Patrick McCoy falls from train, Mitchell, Nebraska, 12/6/1923
Joe and W.M. McCoy arrived on Wednesday from California with the body of their father Patrick McCoy, who came to his death suddenly and violently by falling from a Union Pacific Train in motion while passing through the state of Utah.
Just how it happened, no one knows.
The train men said that as they as passed the point where the body was later found the train was going at a rate of 25 or 30 miles per hour, but no windows or doors were open.
It was about 11:30 Sunday night December 2, that the accident occurred, and the fact the man was lost did not become known until about 3 hours after, and they had to go back about 100 miles to where the body was found.
The boys were sleeping in another car, the old gentleman having asked to be permitted to remain in the chair car where he had been riding during the day.The deceased was of Irish descent and was 86 years old.
Joe and Will McCoy had gone to California a week or so before to visit a sister there and also their father who had for the last 4 years been making his home with his daughter, having previously lived with his sons near Mitchell. When they left for home the old gentleman wanted to return with them.
The body was prepared for shipment Castle Rock, Utah, and they came on with it to Cheyenne, from which place they drove to Mitchell by auto Wednesday, the body coming on the 9:00 train that night.
Interment will be made friday in the Mitchell Cemetery.
The funeral will be held at the Catholic Church in Mitchell, conducted by Father Molony,of Scottsbluff.
Source: Mitchell Index, Mitchell, Nebraska; Thursday Dec. 6, 1923, Volume 23, Numb: 32. Page 1.
Submitted by Ken Barnes Posted 10/09/2011