Joel Cook / Joseph Cook / Lucy Cook / Lucy Cook / Lucy H. Cook / Maggie Cook Gilmore / Maria Cook / Mathew Scott Cook / Nelly Cook / Nellie Cook / Scott Cook / Webb Cook

No first names shown on the following Cook, Cooke, Koch's

Cook m: Nancy Wilkins b: aft. 1853
(Children: John / Clayton / Thomas / Jetson / Robert) e-mail: Tommie Stapleton [mainpage]

Cooke / Barron Family, England to Canada e-mail David Edward Cook

Cooks, Berrys, Padgetts, and Henshaws. e-mail Adam Cook

Cook b: 1875 m: William Sweaney e-mail Charles Dodds [mainpage]

Cook, Coker - Scott, Armer e-mail Bruce Edgar Cook

Cook, Hardin, Lassiter e-mail Carla Cook

Cook / McBee Ga. Tx e-mail John Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick

Listed 4/26/2005

Mr. COOK, who married Mrs. Emma MAIDEN NAME UNKNOWN, b. May 1846 in NY and she died between 1900 and 1910 of Chicago, Cook Co., IL. 2nd generation: One of their 4 children were Blanche D. COOK HUGHES, b. Dec. 1867 in IL, who died after 1930, possibly in Chicago, Cook Co., IL. Blanche married in 1886 Frank R. HUGHES, son of John and Susan Jones Hughes both of Wales. Frank R. Hughes was b. Dec 1866, South Trenton, Oneida, NY, d. 1959 of Chicago, Cook, IL, and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Trenton, Barneveld, Oneida Co., New York.

3rd generation Children of Frank R. and Blanche D. COOK HUGHES were: Alma Hughes, b. May 1888 IL, and Raymond S. HUGHES, b. Sep 1890 Illinois. [see census below] Many THANKS :) in advance, Jan Rose


In 1880 Trenton, Oneida, NY census Frank is age 14 living with his parents.

In 1900 Chicago, Cook, IL census, 516 W. Chicago Ave., had been married 14 years, age 33. In 1910 Chicago, Cook, IL census, 3210[?] Franklin Blvd. Frank R. Hughes [head] 43 NY, ENG, ENG Office Work/Harvesting Mach.Co. Married 22 years, Rents home, Blanche D. [wife] 43 IL>NY>? Mother of 2 living Raymond S. [son] 20 NY Salesman/Tea and Coffee, and Frank Douglas [lodger] 25 NY>NY>NY [single] Collector/Elev. R.R.

In 1920 Chicago, Cook, IL ED #2291, p. 2B Wellington Ave. Hughes, Frank, head, age 53, married, b. NY, parents b. Wales - Welsh, occupation Harvestor Co.? Blanche Hughes, wife, age 52, married b. IL, parents b. NY, occupation none. 1930 Chicago, Cook, Illinois 4540 Magnolia St. Deerfield Manor Apartments Frank R. Hughes [head] 63 NY>WALES>WALES Manager/Internation Harvester Age at 1st marriage: 20 Rents Home/$123.75, Owns radio Blanche D. [wife] 62 IL>NY>NY Age at 1st marriage: 29 [My note: it should be 19].


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Listed 3/12/2006Bill: I went to look at a cemetery that is rather old for my great grand parents. I found nothing, but I did consult with the only lady that has cemetery records for Cannon cemetery, east of Van Alstyne, Texas, in Grayson county. She found these names on the records, maybe they can help someone else. Cooke, Jim R. 1885-19-- } Cook, Mary Sue August 14, 1878-July 15, 1917 } Cooke, Minnie L. 1890-1947} Cooke, Miranda A Wife of William G. Cooke September 26, 1852-October 10, 1906 } Cooke, William G. January 17, 1846-October 21, 1917 } Barbara Cook Townsend

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